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Monday, July 20, 2009

Howard F. Knight Jr. Land Dispute Case of Sept. 2001 to June 2005.

This is an interesting article which I found on google.com sometime ago regarding Anthony Tanguay vs. Howard Knight Jr. and his 2nd wife Ann Cojubar Coblai (Howard Knight's Russian wife) and all persons in possession of 1608 Alderbrook Road, Coventry, Vermont.
Seems Mr. Howard F. Knight Jr. attempted to say he had not received notice that the land/property was being sold for lack of taxes being paid on it, when in fact he had signed a Return Receipt himself, making it definitve that indeed he had recieved and acknowledged the fact, that the property was being sold.
To my thinking, this proves he was lying right to the Judge of Orleans County, Vermont. Makes me wonder what else he's been lying about, in the name of the Abenaki ancestors?!!!! Amazing he didn't try to claim "that it was ceremonial Abenaki Land" that belonged to the Abenaki People, like the late "Chief" Homer St. Francis Sr. did up there in Berkshire, Vermont over that application for Food Stamps eh! (I posted that "business" earlier on this blogspot.com site.

A Simple and Plain Address to the Commentary on the "other" Blog:

I'll let some of MY ancestor's documentary evidence speak for itself.
Secondly, if indeed I were a "kitchen table" (computer) genealogical researcher, then the question begs to be asked as to why am I so buried in genealogical evidence/paperwork in this apartment, when I have never owned a printer?!
Thirdly, if anyone out there in the Public can't tell when the truth is being told to him or her, and or when they are being lied to, or that the truth is being "added to"/twisted then perhaps they are liars themselves and can't tell the difference, in the first place! But I betcha dollars to donuts, the PUBLIC can tell the difference between FACTUAL RECORDS and lies the like that have been put on this "other" blog about my person and ancestors by someone who obviously doesn't have the integrity or the honesty to show their REAL HONEST idenitifying birth-given name!
As for being "a real genealogist".....apparently y'all haven't figured out that a "Certified" genealogist is simply someone who chooses to get a Certificate to hang on the wall, by going through the "incorporated" Training of some Genealogical Society/Organization, such as the Mormon Church out in Salt Lake City, Utah. That person who chooses this route, takes a so-called "moral oath" to "protect" and withhold certain genealogical information" from the Public, etc. I choose not to go that route simply because it goes against my integrity of having to make "an oath" to anyone, or anything. "Protecting" one's genealogical work, now that is a hoot. If I "protected" or kept in secret files, my research findings/documents, then I would never have found out anything more on my ancestors or who they allied with, as quickly as I did over the years previous, and on various families!!!! Genealogical Research is meant to be SHARED, not "protected" or hid away in some vault, like what the so-called genealogical/ethonological historian John Moody does. Who knows what he has, if at all much of anything. There is MUCH I have not put on the Internet nor will I, but rest be assured I have shared it with others, to get such documentations to where they needed to go, and be used/shared with others, so lies can be discerned from truths!
Concerning "Morningstar" or as she is called, that being Jeanne Lincoln - Kent, of Winsted, Connecticut....well she obviously has never followed her own advise, (repeatedly) but boy, does she like to give it. Her words mean nothing to me! I've told her before, "Medicine Wheels" are NOT part of Wabanaki Culture nor is it of OUR heritage. She chooses to have a thing as a Medicine Wheel made of rocks etc., out in her dooryard, and work with such ideas and or tools, and that is her choice to make; but it is NOT ABENAKI in origin. It is NOT from her alleged Abenaki ancestors either! Indeed I have been to several Native People's Communities whose community members are legitimate and honestly historical, cohesive, and continous; UNLIKE those "incorporations" that have been made in Vermont and New Hampshire since the mid to late 1970's!
There have been NO legitimate historical cohesive continous "Abenaki" Communities or "enclaves of people of Abenaki descendants" since ca. 1900 or even perhaps before 1840. There have been "families" directly or indirectly connected to one another, such as the Lampman's etc, or the Phillips, Sweetser's, Way's, and Woodward's; etc. who are in Vermont etc. Are they "Abenaki". Perhaps. Perhaps not. The documentation put on the table, given time and further research will yield the answers to that very question. Anyone proclaiming to be from a historical Tribe or Band is full of b.s. to my thinking, and they are decieving themselves and others whom they proclaim this to, UNLESS they have clear and convincing evidence they can SHOW and PROVIDE that PROVES the merits of their statements. Simply said, WE did NOT live in isolation, and we were NEVER "hiding" in plain sight, from the Eugenics Program or the otherwise, either in Vermont or New Hampshire, to my thinking. The Watso's NEVER hid in Claremont, N.H., the O'bomsawin's NEVER hid on Thompson's Point, the Laurent's NEVER hid in Intervale, N.H., the Masta's NEVER hid in Barton, Vermont, etc., and so on down the line with other known and documented Abenaki families. Those families and or persons that were not documented are usually almost always surrounded by those that were. ONLY these people who "hide" their genealogical records and social historical record documentations, and continue to seemingly decieve and and lie to themselves and others about their own truthful genealogical backgrounds proclaim that they were all "hiding in plain sight" (no disrespect towards the Bruchac's for using this "coin-phrase" either, kindly said) for fear of the Eugenic's, the Ku-Klux-Clan; etc. Yet obviously, the Eugenics were very specific as to whom they were researching. Obviously NOT everyone was caught up in the Eugenic's era and "sterilized" either in one family or another, including my own Woodward family of both Vermont and New Hampshire!
So, I just thought I would respond to this "b.s." coming from this unidentified "idiot" out there who decided to post on this other blog as to my person and my family ancestry. Stupidity seems to be contagious. What I have shown here in this post is SOME of what I have in my possession on my family ancestors documentarily. This "comment" from this other person, "that I alleged have NOTHING documentarily from my ancestors and or their descendants that shows Indian on it", is simply absurd and yet just another "example" of another smear campaign and whats been going here in N'dakinna towards people who seek out the TRUTH and then try to SHOW whats been REALLY going on here in Vermont and New Hampshire with all of these people claiming to be Abenakis without a shred of documentary evidence in hand. Conclusion: I have to laugh.
Indeed what goes around, does come around. Apparently this unidentified person (and Jeanne Lincoln-Kent herself) who put this b.s. out there on this other blog about me, has been proven to be exactly who they are. NOTHING.
Anonymous said....
Is Doug Buchholz Abenaki?
July 7, 2009 8:39 PM

Anonymous said...
depends on the day. As you can see in many of his rantings on the internet he uses Abenaki Child as a handle, claims he has genealogy that proves he is abenaki however it is his long winded story with no documents that show Indian on them. there are few documents that would say that due to census laws years ago, no reservations that have enrollment list like out west etc etc. Basically Douglas is a kitchen table genealogist who does some good research but with all the twisted lies he adds onto facts who to heck would know what is true and not true on any subject! A real genealogist takes an oath that their work will be protected. As you can see what ever Douglas finds ( fact or fiction) he posts. do a www search and find out for yourself all the nutty things that are out there....


July 17, 2009 8:39 AM

Anonymous said...
Kwai, WalillakYour posts are good and true. It is sad that people do not understand that what they put on the wheel will come back to them. It might take a while, but sooner or later, Creator takes care of all things. I am surprised that Salmon who has visited many different tribal and Band groups, has not learned this fundamental truth.Morningstar
July 19, 2009 8:50 PM

Some Newly Found Older Documentations from 1996 -1998

Well "digging" through some papers I found these interesting tidbits. The first document (top one) is where Odanak resident Walter Watso claimed to be "Grand Chief" of the Abenaki People (Yet he never held any position of official capacity at Odanak, Quebec, Canada after the year 1979, in all truthfulness then, really the late Walter Watso thereafter was ONLY REPRESENTING "himself"). It is most interesting that this October 10, 1996 Littleton, N.H. Courier Newspaper article states that this so-called "Unity of the National Federation of the Sovereign Republic of the Abenaki Nation" DECLARED, as of July 1996 (or was it really 1997?) that Richard "Rick" Ray Hunt of Littleton, New Hampshire has been appointed "Diplomatic Ambassador to the State of New Hampshire". By whose honest decent authority? Why, because the late Walter Watso was no longer an official representative or had any political authority of and from Odanak, Quebec and subsequently it appears that he may have been simply "feeding" his hungry inflated ego, down State side here in Vermont and New Hampshire?! I think that is exactly what was going. Did Odanak know of his activities, endeavors, and the usage of that Odanak "seal" down here in Littleton, New Hampshire? One Watso family member that once held office in Odanak, years earlier, and a whole bunch of wannabe undocumented alleged Abenaki descendants who "incorporated" into a "Council" or Organization then claiming to be an Vermont Abenaki Tribe and or Band. You do the math. I know I have. How many so-called official "Abenaki" documents had that indented or pressed "seal" of approval, in which was pushed in front of the Vermont and or New Hampshire Politicians over the years by these so called appointed "Abenaki" "Diplomatic Ambassador's", so as to very likely decieve and manipulate those very politicians into assuming those very documents (such as those numerous Gov. Proclamations etc) that Nancy Millette (now Doucet) thrust out into the public media every chance she got, were even legitimately created in the first place?!
Then, on February 04, 1997 "alleged Cowasuck Chief" Howard F. Knight Jr. wrote to Eric Floyd, of Pitsfield, MA stating that "the genealogist and I have concurred the findings of, and the verification of, Eric Floyd's genealogy and his Native American bloodlines from early Abenaki ancestors". Oh, there is that "change of the Membership Cards" ploy again. Re-designing and reissuance of these "Cards". Everyone was redoing "Membership Cards". Purge Purge Purge. That's how they got rid of some "follower's" and made it look more and more fancifully legit. Just like their websites now, such as the Koasek website, the Nulhegan website, the El-Nu website, the Missisquoi website. Puke. Hey, it was GOOD $$$$. Ka-Ching Cha-Ching. Who was this unidentified "genealogist" I do wonder!. Who were the so-called alleged "proper Tribal authorities? Instead of "Rushing Water", Howard Knight Jr. was referred to as "Rushing B.S." in some circles.
On May 13, 1997 it seems there was some sort of altercation/ and or subsequent interaction between Howard F. Knight Jr. and David A. Hill (Wawanolette) allegedly claiming to be "The True Hereditary Grand High Chief or Prince". Yet, previously on May 15, 1996 (a year before) "Cowasuck N.A." or Howard F. Knight Jr. as representative of the above "incorporation" sought Judicial Relief against said David A. Hill and his wife Sheila Hill to stop them from "interferring" with Knight's incorporate activities, etc.
Aah, and then we arrive at Rick Hunt's cousin Nancy Millette Cruger Lyons Doucet's particular document. This was "a gem" that I didn't know I had in my "stuff". NOTICE THE LETTER HEAD on this document and compare to the other documents in this post. On June 24, 1997 Nancy Millette/ now Nancy Doucet, was declared formally that she was appointed as the "Diplomatic Ambassador of the National Federation of the Sovereign Republic of the Abenaki". They made the Incoporated Organization, and then they made themselves "Grand Chief's, elections were held, and they slapped each other on the backsides supporting each other in this Grand Scheme. Sounds VERY similar to the Red Man's Order if you ask me. So, according to this document "Chief Diplomatic Ambassador Darrell Richard Larocque (father of Jesse James Larocque whom Nancy retrospectively had met in August 1993 in Bath, Grafton County, N.H. next to her mother's house) appointed her to this position. Then it was subsequently "ratified" by all Council's of Unity present (at the time) and was unanimous with the approval of "Grand Chief" Walter Watso. Hmmmm interesting (wonder if Odanak Quebec, Canada's Abenaki Community knew the kind of monkey business going on down in New Hampshire at the time and approved of it going on?). After all this went down, allegedly a "surprise award" on July 16, 1997 during her Twin Mountain N.H. Pow-wow Event, "Supreme Council Chief" (and don't forget "Grand Chief" too) Walter Watso presented this "appointment" to Nancy Cruger a.k.a. Song of the Winter Fox. Also participating in the award ceremonies was State Senator Fred King, and Van McLeoud, the Commissioner of Cultural Affairs (who issue's the Gov. Proclamations of which Nancy Millette or Nancy Doucet as she is known now, kept bringing attention too over the years).
If I remember correctly, Nancy Cruger, wrote in the Littleton Town Report, that it was with much regret that she left her post with Littleton (as Town Promoter) in January 1996 after four (4) eventful years. She stated inthe Town Report, "The Native American Cultural Weekend is a project that I'm continually working on with Native People from acrosss the country year round. There will be more events to come but not as a part of the Town Government's event. The response from the public, tourists, Native People, and the Governor's Cultural Affairs Office has been so overewhelmingly supportive over the past four years, that Im deeply committed to continue that event in the future for all of those that look so forward to it every year".
Seems to me that the Littleton Town Selectman Earl Ellingwood "retired" as well, that very same year. It does make me wonder how many "protectors and or supporter's" kept Nancy Cruger in her position for as long as she was in it; and how many others wanted to be rid of this "circus" of alleged Abenakis from the Town of Littleton, N.H. once and for all? Once, those particular person(s) were removed from their position(s), that didn't leave Nancy Cruger "protected" as Town Promoter for the Town of Littleton any longer, to my thinking. According to the Littleton Town Reports, which are a matter of Public Record, the position of Town Promoter for the Town of Littleton in 1996 was $50,000.00 dollars. That monetary figure proposal was brought down to $20,136.00 dollars for the year 1997. The Littleton, N.H. Selectmen's Proposed Budget for the Town Promoter Budget was further downsized monetarily to $9,311.00 dollars for the year 1997. A decrease in budget for the Town Promoter Nancy Cruger of 81.38 % percent. Naturally, financially speaking they told her the position of Town Promoter was no longer financially viable for whatever reason(s) whether it was lack of revenue, or dwindling taxes, or simply that they had, as a Township, had enough of this Pow-wow business in that they realized they were losing money, and not gaining any.
So naturally, by June 24, 1997 Nancy Cruger was appointed to the position of "Diplomatic Ambassador" just like her cousin Rick Hunt was appointed in October 1996. It gave her something to "lean on" and to promote herself and these other people as being legitimate representatives of the Abenaki People, when in fact, they were not legitimate at all. It was all based on deception and deceit; etc. If I am wrong in my conclusions, these so-called Diplomatic Ambassador's of the Abenaki ought to show and provide the documentation that proves me wrong, publicly.
Why can I say this? Because Walter Watso was not, in any way, truthfully representing his Abenaki Community of Odanak, Quebec in any official capacity or position since after 1979. He empowered and allowed these people such as Nancy Cruger to go around "Playing Indian". They were implying they "represented" ALL THE ABENAKI PEOPLE, which they most certainly did not have authority to do so or to imply that they were. If everything was built on their association and interaction with the late Walter Watso, then anything he signed and "sealed" with that Odanak "stamp" wasn't done in truthfulness, honesty, and transparency to my thinking. Everything falls apart, like a house of cards built on a windy day! The likes of Jeanne Lincoln - Kent, Homer St. Francis Sr., Howard F. Knight Jr., and on and on the list is long, all "supported" Walter Watso and even today these very people will continue to espouse that these alleged "Grand Chiefs" and Abenaki Ambassadors" were such "wonderful people" who represented and alleged helped the Abenaki People. But were they really just serving each others "interests" and or perspectively serving their own individual self interests in promoting their little scheme of recreating themselves into being alleged Abenakis of and from Vermont/ New Hampshire? Lining whose pockets with $$$$. Certainly these documents imply and indicate the deception ran deep and far. If indeed these so-called "Diplomatic Ambassadors" and or "Grand Chiefs" were going about deceiving, manipulating, and perhaps even lying to themselves and to others, what does that say for the whole Abenaki People that these particular people allegedly "represented"?
If you look at the letter head "title" portion of each of these documents and the content of each, it certainly reminds one, of the Red Man's Order Fraternity Organizations in which Philip Deloria speaks of in his book, "Playing Indian". I highly recommend reading this book and then comparing the content of this book, to what is contemporary (ca. 1970's to present) what is happening here in Vermont and New Hampshire with these various "groups" proclaiming to being "Abenakis" from the historical Abenaki.

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