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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just a laugh or two at a commentary on this other blog:

On this other blog: entitled Abenaki Pride Setting The Record Straight
The purpose of this blog is to give a voice to the Abenaki People who wish to "set the record straight", repair damage to their reputations, and simply tell the truth as they see it. No personal attacks here, just a safe forum to respond to the blog "The Reinvention of the Vermont Abenaki" by Douglas Lloyd Buchholz. Don't let his rant become "history"!

Abenaki: Setting the Record Straight we get a commentary post from "Anonymous" said on September 16, 2009 9:08 ...
I don't know which is more disgusting, the things Douglas posts on his blog, the fact that Douglas posts this crap in the first place, or that anyone bothers to read it.

My response to this commentary by "Anonymous" is that NO ONE is required to read anything on my blog whatsoever. Any person who finds my postings or documentations "disgusting" or that think that what is on this blog amounts to quote "crap", then simply don't read what is on this Reinvention of the Vermont Abenaki blog. But I think there are MANY people who are just itching to see and review what documentation I do have and will expose to the light of day on a whole bunch of folks who claim to be Abenaki in Vermont and in New Hampshire. Some folks may conclude or imply that what I am putting on this blog is "disgusting" or that it's "crap". Well, look at the SOURCES of the documentation! I didn't create these historical documents. I merely collected them and began doing the genealogical and historical research to either verify their claims and I found that their claims were without foundation, just like the State Attorney General's Office has concluded. Now if I am wrong in my conclusions, then please by all means, then simply SHOW and PROVIDE the factual social, historical, and most definitely the supporting genealogical documentary evidence that proves me wrong in my conclusions. It's that plain and simple. Because, whether anyone likes it or not, it is my endeavor with the creation of this blog, to show to the Vermont and New Hampshire PUBLIC and to the Legitimate Abenaki People's (and their neighbors) the very documentary evidence, after all these years, just exactly why I have concluded as I have about these so-called alleged Reinvented (very likely illegitimate & fraudulantly-based and self-proclaiming) Abenaki "groups" inside both Vermont and New Hampshire! I am far from done putting the documentation onto this blog........and I will do so, as I can, in as chronological way as I possibly can.
So whoever this "Anonymous" is on this other blog, all I can say is no one~ especially not me, ever forced or forces anyone to read or look at my blog's documentation or commentary since day one of its creation back in late May or early June 2009.

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