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Monday, March 8, 2010

In Response to this yet-another-blog by "Migakawinno" of March 06, 2010:

LINK: http://reinventedvtabenaki.blogspot.com/

This document which I found on the internet shows and provides the evidence that this "Migakawinno" had created a blog on January 11, 2010 and then deleted such blog.
What was happening around January 11, 2010? Who is "Migakawinno" and their identity?

Subsequently, this "Migakawinno" person recreated the blog on March 06, 2010.


If I have allegedly lied, distorted or supposedly "back-stabbed" anyone, or allegedly mis-representing myself as an Abenaki, then retrosepctively-speaking, that is as it is. If I have allegedly mis-represented myself as an "Abenaki descendant", based on what my ancestors descendants have shared with me over the years documentarily, today that is not a lie.

LINK: http://reinventedvermontabenaki.blogspot.com/2009/11/side-step-to-reply-to-anonymous-on.html

Everything that I have shared on my blog regarding my ancestors and their descendants, are documentary INDICATOR'S of "something". This is what Judy Dow refers to as "Cultural Markers" and "Social Indicators," etc. One piece of evidence cannot be evaluated conclusively, while in isolation, unto itself.

When the question came up on "Abenaki Pride Setting the Record Straight" blog, as to whether or not I had anything that indicated "Indian" and then later "Abenaki" or had the documentary evidence to show such decent, at least I did show and provide some of the documentation, to date, of my ancestors on this blog, without hesitation or protest.

I am an Abenaki descendant, based on my mothers fathers ancestry.
I am a German descendant, based on my fathers ancestry, even though the DNA results were confusing.
I am an English descendant, based on multiple ancestral lineage's.
I am descendant of many ethnic ancestor connections going back through time.

Yet first and foremost, I am a Human-Being.

I may not have a 1600's definitive "Abenaki" ancestor that was historically documented by some Jesuit or Catholic Priest, to date, but then again I am in the constant process of picking up the pieces of the genealogical records of my ancestors, merely to satisfy my own curioisity and not to satisfy any criteria of Incorporate Organization(s) or anyone else! I may not have all the evidence and documents to merit publically stating that I am an "Abenaki". I say that I am an Abenaki descendant because this is what MY family has provided me, based on the documents, to date, that have been created in the early 1900's, 1920's, 1930's, 1940's, 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, 1980's on into the contemporary time of 2010. If the documentation regarding my own ancestry and of their descendants that I have posted on this blog, is not "good enough" for the likes of these Incorporated "groups" and their so-called "Chief's" etc., then that is their conclusion. That conclusion matters not to me. What I have put on this blog, which is some of my genealogical, historical, and social history of my ancestors and myself, to date, are as it is.
I am not seeking anything from anyone, least of all "recognition"!
I am not slithering and crawling up the Vermont or New Hampshire's Legislative stone steps begging or demanding that I or my family, be Officially Recognised by the State of Vermont (or New Hampshire) as being Abenaki. Or to be Abenaki.
Certainly, I do not need these Incorporated "groups" (claiming to be Abenaki) approval or consideration, for anything whatsoever!
My culture, my heritage, my language, my ancestral history, and my spirituality is not for display or for sale to anyone!
My heritage is not up for bid to the highest bidder, for me to "Play Indian" or to "be Abenaki".
I also do not need the "leathers and feathers" to culturally define who I am, either.

I have the strongest faith in the people who review this blog and the documentation that is placed on this blog, that I am of decent character, and integrity (at least I would hope so) and that I have not lied about my ancestry (at least not to my knowledge have I ever done so or ever even attempted to do so, to anyone).

So, with that said, I will now SHOW and PROVIDE yet another "Chief's" genealogical records for what they are.

LINK: http://reinventedvermontabenaki.blogspot.com/2009/12/koasek-newsletter-december-2009-pages.html

Here nor there, this blog by "Migakawinno" (Paul J. Bunnell is the Co-Chief and Genealogist for this Koasek, Inc. and this "group" does want Official State Recognition from New Hampshire and or from Vermont) which was created March 06, 2010 coincidentently just after I completed placing Howard Franklin Knight Jr.'s ancestral documentation on this blog (interestingly enough), is merely an attempt to distract and distort.

I do not have the time or energy to waste, in responding any further, to such idiotic allegations, etc. from "Migakawinno" and this yet-another-blog, any further than what I have already today.

I have further documents to post on this blog.....

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