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Friday, June 5, 2009

May 11, 1994 though August 1994, July 8-9 1995 up through Sepetember 1995 Happenings.

Dyanne Hodge opened up a Native American oriented/ themed gift craft shop up in East Colebrook, Coos County, New Hampshire. She had endeavors of having crafting classes, etc. She also took care of hybrid wolves as well on the farm she lived on.

The July 12, 1995 Littleton, N.H.'s Remich Park 2nd Annual Native American Cultural Weekend of July 8-9, 1995 Pow-wow is put in this posting (though it is also in a previous posting as well) simply because of Abenaki of Odanak, Quebec's "Chief" Walter Watso was the "master of ceremonies", which was likely merely being the "talker" on the mic" in the Drum Arbor all weekend. Naturally he would compliment the very person, Littleton, NH Town Promoter Nancy Cruger, "for the work she has done regarding the event". She was paying him for working at this event, so why wouldn't he compliment her at the event as well! He (Walter Watso, was not much looked upon with much respect in his own Abenaki community of Odanak, Quebec, Canada it seems to me in retrospect, and so he came State-side and interacted with Nancy (Millette) Cruger - Lyons, simply because he was "put on a pedestal" by alot of folks down here. He had the Odanak Seal, and created Artist Certificates and gave them out to alot of people such as Nancy Cruger, Mary Warren of Bethlehem N.H., and even I got a Certificate from him stating I was an Certified and Recognized by Odanak as being an "Abenaki Artist"! Did Odanak's Band Council know that Walter Watso had the Seal of Odanak "stamp" and was using it to "authenticate" paper documents down in the State's fraudulantly? I think not.

Then there's the Vital Record from the Town of Stratford, wherein Mali-Agat Obomsawin (notice it is Obomsawin, NOT Abomsawin) daughter of Thomas Obomsawin and Daisy Goodman, was born July 19, 1995.

In either late July 1995 and/ or early August I traveled back to Port Angeles, Washington to visit my twin brother and 2nd adoptive family, etc. I came back to Swanton, Vermont, and subsequently traveled to Athens, Maine to Greyhawk's place (which I mentioned in a previous posting).

The fourth document is dated September 25th, 1995, Dee Brightstar traveled to Colebrook, Coos County, New Hampshire and made certain claims, which I continue suspect were "distortions of reality". She stated that "Churches and cemeteries are not suppose to be taxed, so we should be tax-exempt. The Abenakis rely on fund-raising and good-hearted people to pay the taxes."

I have to ask myself again, where is the responsibility and accountability of these self proclaimed and self promoting "Abenakis" of Swanton, Vermont if they can't tax their own alledged Abenaki members each month, to come up with the funds for the taxes to this property they claim to so cherish and hold sacred?! Then Dee Brightstar, proclaims that they rely on fund-raising and good-hearted people to pay the taxes for the Abenaki! Sounds like begging to me, and that old saying comes to mind when the Tax Collector comes a'knocking at the door........ "Wish in one hand, sh** in the other hand, look at them both and see what which fills up faster!" Tax-Man don't care, he or she just wants the Taxes to be paid! Notice that in the newspaper article dated November 02nd, 1994 Tom Obomsawin spells his last name as "Abomsawin" which was right around the time he and Daisy Goodman had had the conflict with the Shelburne Limestone Corp, because they had been living behind Doris Minckler's home in a small mobile home, with a garden hose going through a window of Doris' kitchen window for intake water to the mobile home outback!.

"That the Town of Brunswick, Vermont is dealing with a "corporation" (Wobanaki, Inc.), rather than a tribe of people." My conclusions exactly!

Part 2 is a continuation of the article in the previous posting.

More regarding Brunswick Springs a.k.a. N'biz8bek

This article "Brunswick Springs: beautiful -- and tragic was dated June 24, 1987...Notice that the author of this article was written by Jamie Sayen who was the publisher of the Northern Forest Forum quarterly newsletter, of which in 1994 after Tom and Daisy Obomsawin relocated to North Stratford, New Hampshire, continued to interact with (and I, myself as well did illustrations which were published in this quarterly publication). It would appear that Wobanaki, Inc., the "non-profit" created for and with at least the beginning intent and purpose of receiving the monies in which Edward Verge of Island Pond, Vermont got from Penelope Newcomb "for Brunswick Springs" ($100,000.00 dollars worth of "Blue Chips Stock in a Telephone Company), began to have ISSUES/ PROBLEMS with the Town of Bloomfield, Vermont Selectman Brendon Whittaker. Obviously in August 1992 (see newspaper article in this posting) that Wobanaki, Inc. was aware and fully understoon "that the 85 acres of land which they were purchasing, would be taxes by the Town of Brunswick, Essex County, Vermont. But by October 1993, Wobanaki, Inc. Representative Tomas Obomsawin/ Abomsawin was "in conflict" with Mr. Brendon Whittaker and the Town of Brunswick, Vermont, thinking that since Mr. Whittaker Sr. was a Rector for the St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Groveton, New Hampshire, they (meaning Wobanaki, Inc.) could avoid and circumvent having to pay the taxes on the ground that they SAID Brunswick Springs a.k.a. N'biz8bek was "a sacred place", for praying. Also that it was an Ancestral Burial area for the Abenaki People. They (Tomas Obomsawin and paralegal David Bruyette) stated in a Court of Law, that they had a letter from a unidentified Vermont State Archeologist who had verified that N'biz8bek was an Abenaki Burial ground, yet this letter document was never forthcoming from neither Wobanaki, Inc., nor from Tom Obomsawin or David Bruyette.

N'biz8bek a.k.a. Brunswick Springs in N.E. Vermont

I hope you enjoy these older historical records.

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