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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

January 07, 1993 Letter from Howard F. Knight Jr. to Paul Wilson Pouliot:

This document clearly and obviously is in Howard Franklin Knight, Jr.'s handwriting. This letter was from the Incorporated Northeast Woodlands - Coos Band - Pisowakamigw Wobanakiak, Western Abenaki Alliance - Abenaki Republic (The People of The Dawn), The Algonquin Confederation of Indigenous People's, Office of the CHIEF - RFD #2 530-A, Newport Vermont 05855 (802) 234-5306 (Unlisted)
Dated 07 January 1993
Chief Paul Pouliot, and To Whom it Concerns,
Coos Council, Abenaki Republic
Red Hawk Lodge
160 Daily Drive
Franklin, Mass.

Dear Chief Pouliot, and To Whom it Concerns;
This letter is issued to allay any concerns that they may have in regards to the leadership of the Coos Peoples during this turbulent period due to the recent meeting in Swanton.
I. Chief Howard F. Knight Jr. (Chief Rushing Water) do hereby declare, in short and sweet terms, that I support Chief Paul W. Pouliot (Chief Spirit Hawk) in whatever decisionis he may make as the new Chief of the Coos, which took effect upon the day of the meeting in Swanton, VT. I am officially retired as Chief, having been Chief for 10 years. It was, and it is, time for new leadership, and it is even clearer now that Chief Spirit Hawk is the leader that the Coos Peoples need at this juncture in its history.
I am still Chief of the Turtle Clans of the Coos People, but I am retired as the Coos Tribal Band Chief. I will be available to Chief Spirit Hawk for advice, if he asks, or whatever else, otherwise I will not speak. I ask all to support the new Coos Chief in all he does.

Respectfully submitted with Warmest Regards to all of the Coos Peoples.
Ret'd Chief Howard F. Knight, Jr. (Chief A.K.A. Rushing Water)
c.c. Tribal Judge Spirit Wind (Robert H. Maynard)
Tribal Genealogist Looking Glass (Raymond Lussier)
Tribal Mother Firewoman (Jacqueline Emerton)
Matriarch: Fox Clan

Retired Chief Howard F. Knight, Jr.
Northeast Woodlands - Coos Tribe
Abenaki Republic - Algonquin Confederation
R.F.D. #2, Box 530 - A Alderbrook Road
Newport, Vermont 05855

So, what was Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. up to in creating this document? It appears that his intention (based on subsequent words and actions by him after writing this document) that he was merely ONLY TEMPORARILY handing Paul Wilson Pouliot "the reins" or "Chief" title UNITL "the heat left the kitchen". Whereupon Howard Knight, Jr. wanted the alleged Chieftonship returned back to him, but then Paul Pouliot got used to the title, and wouldn't give it back, which pissed off Howard F. Knight, Jr., and so in May of 1994 and later in July 1994 Howard F. Knight with the help of HOmer St. Francis, Sr., began to create a "smear campaign" against Paul W. Pouliot.

Regardless, Paul Wilson Pouliot had joined Howard Knight, Jr.'s group July 08, 1992 under the pretense that he was genealogically a descendant of the "Laurentian Iroquois" and claiming that he was ofthe Hawk Clan. This Northeast Woodlands-Coos Band of the Abenaki Republic-Algonquin Confederation Membership Application was approved on July 15th, 1992 by Tribal Judge/Rep Robert Maynard and also Tribal Chief Howard F. Knight (Rushing Water). Perhaps Howard F. Knight, Jr. did not sign this membership application of Paul Wilson Pouliot's YET REGARDLESS it is a DOCUMENTARILY KNOWN FACT that Michael Delaney, acting as alleged "Tribal Judge" for alleged "Chief" Homer St. Francis, Sr. did in fact, sign Application's and Membership Cards for Homer St. Francis, Sr.

February-March 1993 Volume 93 Issue 2 Alnobadwa National News Newsletter:

1st document: Again, in this so-called "newsletter" on January 30, 1993 an un-named so-called "Council of Elders" of the alleged Coos (Cowasuck) Band was held. Council Chief Paul Wilson Pouliot a.k.a. Spirit Hawk presided over the council meeting.
A Corporation protest hearing was held on January 26, 1993 by the Massachusetts Secretary of State. The alleged Abenaki Nation was represented by the alleged Coos Council Chief Paul Pouliot a.k.a. Spirit Hawk, alleged Coos Tribal Judge Robert Maynard a.k.a. Spirit Wind, and the alleged "Abenaki Ambassador" of the alleged Missisquoi-Sokoki who was Roger Desharnais a.k.a. Running Elk. They were there to alleged protect the tribal name of the Abenaki Sokoki band and to establish that a corporation could not alleged be formed to "create" a tribe. Though all of these alleged Abenaki Groups in Vermont and New Hampshire did it anyway. Treaty documents between the Abenaki Nation and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from the 1790's were shown to be signed by the Coos (Cowasuck), Missisquoi, and Sokoki bands. Was any of those in attendence to this Corporation Protest Hearing genealogically descendants of those 1790's Treaty document signers?! I very well doubt it.

March 10, 1993 Decision Re: Mr. Lyn C. Sherman Et Al vs. The Centraleastern Woodland Sokoki Band (Inter-Tribal) Corporation:

Just in case readers of this blog wonder WHY it is that I have used the word descriptions "deceit, lies, manipulation etc., as one can obviously see and review for
themselves, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Office of the Secretary of State,
sent this decision of March 10, 1993 to not only Mr. Arthur Marchand of 126 Sterling Street in Worcester, Massachusetts 01610, but also to a list of the "complainants".
Mr. Lyn C. Sherman
Howard F. Knight, Jr. (husband of Minnie nee: Davidson, and grandfather to Matthew R. Knight whom he adopted)
Robert Maynard
Jennifer Freerksen
Lori Jefferson
Minnie Knight (wife of Howard F. Knight Jr.)
Matthew R. Knight (grandson to Howard & Minnie Knight, who adopted him). Matthew R. Knight was born in 1990. Therefore at the time of this decision he would have been merely (3) three years old!
Roger Deshanais
Paul Pouliot
Why is it that Matthew R. Knight is listed on this document by the Secretary of State of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts UNLESS Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. himself insinuated that his adopted grandson was of legal (over 18 years) age? I doubt very very much that a young male child of the age 3 approximately such as Matthew R. Knight was, at the time of this Corporation Protest Hearing of January 26, 1993 was held, was even aware of what the Hearing was about, let alone protest Arthur Marchand's created "incorporation" of December 16, 1992.
Again these "groups" used "historical treaty records" in which to convince the Hearing Officer, that they were genuine and legitimate descendants of the Sokoki/Missisquoi/Coos/Cowasuck Abenaki People. But no one bothered to review these complainants genealogical historical records to establish that they were indeed from and of ANY Abenaki ancestor(s).

January February 1993 Vol. 93 Issue 1 Alnobaodwa National Newsletter regarding Paul Wilson Pouliot of Franklin, MA


1st document: Paul Wilson Pouliot, wearing either a Seagull or Blue Huron feather'd Kahsto:'wah styled headdress. Paul Wilson Pouliot is the son of Leopold (Leo) Paul Pouliot and his wife Mildred Elizabeth Wilson. Mildred's parents (both of them) were born in Ireland. Leopold (Leo) Pouliot's parents were Joseph Napoleon Pouliot (born 26 Feb 1895 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada) and his wife was Rose Aimee (Bourke) Bourque whom Joseph Napolean married on September 05, 1916 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. She was born February 26, 1894 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. Both Joseph Napolean Pouliot and Rose Bourque died in Shrewsbury, Worcester County, Massachusetts.
There is NO GENEALOGICAL EVIDENCE OR INDICATION that Paul Wilson Pouliot NOR his ancestors were Abenaki or even Native People's. I have mapped out Mr. Paul Wilson Pouliot's ancestry, as have several other professional genealogists. IF there are such Native Ancestors that do exist in Paul Wilson Pouliot's ancestry, please communicate with me directly. I have NOT found them. I've even searched under the bed, in the closet, under the couch, and ever under the kitchen sink! IF I am incorrect in my research, then correct my conclusions with supporting documentary evidence.
As one can read from the 2nd document (1st Page of the "Alnobadwa National News Newsletter" ) this alleged Coos Band of allegedly the Abenaki Nation-Office of The Tribal Council Red Hawk Lodge of Franklin, Massachusetts, was the first newspaper of the alleged Coos Band of the Abenaki Nation. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO PAY ATTENTION TO THIS POST. On October 2nd, 1992, the alleged and un-named "Council of Elders" took action to dissociate (remove) the 2nd Chief (Co-Chief or Sub-Chief?) Chief Arthur Marchand a.k.a. Wise Hawk. Allegedly they had a "Tribal Judicial Hearing". Apparently, Arthur Marchand and his "followers"/"supporters" sent letters stating their withdrawal from the alleged Band, and they returned their so-called "Tribal Cards". Arthur Marchand, prior to this removal action by this group, was in possession of all the "Tribal Records, Cards, Rolls/Membership lists, and Files of our members. Efforts were made to take back all of these documents. Allegedly, Arthur Marchand was keeping a set of his own set of documents, so that he could eventually gain control of the alleged Coos band. In November 1992, Arthur Marchand, according to this Newsletter/Newspaper, in retaliation to his removal, began to disrupt the Band by his attempts to convince "tribal members" to return their membership cards. This action failed and subsequently Marchand proceeded to organize his own "band". December 1992, on the 2nd of that month, a (again) un-named number of persons so-called "Council of Elders" meeting of the alleged Coos Band was convened at the Red Hawk Lodge. Apparently this so-called "Red Hawk Lodge" was Paul Wilson Pouliot's home in Franklin, Norfolk County, Massachusetts. Chief Rushing Water a.k.a. Howard Franklin Knight Jr. presided over the alleged Council Meeting. Clan Councilors a.k.a. "Chiefs", Matriarchs, and Elders representing the Fox (Jacqueline Emerton), Green Turtle, Black Turtle, Red Hawk, Bear, Falcon, and Elk Clans were present. (Can anyone say "Zoo", "Wild Kingdom", and "Don't Feed the Animals"? Sounds to me like a freaking Circus)
The Chief (Howard Franklin Knight Jr.) reported that he was retiring on December 11, 1992 and was turning over the ultimate leadership of the alleged Coos Band to Homer St. Francis Sr. (alleged Chief of the alleged Missisquoi-Sokoki Abenaki Band). He explained that this action was necessary to "protect the Nation from negative outside forces and individuals (Arthur Marchand, etc?) that were placing the Band in danger and were threatening the well being of all Abenaki People's. This combining of alleged Abenaki bands would give them allegedly increased strength in their numbers and leadership. The "Chief" also reported the retirement of their Band "Tribal Judge" Emerson Garfield, whoch was made on December 01, 1992 and a vote was made to accept the retirement and it was unanimous (accepted).
Page 2 of January 1993 Newsletter/Newspaper: Coos Council Meeting continued. The Chief reported that an agreement was made with Homer St. Francis Sr. to accept all Coos members, including adopted members. All Band membership records were to be forwarded to Michael Delaney (who was so-called "Tribal Judge of the Missisquoi-Sokoki Band) as soon as was practical. Within this alleged agreement, the Coos Band was to establish a Coos Council and a Non-Profit Incorporation, similar to the ASHAI (Abenaki Self-Help Association, Inc.) The Coos Band was to continue with a "Tribal Council" form of leadership. The following leadership was nominated and elected by unanimous agreement:
Paul Wilson Pouliot a.k.a. Spirit Hawk (Chief)
Philip L. Martin a.k.a. Gray Fox (Sub-Chief)
Linda A. (Andrea) (nee: Whites) Pouliot a.k.a. Blue Huron (Secretary)
Kevin Keene a.k.a Summer Fox (Treasurer)
Robert H. Maynard a.k.a. Spirit Wind (Judge)
Howard F. (Franklin) Knight, Jr. a.k.a. Rushing Water (Council Advisor)
Raymond Lussier a.k.a. Looking Glass (Advisor/ Genealogist)
All Other Clan (Chiefs) Councilors and Matriarchs were Councilors
(such as Jacqueline Emerton).
Based on commnications from Homer St. Francis and Michael Delaney, they were to receive representation on the combined greater Abenaki Nation Council, in the following manner:
Chief of the Coos Council was to be Paul Wilson Pouliot, Representative for the Coos Band Council.
Tribal Advisor was to be Howard Franklin Knight, Jr.
Associate Tribal Judge was to be Robert Maynard
Tribal Genealogist was to be Raymond Lussier
Canadian Representative was to be Roland Demers.
Pouliot, Lussier, and Maynard were requested to develop the legal documents necessary for the proposed Coos Council non-profit organization.
This Newspaper Newsletter indicates that Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. stepped down from his position and gave that position to Paul Wilson Pouliot in December 1992. On January 04, 1993 Howard Knight Jr., Robert Maynard and Paul Pouliot met with Homer St. Francis Sr. and Michael Delaney in the Missisquoi-Sokoki Headquarters in Swanton, Vermont (the old Swanton Train Station). Apparently, this "meeting" wherein Howard F. Knight and Paul Pouliot were to "hand over the records of their group" didn't go "as planned" and the group was handed back their papers, by the other group led by Homer St. Francis Sr. Then Howard Franklin Knight Jr. held a so-called "Coos Council and Judicial Inquiry Hearing Meeting on January 30, 1993.
Page 04: Again, it is indicated that Howard Franklin Knight Jr. had indeed "retired" and obviously reading and reviewing this documentation/newsletter from January-February 1993, it seems to indicate that this group's new "Council Chief" was Paul Wilson Pouliot.
Paul Wilson Pouliot stated in this newsletter that, "Abenaki People did not exist on the basis of a written White Man's contract." And yet, they went running to the Government of the "White Man" for their 501(c)3 Incorporation Papers" in multiple States here in here in the Northeast?! Do the math.........
Some people will say," that I, Douglas Lloyd Buchholz, work for, or am a member of Paul Wilson Pouliot's "group". Stupidly, these persons assume this in their ignorance and or arrogance. Obviously, from this so-called Newsletter of this group, Paul Wilson Pouliot was created by Howard Franklin Knight Jr. in December 1992, a mere 5 months after Paul Pouliot himself filed for membership into this group claiming he was "Laurentian Iroquois". That is NOT Abenaki. That is NOT Coos. Paul Pouliot was created by Howard F. Knight Jr just like Howard Knight Jr. created Ralph Skinner Swett in August 1994, and from that Clan of the Hawk, Inc., then was created the Nulhegan-Coosuk group and Luke Willard in 2004, and also just like Howard F. Knight Jr. created Brian Chenevert, and Nancy Millette (now Doucet) via this cooked-up and created group calling itself Koasek in 2005. All one has to ask is if I, Douglas Lloyd Buchholz, have concerns and issues with these OTHER "groups of alleged Abenakis led by April Merrill, and Howard F. Knight Jr., and Brian Chenevert, etc today in Vermont, and also the Abenaki Nation of N.H. led by Charles F. True Jr. and Rhonda Besaw-True (Homer St. Francis Sr. created Alan Martell who created this Abenaki Nation of N.H.), what makes Paul Pouliot's "group of alleged Cowasuck Abenakis" any less of a concern and issue? Why would I be working for that group or them? Why would I attempt to gain membership or alliance with that group or them? To think that I would is totally freaking absurd and paranoid of anyone to conclude! Then again, no one said any one in these "groups" either in Vermont or New Hampshire has been forthcoming with the TRUTH or their genealogical documentary foundations and or historical social connectedness.
I think the WHOLE bunch of these alleged Abenaki "groups" are sleezy, rotten, sneaky, deceitful, disgusting self-created, self-promoted "Incorporate entities" that very likely have no foundation and/or no connection to the Abenaki People whatsoever that existed/lived in Vermont and/or New Hampshire! Until Documentarily and genealogically proven otherwise.
There's a lot more documentation to be shown and provided about all of these alleged so-called "Missisquoi and or Cowasuck/Koasek" "groups" and their so-called "Chief's" and "members".
The Vermont and New Hampshire Public WILL KNOW once and for all finally, EXACTLY what has been going on in so-called "Abenaki Country" based on the FACTUAL HISTORICAL DOCUMENTATION.

November 19, 2008 Email Communication between Karen Mica and Howard F. Knight Jr. and Daniel B. Osgood


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