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Saturday, January 15, 2011

June 13, 1992 Appropriating Inappropriately the Native Village of Atmautluak Traditional Elders Tribal Council Resolution #86-05 By Howard Franklin Knight Jr.:

Page [1.]
This idea/Modified for defining Coos Territory
Approved 13 June 1992 (8-0 Vote) "H.F.K."
Ahhhh. So NOW one can "see" and review the sleazy manipulative deceitful deceptive, dishonest "Chief" Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. USING other legitimate Native People's to attempt a substantiation of himself and this created North Eastern Woodlands Coos Vermont Incorporation! REMEMBER that it was either June or July 1992 when Sherrie A. (nee: Devee) Jinks - LaBatt of California (and now Oregon) and also the COWASS North America, Inc. "Chief" Paul Wilson Pouliot (then of Worcester, MA and now Alton, New Hampshire) had (restrospectively-speaking) joined Howard Franklin Knight, Jr.'s Alleged and Reinvented Cowasuck Abenaki Tribe.
Both of which are
Wannabe Abenaki
Culture Vulture Clubs!
simply just
Page [2.]
Here one see's again
Paul Rene Tamburro's "Stick-Em" Note
which reads (and I quote)
"An Alaskan native resolution - was being used
by Howard F. Knight as a model,
when Paul W. Pouliot wasn't chief
to put together the new gov't of Cowasuck"
Page [3.]
Page [4.]
Howard Franklin Knight Jr. uses the word (as it does here on this page of this appropriated documentation) "suzerain" in his other "mouthy pontificating illusions" of his pompous inflated egotistical literary diatribes. Now one knows where he got the wordage from.
su·ze·rain means: A nation that controls another nation in international affairs but allows it domestic sovereignty.
The word suzerain was originally used to describe the relationship between the Ottoman Empire and its surrounding geographical regions. It differs from the word "sovereignty" in that the tributary has some (often limited) self-rule. Kind of what one describe as a Federally Acknowledged BIA Native American Tribe: 
"Limited Sovereignty"
Page [1a.]
There is no Howard Knight Jr. writing on this Page,
as there was on the same before.
Page [4.]
Approved with Modification -
to N.E.W.- Coos to flex authority immediately
(8-0 vote) H.F.K.
On this particular page a person can see that Howard Franklin Knight Jr. in his North Eastern Woodlands - Coos Tribe Inc. "Association" "Confederation" "Republic" through his egotistically inflated delusions of "flexing authority immediately" indicates he must have been watching too many reruns of the Bionic Man or maybe Wonder Woman every night, while wearing that commercially made fake-feathered "Western Plains Indian" Headdress! Perhaps the alleged and reinvented Cowasuck "High Chief" Howard Knight Jr. of Orleans County, Vermont should have stayed in the Sherwood Forest with his "Cowasuck Abenaki High Sheriff"? Maybe Howard Knight Jr. was simply still "entertaining himself mentally" in the Cowasuck Abenaki "Land of Oz", yet again?
Page [1.]
On this particular page Howard F. Knight Jr. wrote "The Resolution approved with changes for N.E.W.- Coos name inserted and contact to be made ASAP; this date 13 June 1992 (7-0 vote, 1 abstained) H.F.K."
This document pertains to The Indigenous Peoples, Tribes, Villages and Nations of Alaska. The Second Assembly of the Combined Traditional Council of Elders.
[NOTICE the words "Council of Elders"]
Page [2.]
Page [3.]
Approved w/ modifications for the N.E.W.-Coos
13 June 1992 HFK
(7-0 Yea! 1 abstained)
Page [4.]
Page [5.]
Page [6.]
Approved and modified for use by N.E.W.-Coos
(8-0 vote) 13 June 1993 H.F.K.
Compact of Free Association
Sample Resolution
Page [7.]
Page [8.]
"Approved as Modified to N.E.W.-Coos name inserted instead of...
H.H.K. 13 June 1992"
Aleknagik Traditional Council Ordinance
Racketeering Enterprises
Page [9.]
19 February 1993
To Whom It Concerns:
I, Arthur Wm. "Bill" Seymour, of 36 Walnut Street, Burlington, Vermont 05401, do hereby declare the following,
1. The Missisquoi Band of the Abenaki Nation formally signed Articles of Association on 17 November 1977 after being a formative stage for a period of about 3 years; During that Formative Period, The Missisquoi Band signed The Articles of Confederation on 10 August 1975, with other Abenaki Bands.
2. I, Chief Arthur William "Bill" Seymour, was the only elected Chief of the Missisquoi Band of the Abenaki Nation of Vt. The Missisquoi Band was totally Disbanded after the Abenaki Nation Incorporated in 1980.
3. I, Chief Arthur Wm. "Bill" Seymour, was ousted illegally by an Election Fraud committed by Ballot Box Stuffing, committed by (though not proven) Kent Ouimette who at the time was Homer St. Francis's Administrator of the Sokoki Band of the Abenaki Nation. Kent Ouimette was fired due to this incident.
4. After this election, a 2nd Election was held within 30 to 45 days and Homer was elected by a Landslide. He then resigned and "Blackie" Lampman was elected Chief of the Sokoki Band of the Abenaki Nation.
5. The Resolution by R. Phillips, "Bill" Seymour and W. Hoague were acted upon and approved in 1976-1977.
6. The Pero Family are accurate as to their statements regards [sic] Abenaki Tradition.
Respectfully Submitted,
Chief Arthur Wm. "Bill" Seymour
36 Walnut St.
Burlington, VT 05401
Richard G. Carter
Minnie F. Knight

I certify this is a true copy of original letter dated 19 February 1993
Roger C. Simoneau

My Response:
Concerning this last document in this posting, dated 13 February 1993... this particular document was created about the same time that Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. was expecting Paul Wilson Pouliot
.....of the Northeast Woodlands- Coos Band -Abenaki Republic - Algonquin Confederation - Pisowakamigw Wobanakiak
Membership Card Number: 628
DOB (Date of Birth): 07/02/47
Red Hawk Lodge
160 Dailey Dr. in Franklin, MA 02038-2951
Telephone number: (508)528-7629

.....to give back the Incorporation Abenaki Nation of Vermont, Inc. that Howard Knight Jr. "had demporarily given away" to Paul W. Pouliot "for safe keeping" in late December 1992 after the Sherrie A. (Devee) Jinks (and later LaBatt) situation in El Dorado County, California ... with the Child Protect Services. This was also about the time (Feb. 1992) that Howard Knight Jr. got angry with Paul Pouliot because it was ONLY supposed to be a temporary "caretaking" situation for Paul Pouliot to have the Incorporation, Howard Knight had managed to place himself into the "Chief's" position of in ca. 1981-1983. So this Abenaki Nation/VT was something that meant something to Howard Knight, Jr. yet in December 1992 Howard himself was told by Paul Rene Tamburro.... Card Number: 671 DOB: 01/20/56 at 2406 S. 38th Street in Yakima, WA 98903 and telephone: (509)965-8863.... that if Howard Knight Jr. didn't lay low, the Fed's were going to arrest him (for all the B.S. he had been perpetuating in El Dorado County, CA with the Sherriee Devee case and the Federal Indian Child Welfare Act scheming).
So on February 19, 1993 since Paul Wilson Pouliot had "legal possession" of the Abenaki Nation of Vermont, Inc. Title, because Howard Knight Jr. had resigned in January 1993, and had to figure out a way, to "move around" this resignation "situation" and "get back into the role of being Cowasuck Chief". As a result, his buddy Arthur W. Seymour wrote out this statement, (with the advice and encouragement from Howard Knight I am sure). Again NOTICE the date of August 10, 1975 for the date when allegedly the Missisquoi Band (created and led by Arthur Seymour himself) had signed Articles of Confederation on (08/10/1979 or 1980 was the actual date of signing I think), with the other Abenaki Bands Incorporations. #1's details does not jive with the details of #2. If the Missisquoi Band (created and led by Arthur Seymour) signed Articles of Confederation on August 10th, 1975, with other Abenaki Bands, the Missisquoi Band could not have been totally disabled AFTER the Abenaki/VT incorporated in 1980.
#4. Homer St. Francis Sr. was supposedly elected by a "landslide" because the ONLY people to elect his arrogant Chiefly arse into a position of POWER was his own family members. He then had to resign because he was charged and convicted of a Felony Assault against another human being. He went to Prison for awhile. Meanwhile, Homer St. Francis Sr. was getting three hot meals a day, and so on when he was incarcerated, Leonard "Blackie" Lampman and his daughter Louise May Lampman-Larivee were substantiating their Abenaki-ness to the public of Vermont, while he was "Chief" and Louoise was working for Abenaki Self Help Association, Inc. right along side Homer's daughter April St. (nee: St. Francis) Rushlow.
#5. of this particular letter dated 13 Feb. 1993, again, the Resolutions done by Richard Wilfred Phillips, Wayne J. Hoague and Arthur W. Seymour were done ca. February 1980 or a date just before this in late 1979. I think this date of 1976-1977 is simply a "distortion" to attempt the creation of an illusion that these organizations were created earlier than they actually were by several years, to match up with the incorporation year of A.S.H.A.I.
#6. Howard F. Knight Jr. and Arthur W. Seymour simply (to my thinking) used the Pero Family of Thetford, Vermont to simply "imply" that Howard Franklin Knight Jr. still had supposed lineal authority over being an alleged Cowasuck Abenaki Chief. He merely created the dynamic whereby he created a new Incoporation sanctioned by the state of Vermont which was called COWASUCK OF NORTH AMERICAN, INC. dated April 16, 1993. Following this, the NORTH AMERICAN PEOPLE OF THE DAWN, SOVEREIGN NATION, INC. dated October 12, 1993 was created by David Andrew Hill, Sheila E. Hill (David's wife and called "Laughing Eyes") and Robert H. Maynard (formerly of Howard F. Knight Jr.'s Incorporiaton group). One will notice on BOTH Incorporation papers of the afore-mentioned Incorporation, Robert H. Maynard had signed them both. Yet on the former Inc., created by Howard Knight on April 16, 1993, Howard F. Knight, Arthur W. Seymour, Emerson B. Garfield, and Robert Maynard were the Directors for such Inc. Organization.
If Howard Franklin Knight Jr. could not get his former Inc. possession "Abenaki Nation of Vermont" returned from Paul W. Pouliot, he simply decided manipulatively to create an Incorporation in Vermont state, that similiarly matched the Incorporation COWASS NORTH AMERICA, INC. that Paul W. Pouliot had created in late February of 1993, setting aside the previous Abenaki Nation of Vermont Inc. that Paul Pouliot had joined in July 1992 claiming he was a Laurentian Iroquois descendant.
The three other persons who signed on this 13 Feb. 1993 [notarized letter?] were Howard F. Knight Jr.'s wife Minnie Florence (nee: Davidson) Knight,
According to the 12/09/1992 Membership "Tribal" List....

Richard G. Carter Sr.
Membership Card Number: 765
DOB: 02/12/1926
Address: Airport Parkway
South Burlington, Vermont 05403
Telephone No: (802)658-5403
or it could be....
Richard G. Carter Jr.
DOB: 10/28/1955
Membership Card Number: 767
Address: 30 Southcrest Drive
Burlington, Vermont 05401
Telephone: Unlisted

The Notary that sighed this 13 Feb. 1993 letter on 19th Feb 1993 was
Richard G. Simoneau
Membership Card Number: 854
DOB: 12/22/44
Address: Box 231
Newport, Vermont 05855
Telephone: (802)344-5714

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