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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Howard F. Knight Jr. Letter of March 14, 2002 and March 22, 2002:

Howard F. Knight Jr., an alleged Cowasuck Abenaki "Chief" there in northern Vermont wrote a letter to Mr. Paul Pouliot on March 14th, 2002. Enlcosed as promised, the document for Renewal of Abenaki Nation of Vermont. Bruce & Skip (Richard Bernier) will be enraged-so be careful. Regards: Former Agent Barbara Jensen-She ripped off our Food Bank @ (for about) $450 dollars shortly after we renewed this Inc. (Incorporation).-She is NOT Trustworthy + she has been accepted by no group as a result. Now claims to be a Medicine Woman. Hope you can use this- How you got-Only 3 people know-Okay? Thanks. (As to How you got Control of the Abenaki Nation of Vermont. For re-incorporation - check w/ Bill Seymour-He originally started this Inc.- Up to you- if you wish to use my name, list me as Ret'd (Retired) in an- unimportant spot at the bottom of your list of whoever. I do not want to be even an agent. I am out of the Politics. Sorry, delay of this to you. Had another go-around with the V. A. (Veteran's Affairs) Hosp.-Whole Right Side affected. They think ANOTHER MILD STROKE. Test Results soon. I will let you know. Still proceeding with my Wedding Plans for Late Summer-early Fall to my Russian Lady. Take Care! Respectfully, Howard (F. Knight Jr.) (AKA Grandfather Circle).
So you see, Paul Wilson Pouliot merely was given an Incorporate entity created and promoted by Howard F. Knight Jr. in early 2002. Clearly Paul Pouliot was in Franklin County, Massachusetts operating his Incorporate operation down there in that state as well. As the saying goes, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree"~ "The branch is still part of the tree". Follow the math.....There is more I got to put on here, documentation-wise. Alot more manipulation by these people and much much more to be shown. Suffice it to say, that Howard Knight Jr. felt that he needed Paul Wilson Pouliot to "take over" the responsibilities of being "Chief" of this Incorporation "at least for awhile" because allegedly Pouliot was a member of or associated with the "Hawk Clan". So, after Howard Knight Jr. bequeathed to or bestowed upon (allegedly an election was held) Mr. Pouliot the "chieftonship of this Incorporate venture,Mr. Howard F. Knight subsequently bequeathed to Ralph Skinner Swett (son of Leon Swett and Elsie nee: Skinner) up in Evansville, Vermont, the Chieftonship of another created Incorporation entitled, "Clan of the Hawk", to try and take back what Howard already had given to Pouliot. You think this is confusing, heck it is confusing to me to try and figure out! Time wise I am sure some these events happened before March 2002 as indicated by the Swanton's "Homer St. Francis" Newsletters already posted on this blog previously. Suffice it to say, Howard F. Knight Jr. created and promoted incorporations, got people to join as "members" claiming to being Abenaki to legitimize the whole affair, gave out membership cards, and did some pretty shady things. When legalistically or politically the water got too hot, he tried to "jump out of the bathtub" as they'd say. Thus these little hand-over tatics. Oh, and the so called, "Oh, I just had a stroke, or I am blind b.s. with his sunglasses". After the water cooled down some, Howard Knight Jr. tried to and sometimes did get back into the bathtub. The tub was filled with b.s. that he wanted and wants everyone to believe was or is pure clean healing waters of these alleged Cowasuck Abenaki!

Recently, I have been accused on this Abenaki Pride: Setting the Record Straight blog by "Anonymous" aka Jeanne Antoinette (nee: Lalime) Lincoln-Kent of Winstead, CT of being in alliance with, being paid for or by, supported by Paul Wilson Pouliot and or his "group" . Well, far from it truthfully. Where is their proof, their evidence of such an arrangement? Just because Paul Wilson Pouliot himself published articles that I wrote (and btw were published previously elsewhere in other media formats) into his Cowasuck Newsletter's does not mean I support him, or his group, nor does that make me a member of his alleged "Cowasuck" Abenaki group. But oh, how they do twist and contort trying to maliciously throw stones and dirt in my direction in their attempts to bury me with their lies and slander, simply because of their own historical records being shown! Oh, did you know that Jeanne lincoln-Kent was twice a member of Paul Pouliot's group down there in Franklin County, Massachusetts? The first time she joined his group was 07/15/1993 then her renewal membership date was 07/01/98 . She even got a Cowasuck Abenaki Artist Certificate, signed by Paul Pouliot himself. Retrospectively-speaking she had left this group on approximately June 01, 2002, and because thereafter she realized she couldn't legitimately sell her "crafts" (i.e. vending at Pow-wow's in the Northeast) anymore without being a part of a group, so she within a year's time requested and wanted back into the Paul Pouliot's alleged Cowasuck Abenaki "group" as a member! She then recieved a renewal membership card in July of 2002 when she came back into that group. Dates and times are not that important, yet my point is that Jeanne Lincoln-Kent was a part of Paul Pouliot's group "twice" not just once, and she was also a member of the Metis Nation of Quebec apparently, as well as saying in documentation that she was a Missisquoi Abenaki. Is she Cowasuck? Is she Missisquoi? Seems to me from the documentation that she was Band hopping and shopping! Just like Carollee Reynolds was doing as one will see in future submitted documentary evidence. Was Jeanne Lincoln-Kent legitimately Vermont Abenaki, if she was born in Indiana and raised in Connecticut? Well, from what I have gathered she says she's an alleged descendant of the signer's of the Swanton, Vermont "Robertson's Lease"~and she says she's a Nippissing/Abenaki descendant. So, whose supporting who, whose condemning who, and for what reasons are they doing these things?
The following photographs are posted and persons identified are: Photo 1: Jeanne Lincoln's article in a Native oriented Calendar, I think the Boston Indian Center might put this calendar out to the public. The particular write-up states she was born in Indiana (to Joseph Granville Leger Lalime and Crystal Vondale nee: Davis) and raised in Connecticut. So was Mr. Howard F. Knight Jr. born in CT as well. Date of Calendar unknown Photo 2: Dated May 2006 Signing of Bill S.117 in Montpelier, VT ~ Left to Right is Nancy Millette Cruger Lyons Doucet, an unidentified woman, Dee Brightstar, (seated) is Jeanne Antoinette (nee: Lalime) Lincon-Kent. Photo 3: Jeanne Lincoln-Kent and Burton Decarr.
Stay tune for the next episode of the "As The Alleged Abenaki World Turns".
I have to laugh some more.

Letter from Howard F. Knight Jr. of ca. May 07, 2006

This "letter" was given to me by a un-named email sender under "anonymous" so I presume the sender was the recipient of such a "graphic" "inappropriate" "sleezy" email from Howard F. Knight Jr. I present it here as-I-recieved-it via email attachments. Again, it is the younger generation (children of all grades) in which these "groups" of alleged Abenaki wish to peddle their distorted interpretations of THEIR so-called Abenaki histories. Frederick Wiseman wants to put forth his "Against the Darkness" DVD etc into the schools, with no valid evidence that what he says or implies in that video is even of merit or truthful. Same thing with his newer DVD "the Other Side of History" (link:
Again, it is all about their self-promotion. That is my thoughts and conclusions on the matter, until I am shown otherwise.
On page 3 of this "letter" Howard F. Knight Jr. begins to speak "inappropriately" to this unidentified woman (whose mother he claims to know as well), claiming that he will be "her guinea pig" to what seemingly is a description or implied method of castration to sexual offenders. Restrospectively-speaking this Howard F. Knight Jr. did NOT like Allen Champney "because there were allegations of sexual assaults against young females". (link: http://www.newagefraud.org/smf/index.php?topic=1903.0 This was documented in the media, and Allen Champney was a member of and involved in the New Hampshire Intertribal Association. Well, let's see here if I get this straight.....Howard Knight Jr. throws a pointed finger at Allen Champney while three of his own fingers are pointed right back at himself, a self-documented deviant according to this email he himself created and sent ot to this woman! This "letter" proves my point. Because of Allen's past conduct/court record, etc. Howard Knight Jr. sends out this multiple page email to this unidentified woman "offering to teach her how to castrate a man, that he'll be her "guinea pig" thus offering to expose his own genitelia to her in his so-called "teaching" her! Pardon me, but MOST legtimate Native People's understand that Grandmothers teach their daughters and or granddaughters and sometimes their nieces etc. Grandfather's teach their sons, and or grandsons. Uncles teach their nephews and Aunt's their nieces. That is Abenaki tradition, as it is. Howard F. Knight implying that he has the right, title and interest in teaching or sharing "teaching's or lesson's" of this or any other situation to a woman/female is clearly deviant and inappropriate! And this man claims that he is a Cowasuck Abenaki Chief / Repesentative within and of Vermont?!
The man in this "letter" of Page 3, claims, "The woman who taught me what they used to do, was into her late 70's and one of the last of the women who knew what and how to do what had to be done....She talked to me at length as to my personal thoughts about men doing this to children and to women.....
Supposedly this woman (unidentified) who allegedly taught him was "from Danville, Vermont". I find this whole "letter" and it author Howard F. Knight Jr. to be completely disgusting and he is clearly not a true bonefide decent representative of ANY legitimate Abenaki Community or people, to my thinking!

Articles: November 01, 2001 - November 14, 2001

Howard F. Knight Jr. appealed pro se from the trial courts granting summary judgment to the Plaintiff Anthony Tanguay. Which the Trial Judge Dennis R. Pearson did affirm. Howard Knight Jr. owned a piece of property in Conventry, Vermont, of which the township tax collector extended and levied a warrant against Howard F. Knight Jr., the property owner at that time. In that same month of September 2001 the tax collector of Coventry, Vermont signed a Notice of Tax Sale, which inclued Howard Knight Jr.'s said property because Mr. Howard F. Knight Jr. had failed to pay his property taxes in 2000/ The Notice of Tax Sale was delivered the very next day to a local newspaper and published for three (3) consecutive weeks. On October 12, 2001, the notice was sent by registered mail, return-receipt rquested, to Howard F. Knight Jr. and to the mortgagees and lein holders of the property, Green Tree Financial Servicing, Ran-Mar Corporation and Greenpoint Credit Corporation. Defendant, Mr Howard F. Knight Jr. did sign the reurn-receipt on October 23, 2001, as did the representatives of Green Tree Financial Servicing and Ran-Mar Corporatioin. and the property was sold via a tax sale on November 01, 2001.
Now some folks might wonder what the heck this has to do with anything related to the alleged and or "Reinvented Vermont "Abenaki"? It'll become clear as I continue this posting. In November 2003, Mr. Anthony Tanguay filed a complaint against said Howard Knight Jr. and his "Russian wife" Ana Cojubar Coblai, seeking a declaration that he was the sole owner of the property, as well as a permanent injuctive relief against Howard Kinght Jr. and his wife for any possible claims they might raise as to their right to the property, and a write of possession. In May 2004 Anthony Tanguay filed a motioin for summary judgement.
Now on page 2 of this Court Record, in Howard F. Knight Jr.'s appeal, Howard asserts that he first became aware that his property had been sold in December 2002. He states tha he did not sign for the notice of tax sale that was sent to him in October 2001 by the tax collector of Coventry, Vermont. He states that he believed he had two years to redeem the property, and he detailed his attempts to pay Anthony Tanguay, the back taxes that he owed.
Howard Knight Jr. in a Lawful Court for and of the Commonwealth of the State of Vermont simply and plainly LIED to the effect that he did not sign for the notice of tax sale of his property, of which he neglected to pay the property taxes on in 2000. So, now it PROVES that this man who claims to be a Cowasuck Chief of Vermont is a known LIAR. The man stood in a Vermont Court in Orleans County, Vermont and blatantly lied to the Trial Judge, as you can all read from the documents provided right here on The Reinvention of the Vermont Abenaki. Further investigations into the Court Records of not only the State of Vermont, but also California and South Dakota provide interesting deceit and deceptions regarding Howard F. Knight Jr. and his "associated parties" within not only Children's Protective Services but also the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, etc. of some years back. You see, whenever Howard Knight Jr. this alleged Chief of the Cowasuck, Cowasek, Koasek Abenaki People began to get himself into HOT WATER, he simply passed on the mantel of his 501(c)3 Incorporation(s). His self-created group(s) of people claiming to be "Cowasuck"was and are not NOT from and of a legitimate Abenaki Community, Tribe, or Band from or of Vermont.
The other article dated November 14, 2001 is simply yet another article regarding Howard Lyons (not to be confused with Howard F. Knight Jr.) who is definitely of the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy.

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