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Sunday, October 25, 2009

PRDH Information on Marie Meteouamegoukoue, an Algonquine:

Ocotber 22, 2009 Email from Denise Pouliot and Email from Paul Pouliot October 24, 2009:

1st document: Denise Pouliot communication of October 22, 2009 to a recent applicant to their group Cowass North America Inc. Indeed, Norm Laveilee, one of this group's genealogist did claim that Marie Mitaouamigoukoue was Algonquin. WHY did Norm Lavielle leave this group led by Paul Wilson Pouliot? That's an interesting dynamic as yet unexplored because it states in these email communications to this applicant that Norm Leveille did indeed leave this group and that Mr. Leveillee alleged joined a Canadian Metis group.
2nd document: Paul Wilson Pouliot's communication to this same applicant as the 1st document on this particular post, which is dated October 24, 2009. Seems strange that Paul Wilson Pouliot states that it has been him, and not his wife Denise that he married, that has been responding to this applicant's recent inquiries about their records, etc. Didn't I just provide an email communication from Denise Pouliot to this applicant in this same post (1st document?)! Again, Norm Leveillee was accepted as a "citizen" of this group Cowass North America, Inc. whose President (who likes to refer to himself as a Chief of the Cowasuck/Pennacook People) for quite a period of time, before Norm Leveillee himself, for whatever reason(s), left this group.
Lynn Menard-Mathieson of Griswold Connecticut, joined this Cowass North America, Inc. group led by Paul Wilson Pouliot and his then wife Linda (nee: Whites) and now Paul's 2nd wife Denise (nee: Beauregard) since Apil 27, 2001 (the date of her citizenship application into this group). Lynn Menard-Mathieson's application for "citizenship" application was accepted by this group's "leader"/"President"/alleged "Chief Paul Wilson Pouliot, as of May 19, 2001. Lynn Menard-Mathieson was identifying her ancestry as Abenaki under Marie Mite8ameg8k8e from the very beginning of being a part of this Cowass North America, Inc. group! It was accepted by Paul Wilson Pouliot and his so-called Grand Council and his so-called Elder's Council as well. Lynn Menard-Mathieson was attending the Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada Pow-wow event as did her husband David. They also attended the Newport, New Hampshire Pow-wow event as well with this group led by Paul Wilson Pouliot and his now divorced wife Linda (nee: Whites) Pouliot. Then on September 11, 2008 (when it was announced in the group's newsletter that everyone had to reapply for citizenship in the group led by Paul W. Pouliot, because allegedly their groups record documentations were stolen) Lynn Menard-Mathieson of Griswold, CT resubmitted her Citizenship/Membership application form to the group, clearly stating on such document that under "Existing Family Relation to Band: Lynn Menard-Mathison.....Marie Mite8ameag8k8e" and this documented application for citizenship/membership was accepted and approved by this group's other Inc. Representatives, including Paul W. Pouliot.
ONLY when after, July 2009, did Lynn Menard-Mathieson begin to ask for and then demand to obtain and review all financial record documentations for the Incoporation Cowass North American, Inc. did Paul &  Denise, maliciously go about saying that Marie Mite8ameag8k8e's descendant NOT QUALIFY for "Citizenship" to the group. BEFORE that, the descendants had no issue, or problem in applying for "citizenship/membership" into this group. So IF the "leadership" (Paul Wilson Pouliot and or his wife Denise) like an applicant, then the applicant is admitted into this Cowass North American, Inc. social club/cult, BUT don't anyone dare piss off the social club/cult leader or else He will simply say "they never accepted the applicants, as "citizen's" of the group. They were ONLY "members". Well, "members" can't hold the position's that Lynn Menard-Mathieson held for quite some time. Do The Math......
Paul Wilson Pouliot must be as paranoid and confused as the rest of these people, because this applicant had done absolutely NOTHING wrong whatsoever. This applicant was simply sharing communications with the group's former representative/War Chief/Genealogist. SUbsequently, "because of continued concern by Lynn Menard-Mathieson", I was made obviously aware of this continued "malicous business" by Paul Wilson Pouliot and Denise towards this new applicant. Seems to me, that Paul and Denise simply now want to discontinue accepting anyone whose related to Lynn Menard-Mathieson's ancestor! NOW they begin to make the assertion and claim that Marie Mite8eouamigoukoue was NOT Abenaki or Cowasuck. (Apparently, they ~Paul and Denise~ have no evidence that either of them are Abenaki or Cowasuck either!). Perhaps alot of these people within this group do not meet their own citizenship/membership requirements as to having the ability to show and provide any documentation that would verify their Abenaki/Cowasuck/Pennacook ancestral connections?
The exposure of these communications by Paul Wilson Pouliot and his wife Denise is not with the intention of allegedly "stirring up discontent", but rather to show and provide the evidence of how absurd these people are in their actions and words historically-speaking and contemporarily-speaking. IF Marie Mite8eoamigouk8oue's ancestral connections were accepted when Lynn Menard-Mathieson and Norm Leveillee were actively placed into the group as the group's "genealogical researchers" etc etc., and as "citizens" of this group led by Paul Wilson Pouliot now of Alton, N.H., then how come today this same 8th Great-Grandmother who was identified as Algonquine according to the PRDH, is not good enough of an ancestor now for this new applicant to become a "citizen" of this Cowass North American, Inc.? Is it because Paul Wilson and Denise Pouliot simply change their "policies" and an applicant's acceptibility "at the drop of a dime", "on a whim", simply because of another of Marie's descendant's has questioned and demanded to obtain and review the financial records of the Incoporation these people claim is an alleged Cowasuck Tribe or Band?! ASK YOURSELF what is REALLY GOING ON.
Seems to me this so-called "Grand Council" and "Council of Elders" is simply made up of "pro-Paul Wilson Pouliot" people who dare not upset their Inc. President and THINK FOR THEMSELVES.
This applicant was NEVER being deceitful in their intent at all towards anyone. To my thinking, she was aware that the "War Chief"/Cowasuck genealogist (Lynn Menard-Mathieson) at the time of March 2008 was also a descendant of this same Native Indian woman, and that Lynn was accepted into the group led by Paul Wilson Pouliot, and that Lynn Menard-Mathieson was elected to hold several different positions of authority within the group, as a "Citizen" of this Cowass North America, Inc. etc., and therefore this applicant also naively attempting to apply for "citizenship" into this group. Again, this applicant has done absolutely NOTHING wrong. Yet, Paul Wilson Pouliot and Denise in their attempt to malign and maliciously slander Lynn-Menard-Mathieson in their communications, certainly have done something wrong, to my thinking! Oh, and why did Paul Rene Tamburro leave this group led by Paul Wilson Pouliot? In the Abenaki National News - January 1994 - Volume 94 Issue 1 - Page 5 retrosepctively-speaking Paul Tamburro had been working at Heritage College on the Yakima Indian Nation in Toppenish, Washington State. According to Paul Taburro's own resume, he was a "Cultural Advisor" from 1994 to 1997.
3rd document: Paul Wilson Pouliot himself standing in Sherry Gould's home in Bradford, N.H. recently, while Sherry taught Paul's wife Denise how to do a small ash and sweetgrass basket.

I am finding alot of what has happened in the past, and what is continuing to happen today very troubling, in that it does not seem to make sense at all.
If Marie Mite8ameg8k8e was an acceptable Native Algonquin ancestor in the past for Norm Leveillee, and then again for Lynn Menard-Mathieson for both to have become and been approved as "citizens" of this group led by Paul Wilson Pouliot, then how come it isn't acceptable today with this present applicant, who is a descendant of the same ancestor? Oh, thats right, Lynn Menard-Mathieson pissed off the President of this Inc. and now they are changing "their policies" regarding Band Citizenship/ Membership. Gosh forbid someone else begin to question the Almighty alleged Cowasuck Chief Paul Wilson Pouliot and his wife Denise. Gosh forbid anyone begin to doubt, begin to snoop around, and demand answers and evidence. Maybe that's what the late Jacqueline Emerton did too, and because she began to figure things out and she was malicously removed from this group, even though she was a so-called "matriarch"/ "Elder" of this group?! It certainly does make one wonder now doesn't it?!
I think it is simply malicious hatefulness towards Lynn Menard-Mathieson because she attempted to address vocally her concern about alleged financial distortions within the group's Inc. and she wanted to obtain and review the Bank Account(s), and financial documents of monies coming in and monies going out, for the Incorporation while she was one of the active Board of Directors of it. What she got was a "smear campaign" by this Incorporation's President and his wife. It seems this new applicant found themselves in a Paul Pouliot "campaign to get rid of anyone whose a descendant of Lynn's ancestor Marie Mite8ameg8k8e", and anyone whose an applicant that is a descendant of this Native Algonquin woman is NOW told, "that this group is NOT accepting anyone whose a descendant of this Native Algonquin woman", and "because she wasn't Abenaki, and allegedly didn't live in the Abenaki ancient homeland this group can't accept any applicant decendant". Yet, they did BEFORE Lyn resigned.
Well, can Paul Wilson Pouliot prove without hesitation or protest, with documentary evidence from his ancestors, that they were Abenaki and or Cowasuck?! So far, I seem to doubt that even he can show evidence that he himself is Cowasuck and or Abenaki from the ancestral homeland of the Abenaki! Perhaps people ought to begin demanding that he show and provide his evidence, before he condemns other people/applicants to his group!

P.S. Lynn Menard-Mathieson's "Citizenship" Card was renewed by this group/Paul Wilson Pouliot in June 2006 as well.

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