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Monday, February 1, 2010

November 26, 2001 Tribe willing to work with state to build casino ~ November 21, 2001 Indian tribe not looking to build casino Newspaper Artcles:

On November 26, 2001, in a newspaper article, it was stated that Paul Wilson Pouliot's "group" may be interested in putting a casino on a piece of land it owns near Mount Sunapee. Paul Pouliot, a spokesman for the Cowasuck tribe, said the tribe is willing to work with Gov. Jeanne Sheheen, the Legislature, the congressional delegation and other state officials to establish a casino on the 137-acre property....
Two days later, on November 28, 2001, the above newspaper article of A9 was published. Paul W. Pouliot "retracts" his previously made statements, stating "A spokesman for a small American Indian tribe says his group is not looking to put a casino on land it (he) owns near Mount Sunapee, despite news reports to the contrary last week. Then how did the article of November 26, 2001 get into the news regarding casino's/gambling/N.H. Education Funding/ and this alleged and re-invented group claiming to be Cowasuck Abenaki? THINK ABOUT IT
Retrosepctively-speaking, I found the following:
In Paul Wilson Pouliot's Aln8bak News (copyrighted) 97-3 July-August-September/ Tomaskikos-Tomaskikos-Temez8was-Skamonas 1997 Page-2 entitled "Goshen Gathering 1 in the Woods": "From July 16 to 21 we held an open tribal gathering at the Pouliot tribal lands in Goshen, New Hampshire. Paul Tamburro and his wife Andrea traveled from Washington State to attend the "unity and peace" pipe back to the east coast for the summer meeting thatwas held on July 11, 1997.
I did a little "investigation" regarding this "Tribal Property".......

According to the Land Deed of Sale, it was sold to Paul Wilson Pouliot and his 1st wife Linda (nee: Whites) Pouliot of 160 Dailey Drive in Franklin, Worcester County, Massachusetts 03038. This  137.1 acres was NOT sold to any "Tribe"
"Cowasuck Band" etc......Factually and documentarily, the 137.1 acres was deeded by Warranty to two (2) private citizens of Franklin, Massachusetts, Paul W. Pouliot and Linda A. Pouliot, husband and wife.
On July 29, 2008, this 137.1 acres of property in Goshen, New Hampshire was sold by Paul W. Pouliot and his wife Linda A. Pouliot for the total sum of $85,000.00 US Dollars. This monetary sum was dvivided in two portions, to each party (whom were Paul W. Pouliot and his wife Linda A. Pouliot) upon their divorce.
This 137.1 acres of land was NEVER "Tribal" land, except in the delusional minds of those involved.
It is my understanding, that it was Paul Tamburro (now of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada) who retrosepctively had recommended, suggested and urged of Paul W. Pouliot to purchase property/land in New Hampshire, since the Cowasuck "really belonged in Vermont or New Hampshire", and "that it would look good", "make the group appear to be more legitimate" geographically-speaking, instead of being in Franklin, Massachusetts.
It would be later that, after Paul Wilson Pouliot's wife Linda bought out her ex-husband's interest in the 160 Dailey Drive "aka Red Hawk Lodge" residence, that Paul Wilson Pouliot and Denise K. (nee: Beauregard) Mehigan of 8 Linda Lane in Forestdale, MA 02344 subsequently relocated to Alton, Belknap County, New Hampshire by record of Warranty Deed Book 2470 Page 1 Document #0801110 on January 31, 2008. It was on August 16, 2008 in Alton, Belnap County, New Hamsphire that Jamie Mehigan's wife Denise Katherine (nee: Beauregard) Mehigan remarried to Paul Wilson Pouliot.

This "Pouliot tribal land" reminds me of "Chief" Homer W. St. Francis' wife Patricia "Patsy" (nee: Partlow) St. Francis had sought food stamps from D.S.H.S. on April 01, 1993. When asked if the Berkshire, Vermont "hunting camp" valued at $11,000.00 was owned by the "Abenaki Tribe", she replied "that she and her husband owned it." On appeal, dated July 29, 1993, "Chief" Homer St. Francis (without Patsy accompanying her husband) maintained that he and his wife purchased the land (10.3 acres with a camp and toolshed) from Harry J. Laughy Sr. and Jr. of St. Albans, Vermont for $10.00 and more dollars on March 28, 1988 Page 266 and 267 some years earlier in order to "reclaim" it for the Abenaki tribe. He said it belongs to the tribe as a whole, and that his and his wife's names are on the deed only to comply with "white man's law."
(I have addressed this D.S.H.S. Food Stamp Case and Appeal previous in this blog. LINK: http://reinventedvermontabenaki.blogspot.com/2009/06/chief-homer-and-patsy-st-francis-food.html).

CASINO MANAGEMENT CONTRACT (1994) of the NORTH AMERICAN PEOPLE OF THE DAWN regarding "Chief" David Andrew Descoteaux dit Hill, ETC:

This document, though unsigned on Page 4 (without signatures of the mentioned names David A. Hill-Decouteau AKA Sly Wolf, his mother Capitola Jane Hill-Decouteau Mother Matriarch AKA Many Moons, Robert W. Bruce Sr. Associate Chief-District Manager and Consultant AKA White Eagle and Chief Tribal Judge AKA Wise Eagle obviously and clearly shows INTENT by the late David Andrew Descoteaux dit Hill and his incorporated "group" of alleged and re-invented "Abenakis" calling itself the North American People of the Dawn. The FACT that this document was created shows intent to establish Casino Gambling in Vermont by these people in 1994. Some sections of the document were covered with "white-out" which, when carefully removed, showed the year when this document was created. I had to scan each legal-sized page in two parts due to the scanner that is used.

Luke A. Willard born July 03, 1978 who claims to be "Chief" of the alleged and re-invented Nulhegan-Coosek "group" was allied with and connected to "Hereditary Grand High Chief" (as he called himself) David Andrew Descoteaux dit Hill AKA Sly Fox I.D. # 048-34-9436, and also to "Chief" Reynold Choineire born January 24, 1929.

I know this dynamic definitively and conclusively because of a particular Bank Checking Account #0115908 at the First Colebrook Bank at 147 Main Street in Colebrook, New Hampshire 03576. Bank Account Authorization date of April 04, 2002, which was created on May 10, 2002 by a Dodie Smith (Business Telephone #802-334-8177).

Remember, that on May 13, 1997 Howard F. Knight Jr. dismissed any further Judicial action against David A. Descoteaux dit Hill  regarding Docket Number 9-1-94-05CV in Orleans County, Vermont ~and~ that on that same date of May 13, 1997 Howard F. Knight Jr. "declared and announced the Uniting of our clan with the Wabanaki Sovereign Nation, (The North American People of the Dawn, Inc.) and the full recognition of the True Hereditary Grand High Chief/ Prince David A. Hill (Wawanolette), forever as long as the grass grows, the moon glows, the rivers flow, and the sun shines. This document was faxed May 14, 1997 at WED 6:50 WABANAKI NATION P. 01.

So, the question is....WHY did Dodie Smith open up a First Colebrook Bank Checking Account in Coos County, New Hampshire, for Chief David A. Hill, Chief Reynold Choineire, and Luke A. Willard on May 10, 2002 in the name of the North American People of the Dawn, Inc. which obviously was in Newport, Orleans County, Vermont? Why didn't this "group" open up a Checking Account in Newport, Vermont or at least in Orleans County, Vermont where they all resided?

August 12, 2000 Hand-written Letter of Resignation From Howard F. Knight Jr.

COWASUCK OF NORTH AMERICA, National Federation of the Sovereign Republic of the Abenaki Nation P.O. Box 12, Newport, VT 05855 dated August 12, 2000.
To Whom it Concerns:
As of this date (12 August 2000) I (Howard F. Knight Jr.) hereby resign as Chief and as C.E.O., if the Cowasuck of North America. I will no longer be concerned with any Abenaki Band and/or functions. I regret that I over the years have dishonored or brough shame upon the Abenaki People.
Respectfully Yours, Howard F. Knight, Jr.
1608 Alderbrook Road
Newport, VT. 05855

Obviously, Howard F. Knight, Jr., was being "a hypocrite" when he wrote this document and put it into reality, especially when it was just a few days ago, on January 26th, 2010 that he sat in Room 10, in front of the Senate Economic Development Committee (headed by none other Senator/Prosecutor Vincent Illuzzi) as a "representative" of the Koasek Abenaki, Inc. "group" which is led by Brian Chenevert, Paul Bunnell, and retrospectively-speaking also Nancy Millette-Doucet.
In Abenaki, we would call these people "Snakes in the grass".
So, IF Howard F. Knight Jr. was proclaiming he was resigning and would no longer be concerned with any Abenaki Band and/or functions....then WHY was the man so involved with the alleged and re-invented "Abenaki" there in Vermont and over here in New Hampshire after August 12, 2000?! Obviously, based on the documentation of which I am in possession of, it is VERY CLEAR and OBVIOUS that the man has over the years dishonored and brought shame upon the Abenaki People with his B.S., manipulations, deceitfulness and lies, right along with the rest of these so-called "Chiefs" of the Vermont and or New Hampshire Abenaki "groups" !!

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