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Monday, January 11, 2010

Charles Francis True Jr's "Tribal Vision Statement" of the Abenaki Nation of New Hampshire, D.B.A.

Documents 01 through 04:  The "Abenaki Indian Center" of Manchester, New Hampshire was a Inc. Organization that was set up by "Chief" Homer St. Francis, Sr. through his "agent" Alan J. Martel of Manchester, New Hampshire on October 04, 1994. Marci L. Martel of 436 Kennard Road in Manchester, N.H. 03491; Alan J. Martel of the same address; Linda L. Robertson of R.R. #1, Box 1C-1 in Canaan, N.H. 03741; Nancy D. Goldsmith of 164 Conant Street in Manchester, N.H. 03102;
Cynthia J. Jansen of 166 Conant Street in Manchester, N.H. 03102 all signed the Articles of Association on October 04, 1994. I have written about this Alan J. Martel, Charles Francis True, Jr, and Sherry Gould of Bradford, N.H. before previously in this blog.

Document 05 through 09: Dissolution of "Abenaki Indian Center, Inc." signed by Linda Robertson (President); Marci L. Martel (Treasurer); and Mariane Whitman (Secretary) on October 23, 1998.

Some of these documents are re postings on this blog. My point is that these Incorporated groups claiming to represent the Abenaki People's in Vermont and or New Hampshire are NOT from the HISTORICAL Abenaki Tribe's or Communities.
The ONLY legitimate historical, continuous, cohesive Abenaki Tribes/ Communities are Odanak and Wolinak today. Just because Rhonda Lou (nee: Besaw) True, Charles Francis True Jr. are photographically displayed up in those legitimate Abenaki Communities is because they happened to be photographed in their "regalia" coming in the doorway of the Museum up there, when the remodeling was done, and there was a Grand Opening! It wasn't because either of them was or is recognized by that Abenaki Community as being legitimately documented genealogical descendants of the Abenaki!

IF these Incorporated groups of person's claiming to represent the "Historic Abenaki Communities" here in Vermont and New Hampshire, then WHY is it that no one has publicly known of these Inc. President's Chief's/Speaker's BEFORE their "incorporating" with the State of Vermont or New Hampshire? THINK ABOUT IT.

Nancy Millette Doucet stated in her petition to have HB1610 "revised" to suit her, to benefit her, and to weasel April St. Francis-Merrill of that group calling itself the St. Francis/Sokoki Abenaki" a.k.a. ASHAI, Inc. up in Swanton ~right along with all the rest of the incorporated "groups" in Vermont as well, into gaining official Vermont and New Hampshire State Recognition by claiming that they are all from the "Historic Abenaki Tribes."

Yet does the Legislature of either Vermont or New Hampshire even comprehend the genealogical backgrounds of these Inc. President's/"Chief's/Speaker's of these alleged and re-invented Abenaki "groups"?! Do they know that these "groups" may very well be fake, fraudulent, and untruthful in what they have proclaimed, stated, and said throughout the years since 1976?! Has anyone in the Legislature's bothered to even read the B.I.A. Petition for Recognition of the St. Francis/Sokoki Abenaki Band, and the conclusion the B.I.A. made due to the LACK OF EVIDENCE/ DOCUMENTATION/GENEALOGICAL CONNECTION to identify that anyone in this "group" up in Swanton was even "Indian." let along "Abenaki"?!

Perhaps the Legislative Representatives in both Vermont and or New Hampshire ought to read the Bureau of Indian Affairs conclusionary report on the Swanton, Vermont "group" led by April St. Francis-Merrill and realize that when her side-kick Nancy Doucet claims that the St. Francis/Sokoki Abenaki Band up in Swanton, Vermont is from the Historical Missisquoi Abenaki Community, the B.I.A. found it to be a hysterical delusion to be be blunt about it.

Nancy Doucet, Brian Chenevert, Paul Pouliot and the rest of them can claim that their incorporated groups, are from the Historical Abenaki Tribes within Vermont and or New Hampshire (and Massachusetts for that matter or anywhere else they have "incorporated" or have a "trade name"), and they can rob and pilfer the Museums and Colleges such as Dartmouth, pointing fingers at "historically recorded documents and maps" of the Abenaki, etc. YET, where is these "group's" chief's and their members genealogical evidence that they even connect ancestrally to these Abenaki Historical Communities?!

I find it all so h-y-s-t-e-r-i-c-a-l, not historical.

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