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Thursday, June 4, 2009

More on N'biz8bek a.k.a. Brunswick Springs Property in Bloomfield, Vermont

These newspaper clippings and articles were obtained from the Coos County area, New Hampshire.

A bit of Info on Brunswick Springs aka N'biz8bek

Please forgive me if these articles are a bit much (alot/ many). They are merely put online for the purpose of substantiating conclusions about the people and the events they (and sometimes most often I) was directly or indirectly involved/associated with, were involved in, at the time or around these articles or emails. You do nott have to review each document, if you don't want to. Yet, I encourage you to carefully examine and evaluate the documents in so far as you are able to follow along this twisted "yellow brick path" of these various "groups" and of the people in these groups. Think of it as "threads" or "lines" that are sometimes often long and sometimes short, and often times if not consistanting intertwine, indeed they connect to one another at various times, even though they seem to be mutiple seperate "lines". They actually come from the same "ball of thread" but the thread has in itself many threads in-the-one, that come apart, and spread out in their own directions.

What I am going TRY to do, is to sort out the various "threads/ lines" via this blog. I'll use the Brunswick Springs situation, first by showing you related articles about Brunswick Springs documented historical records in relation to N'biz8bek (the 7 sacred Springs). You can then cross reference the subsequent information from newspaper articles to the "Chief" Homer St. Francis group's newsletters. Connect the pieces like a puzzle.....

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