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Monday, October 19, 2009

Independent Clans of the Coos United By-Laws-Rough Draft:

How interesting that such a document was created and exists! It's full of bullsh** and distortions by Howard Franklin Knight Jr. of Newport, Vermont but thats here nor there. I simply concluded that I will begin to SHOW and PROVIDE the documented manipulations, deceitfulness, deceptions, lies, and outright absurdities of these people! So here is the first set of documentations.
Howard Franklin Knight Jr. was and is making up "Clans" as he goes along, appointing persons to be Tolba Clan, Turtle Clan, Wolf Clan, Rabbit Clan, Snake Clan, Horse Clan, and probably more "animal" Clans that the Seattle Zoo has in it!. Remember, these so-called By-Law's REFLECT an Incorporation. NOT a Tribe and not a Band. See Document Page 3 of this 5 page set under #6. and Document Page 4 under #9. Howard Franklin Knight Jr. WROTE/TYPED this 5 Page document up on his computer and emailed it out to people, and/ mailed it out. It is a fascinating piece of crap if I do say so myself.
Next posting will be another I.C.C.U. By-Law Document that is 3 Pages and signed. Hold on to your hip wadders, the sh** gets deeper from these people over there in Vermont who are claiming to be Abenaki.

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