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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Paul Pouliot's Newsletter of September 1993 Volume 93 Issue 06 Pages 1, 2, 5, 7, 8

1st document: September 1993 - Volume 93 Issue 6 - Page 1 of the Alnobaodwa National News from the alleged Coos- Cowasuck Band - Sovereign Abenaki Natioin - Tribal Headquarters - Office of the Tribal Council - Red Hawk Lodge - 160 Dailey Drive - Franklin, MA 02038-2951 - (508)528-7629 (actually Paul Wilson Pouliot and his wife Linda's home). According to this "Newsletter" Paul Wilson Pouliot was purging the "group" led by him, "of all non-traditional actions by the previous leadership (Howard F. Knight , Jr etc?) would have to be termintated. Specifically, all appointed positions of clan sub-chiefs, princesses, medicine people, ambassadors, warriors, peace men, and adopted non native officials would have to be terminated."
Then, "Other organizational issues were raised with the elders of the west coast families. It was agreed Paul Tamburro would be their spiritual and traditional leader on the west coast. A tribal letter of authority will be issued to Paul (Tamburro). The matriarch position of these families will remain with Doris (nee: Pease) Nickles. As a family clan they will be allowed to choos their own leadership for future representation. All west coast positions granted by the previous leadership of the Band were terminated.
The alleged Band recently recieved the formal resignation of Robert Maynard as "Tribal Judge".
2nd document: Due to this resignation, the acting legal advisor, Raymond "Looking Glass" Lussier will now assume the permanent position as "Tribal Judge" and Genealogist for the alleged Band. Roger "Running Elk" Descharnais has recently been terminated as "Ambassador" for the alleged Abenaki Nation by the alleged Missisquoi (St. Francis-Sokoki) Band. Unfortunately, this action has ended his authority to as an amabassador or intermediary for both alleged Bands. The good news is that Roger will continue to represent the alleged Abenaki People as an "Indian Commissioner" for the State of Massachusetts.
This so-called "Band" or group is a Reinvention of the alleged Vermont Abenaki. It's a "social club" led and controlled by Paul Wilson Pouliot.
3rd document: Page 5 of the same "newsletter". Paul Wilson Pouliot states, "The Odanak and Becancour (Wolinak) Abenaki (definitively historically documented Communities) are recognized by the Canadian government. The Abenaki in the United States are generally recognized in Massachusetts and Vermont and partially recognized in the other New England states. ONLY the 501(c)3 Incorporations that have been created by this alleged "Chief's"/ Inc. Presidents, are what the State's are recognizing!
Naturally, "With the exception of the Abenaki located in Odanak and Becancour (Wolinak) in Canada, the "tribal activities in the United States during the last fifty (50) years are rather sketchy." BECAUSE THERE WAS NO TRIBAL ACTIVITIES, BECAUSE THERE WERE NO ABENAKI COMMUNITIES!
What is known about the post 1930's, by way of alleged tribal documents, is that there were atleast five alleged/reinvented Abenaki based groups and a alleged/ reinvented limited Wobanaki Confederation in existence.
OBVIOUSLY, these "groups" of alleged/ reinvented Abenakis were simply the Incorporations that were created in the late 1970's (as previously mentioned in this blog). 
4th document: Page 7 of the same "newsletter". Paul Wilson Pouliot even admits, "Unfortunately, the accuracy and documentation of these actions were not very good. As a result we were accused of adopting a large number of people. In principle there is nothing wrong with one alleged tribe accepting members from another group, but we were precieved as taking in anyone without question and many of these people had a common problem with child welfare issues. Must be them folks (i.e. Sherrie DeVee-Kinks-Labatt's Child Custody Case in El Dorado County, CA in 1992 and early 1993)that were from California and who "hid" out from Children's Protective Services, in the Lakota Community, and began pissing off those Lakota people in that Native Community? Perhaps this is the reason why Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. abandoned his "ownership" and "control" of the Abenaki Nation of Vermont, Inc. and alleged retired? THINK ABOUT IT.
As the problems became greater and greater, Howard Knight Jr started an "on and off again" dialogue with Arthur Marchand, Robert Maynard, and Paul Wilson Pouliot in regard to the alleged fact that his health was allegedly not good and that he was allegedly going to retire. Arthur Marchand took the opportunity of the situation to push his agenda for the chief's position.
As the situation worsened even further it became apparent that Arthur Marchand had to be stopped. Right or wrong, much of the blame in regard to the child abuse cases and membership problems was placed on Arthur Marchand. As a result of his actions he was eventually dissociated (removed) from the alleged band. As this point Robert Maynard assumed the role as associate Chief with Howard Knight, Jr. temporarily still acting as Chief. Arthur Marchand was out of our alleged band but he started another inter-tribal group by using some of our membership records. (there was a Corporation Protest Hearing with the Secretary of Massachusetts dated January 26, 1993) which I mentioned earlier in this blog.
The negative attention that we recieved during 1992 resulted in much ridicule from the other alleged Abenaki groups. To pacify alleged Chief Homer St. Francis, a declaration was made to recognize him as our "high Chief". Additionally, negotiations and discussions were made to join alleged/reinvented Cowasuck (Coos) band with the alleged/reinvented Missisquoi (St. Francis-Sokoki) group.
A Cowasuck (Coos) Band tribal meeting was held in December to re-organize the alleged/ reinvented band and to unite with Homer St. Francis. Howard Knight officially  retired for alleged health reasons and Paul Pouliot was allegedly elected as the alleged new "Council Chief" and an unification meeting was scheduled to follow in December (1992). This meeting was delayed to January 1993. The meeting was not successful and Chief Homer St. Francis was angered by Howard Knight.
The alleged new Chief Paul Pouliot started the alleged/reinvented band in a new direction. The goal of alleged/reinvented Abenaki solidarity and unity was set. Recognition of the other alleged/reinvented bands and our Abenaki people in Canada was encouraged. A newsletter was formed and the membership started to be informed about tribal matters. Language tapes and books were ordered and sold to the members. A non-profit social assistance company (501c3) was established to support tribal activities. More open meetings were being in public and organizational issues were raised. Pow-wow's and gatherings were set for May, July, and August 1993. These events were based on the combined resources and cooperation of all the alleged/reinvented Abenaki bands.
During the month of April 1993, Paul Pouliot started to recieve complaints about various matters, most were centered on Howard Knight. Howard Knight insisted on being made some position of authority in Vermont. Paul Pouliot temporarily assigned him to represent the Cowasuck (Coos) interests in Vermont until the May Council meeting. Howard Knight accused several members, including Paul Pouliot, of being disrepectful to him. Howard Knight and Robert Maynard, accused others as being spies from the Missisquoi that were trying to take over the Coos. Robert Maynard intiated investigations of other Native leaders that were known by Paul Pouliot. Paul Pouliot discovered his actions and ordered him to cease. He refused to do so for reasons of "tribal security." Rumors and accusations flew in all directions. Efforts to establish a Pow wow committee were met by resistence by Howard Knight Jr. A letter was recieved declaring that the powwow site land owner (Ralph Skinner Swett?) would work "alone" on the event. Concerns were raised by the Pow wow committee, and an alternative site was considered and eventually selected due to the uncertainty of Howard Knight's actions. Paul Pouliot wrote a letter to Howard Knight telling him about the change of pow wow plans and the lack of approval to establish a permanent Vermont emissary position. Paul Pouliot recieved a letter from Howard Knight, Jr. in which he formally allegedly resigned from the alleged Council of Elders of the alleged Coos Band.
The second week of May (1993), Paul Pouliot and other tribal leaders recieved varioius certified letters from Robert Maynard. Howard Knight Jr is declared alleged Chief of all alleged Abenaki of the alleged Kowasuck (Coos) of Quebec, Canada, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, the United States.  Robert Maynard is declared as Tribal Judge of the same. This declaration is made on the action of a "grand council" meeting that was held. No date, place, or persons involved in this meeting were identified. The letters implied that the government was working with the "new leaders" to rebuild the tribe. The letters were all sent certified mail, all were sworn statements by Robert Maynard, and all were notarized.
Eash letter recieved made various vague charges against Paul Pouliot, such as holding illegal meetings, not informing the members of activities, talking against the alleged retired chief, causing concern in the membership, treason by communication with other alleged tribal leaders, and numerous other vague issues.
5th document: The letters ordered each person to do various tasks including the reassignment of chiefs and sub-chiefs. Paul Pouliot was threatened with a statement of "you will have no place to go" and all was ordered to cease all operations, terminate all positions, and turn over everything to the new "Kowasuck leadership."
In the Native tradition (which these individuals use very loosely) a "grand council" can only be convened with all the clan leaders, chiefs, and members of the Council of Elders. Such a meeting cannot be held in secrecy from the membership. Robert Maynard, in his last telephone conversation eluded to actions taken for "tribal security." It all sounds too familiar to "excutive privilege", where anything is justifiable.
Throughout June, July, and August, wild stories, rumors, anonymous letters, and various declarations were made against many alleged/reinvented Abenaki People and the alleged/reinvented leaders of the other alleged Abenaki Bands, in particular Paul Pouliot. Many of these seem to have a common theme and source, but will not be discussed in this writing.
In August, another official letter was recieved from Robert Maynard, in this letter he submitted his resignation as tribal judge of our alleged/reinvented Band. This document  as well as his previous letter, make claims to his authority as Chief Judge of all other alleged/reinvented Cowasuck bands and an unidentified "council of elders." He also implied that this alleged/reinvented Band and the leadership of it has violated the "Constitution, rules, regulations, and standards of conduct of the alleged/ reinvented Cowasucks Abenaki Nation."
These negative letters, documents, declarations, and other statements, which were sent (or made) to many alleged/ reinvented Native American leaders and organizations are being considered as "threats" and the notarized statements made, if uproven, could be held as words of perjury and slander. There is no substance of truth to the charges nor to the elusive government agency that is working with them. In fact, the events that have been described have significantly damaged the ongoing negotions that are ongoing with the alleged/reinvented Missisquoi (St. Francis-Sokoki) council and the United States government. All that has been accomplished by this dissension is that our People as a whole has been ridiculed, degraded, and set back as a bunch of "lost people" with no clear leadership. DAH, the TRUTH is so obvious!
To further his position, Howard F. Knight, Jr. has taken every opprotunity to use the newspapers and media to establish him as alleged/reinvented Chief of the Abenaki and is attempting to re-write himself and the history of our people. HYPOCRITICAL STATMENT IF I EVER HEARD ONE. Newspaper stories of his recent POW WOW in Evansville, Vermont (Ralph Skinner Swett's property), reported that he (Howard Knight Jr. or Ralph Swett?) conducted "native ceremonies", "sweats" and other sacred native traditional activities for and with the public spectators. You can draw your own conclusion as to what his traditional values are. Well, the same question(s) could be asked of Paul Wilson Pouliot after INCORPORATING his Cowass North America, Inc. in NINE (9) different States! Additionally, other concerned people have made public statements in the Vermont newspapers that he does not represent the alleged/reinvented Abenaki Nation and that he "... has been operating under pretense..." Copies of the newspaper articles will be furnished upon request from this office.) Actually that would be Paul Wilson Pouliot's home/residence. 
Contrary to these issues and problems this alleged/reinvented Band will go forward in a alleged/reinvented positive and traditional manner. We have had enough of the intrigue, accusations, and flights of fantasy that have plagued us. Really? It seems to be that what happened to Lynn Menard-Mathieson and this new applicant experienced Paul Wilson Pouliot's intrigue, accusations, and flights of fantasy! Those that want to cause trouble, those that are working with these "other elements" to get little tidbits of gossip to work against us, those "adopted friends" of the past leadership and other non-native people (well, does Paul Wilson Pouliot or his new wife Denise have ANY Abenaki/Cowasuck Native ancestry?....or are they non-native person's pretending to being Cowasuck/Abenaki/Pennacook?!) that are working against the unification of our People will be identified, isolated, and pushed away from us once and for all. Really? Seems to me the so-called "unification of our People" hasn't worked out for Paul Wilson Pouliot very well. Considering that his own spouse, two children, Jamie Mahigan, Paul Tamburro, Norman Leveillee, James and Janet LaFountain, and Lynn Menard-Mathieson to name just a few, have LEFT this so-called "Tribe and or Band" led by him. Perhaps Paul Wilson Pouliot needs to resign right along with Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. once and for all; and THIS TIME actually do it! If you were adopted by Howard F. Knight or Robert Maynard, or given a tribal card without proof of your ancestry (like Paul Wilson Pouliot) , or if you want to return to the "Howard Knight group" please do so, his address is RFD 2 Box 530A, Newport, VT 05855. Those of you that are following him and his actions, or are just "sitting on the fence" should speak out and take a stand, notify us and we will take you off of our alleged/ reinvented tribal roles if that is what you wish.

Sounds to me like Paul Wilson Pouliot was speaking about himself in alot of his writings in this September 1993 letter! Most importantly, to reflect and think about is that Paul Wilson Pouliot came out of and was created by Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. and this newsletter shows and provides the evidence that once created, this new allegedly elected "Chief" of the alleged/reinvented Cowasuck took on a life of his own, so's to say, and thus was created and incorporated Paul Wilson Pouliot's Cowass North America, Inc. of Franklin, MA. Like I said, it seems to me that there was an alleged NDN Herpes Virus or a mysterious "something-or-other" that was going around, spreading here, spreading there, and everywhere. Chiefs, Sub-Chiefs, Council Chiefs, Grand Chiefs, Tribal Judges, Clans, and Clan Matriarch's were being invented, created, reinvented not only in Vermont, but also New Hampshire and Massachusetts, going outward to many other States as well.

I think it is time we all get a "vaccination" against this NDN Virus asap. But first, before anyone goes rushing to their nearest Abenaki Shaman, or New Age Bookstore, there is much more to tell the readers of this blog. So stay right where you are. I'll be right back.....TRUTH IS WHAT WILL SET US ALL FREE.

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