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Friday, October 23, 2009

Need I Say More?

In "red" are my added commentary/ questions.

Marie Miteouamigoukoue and the recent saga of the Paul WIlson Pouliot Cowasuck Manipulations:

1st document: November 17, 2007 document in which Lynn Menard-Mathieson of Griswold, Connecticut is made a so-called "Sub Chief" by the so-called Cowasuck Band - Pennacook/Abenaki People "Grand Council & Elders Council Meeting, Cowasuck North America & FFP (Franklin County Food Pantry) Board of Directors Meeting. Lynn Menard-Mathieson was voted in for "War Chief", whose function would be identifying tribal property, and protecting the tribe." Lynn Menard-Mathieson and her husband David Mathieson, had been retrospectively "members" of the group led by Paul Wilson Pouliot, and Paul's then wife Linda (nee: Whites) since before at least the 2002 Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada Pow-wow helf by Yannick Mercier (of which I spoke of on this blog before).
2nd document: Lower portion of 1st document.
3rd document: Lynn Menard-Mathieson's genealogical descent from Marie Mita8ameh8k8e aki. Micominqui born about 1631 married to Pierre Couc.
4th document: Lynn Menard-Mathieson's Enrollment Application dated September 11, 2008 into the alleged Cowasuck Band of the alleged Pennacook/Abenaki People 840 Suncook Valley Road/ P.O. Box 52 in Alton, New Hampshire 03809-0052.
Retrospectively-speaking, Paul Wilson Pouliot was stating that his so-called "Citizens & Members" had to reapply for their so-called "citizenship/ membership" into his group or else he would be removing them from their records. Again, Paul Wilson Pouliot was redesigning the so-called Band Identification Membership Cards. These new cards would have additional security elements that make their Cards unique and more difficult to duplicate. Also in this newsletter by this group in October-November- December Aln8bak News 2008-4, on Page 07, Sharon C. Niemann - Testa wrote an article Voices of Our Native American Past (which Paul Wilson Pouliot and or Denise Pouliot (his new wife) approved and allowed to be published in their Newsletter). This article was directly related to marie Mita8ameg8k8e. Sharon Niemann-Testa stated in her article, quote " Marie is a the matriarch of one of our clans......Marie was born about 1632 in the area between the Ottawa and the St. Maurice Rivers in Quebec." The article is quite informative and detailed. Sources of information were from Norm Leveillee website; Susanne Bovin Sommerville website; Book "Descendants of a Carpenter", by PJ Lareau available at the French Canadian Library, Tolland, Connecticut (2 book set); Family Search.org website of the Church of Latter Day Saints "LDS" (Mormons).
5th document: Lynn Menard-Mathieson's Resignation letter of July 03, 2009 to the Cowasuck Band of the Pennacook/Abenaki People, as their "Business Agent" in the State of Connecticut, as a Board of Directors members for Cowass North America, Inc., and as a member of the so-called "Elders Council". Before July 03, 2009 Lynn Menard-Mathieson, as a Board of Director and as a Business Agent for this group, requested to evaluate and review the financial records of this group, then Paul Wilson Pouliot and his wife Denise began to make "excuses" etc. That's when Lynn Menard-Mathison began demanding to see and review the financial records, etc. She was refused access to and ability to gain review of such financial records by Paul Wilson Pouliot and Denise Pouliot.
Retrospectively-speaking, on June 13 -14 a group gathering (Pow-wow) was held by this alleged Cowasuck group, at the Castle in the Clouds in Moultonborough, New Hampshire. Apparently there was a "situation" in which it was alleged that Paul Wilson Pouliot and or his wife Denise were overheard to say, "We need to get rid of Lynn Menard-Mathieson because she is a trouble maker" and "that she is trying to create her own Tribe or group down in Connecticut". Which of course, Lynn Menard-Mathieson was made aware of. James Lafontaine and his wife were also party to this "situation". It was requested by both the Lafontaine's and Mathieson's, that Paul Wilson Pouliot and his wife Denise "attend a meeting" between the parties, in a public venue, to "clear the air", and to discuss just exactly what happened, who said what, and why. Paul Wilson Pouliot and his wife Denise refused to have such a meeting with James Lafontaine nor Lynn Menard-Mathieson, both of which were at the time, active Board of Directors to this groups Incorporation. As a result of the refusal to address this matter by Paul Wilson Pouliot and his wife Denise, both James Lafontaine and his wife & David & Lynn Menard- Mathison resigned from all of their association with Paul Wilson Pouliot and his group. Norm Lavallee also left the Paul Wilson Pouliot group previously for some unknown reason(s). Quite a number (in the hundreds, if not more than that) became members of Paul's group based on being desendants of Marie Mita8ameh8k8e.
6th document: Paul Wilson Pouliot's email response to a person who descends from Marie Mita8ameh8k8e, dated October 20, 2009. I have removed the recipient's name and email address. Obviously "something has changed" because in this communication, Paul W. Pouliot and or Denise his wife stated in this email to this applicant for membership into the group, that "your genealogy is fine and properly detailed, but your Indian line is Marie Miteouamigoukoue which may be Algonquin or Iroquois, but it is not Abenaki or Cowasuck. When did this begin to make a difference? Paul and Denise allowed Lynn Menard-Mathieson to become a member and Board of Director and was elected as a so-called War Chief, and she is a descendant of this same Native woman! Two past genealogists for our Band hmm, that would be Norm Lavallee and Lynn Menard-Mathieson pushed for recognition of this particular line, because it was their own family line. Unfortunately, we and several other genealogists and language experts hmm, that would have to be Sherry Gould of whom Paul Wilson Pouliot and Denise are learning brown ash basketry from these days and doing Abenaki language "camps" together have researched this line it appears that the name is not derived from Abenaki and may be Iroquois, Ottawa, or from another group that is west and outside of our ancestral Abenaki homelands.
Our Grand Council is in the process of making an announcement about the on-going Band citizenship/membership process. One policy that will be announced is related to past members that do not comply with our current policies. Oh NOW, because Lynn Menard-Mathieson and James Lafontaine have RESIGNED from Paul Wilson Pouliot's group, this group via Paul Wilson Pouliot and Denise are going to attempt to say that these two Board of Directors resigned/ left the group because they didn't have adequate genealogical connection(s) to the Abenaki in the ancestral Abenaki homelands?! No, it was clearly because Mr. Paul Wilson Pouliot and Denise Pouliot would NOT show and provide the actual financial records of where money was coming from, and how it was being spent by the group itself, and or by Paul Wilson Pouliot and his wife Denise, is the REAL REASON why both Board of Directors resigned from the said group led by Paul W. Pouliot as of July 03, 2009.
Members prior to 2005 that were granted citizenship by previous Band genealogists will be "grandfathered" but their status will be changed from "citizen" to "member" if they do not meet our current membership requirements (membership requirements change every so often, that way there is NO ACCOUNTABILITY OR RESPONSIBILITY by the so called Leaders/President/Treasurer/Chief and his wife, to even their own Board of Directors!) . Non-complying new applicants after 2005 will not be given any status in our Band.
At this time you and your extended family will not be given status in our Band unless you can identify a documented Abenaki family line that was from of our ancestral community. (Can Paul Wilson Pouliot and his wife Denise even provide ANY physical evidence as to themselves being descendants of the Abenaki in the ancestral Abenaki homelands?!, I have the genealogies and I DO NOT FIND ANY ABENAKI CONNECTIONS IN PAUL WILSON POULIOT'S ANCESTRY; neither can other professional genealogical researchers) Thank you for your inquiry and sorry that we cannot help you. Grand Council." hmm, I do not see the signature's of any other member of this so-called Grand Council of this group. Do the people on this alleged Grand Council even know this email was sent to this applicant?
INTERESTING COMMUNICATION. It was A.O.K. for Lynn Menard-Mathieson to have become a "member" of this so-called Cowasuck Group, and even be "elected" as "War Chief" etc as previously mentioned AND she is a descendant of Marie Mita8ameh8k8e! It's ok one minute~when Lynn Menard-Mathieson wasn't demanding to review the Financial Records, as a Board of Director to their Incorporation~but once she became vocal and demanding, then a "smear campaign" was created to oust her from the so-called group by Paul Wilson Pouliot, who is the President of the Incorporation(s) and his wife Denise Pouliot is the Treasurer! Very interesting. So when this woman, who obvioiusly has paid for her Membership Card as did a number of un-named relatives to her do the same, knowing that Lynn Menard-Mathieson and her husband David were "members" and that Lynn was on the Board of Directors, NOW as of October 20, 2009 "Marie Mita8ameh8ke" is no longer identified as "good enough" of an ancestral connection for a descendant to be a member or citizen of this Paul Wilson Pouliot group, when in FACTUAL Documentation this very lineage was ACCEPTED by this group/Paul Wilson Pouliot and Denise Pouliot quite readily, before Lynn Menard-Mathieson became vocal about her demand to see and review the financial records of this group! Go figure.

Again, these alleged Abenaki "groups" that have Incorporated within Vermont and or the surrounding States, are nothing more than "social clubs". Obviously, Mr. Paul Wilson Pouliot identified his ancestry as allegedly being "Laurentian Iroquois" in July 1992 and was given by Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. in December of 1992 and documented on January 07, 1993, the Incorporation that was called "Abenaki Nation of Vermont, Inc. that was created by Articles of Association on August 14, 1979 by alleged "Chief" Arthur "Bill" Seymour of the alleged Missisquoi Band, "Chief" Wayne Hoague of the alleged Green Mountain Band, and "Chief" Richard "Blackhorse" W. Phillips of the alleged Eastern Woodlands Band. Articles of Association were signed by the three "Chiefs" for the formation of the Abenaki Nation of Vermont, and they were the Incorporators the time of August 14, 1979. All Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. did was, instead of giving the Incorporation "Abenaki Nation of Vermont, Inc." over to the late Homer St. Francis, Sr., Howard just handed it over to Paul Wilson Pouliot who then created Cowass North America, Inc. and the Franklin Food Pantry, Inc. There was good $$$$-m-o-n-e-y-$$$$ in playing and insinuating that one was Abenaki/Cowasuck/Pennacook, not only in Franklin, MA but also in Alton, New Hampshire!

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