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Monday, October 19, 2009

Karen Bordreau-Majka (Mica) Lamoine Posting of March 11-25-27, 2008 Etc:

1st document: Raymond LeMay of Watervliet, New York posted in on a Metis Yahoo Group stating that he is a 9th Great Grandson of Jean Nicolet and Jean's wife Sauvagesse Nippising and an 11th Great Grandson of Martin Prevost and Marie Oliver Manitouabeouish of the Abenakis. He sought to be involved in New York State in METIS activities and endeavors. Also he was interested in information on joining the Metis Nation in New England and active bands and or members in Upstate New York. Raymond LeMay is or was "Commander of the Sons of the Union Veterans of the Civil War in Albany, N.Y.
Raymond Lemay states that (on this "Metis Yahoo Group") that he is an allegedly 9th generation descendant of Roch Manintoubeouich/ Manitouabeouichit and Roch's wife Outchibabhanoukoneau/ Outchibahabanoukouehou, both of whom were born ca. 1600 in the vicinity of Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada. Raymond LeMay III is also allegedly an 11th generation descendant of Jean "Sieur de Belleborne" Nicolas Nicolet born 1598 Cherbourg, Normandie, France ~ Jean's wife Jeanne Gisis Bahmahmaadjimiwin born ca. 1602 at Lac Nipissing, Quebec, Canada.
2nd document: On Tuesday, May 11, 2004 at 9:18 a.m. Diane Williams emailed Karen Mica (actually that's Karen nee: Bordreau - Majka - Lamoine) stating that she too, was descendant of Raymond William LeMay's same Native Huron ancestors. Then on that same day at 9:32 a.m. Kenneth Nadreau emailed Raymond William LeMay III, stated "You are more than welcome to send in an application to the Metis Nation in New England......."
At 5:55 p.m. on that same day of Tuesday May 11, 2004 Karen Mica (houseofmica@....) responds to Diane Williams inquiry, stating that all Diane had to do was send in her application for full tribal membership. P.S. It seem that this line (lineage) is only beginning to discover it's ancestry after three generations of (hiding) here in the States. We have brought over thirty relations into the band in the past few years. Lol, if this keeps up we may want to consider starting our own band just for this line (lineage)!
3rd document: Karen Majka/Mica-Lamoine stated (on March 27, 2005 at 12:57 a.m.) that she was a foster parent. Karen Mica/Majka-Lamoine inquires to get some Abenaki agency addresses or other information that she could work with. This was in reponse to the March 25, 2005 7:07 a.m. email from Raymond William LeMay III regarding the alleged Abenaki of Swanton, Vermont article about the ommission of "Abenaki" in the Cultural compentency program to train foster caregivers. The original contract called for working with Abenaki organizations.
Karen Mica/Majka-Lamoine and her sister Shelly Bordreau are members of the "Koasek Traditional Band of the Abenaki Nation" now led by so-called "Chief" Brian Chenevert and "Sub-Chief" Paul Gwilawato Bunnell. Karen was working with Nancy Millette - Lyons - Doucet as the so-called Koasek Tribal Genealogist. Raymond William LeMay a.k.a. "Big Bear" of Watervliet, N.Y. was their Koasek "Public-Relations Officer" and "Webmaster". Karen (nee: Bordreau) Mica (Majka) - Lamoine lived or lives in West Warren, Massachusetts. Another so-called genealogist for these alleged Koasek group, by the name of Pam Brostean a.k.a. "Windhorse Woman" was/is of Danbridge, Tennessee.
But hey, one can start up a new alleged Abenaki Tribe/Band/Clan, whip up some bunch of people, who are factually and documentarily just descendants of the 1600's Huron's and Western Algonquins etc., and then they can come to Vermont and or New Hampshire and claim to be Abenaki. That's what I call GENOCIDE against the REAL Abenaki People's not only who have already become deceased, but those in the present-tense, and those as yet unborn. Because these contemporary alleged Abenaki so-called groups and their "Chiefs" and their "followers" REFUSE to show the evidence, genealogically and through their historical social evidence of their past ancestors as being from the Abenaki People. If I am wrong in my conclusions, then SHOW and PROVIDE the documentary evidence.

Jeanne Kent's Letter to Howard F. Knight Jr. etc:

1st document:
Saturday, April 19, 2008, 1:07 AM--- In Olidahozi@yahoogroups.com, Jeanne Lincoln-Kent wrote:
Kwai, James (Akerman, son-in-law to Paul Wilson Pouliot?)
We are a little ahead of ourselves because of Howard's letter. I would rather wait until we see if we can get the amendment passed before doing any further negative campaigns. I am moderating one person (Jeannette) to make certain those letters don't hit the fan. I know how much we all would like to settle matters with Paul, but I do think the timing is poor. It just might make the senators run the other way again and let the amendment drop. It has already missed the cross over and it may just wind up sitting there and being dropped, so I hope you understand that we are at a delicate stage of thisthing. It should all come to a decision one way or the other within a fewweeks. I think we can wait until then. Jeanne (Kent)
--- End forwarded message ---
Jeannette is my sister, who resides in Kelso, Washington State.
So here we have the 1st document of this blog post, showing and providing the evidence clearly and convincingly, that Jeanne Lincoln-Kent herself is muck racking creating, causing and perpetuating negative campaigns against that would speak vocally about what was going on in the Abenak Recognition issues. Especially IF it was about Paul Wilson Pouliot whom she has had a bone to pick ever since she left that alleged Abenaki group in 2002.
And, WHY was Jeanne Lincoln Kent stating that the documents were copy & paste and stated on her Morningstar Studio blog, that the "documents" weren't legitimate as "evidence", and yet, here she is stating "I'm moderating one member right now (my sister Jeannette) so that those letter don't hit the fan."
Seems to me based on this email to James (Akerman?), to me like she damned well knew these documents were very much genuine and legitimate. In the Legislature's hands these documents would have created a heck of a backlash against their petitioning the Legislature for State Abenaki Recognition. Clearly and obviously she censored my sister from Olidahozi during that timeframe and even removed my sister Jeannette from being on Olidahozi Yahoo Group that Jeanne Kent moderates and censors, so that ANYTHING documentarily truthful or any discussion about Abenaki Recognition that might be construed as questioning the merits of these alleged Abenaki groups from gaining State Recognition, she was filtering off of HER Yahoo Group called Olidahozi. So was "Abenaki News Issues" Yahoo Group as well.
2nd document: May 10, 2008 Email Communication between "Ret'd Chief Howard F. Knight, Jr." to "Jeanne Kent". It doesn't look like Howard Knight Jr. was retired to me!
I would love to see the verified PROOF, EVIDENCE of an ANCESTRAL documentary level on Howard F. Knight Jr.'s ancestors being Abenaki. Period. Let alone, from allegedly the 1740's at the Lower Coos and to Missisquoi in the 1770's in the Dunham, Quebec, Canada and Swanton, Vermont area's in the 1770's as well. I would bet anyone dollars to donuts that man is not telling the truth, and making up "stories" just like Nancy Millette has done!

Howard F. Knight's 501(c)3 Manipulation of May 07, 2008:

As anyone can review and study for themselves this letter NOT written by Burton Decarr MUST have been created by someone else, because he could barely sign the document in the first place! Who is the "she" consistantly referred to at the bottong of the Burton Decarr proclamation? Any Adult with a Guardianship, cannot sign a legal document without their legal guardian present at the time of their signature. The Guardian MUST witness and acknowlege the signature. So.....THINK ABOUT IT. The State of Vermont did rescind the Amended Nonprofit Biennial Report Form that was created by Howard F. Knight Jr. and his "followers".

May 09, 2008 Email from Howard F. Knight to Jeanne Kent:

Again, Jeanne Antoinette (nee: Lalime) Lincoln - Kent of Winsted, Connecticut SHOWS that she ~and~Daniel B. Osgood Sr. were communicating with Howard F. Knight Jr. regarding Paul Wilson Pouliot and in regards to what Jeanne Kent herself posted on her blog Morningstar Studio.
So there was a "Smear Campaign" going on by Jeanne Kent & Co. which included most definitely Howard F. Knight Jr. against anyone trying to discuss or "bring to the table" their concerns regarding Vermont State Recognition issues.
On Page 04 of this posting, Jeanne Lincoln-Kent )Jeanne Antoinette Lalime (in her very likely idiotic paranoia and slander against others) states that, "As owner of a Native American message board (Olidahozi), I was forwarded "documents" by one of their members, who was using an asssumed persona.
Actually she was accusing my sister, Jeannette who resides out in Washington State of being a member of Paul Wilson Pouliot's "western groups" (which my sister doesn't not know about at all). Secondly, Jeanne Kent removed my sister off of Olidahozi, then sometime in April 2008 and again quite recently without warrant or reason for doing so. The alleged "doctored" papers used as "evidence" was signed by a Notary Public and secondly, the State Secretary of Vermont did recieve from Howard F. Knight Jr. an Amended Incorporation Paper entitled Nonprofit Biennial Report Form dated May 31, 2007 N-10074 name of Entity "Abenaki Nation of Vermont, Inc., The Native American & Abenaki Affairs Principle Office Address 573 East main Street Newport, Vermont 05885. Registered agent's Name: Ret'd Chief Howard F. Knight Jr. Name of each Officer: Howard F. Knight Jr. (President) - Coos Turtle Clan, Lucie Caron (Vice President), Karen Mica (Secretary), John Davis (Treasurer).
Board of Directors: 1. Howard F. Knight, 2. Virginia Tortosen, 3. Jim Haskins, 4. Matthew R. Knight (adopted Grandson to Howard F. Knight Jr.). Following this was Burton Decarr's signed Letter Affidavit in which his Guardian MUST HAVE BEEN PRESENT, who was none other than April St. Francis-Merrill of Swanton, Franklin County, herself to be witness to the signing of that document, because Mr. Burton Decarr himself could not sign ANY legal document lawfully without his appointed State Guardian present at the time to witness that signing of such document! I'll post this 3 Page document in the next posting here on this blog for all to review. I would almost think that it was Howard Franklin Knight Jr.'s handwriting on Burton Decarr's letter! Think about it. Do a handwriting comparison......

3rd Version of the alleged "Independent Clans of the Coos United, Inc. By-Laws":

Need I explain any further regarding these documents? Daniel B. Osgood Sr., Nathan E. (Elwin) Pero, Karen Majka, Howard F. Knight Jr., and Norman L. Chenevert PICKED and CHOSE their so called alleged "Clans" of Awasos (Bear), Tolba (Turtle, Nolka (Deer), and M8lsem (Wolf). Again, the so called alleged "Retired Chief" Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. has been making this sh** up as he goes along and created yet another 501(c)3 Incorporation. These people are NOT truely and bonefide members of ANY genuine Abenaki Communities "Clans".
(Excuse me, I have to puke.....)

2nd Signed Independent Clans of the Coos United By-Laws~Signed:

3rd Document of 3-Page By-Laws:
1st Signature = Daniel Osgood (Actually that's Daniel B. Osgood born December 03, 1941 to Donald Osgood and Marion Eunice Nault) Daniel B. Osgood Sr. that signed this document is the father apparently of Carolyn Black who married Richard "Rick" Ray Hunt on June 20, 2009 in Bethlehem, New Hampshire. Daniel B. Osgood married Roseanne L. LaPointe and she later married to Rodney Allen Black in 1985. Daniel Osgood Sr. later married to a woman named Ida. Daniel B. Osgood Sr. and his daughter "Carolyn Black" previously were allied with (and members of?) Paul Wilson Pouliot's group based in Franklin, Massachusetts. (See Paul Wilson Pouliot's "Aln8bak News Newsletter of 2004-1 - January- February - March Page 07). Brian Chenevert, James Akerman (Paul's son-in-law). Here is the link to the particular newsletter: www.cowasuck.org/aln8bak/2004/issue_01/pdf/news-04-01a.pdf
2nd Signature: Howard F. Knight Jr. (born on May 31, 1941 in Connecticut, and son of Howard Franklin Knight Sr. and Marion Corabelle Cook). Howard F. Knight Jr. married to Minnie Florence Davidson December 24, 1963 in Harlingen, Cameron County, Texas but they divorced June 17, 1997 in Newport, Vermont. He later went to Russia and remarred in Derby, Vermont on March 06 2003 to Ama Cojuhar Coblai.
3rd Signature: Nathan E. Pero (Nathan Elwin Pero is the son of Elwin Merle Pero and Alberta Lorraine Preston). He was born August 22, 1949 in Thetford, Orange County, Vermont. It was ALLEGEDLY Elwin "Joe" Elwin Pero who became friends with Howard F. Knight Jr. AFTER Howard Knight and his wife Minnie relocated to Thetford, Vermont in 1979 according to the obituary of Minnie Davidson Knight on August 01, 2006. ALLEGEDLY, "Chief" Elwin "Joe" Merle Pero of the alleged Nolka/Deer Clan who was allegedly chosen as Chief in the Spring of 1947, and was the first to organize alleged Abenaki People in the Coos/Koas area under his leadership and the leadership of alleged Council members such as E. Paige, R. Reginald A. Pero, A. Agnes? Pero, and Associate Chief M. Stone.
In allegedly 1980, the alleged Tolba/Turtle Clan and the Knight familiy allegedly joined the other alleged Clans of Nolka/Deer, Awasos/Bear, Molsem/Wolf and others of the Coos Band, and Howard Franklin Knight Jr. was allegedly elected as Associate Chief in allegedly December 1980. Then in allegedly April of 1981, the alleged Coos Band under alleged Chief Elwin "Joe" Merle Pero and alleged Associate Chief Howard Franklin Knight Jr. merged with the Eastern Woodlands Band under alleged Chief Richard "Black Horse" Phillips and Associate Chief Emerson Garfield, to form the Northeast Woodlands-Coos Band. In 1985 allegedly, following the death of alleged Chief Elwin Merle Pero on October 13, 1983 in Thetford Center, Orange County, Vermont and the alleged stepping down of Chief Richard Black Horse Phillips, Howard Franklin Knight Jr. allegedly became "Chief" of the Northeast Woodland's-Coos Band.
4th Signature: Norman L. Chenevert (born in April 1940 and living in Webster, Massachusetts. Norman Chenevert is the father of Brian Chenevert, current allegedly supposedly elected "Chief" of the so-called "Koasek Traditional Band of the Abenaki Nation". This alleged so-called Koasek Abenaki group's so-called "Sub-Chief" or "Co"Chief" was Nancy Millette-Lyons (now Doucet) but now is Paul Bunnell a.k.a. "Gwilawato". This group's website is http://www.cowasuckabenaki.com/ and is out of a P.O. Box in Post Mills, Vermont where Marion Corabelle (nee: Cook) who married first to Howard Franklin Knight Jr.'s father is buried in the Post Falls Cemetery. She remarried after her divorce (which happened on November 25, 1953 and was completed on December 10, 1954 in Orange County, Vermont) from Howard Franklin Knight Sr. to Thurman L. Johnson.
5th Signature: Karen Majka. She is actually the daughter of Harold George Bordreau and Joan Ann Martin. Karen's maiden name is Bordreau and she married 1st to Francois Charles Majka and she remarried to Edward Joseph Lamoine. "Karen Mica" a.k.a. Karen Majka a.k.a. Karen Lamoine was a genealogical researcher for Nancy Millette when Nancy Millette (now Doucet) was Co-Chief and/or "Chief for Life" of this Koasek group. Now Karen Majka is a part of Howard Franklin Knight Jr./Brian Chenevert's group still retaining the name of the group "Koasek Traditional Band of the Abenaki".
Reinvention of the Vermont Abenaki Creation Story:
In The Beginning, there was (no this ain't the Bible) Howard Franklin Knight Jr. and He Created Brian Chenevert as alleged Chief of the self-proclaiming and self-identifying alleged Koasek Abenaki. And then there was Nancy Millette-Lyons whom He Created out of God Knows what, as being the alleged "Associate Chief" of the alleged Koasek Abenaki. But she didn't like that "Title" so she became "Co-Chief" and then "Chief - for - Life". And on or around the Day of December 03, 2008 She was Cast Out from the Garden of the Re-Invented Koasek Abenaki group (no, she didn't eat a bad apple). Brian Chenevert with the help of Howard Franklin Knight Jr. concluded She was The Bad Apple, and alleged Before the Bad Apple spoiled the whole bunch of them Bad Apples, They decided to Re-Incorporate into the "Independent Clans of the Coos United, Inc." which was Created by Howard F. Knight Jr. Appearing to be Red Indian on the outside, they were all White on the Inside, and while none of them felt shame for their idiotic activities, they were still a bunch of Rotten Apples, the whole lot, stock, and barrel of them all.
Nancy Millette & Company, who were Cast out of the Garden of Koasek, Inc. then fled to the north, and after a long journey across the Internet and phone lines, entered into the Garden of Nulhegan, and there they felt safe, comforted by the likes of "Chief" Luke Willard, who retrospectively having fled from the Garden of Clan of the Hawk in August 2004, Created that Group calling itself the "Nulhegan - Coosuk Abenaki of Vermont, Inc."
(I have to laugh some more.......) Ok, now to post the other versions of this I.C.C.U. By-Laws in the next posting.

Independent Clans of the Coos United By-Laws-Rough Draft:

How interesting that such a document was created and exists! It's full of bullsh** and distortions by Howard Franklin Knight Jr. of Newport, Vermont but thats here nor there. I simply concluded that I will begin to SHOW and PROVIDE the documented manipulations, deceitfulness, deceptions, lies, and outright absurdities of these people! So here is the first set of documentations.
Howard Franklin Knight Jr. was and is making up "Clans" as he goes along, appointing persons to be Tolba Clan, Turtle Clan, Wolf Clan, Rabbit Clan, Snake Clan, Horse Clan, and probably more "animal" Clans that the Seattle Zoo has in it!. Remember, these so-called By-Law's REFLECT an Incorporation. NOT a Tribe and not a Band. See Document Page 3 of this 5 page set under #6. and Document Page 4 under #9. Howard Franklin Knight Jr. WROTE/TYPED this 5 Page document up on his computer and emailed it out to people, and/ mailed it out. It is a fascinating piece of crap if I do say so myself.
Next posting will be another I.C.C.U. By-Law Document that is 3 Pages and signed. Hold on to your hip wadders, the sh** gets deeper from these people over there in Vermont who are claiming to be Abenaki.

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