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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Preliminary Report on Abenaki Petition for Tribal Recognition - [Exhibits]: March 12, 2002: Exhibit 8:

Exhibit 8
 Third Annual Report
of the
Eugenics Survey of Vermont
February 1929
Office of the Survey
138 Church Street
Burlington, Vermont
Auspices of the University of Vermont
Page 4
...the Survey, the Advisory Committee went on record as favoring the passage of certain laws looking toward the improvement of  the population of Vermont by some restrictive measure. The Survey was first conceived as a means of applying scientific technique to the question of the wisdom of such measures. The results have in no way lessened the faith of the Committee in such laws, but the scope of the Survey has greatly broadened so that any particular form of legislation no longer constitutes its chief concern. It became apparent early in the history of the enterprise that its scope was much broader than that.
The question has frequently and properly been raised as to why we centered our efforts upon low grade families. Since defects and delinquency had already been made a matter of record in the cases of those who found their way to the state institutions, these traits furnished the easiest and most obvious starting point.
In order to present the other side of the story it was determined as indicated in the last report to make an investigation of the recurrence, suggesting hereditary transmission, of desirable qualities in the families that had been previously studied, and also in new families.
During the year the indexing and cross-indexing of the families on file has been continued, so that now all individuals of the main pedigrees are included, with cross references.

Clock-dial Charts
Eleven clock-dial charts have been added this year, making the total number thirteen -- one for each of the main pedigrees.

Newspaper Clippings
Clippings having to do with crime, bankruptcies, and other items of interest to the Survey, and news from the various towns, particularly those in which we are working or are likely to work, are taken daily from the Burlington Free Press, and filed for reference.
Page 05
During the course of our study we have come across three types of corruptions of corruptions of French names:
1. English pronunciations of the original French spelling.
2. Names in which the spelling has been changed to agree with the English pronunciation.
3. Translations of the original French.
It was not only interesting but also extremely useful to make some study of these names and their corruptions because in several cases this knowledge enabled us to connect branches of a family which in connection would not have been otherwise evident, as with Riley -- Brouillard.
The information was gathered in interviews with French Canadians, from the records of St. Joseph's Church in Burlington, and from Town Clerks' Records in which the spelling of a name is seen to change through successive generations. It is easy to see that such discrepancies might throw one off the track for a long time. It is only by accident or after a considerable amount of investigation that this relationship is brought to light.
The following are some of the English names and French equivalents which we have found:
Bushey......Boucher, Boissy, Bouisse
King.....Roise, Lerois
Page 06
Continuation of English Corruptions of French Names
Riley......Bouriller, Brouillard
St. Peter.......St. Pierre
Seymour......Simard, St. Mars, Cinq Mars
Stone.......Derocher, Lapierre
Young.......LaJeunesse, Niquette
One of the pedigrees, that of the Rector family, which has presented a particularly unfavorable picture because of the prevalence and seriousness of its defects and delinquency, was chosen for investigation in regard to the favorable characteristics to be found in certain of its branches. This we call the study of the "better branches." We undertook to make as thorough a study as possible of several generations in a part of this family which has not previously revealed the presence of serious defects. The Field Investigator accordingly went over the information in our files, and in addition gathered new data from relatives and town officials and interviewed members of the groups located in various parts of Vermont and neighboring states.
In this study which is in effect an attempt to estimate the value of the Rector family to society, the terms social, unsocial and undetermined are used with the following meanings:
*Names fictitious
Page 07
A. Social individuals -- those who are apparently law-abiding, self-supporting and doing some useful work, of whatever intellectual or social class, from mill hands who are said to be "the only respectable members of their immediate family," to professional people who are also active in community affairs.
B. Unsocial individuals -- those showing any of a groups of defects observable in the family, as follows:
1. Those insane, mentally deficient, or who committed suicide, and those who are said to be "crazy," "low grade," or extremely peculiar.
2. Criminals, delinquents and sex offenders.
3. Those on a low subsistence level -- whose homes are dirty, children uncared for, their living meager and uncertain. etc.
4. Dependants.
C. Undetermined -- those about whom too little is known to make any judgement possible, and those who, while not definitely showing any of the defects, do not seem to show any socially desirable tendencies either.
All figures given are for the direct line, mention being made separately of the mates. Children who died under 16 years of age and about whom nothing is known were omitted.
* * *
John Rector and Rachel Stone were married late in the eighteenth century and lived somewhere in Connecticut. Although little is definitely known of either of them, Rachel is said to have been insane.
They had nine children who lived to adulthood. Of these, six come in our group called undetermined, two in the social group, and one, Asa, who was insane, in the unsocial group.
One of the most striking results of the study was the discovery that all of the defects -- not only of the insanity but also all of the unsocial traits found -- were in the descendants of the one insane son, Asa, of John and Rachel.
Both Asa and his wife Ruth were insane, tow of their five children were insane, and of their direct descendants, one in every 15.3 -- 6.5 percent -- was insane at some time. If it were possible to know very definitely the severity and type of mental illness of both Asa and Ruth, it might be possible to explain the fact that....

Preliminary Report on Abenaki Petition for Tribal Recognition - [Exhibits]: March 12, 2002: Exhibit 7:

Exhibit 7
Census of the Abenaki Indian Village of Odanak , Quebec, Canada
(St. Francis)
November 01, 1875
(Transcriptions of names are "at best")
Louis Paul Denis Age 72
Agnes Obumsawin (O'Bomsawin) Age 56
Adelalia O'Bomsawin Age 38
Marie Louis Denis Age 27
Ambroise Age 04
Agnis Age 1 1/2
Angelique Annance ... Portneuf Age 69
Louis Obumsawin Age 23
Celina Obumsawin Age 21
Salomon Benedicte Age 41
Mathilda Obumsawin Age38
Salomon Age 15
Edwin Age 12
Francois Age 10
Alexandre Age 08
Adeline Age 05
Marie Age 03
Therese Brisbois Age 21
Louis Ozunkerhine Age 72
Robert Paquette Age 60
Marie Jeanne Paquette Age 49
Catherine ... Otondonson Age 22
Samuel Age 20
William Elleain Age 16
Marie Jeanne Age 12
George Age 07
Marie deGonzague Age 19
Louis Denis Age 34
Marie Paquette ... Denis Age 25
Marguerite ... an infant Age 02
Ignace Portneuf Age 52
Marianne deGonzague ... Portneuf Age 46
William Portneuf Age 27
Thomas Mesatoncoua (sp.?) (M'Sadoques?) Age 70
Dolphis (Adolphus?) Age 18
Edwin Age 25
Israel Mesatoncoua (sp.?) (M'Sadoques?) Age 28
Marie Watso ... (?) Age 21
Israel Age 03
Francois Mesatoncoua (sp. ?) (M'Sadoques?) Age 68
Marie Louise Age 18
Samuel Age 14
Marie Negazoa ... N. Annance Age 54
Franklin Annance Age 21
Florence Age 14
Victoria Age 31
Pierre Wawanolet Age 71
Emilie Vallier Age 50
Jean Baptiste Age 34
William Age 24
Edwin Age 22
Monique Age 21
Jean Age 18
Joseph Wawanolet Age 17
Marie Jeanne Age 14
Emilie Age 12
Pierre Joseph Age 10
Henri Age 08
Louis Wawanolet Age 36
Marie Louise Obumsawin Age 27
Louis Age 09
Hermine Age 07
Marie Age 05
Frederic Age 03
Clerience (sp.?) Pinawance Annace Age 90
Simon Annance Age 76
Angelique Nigazoa Annance Age 58
James (?) Annance Age 27
Marie Louise Misatoucois (M'Sadoques) Age 18
Victoria Annance Age 19
Amelaine Age 17
Pierre Joseph Robert Obumsawin (O'Bomsawin) Age 42
Marie Jeanne Nigazoa Age 39
Simeon Age 20
Napoleon Age 17
Sifroid (sp.?) Age 04
Louis Nigajoie (Nigazoa?) Age 49
Ursula Wawa Age 46
Jean Baptiste Age 23
Philippe Age 19
Hermine Age 14
Marie Age 10
Louis Annance Age 67
Marie Capino Age 57
Edward Age 20
Joseph Portneuf Age 36
Marie Louise Obumsawin Age 28
Joseph Age 11
Francois Age 05
Louis (an infant 1876) Age 02
Theotiah Courchesee ... de Gonzague Age 53
Augustin Age 26
Celina Age 18
Napolean Age 11
Jacques Joseph Obumsawin (O'Bomsawin) Age 43
Mare Louise Benoit Age 36
Cecile Age 02
Simon Age 2 months
Marie Josephte Assuugualette (sp.?) (?) Age 72
Moise deGonzague Age 36
Caroline Louisa Age 36
Tazile Lasalis Ptalmegosis (sp.?) Age 40
Pierre Joseph Pakikan Age 24
Marie Christine Age 12
Louis Panadis Age 32
Marie Lacsonche (sp.?) ... (?) Age 70
Marianne Denis Age 10
Ursula Denis Age 08
Catherine Obumsawin ... (...wife of) Joseph Laurent Age 60
Marianne Panadis Age 25
Priscile Mitchell Age 16
Catherine Age 14
Pierre Louis O'Bumsawin Age 39
Marie Jeanne Panadis Age 29
Anne Age 12
Elvine Age 04
Octave Age 01
Louis Robert Obumsawin Age 56
Henriette Lapointe Age 48
Frederic Age 22
Napoleon Age 18
Therese Age 20
Sophie Age 16
Seraphine Age 14
Louis Age 09
Jean Elie Obumsawin Age 39
Marie Msadoucous (M'Sadoques) Age 31
Marguerite Age 12
Marie Josephte Age 09
Sophie Morrisseau (...wife of) Paradis Age 51
Lucie Age 27
Nicolas Age 25
Stanislas Age 22
Cecile Age 15
Cesar Hainess Age 34
Marie Louise deGonzagoa Age 44
Aubroise Claude Age 46
Marie PSeaulsile (sp.?) Age 40
Francois Obumsawin Age 76
Christine Gill Age 70
Francois Claude Age 70
Marie Louise Lasalis Age 68
Joseph Claude Age 44
Marie Jos. Obumsawin (...wife of) Cesar Hannis Age 48
Jean Hainnis (sp.?) Age 30
Catherine Dauphine (...wife of) J. or L. Denis Age 52
Ambroise Denis Age 22
Marie Louise Denis Age 25
Monique Age 14
Francois Joseph Pakikan Age 50
Marie Woulinass Age 46
Angelique Age 19
Felicite (sp.?) Age 14
Marie Age 12
Marie Amie Age 03
Lasau Wawanolet Age 40
Ursula Misat (sp.?) Age 34
Marie Jeanne Age 15
Elie Age 09
Angelique Age 03
Joseph Laurent Age 36
Marie Paul Age 32
Lucinda Age 12
Priscile Age 10
Marie Age 08
Agnes Age 06
Hector Age 04
Francois Conrad Age 03
Jessie Age 01
Marguerite Obumsawin (...wife of) Watso) Age 52
Nancy Watso Age 30
Agnes Age 22
Salomon Watso Age 30
Suzanne LaGrave Age 30
John Arthur Age 04
Robert Age 02
Adelis Age 2 Months
Samuel Watso Age 30
Marie Jeanne LaGrave Age 36
Jessie Age 04
Louis Age 02
Lasau Wasainmimeth (sp.?) Age 57
Angelique Wasainmimeth (sp.?) Age 29
Angelique Wasainmimeth (sp.?) Age 03
Henri Watso Age 16
Elie Watso Age 18
Jean Baptiste Allumcaosette Age 35
Marianne Age 35
Joseph Age 08
Ursula Age 04
Lasare Age 05 Months
Marie Wasamasinisette (...wife of) Mautadach (sp.?) Age 73
Louis Danpheirri (sp.?) Age 34
Marie Josephte Iasiboih (sp.?) Jaspeph (sp.?) Age 63
Louis Wawanolet Age 27
Marie Belanger Age 40
Catherine Age 07 Months
Sigauise Lagalis Age 72
Francoise Pakikan Age 51
Thomas Msatoucous (M'Sadoques) fils Age 40
Cecile deGonzague Age 34
Thomas Age 12
Jean Baptiste Age 10
Cecile Age 07
Marie Jeanne Age 05
Marie Anne Msatoucous (M'Sadoques) Age 01
Jeanne Ursule Msatoucous (M'Sadoques) Age 92
Thomas Paquette Age 34
Stazile Pau Denis Age 30
Marguerite Age 11
Robert Age 09
Sara Age 07
Caroline Age 01
Joseph Paul Denis Age 38
Clarisse LeBaue (sp.?) Age 40
Louis Age 15
Hermine Age 13
Therese Age 04
Jules Age 03
Celestin Age 01
Jean Msatoucous (M'Sadoques) Age 60
Bebel Prevost Age 57
Pierre Age 25
Samuel Age 14
Ignace Masta Age 54
Abraham Masta Age 25
Henri Masta Age 22
Caroline Tahamont Age 21
Louis Tahamont Age 38
Wiliam Watso Age 35
William Watso Age 10
Jean Noel Paul Age 41
Frank Otondoson Age 35
Marie Josephte Maquawando Age 32
(See Image for more details)
Thomas Wawanolet Age 67
Thomas Wawanolet Age 38
Louise Beaup?lasit (sp.?) Age 28
Louise Age 10
Monique Age 08
Clementine Age 04
Georgianna Age 05
Conrad Age 05
Marie Agathe (sp.?)
Stanislas Panadis Age 41
Monique Wawanolet Age 36
Marie Age 06
Jean Msatoucous (M'Sadoques) & famille
Louis Msatoucous (M'Sadoques) Age 35
Louise Ferland (sp.?) Age 28
Cecile Age 12
Marie Louise Age 10
Clarrisa or Clarinna Age 04
Victory Age 02
Pierre Jean Gill
M. Paul
.... garcon (sp.?)
Francois (sp.?) Obumsawin Age 48
F. deSales (sp.?)
Simon fils Lasoeur Marie Jeanne
Philippe deGonzaque Age 28
Josephine Laporte Age 19
Anna Age 02
Louis Philippe Age 01
Lasan Wasaummette (sp.?)
Daniel Wasaisswmith (sp.?) Age 24
Joachim Tahamont
Lucinda Masta Age 27
Ignace Age 11
Marie Age 09
Alice (?) Age 07
Catherine Robert ..?.. Noel Paul Age 30
Noel Paul Age 18
Celsius (sp.?) Age 12
Marie Age 10
Jean Age 05
Joseph Age 03
Hermeline Age 02
Francois Msatoucous (M'Sadoques) Age 29
Helene Stanislas Age 25
Marie Age 06
Alfred Age 03
Marianne Denis
John Camp
Suzanne Watso
Marie Elizabeth
Samuel Benedicte Age 39
Marguerite Age 37
Lazare Tahamont Age 16
Ettie Benedicte Age 05
Edwin Benedicte Age 28
Silas Osunkerhine Age 26
Joseph Tahamont & famille
Marie Denis
Louis Watso
Angelique LaLazare

Preliminary Report on Abenaki Petition for Tribal Recognition - [Exhibits]: March 12, 2002: Exhibit 6:

Exhibit 6

Immigration Dates
This table shows the immigration and naturalization dates for families claimed to be Abenaki of Vermont. It shows the number of generations that were born in Canada, as indicated on the federal census returns.
The 1900 cenus specifically shows the country of birth for the individual and his or her parents, as well as the date of the individual's naturalization. The 1870 census shows the country of birth for the inidividual and indicates whether his or her parents were born in the United States. The dates of immigration were determined from the birth dates of the inidividual's children born in the United States.

(Name-Town-Immigration Date or Naturalization-Num. of Generation born in Canada-Census)

Isaac Ramo (name)
Highgate (Town)
1808-1837 (Immigration Date or Naturalization)
2 (Number of Generations born in Canada)
1870 (Census)

Peter Greenia

Flavia Ramo

Peter Medor

Martha Campbell (wife of George)

Abram Campbell

Moses Greenia

Nelson Hakey

Mitchell St. Francis

Josephine Hakey (wife of Moses)

Alexander Brow

Eliza Vancelette (wife of Moses)

Joseph Hoague

Mary Medor (wife of Charles)

Tuffield Bushware

Peter Young

Flavius (Fayvan) Hoag

William Hakey

Maggie Bushey (wife of Joseph)

Gilbert Ouimette

Dates of Immigration of Ancestors
Gilbert Ouimette: 1880
Maggie Bushey: 1880
William Hakey: 1870
Flavius (Fayvan) Hoag: 1870
Peter Young: 1866
Tuffield Bushware: 1864
Mary Medor: 1863
Joseph Hoage: 1860
Eliza Vancelette: 1860
Alexander Brow: 1858-1863
Josephine Hakey: 1857
Mitchell St. Francis: 1850
Nelson Hakey: 1850
Moses Greenia: 1847
Abram Campbell: 1844-1863
Martha Campbell: 1841
Peter Medor: 1840
Flavia Ramo: 1825-1856
Peter Greenia: 1822-1852
Isaac Ramo: 1808-1837
Year of Immigration or Naturalization
(See the Chart for details)
To do this, move the cursor of your "mouse" over the image and left click. This is open up the image in a larger format in another "web page." If the images are still too small for viewing, left click (if that is your "mouse" setting) and if you see a "plus sign" click again and that will enlarge the document even more, for review)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Preliminary Report on Abenaki Petition for Tribal Recognition - [Exhibits]: March 12, 2002: Exhibit 5:

Exhibit 5
Page 114
June 1900 Census
Enumeration District: 100 Sheet No. 15
Luzerne Township, Warren County, New York
Household 313-1 Luzerne, Warren County, New York
Line 01: Levi Stone Male Age 46 - Abnaki
Married in 1880
Born June 1853 New York
Father Birth Place: Vermont
Mother Birth Place: French Canada
Occupation: Basketmaker
Line 02: Katherine (nee: ?) Stone Age 41 - Abnaki
Wife Female Married in 1880
Born: January 1859 New York
Father and Mother Birth Place: New York
Occupation: Basketmaking
Line 03: Sarah Stone Female Daughter Age 16 - Abnaki
Born June 1884 New York
Occupation: Basketmaking
Line 04: John Stone Male Son Age 13 - Abnaki
Born May 1887 New York
Occupation: At School (Attended to 8th Grade)
Line 05: Lewis Stone Male Son Age 07 - Abnaki
Born September 1892 New York
Occupation: At School (Attended to 8th Grade)
Line 06: Charley Stone Male Son Age 05 - Abnaki
Born February 1895 New York
Line 07: John Stone Sr. Male Father Age 66 - Abenaki
Born February 1834 Vermont
Father and Mother Birth Place: French Canada
Occupation: Basket Making

Household 314-2 Luzerne, Warren County, New York
Line 08: Lesley (?) Denis Male Age 64 - Abnaki
Born March 1836 French Canada
Immigrated into the United States in 1870
Father and Mother Birth Place: French Canada
Occupation: Laborer (Day)
Line 09: Elin (nee: ?) Denis Wife Female Age 69 - Abnaki
Married in 1870
Immigrated into the United States in 1870
No Naturalization
Born June 1830 French Canada
Father and Mother Birth Place: French Canada
Line 10: Anne (nee: Denis) Fuller Daughter Female Age 39 - Abnaki
Born June 1860 French Canada
Married 1881
Immigrated into United States in 1870
Occupation: Basket Making
Line 11: Angeline Denis Daughter Female Age 23 - Abnaki
Born April 1872 New York
Occupation: Basket Making
Schedule No 1 Population Continued
Special Inquiries Relating To Indians
This Schedule Shows Tribe, Blood Quantum, Taxation, Fixed Dwelling, etc.
Page 30 Schedule No. 1 Population
Twelfth Census of the United States
Indian Population

Caldwell, Warren County, New York District 23
Line 01: Norman Frank Johnson - Abnaki
Age: 52
Born: May 1848 New York Father Born: New York Mother Born: Canada
Occupation: Basket Maker
Line 02: Angeline (nee: Otontoson) Johnson - Abnaki
Age: 50 Wife
Born: February 1849 Canada Father and Mother Born: Canada
Line 03: Norman Johnson Jr. - Abnaki
Age 20 Son
Born: 1880 (?) New York Attending School
Line 04: George Johnson - Abnaki
Age: 13 Son
Born: 1882 New York Attending School
Line 05: Lucinda Johnson - Abnaki
Age: 15 1885 Daughter
Born: New York
Line 06: Alice Johnson - Abnaki
Age: 14 Daughter
Born: 1886 New York
Line 07: Elmer Johnson - Abnaki
Age: 10 Son
Born: 1890 New York
Line 08: Anna Johnson - Abnaki
Age: (?) Daughter
Born: New York

Line 09: Robert Ira Watso - Abnaki
Age: 38
Born: 28 April 1873 Pierreville, Canada Father and Mother Born: Canada
His Father: Solomon Watso
Solomon Watso was born Feb. 28, 1842 on the Durham Reserve, Quebec, Canada and married on October 25, 1869 in Sorel, Quebec to Suzanne. Solomon died Feb .18 1877 at Odanak, Quebec, Canada. Solomon's parents were Jean or John Baptiste Otontoson Watso and Margaret O'Bomsawin.
His Mother: Suzanne Brazille LaGrave
Suzanne Brazille LaGrave was born Feb 1842 in Bennington, Vermont, and after Solomon Watso died in 1877, she remarried to Louis Benedict Panadis on November 20 1878 at Odanak, Quebec, Canada. She died in Orleans, Jefferson County, New York.
Immigrated into the United States in 1890
Married: December 01 1897 Lake George, Warren County, New York
Robert I. Watso died January 16, 1930 in Utica, New York
Line 10: Margaret Elizabeth (nee: Johnson) Watso - Abnaki
Age: 23 Wife
Born: June 08 1878 Caldwell, Warren County, New York
Father and Mother Born: Canada
Her Father: Norman Frank Johnson (See Above)
Her Mother: Sarah Angelique (nee: Otontoson)
Margaret married Robert Ira Watso on December 02, 1897 in Lake George, NY.
Margaret E. (nee: Johnson) Watso died on February 08, 1942 in Utica, Oneida County, New York.
Line 11: Elijah Tahamont - Abnaki
Born: September 20, 1855 in Odanak, Canada
His Father: Lazare Elijah Tahamont
His Mother: Marguerite M'Sadaques
Immigrated to the United States in 1893 (?)
Occupation: Lecturer
Died: October 17 1918 in Los Angeles, California
Line 12: Margareta "Maggie" "Soaring Dove" "Dark Eyes" (nee: Camp) Tahamont - 1/4 Abnaki
Born: 1854 New York
Father: John Camp Jr. (See Line 16 below)
Mother: Suzanne (nee: Watso) Camp
Line 13: Bulah Tahamont - 1/4 Abnaki
Born: March 28, 1887 in New York State
Married: Thomas Walton Filson
2nd Marriage: Arthur Caswell Parker
Arthur Caswell "Gawasowaneh" Parker was born April 05 1881 in the Cattaraugus Indian Community situated in Erie, New York. His parents were Frederick Ely Parker and Geneva Hortense (nee: Griswold). His previous marriage was to Anna Theresa Cook who was born in 1894. He died on January 01 1955 in Naples, Ontario County, New York.
Beulah (nee: Tahamont) "Black Cloud" Parker died December 29, 1945 in Butte, California
Line 14: Bessie "Bright Eyes" Tahamont - 1/4 Abnaki
Born: ca. 1897 in New York State
Died: 1909 in Astoria, New York
Line 15: Maud (Mar nee: Tahamont) Benedict - 1/4 Abnaki
Sister of Elijah Tahamont
Born: August 27, 1855 in Odanak, Quebec, Canada 

Line 16: John Camp Jr. - 1/2 Abnaki
Age: 79
Born: November 1824 Vermont
Died: 17 December 1910 Lake George, Warren Co., N.Y. 
Father and Mother Born: Canada
His Father: John Camp (1778-1884)
His Mother: Margaret Marie Benedict (1801-1884)
Margaret Marie (nee: Benedict) was born in Odanak, PQ and her father Sabael Benedict was born about ca. 1747 in Penobscot, Maine.
John and Suzanne (nee: Watso) married on September 29, 1853 Burlington, Chittenden Co., N.Y. Later, John and Rosa (Lawrence) married before ca. 1893.
Line 17: Rosa (nee: Lawrence) Camp - 1/4 Abnaki
Born: 1862 Canada
Rosa's Father and Mother Born: Canada
Rosa's Father: Jean Baptiste Lawrence
He was born August 14 1828 Joillette, Quebec, Canada
He died July 23 1911 Burlington, Vermont
Her Mother: Marie Josephte (nee: Brunnelle)
Marie was born 1829 in Quebec, Canada
Marie died in 1904 in Burlington, Vermont
Line 18: John B. (Bonapart) Camp - 1/4 Abnaki
Born: Nov 16, 1857 Ballston Springs, New York
John Camp Jr. was a son by his father's other wife, Suzanne Watso.
(and Suzanne 1821 to 1891 was the daughter of Chief Louis Watso 1788 to 1895 and his wife Marie Annice or Eunice nee: Agent 1798 to 1848).
John Camp Jr. died on March 15, 1931 in Lake George, Warren County, New York.
Line 19: Ida Camp - 1/8 Abnaki
Age: 07
Born: ca. 1893 New York State
Married: Asa A. Hastings ca. 1912 in New York State.
Line 20: Edith Camp - 1/8 Abnaki
Age: 06
Born: April 30 1894 Warren County, New York
Married to Benjamin Hite
Died: August 01 1945 New York
Schedule No 1 Population Continued
Special Inquiries Relating To Indians
This Schedule Shows Tribe, Blood Quantum, Taxation, Fixed Dwelling, etc.
Sheet 25 B
Twelfth Census of the United States
June 29, 1900
Schedule No. 1 Population
Indian Population
Caldwell, Warren County, New York
 Schedule No. 1 Population Continued
Special Inquiries Relating To Indians
This Schedule Shows Tribe, Blood Quantum, Taxation, Fixed Dwelling, etc.
Line 21: (Matilda) Tille Camp - 1/8 Abnaki
Born: Jun 16 1897 New York - Father Born Vermont Mother Born: Canada
Died: Dec 27 1959 Warrensburg, Warren County, New York
Line 22: Minnie Camp - 1/8 Abnaki
Born: March 07, 1900 Caldwell, New York - Father Born Vermont Mother Born: Canada
Married: April 16, 1919 State of New York
Died: 1955 in Mount Marcy Hospital, New York
Line 23: Mary Toxuso - 1/8 Abnaki
Born: Canada Father and Mother Born: Canada
Occupation: Basket Maker
Line 24: Mary Jane Toxuso - 1/8 Abnaki
Born: Canada Father and Mother Born: Canada
Occupation: Basket Maker

Line 25: William Pauqkett - 1/4 Abnaki
Born: Canada Father and Mother Born: Canada
Immigrated to the United State in 1892 (?)
Line 26: Mertie (?) (nee: ?) Pauqkett - 1/4 Abnaki
Born: Canada Father and Mother Born: Canada
Line 27: John Baseem - Abnaki 1/4
Born: Canada Father and Mother Born: Canada
Immgrated into the United States in 1895
Twelfth Census of the United States
 ("darker" photocopy of the above June 28, 1900 Census Page)

Just for the sake of it, I did a Google Search for some of the names of these afore-mentioned Abenakis FROM Odanak, Quebec, Canada and I found this Page in a PDF.
Deeply Rooted: Native Families in the Adirondacks.
By Marge Bruchac

"Playwright and director Marge Bruchac, who portrays Molly Ockett,
is herself of Missisquoi Abenaki descent."
April 16, 1999 

"Missisquoi Abenaki Indian storyteller Marge Bruchac"
(4th Photograph from the top of the webpage)

Marge Bruchac, a Missisquoi Abenaki, wrote:

Marge Bruchac (Missisquoi Abenaki) is an historical consultant for museums and schools throughout the northeast, including Old Sturbridge Village, the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, and many others. She serves on the Five Colleges Native Studies Committee and the University of Massacusetts Repatriation Committee. As an advisor to the Wampanoag Indian Program at Plimoth Plantation, Marge has just published a new book titled 1621: A New Look at Thanksgiving. Marge was selected "Storyteller of the Year for Public Speaking" in 2000 by the Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers.

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