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Thursday, March 27, 2014

The "Abenaki" of Vermont: A Living Culture Video

The "Abenaki" of Vermont: A Living Culture was produced over a 4 year period with the cooperation of a number of alleged "Abenaki" families (those persons and or some of their relatives who claim to be "Abenakis" now living within VT and or NH) around the state and the guidance of volunteer Native American Advisory Panel (that evolved into the Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs today). Jeffrey Benay, Frederick Matthew Wiseman etc all had been involved with this Advisory Panel to the VT Governors over the years...

I do not own this video.

No Copyright infringement is intended or implied by my person. This upload is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES and to expose the Cultural Appropriation by Non-"Abenaki" of Vermont and New Hampshire, etc.

While Cheryl L. (nee: Anderson) Heath is a descendant of the Odanak Obomsawin family, having lived in VT for several generations whose ancestors came from N'dakinna throughout, some of the parties/persons in this film have NEVER proven a shred of documented Abenaki connection(s) EXCEPT by what comes out of their mouths as "oral history" that has to this day, not been substantiated or proven. Lampman's have NEVER proven connection(s) to ANY historical community of Abenakis, let alone proven ANYTHING. The family allied with Homer St. Francis Sr. and his family in Swanton, VT. and were a very dynamic documentarily within the Incorporation of "Abenakis" so called, now recognized by the State of VT. By what evidence or proof documentarily now one in the VT or NH Public has yet to view or substantiate. April (St. Francis) Rushlow - Merrill claims as she does in this video, and yet after 2007 still has yet to substantiate or prove a single argument that she throws out there to the VT Public, that they, or she is in fact, connected to any historical Abenaki Community, Tribe or otherwise. Even the BIA OFA stated as such. The claims and stories are built on sands of illusions and delusions. profiting and pilfering, appropriated and outright perpetuating GENOCIDE in just another varied form, against Abenakis, in Vermont and throughout the Northeast, the likes of which the Eugenics Survey would admire indeed. State Recognition in VT of incorporate groups does not validate any of these people, then or now. Video taping alleged re-invented appropriated "traditions" "histories" "alleged "values" and "experiences" does not validate these people. The VT Folklife Center attempted to document Abenakis. Are Abenakis of and from VT being shown, or is a grab bag of wannabiak, appropriated and implied that they are "thee Abenakis" of VT and NH without so much as any evidence/ connection to historical Community?


Study their GENEALOGIES. Study their HISTORICAL RECORDS. Study their Incorporation(s).

This video is uploaded for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES and no infringement against copyright is intended or implied by my person.

This video was obviously created and perpetuated for POLITICAL PURPOSES to sway both naive Politicians and the VT and NH Public.

Some are obviously wannabiak, most are disconnected, most are perpetuating an Indian-ist or Pan-Indian-ism within this video.

Are these people Abenakis? Or are they wannabiak, using surrounding Abenakis, to legitimize themselves?

For example, Louis Lampman - Larivee claims her father Blackie Lampman TOLD his children about HIS GRANDMOTHER, so it is his perception that he perpetuated into his children AFTER they had joined up, and allied with Homer St. Francis Sr. and his family. So it is a matter of perception and indoctrination of what they believe about their ancestor. Not what is documented pre-1970. Even the BIA's OFA revealed this in their 2005-2007 Reports on this Incorporation that implied that they are "Abenakis".

The Abenaki Dance Troupe that Cheryl L. Anderson (wife of David N. Heath) speaks of, is culture that comes from and derived out of Odanak, an Abenaki Community both historically and comtemporaneous, through Jeanne (nee: Deforge) Brink, who is an Abenaki Obomsawin descendant. The Abenaki dances did not come from ANY known VT Abenaki family from of VT not connected to Odanak. Same dynamics with the language (contrary to Louise Lampman and her cousin Brent Reader). Again, STUDY the genealogical and historical records of the varied persons in this video. See where the ancestors have come from, how they were, themselves, identifying themselves to be, throughout the generations. Homer St. Francis Sr. and his daughter April St. Francis - Merrill hijacked an "Abenaki" persona along with a thousand other people (wannabiak) and a few legitimate Abenakis from and of Odanak who happened to live in the States, decided to cluster around the fake "Abenakis" because it helped to promote themselves. The dynamics benefited, and so Molly Keating and her daughter Lynn Murphy etc helped in the GENOCIDE of their own people to my thinking, and they didn't even fathom that, until it was too late to stop what they were doing!

Either way, its an "entertaining" video and while I do not agree with the "message" or the authenticity of the contents, for its time and place, the people therein this video obviously believed in their illusions and delusions, what with the Indian-ism's and Pan-Indian-ists perception(s) etc. Some of the people in this video are now deceased, or have moved on, relocating outside the state of Vermont when the Indian persona or their endeavors caught up with them.

Cowasuck Powwow 1994 at Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts

This is an older video taken in August of 1994 at Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts. The event was obviously a Non-Native and Native Event planned and orchestrated by an Incorporated Group of alleged Cowasuck Abenakis, led by Paul Wilson Pouliot, of Franklin, Massachusetts. Paul Pouliot, claimed his house as the Red Hawk Lodge situated at his residece of 160 Dailey Drive, in Franklin, MA. He now lives with his 2nd wife, Denise (nee: Beauregard) Mahegan. It was Jamie Mehigan who was married to Denise Beauregard (who claims to be Mikmaq or Micmak or L'Nuk) by Cowasuck "Chief" Paul Wilson Pouliot and his 1st wife Linda (nee: White) Pouliot.

Why put this video up on my blog?

Well, it is educational. It is "entertaining" (if one wants to look at it that way) of what Wannabiak look like, sound like, and act like. For some reason(s) I still can't quite stop from laughing out loud about, these sorts of "Pow-Wow's" ATTRACT all sorts of Wannabe Abenakis, Mohawks, Cherokee's, you-name-it, they flock to these events, all dressed up in what they deem culturally appropriate based on their perceptions of what-is-authentic. For example, the larger-than-life "medicine bags" in front of their garments.

"Hey, look at me" I carry my medicine pouch, therefore I must be a REAL Abenaki.

The leather headbands, the earrings, the trinkets.

But more importantly, I want people to listen to Jeanne Antoinette (nee: Lalime) Lincoln - Kent in this video.
You will see her throughout this video, speaking of how she feels, that at Pow Wow's, that her grandmother came and gave her a hug, though she'd been deceased for many years. Her mother doesn't understand her daughters beliefs, that were "sudden" and contrary to her upbringing. That her son, does not agree with his mother's "ways" etc. Indeed, to some, they conclude, based on their perceptions, that a Pow-wow, is a spiritual gathering. Perhaps it is for them, and perhaps it is not anything of the sort.

This is a Educational Video. It is used for Education and Research on Groups, "Tribes" and Organizations and Peoples.

No Copyright is intended or implied by posting this. This was a DVD+R format given to my person some years ago, I believe transferred from an older VHS format.

This video of the "Abenaki" Pow-wow in Salisbury, MA on August 20-21, 1994. Herein, the viewer can hear, alleged "Mohawk" Onkwe Tase and "Abenakis" like Jeanne (nee: Lalime) Lincoln - Kent of Winsted, CT a.k.a. "Morning Star", Roger Jean Descharnais a.k.a. "Running Elk" and Al "Greyhawk" Milano (then of Athens, Maine... and his Mohawk wife "Many Winds". Paul Rene Tamburro,  many others, that you will see herein.

There are as well within this video Rick Obomsawin, (now-Chief) of Odanak, Qc, Canada, John Henry Brin a.k.a. "Running Deer", Rene George Blanchette a.k.a. "Grandfather Maple" and Paul Wilson Pouliot a.k.a. "Red Hawk" etc and many many others.

Many of whom are now deceased and or elderly.

NOT ELDERS, as in someone who have or had connection(s) to the Abenakis at all.

I do not imply or state that any portion of this video is authentic or legitimately accurate. Please take all that is said in this video .. "with a huge grain of salt" ... and please look at each individual's genealogical connections or the lack of connection to the Abenakis. Abenaki Community? Abenaki Language? Abenaki Connection(s)?

Aside from Richard "Rick" Obomsawin, of Odanak etc who were attending this gathering in August 1994...

If you listen closely, one can hear the "Indian-ist Speak" ... that sort of Indian-ist linguistically nuance that comes across  ... some of these people are now members of Vermont Recognized "Tribes" having been members of one group, fled to another and another and another over the years, holding many incorporate "membership" cards in their bags of trickster tricks.

Abenakis? Cowasucks? I think not.

You decide for yourselves.

Am I "bitter"? Or "angry"? (I have been accused of being that)

Nope, just doing my homework on the Wannabiak and sharing my results on this blog ... and my utter disgust of it all. Sure, I could have tucked tail and slunk off into just "walking away" without so much as a wave goodbye to this dynamic, but where would the fun be in doing that? I have sought out the truth, and been vilified for it. I don't want their version of the truth, as they (the wannabiak) want me to believe, but I have sought out the actual pieces of the puzzle to my own "abenaki" ness, even in my own ancestors descendants.

Me no stupid human being, who thinks everyone so stupid (or gullible). Okwe Tase likes to speak that guttural half sentence, Me no Kemo Sabe nonsense. Pan-Indian-ism's and putting forth what they assume is Native, Indian, "Native American". You hear it in their names. "Three Buffallo's" "White Fawn" "Running Elk" "Morning Star" "Spirit Walker" etc etc etc. I feel like I just heard an Indian-ist version of Noah's Ark, what with the 2 Butterflies, 3 Buffalo's, Six Deer's etc etc.

The issue and reality is, these people were not known by these names UNTIL they "Indian-ized" themselves.

Reminds me of? Hmm (let me think of it)... Oh yeah:

For example, Mrs. Kent here of CT., has had many membership "Cards" in many FAKE "Abenaki" groups, since she began Indian-izing herself, recreating her persona as an Indian-ist/ "Abenaki". This video shows a part of this process.

Later still, she evolved into changing her look, persona, making herself appear more "native"
Many Indian - ist, based on their Indian - ist perception(s) of what-an-Indian-looks like, do this sort of dynamic.

They are not Tribes. They were NEVER Abenaki Tribes.

Even if the State of Vermont or New Hampshire "recognizes" these State of VT incorporated groups, as Native American "Tribes".

But hey, you decide whether to afford these pretenders of reinvented "Abenakis".

The State of VT and NH "entertain" these pretenders because it is yet another form of GENOCIDE against Abenakis throughout N'dakinnna. They mock, dress up, and pretend to be.... watch the video, then watch it again.

LISTEN to the whole nefarious illusions/delusions of being alleged "Abenaki".

Follow their genealogical backgrounds.

Not what comes out of their mouths in Indian-ist Speak.

This is why this video from August 1994 of the "Cowasuck" with Jeanne Kent, makes me surmise she's a heck of a Indian-ist comedian of the Cowasuck.

Oh wait, she isn't Metis? You mean, she's now an authentic Vermont Nulhegan "Abenaki" artist playing around with gourds. Sure, she's a decent artist, just like Rhonda Besaw - True, but the question remains.

Are they really Abenaki, Are they really Wabanaki?

Or are they making it up, as they go along?

You decide.

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