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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Howard F. Knight Jr. and Karen Mica (Majka) Communications of Nov. 2008 and January 2009:

1st document: Here we see that Howard Franklin Knight Jr. has begun to plot His next re-creation/reinvention regarding the alleged Independent Clans of the Coos United, Inc. which Howard Knight Jr. himself alleges and claims that such was an idea of Reginald A. Pero (Elwin Merle Pero's brother; uncle to Nathan Elwin Pero) in the early 1990's. Yet Elwin "Joe" (as they refer to him as) Merle Pero nor his brother Reginald A. Pero are alive today to verify or validate that this was "their idea". Nathan Elwin Pero also "can say that his Uncle was behind all this I.C.C.U. business"; but where is the validation that Nathan Elwin Pero's father and or Uncle Reginald A. Pero ever even knew of these "idea's? Perhaps it all a matter of some cooked up idea's in Howard Knight, Jr.'s brain upstairs, and Nathan E. Pero is "just backing up the cooked up b.s. coming from Howard Knight Jr."? I find it interesting that such activities by these people, primarily Howard Knight Jr. and then "backed" by Daniel B. Osgood Sr., Karen Majka (Mica), this Floyd Family, and Norman L. Chenevert & his son Brian Chenevert, etc. ONLY FOR THEIR EYES/INFORMATION? What the heck is that all about? Are these people a Cult "hiding" some secrets? I didn't know Abenaki People operated in this manner.

Must be they were running scared from this so-called "Wonder Woman" a.k.a. Nancy Lee Millette-Doucet! Everything is on the down low (hush hush) just like on Olidahozi which was created, moderated and controlled by Jeanne Lincoln-Kent eh!
Oh and it is interesting that Howard Knight Jr. sent out this email to these people, thinking no one would reveal it to the PUBLIC.
2nd document: Highlighted in "red" Howard Franklin Knight Jr. states, "this core group of the Coos Clans idea originated back in the early 1990's with the then Nolka Clan Chief (allegedly) of the Coos of Vermont and New Hampshire, the late Reggie (Reginald A. Pero), Nathan Elwin Pero's uncle, when a certain idiot in Massachusetts tried to take over the Coos Tribe by fraud and deceit in late 1992."

Actually, I doubt very much that there is ANY documentary evidence whatsoever to prove or disprove Howard Franklin Knight Jr.'s remarks in this email he sent to these people regarding this alleged idea supposedly created by Reginald A. Pero. Reginald Pero died on May 03, 1993 in Thetford Center, Orange County, Vermont. Again, perhaps the Pero family desendants can and will provide the factual documentary evidence as to these claims by Howard Franklin Knight Jr. concerning these alleged idea's of their late family member Reginald A. Pero to confirm what Howard Knight Jr. has alleged these ideas of the creation of the Independent Clans of the Coos United, Inc. came from?
The so-called "idiot from Massachusetts" who allegedly tried to take over the Coos Tribe in late 1992 that Howard Franklin Knight Jr. speaks of, was none other than Arthur Marchand of 126 Sterling Street in Worcester, Massachusetts 01610. I'll show that documentation of December-January-and March 10, 1993 on this blog in the near future. Apparently, Howard Franklin Knight Jr. has repeatedly tried to say that he NEVER resigned, NEVER ever stepped down or "retired", wherein in Paul Wilson Pouliot was alleged "elected" into this group as alleged "Chief of the Cowasuck Abenaki" in December 1992 or January 1993 that Howard F. Knight Jr. created. Obviously, ONLY by looking at the ACTUAL documents can one differentiate who is distorting/lieing and who is telling the truth. Perhaps Paul Pouliot and Howard F. Knight Jr. were BOTH lieing? I am not sure, but I will put the documents on the blog and the readers can decide for themselves if I am correct in my conclusions.
At the tail end of this email from Howard F. Knight Jr., "the negative element" he speaks of within this email, was none other than "Nancy Millette" (who now is married to Mark Doucet) who was at the time, in the process of being thrown out of the "Garden of Koasek" as I call it. In reality, Nancy Millette attempted to retain her alleged "power and control" "title and status" within this group; and then Howard F. Knight Jr. "who alleged was retired" (so many times even I have lost count) "couldn't let go" of his alleged "power and control". They both were "two bears in the same berry bush" and neither of them wanted to leave. So to try and out do the other, Knight then created this I.C.C.U., Inc. group b.s. with the likes of Karen Mica (actually thats Majka of MA), and Brian Chenevert & Brian's father Norman, and Daniel Osgood Sr., etc. All of 'em claiming to represent "Clans" that were made up "titles". They learned well from the Freemason's and the Red Man's Order Fraternity, to my thinking.

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