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Monday, October 19, 2009

Karen Bordreau-Majka (Mica) Lamoine Posting of March 11-25-27, 2008 Etc:

1st document: Raymond LeMay of Watervliet, New York posted in on a Metis Yahoo Group stating that he is a 9th Great Grandson of Jean Nicolet and Jean's wife Sauvagesse Nippising and an 11th Great Grandson of Martin Prevost and Marie Oliver Manitouabeouish of the Abenakis. He sought to be involved in New York State in METIS activities and endeavors. Also he was interested in information on joining the Metis Nation in New England and active bands and or members in Upstate New York. Raymond LeMay is or was "Commander of the Sons of the Union Veterans of the Civil War in Albany, N.Y.
Raymond Lemay states that (on this "Metis Yahoo Group") that he is an allegedly 9th generation descendant of Roch Manintoubeouich/ Manitouabeouichit and Roch's wife Outchibabhanoukoneau/ Outchibahabanoukouehou, both of whom were born ca. 1600 in the vicinity of Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada. Raymond LeMay III is also allegedly an 11th generation descendant of Jean "Sieur de Belleborne" Nicolas Nicolet born 1598 Cherbourg, Normandie, France ~ Jean's wife Jeanne Gisis Bahmahmaadjimiwin born ca. 1602 at Lac Nipissing, Quebec, Canada.
2nd document: On Tuesday, May 11, 2004 at 9:18 a.m. Diane Williams emailed Karen Mica (actually that's Karen nee: Bordreau - Majka - Lamoine) stating that she too, was descendant of Raymond William LeMay's same Native Huron ancestors. Then on that same day at 9:32 a.m. Kenneth Nadreau emailed Raymond William LeMay III, stated "You are more than welcome to send in an application to the Metis Nation in New England......."
At 5:55 p.m. on that same day of Tuesday May 11, 2004 Karen Mica (houseofmica@....) responds to Diane Williams inquiry, stating that all Diane had to do was send in her application for full tribal membership. P.S. It seem that this line (lineage) is only beginning to discover it's ancestry after three generations of (hiding) here in the States. We have brought over thirty relations into the band in the past few years. Lol, if this keeps up we may want to consider starting our own band just for this line (lineage)!
3rd document: Karen Majka/Mica-Lamoine stated (on March 27, 2005 at 12:57 a.m.) that she was a foster parent. Karen Mica/Majka-Lamoine inquires to get some Abenaki agency addresses or other information that she could work with. This was in reponse to the March 25, 2005 7:07 a.m. email from Raymond William LeMay III regarding the alleged Abenaki of Swanton, Vermont article about the ommission of "Abenaki" in the Cultural compentency program to train foster caregivers. The original contract called for working with Abenaki organizations.
Karen Mica/Majka-Lamoine and her sister Shelly Bordreau are members of the "Koasek Traditional Band of the Abenaki Nation" now led by so-called "Chief" Brian Chenevert and "Sub-Chief" Paul Gwilawato Bunnell. Karen was working with Nancy Millette - Lyons - Doucet as the so-called Koasek Tribal Genealogist. Raymond William LeMay a.k.a. "Big Bear" of Watervliet, N.Y. was their Koasek "Public-Relations Officer" and "Webmaster". Karen (nee: Bordreau) Mica (Majka) - Lamoine lived or lives in West Warren, Massachusetts. Another so-called genealogist for these alleged Koasek group, by the name of Pam Brostean a.k.a. "Windhorse Woman" was/is of Danbridge, Tennessee.
But hey, one can start up a new alleged Abenaki Tribe/Band/Clan, whip up some bunch of people, who are factually and documentarily just descendants of the 1600's Huron's and Western Algonquins etc., and then they can come to Vermont and or New Hampshire and claim to be Abenaki. That's what I call GENOCIDE against the REAL Abenaki People's not only who have already become deceased, but those in the present-tense, and those as yet unborn. Because these contemporary alleged Abenaki so-called groups and their "Chiefs" and their "followers" REFUSE to show the evidence, genealogically and through their historical social evidence of their past ancestors as being from the Abenaki People. If I am wrong in my conclusions, then SHOW and PROVIDE the documentary evidence.

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