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Sunday, January 31, 2010

H.C.R. 195 January 15, 2010 and February 02, 2010 House Committe on Human Services Agenda Regarding Eugenics in Vermont:

House Concurrent Resolution Referred to Committee
H.C.R. 195
House concurrent resolution expressing regret for the sterilization of Vermonters pursuant to the Sterilization Act of 1931 Offered by: Representative Donahue of Northfield
Whereas, the state-sponsored sterilization of many Vermonters, based upon the false science and misguided social judgment that they were genetically inadequate and of poor heredity stock, is one of the most unfortunate chapters in our state’s history, and
41 FRIDAY, JANUARY 15, 2010
Whereas, in 1912, the General Assembly passed legislation to “authorize and provide for the sterilization of imbeciles, feeble-minded and insane persons, rapists, confirmed criminals and other defectives” which Governor John Mead vetoed on the advice of Attorney General R.E. Brown that the measure was unconstitutional in part due to its discriminatory intent and lack of due process, and
Whereas, the Senate overrode the governor, and although the House of Representatives upheld his veto after a successful Senate override, the idea of broadly based sterilization legislation was not permanently defeated, and
Whereas, Francis Galton, the cousin of Charles Darwin, coined the term “eugenics” meaning “the science of improving the genetic condition of the human race,” and
Whereas, in 1925, UVM zoology professor Henry F. Perkins established the Eugenics Survey of Vermont with a stated mission to determine the extent of defective behavior and depraved immorality in the state by combining biology, education, and social work, and
Whereas, in 1927, when addressing a conference of social workers in Montpelier, Perkins reported his purportedly highly academic findings proving a blood or heredity foundation in the mental degeneration in classes of families he defined as pirate, gypsy, and chorea, and Whereas, Perkins predicted that legislation, which he had assisted in
drafting, providing for sterilizing the “socially inadequate” individuals would be introduced, and
Whereas, in Buck v. Bell, 274 US 200 (1927), U.S. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes held that Virginia’s sterilization law was neither unconstitutional nor a denial of due process, and
Whereas, in 1931, as a result of the pseudoscience and hearsay that permeated the reports of the Vermont Eugenics Survey, as well as the establishment of the Vermont Commission on Country Life, that in part was an expansion of the survey’s activities, the General Assembly adopted Act No. 174, “An Act for Human Betterment By Voluntary Sterilization,” which was intended: to prevent the procreation of idiots, imbeciles, feebleminded or insane persons, when the public welfare of idiots, imbeciles, feeble-minded or insane persons likely to procreate, can be improved by voluntary
sterilization, and
Whereas, as a result of this legislation, a large number of individuals were subjected to this state-sponsored sterilization program, many without their knowledge or consent, and
Whereas, although the Eugenics Survey was ended in 1936, and the forced sterilizations (and yet NO DOCUEMNTARY EVIDENCE has ever been located that the Eugenics Program ever sterlized a single person) ultimately halted, the damage to many Vermont families was widespread, and poor Irish and Italian immigrants, along with other persons in poverty, were among those targeted, and
Whereas, individuals diagnosed with mental disabilities and persons of French Canadian and Abenaki ancestry (yet nowhere in the Eugenics TOTAL MATERIAL is a single person identifying as or identified by others as being "Abenaki") were disproportionately affected and harmed, and
Whereas, it is impossible for the General Assembly to undo the grievous damage that was inflicted on these persons and their families, but it can issue a strong statement denouncing this dark chapter in Vermont’s history to demonstrate the legislature’s resolve to guard against such events occurring in the future, now therefore be it
Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:
That the General Assembly expresses its profound sorrow and sincere regret that such a program of sterilizations was sanctioned under an act of this legislative body. Which was read and, in the Speaker’s discretion, treated as a bill and referred to the committee on Rules.
Committee Relieved of Consideration and Bill Committed to Other Committee
On Another More Recent Note:
115 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05633-5301
Tel: (802) 828-2228
Fax: (802) 828-2424
House of Representatives
Rep. Ann Pugh, Chair
Rep. Michael Fisher, Vice Chair
Rep. Anne B. Donahue, Ranking Member
Rep. Margaret Andrews
Rep. Bill Frank, Clerk
Rep. Patsy French
Rep. Sandy Haas
Rep. Francis "Topper" McFaun
Rep. Michael Mrowicki
Rep. Patty O'Donnell
Rep. Scott A. Orr
House Committee on Human Services
Room 46
January 31, 2010 - February 6, 2010
Tuesday, February 2, 2010
10:00 AM FLOOR
11:15 am or 15 MINUTES AFTER HOUSE ADJOURNMENT J.R.H. 32 - Joint resolution expressing regret for the sterilization of Vermonters pursuant to the Sterilization Act of 1931
Committee Discussion, Markup, and Vote
Rep. Anne Donahue, Sponsor
Michael Chernick, Legislative Counsel, Legislative Council
Nancy L. Gallagher, Author of "Breeding Better Vermonters"
April Merrill, Chief, St. Francis Sokoki Band (Missisquoi)
Thomas Phillips, Tribal Council Member

I would say more on a personal level, but I am a little "hot-under-the-collar" presently, having the awareness that I do. about my own Woodward relatives being targets of the Children's Aide Society and subsequently the Eugenics Survey of Vermont from 1914 to 1938.
This attempt at being sorrowful and regretful by the State of Vermont/ and the fact that April St. Francis-Merrill and Thomas Phillips assume to know the dynamics/intent of the Eugenics Survey/Program of Vermont, claiming stupidly that Harriett Abbott was targeting their families "because they were alleged Abenakis" just pisses me off, since it is such an untruth.
It's a MYTH perpetuated by John Moody and these people, to ply "sympathies" and manipulate the generational historical guilt of the Euro-American People's in Vermont/New Hampshire.
What this is, that is happening in Vermont is a crock of shit. It's a blatant re-writing of Abenaki historical record in N'dakinna by people who are not Abenakis, nor who can even prove from a historical, social, or genealogical perspective that they are Abenakis!
Some day, I will share the Eugenics Era Reality for what it really was....
from my own ancestors blood, sweat and tears.
IF the State of Vermont is honestly all-of-a-sudden and seemingly "so sorrowful and regretful", then why not name the people they targeted and subsequently sterilized allegedly via the Eugenics Program of Vermont?! Why hasn't the State of Vermont Historical Preservation people microfilmed all of the Eugenics Program Survey documents, instead of letting those documents turn into a pile of paper dust over time?! Why has the State of Vermont "closed" the Eugenics Records and placed these under the HIPPA Laws (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)? Why no mention of the Children's Aide Society who were in collusion and supporting the Eugenic's Program of Vermont within this H.C.R. 195?!
Does anyone thing for one minute that this H.C.R. 195 will assauge the pain, the internal guilt, the sorrow and regret of those women and men who loved one another in life, but could never have children of their own? Does anyone think that for one minute, that April St. Francis-Merrill and this so-called Wobanaki Inc Board of Director Thomas Phillips, in their ignorance and arrogance of the Eugenics Progam Survey, are doing what they are doing today, is respectful of those women or men who could not have children, in their tatics to gain recognition-through-sympathy.
I am for TRUTH, not some PITY PARTY and the perpetuation of some half baked myth that the Eugenics was targeting "Abenakis" or that these people claiming to being Abenaki, had ancestor-relatives who were sterilized simply and solely "because they were Abenakis". Dollars to donuts, the bet is that the persons and families in the Eugenics materials were targeted because they were identified as being misfits, truants from school, gallivanting around being criminally minded, or doing activities deemed socially unacceptable in that era, such as being youthful runaway's.
The Phillips Family nor the St. Francis Family (as a whole or in part, in the Eugenics material documents) were NEVER identifying as Abenakis while in Jail, in Institutions, to Harriett Abbott, or to anyone associated with the Eugenics. Harriett Abbott never once, identified one single person in these many families she documented/investigated (including the Woodward's) as "being Abenaki" or "of Abenaki descent".
Neither did these familes neighbors, teachers, mental evaluators, etc., identify these persons and or families as being Abenakis, of whom Miss Abbott spoke to about these numerous families in and around Vermont?!
So, THOUSANDS of descendants of Vermont Abenaki were silent, quiet, and "hiding in plain sight" amongst their neighbors, like Church mice on a Sunday morning? NOT one single ancestor of these descendants documentarily stated verbally and/ or in writing that they were "Abenaki" throughout the Eugenic's Era? What about BEFORE the Eugenics Survey?

Friday, January 29, 2010

December 25, 2009 Letter from Nancy Millette-Doucet to Mr. Rollo

The following letter was forwarded to me. It was apparently sent on 12/25/2009. It was eventually forwarded to the parties named so that we would have this information when dealing with elected officials who may have also received the letter.

Dear Mr. Rollo, Committee Members and other respected NH Representatives and Senators,

I recently received an email from Mr. Rollo that shows that some of my concerns about FN 1610 were miss- communicated or miss-understood. I thought in that case it would be best for me to write a proper introduction before I am before your board to testify against this bill.

I was born in 1953 in Haverhill NH as was my father (1927) and his mother and all her family before her well documented back to 1700’s. Our DNA has been proven Indian and linked directly to Haverhill / Newbury area which is historic known to the Abenaki as the KOAS. My family has continued traditional values throughout time to present within our home region. My Grandmother’s family even donated some of their own land to the town of Haverhill for the airport which still exists today.

My mother’s family is well documented in Grafton County also and has for generations passed the original homestead down from one family member to the other in Monroe NH. My mother and her family have for generations dedicated themselves to community projects and helping others. All of the males back to the beginning of time in New Hampshire have served the country in the Rev. war, Civil War, War of 1812, WWI WWII, Korean War Viet Nam and all men and women in my family have been members of the American Legion serving in any way they were needed or asked including commanders, helping the Mohawk Reservation children come to NH for camp and cooking meals for the needy etc etc. My father was a lifer in the Navy and fought in World War II, Korean War and Viet Nam. All his brothers fought in World War II also.

I myself, have worked as a community minded person all of my life as a fund raiser, promoter, public relations, marketing executive. My work has taken me to marketing positions at the Mount Washington Hotel and Resort, Economic Development, Public Relations and Event coordinator for the Town of Littleton where I hosted 9 Native American Cultural Weekends that three of our NH Governor’s signed proclamations for, Sled Dog Races, established the Oprah House as a working cultural facility and helped make Littleton the NINTH Best Small Town in America, raised money to send ME, NH and VT Hemophilia Children to camp in NH, was Co-President of Franconia Sugar Hill Chamber of Commerce and have from time to time worked with Van McLeod, Richard Boisvert, NH Tourism and NH council on the Arts, to just name a few things I have done to follow in the footsteps of my family.

I have also worked closed with NH Historical Resources over the years and the State of Vermont Historic Preservation in the protection of our Abenaki burial grounds and scared lands and history. I have for the last year worked with National Geographic on the preservation of our Language and also our DNA work for Abenaki Community in this region. Please see www.whitepineassociation.org

I am Chief of the Koasek Abenaki of the Koas and our tribe is united in an Alliance with the Historic Abenaki Nations; Nulhegan Coosuk, Missisquoi St Francis Sokoki, and El Nu. I know of the Intertribal Council and have known Peter Newell for many many years. I have welcomed him to Unity meetings I hosted for many of the tribes to come together to work on issues we are all concerned about. Pete was at my home in 2007 and I told him I would help him with support letter for a commission in NH. However, my support has changed which I will explain. At this time I DO NOT support HB 1610!!

Peter Newell is now involved with others who have been extremely threatening and hostile to Abenaki Historic Tribes within the alliance. These people who are involved with Peter Newell and the Intertribal council to write this bill are Sherry Gould (Intertribal Council and has a 501c3 although I can not find it registered in the state any longer), Paul Pouliot ( Calls himself CHIEF of the Cowasuck Pennacook) and Paul Bunnell ( Co- Chief of the Koasek which are based in MA if you look at their information you will see all their members are listed in MA except for Bunnell in Milford, N.H.)

Sherry Gould has hosted Language camps etc but has never invited the historic tribes to take part. As a matter of fact her ‘camps” have just the members above and her family at them with the exception of a few speakers she pays to come.

Paul Pouliot recently purchased land in NH. However, his Indian Identity is Iroquois from the 1600s. If you do the math of those few hundred years to an ancestor the blood quantum may be way below 1/1000th of the drop! He has been a combative force against all other Abenaki. Paul Pouliot petitioned the Town of Haverhill that he was “a federally recognized tribe” and he was coming to Haverhill to protest publicly our Native American Cultural Weekend. The Town of Haverhill finally had their lawyer write to him to stay away and he was NOT federal recognized. You see, he has incorporations in many states however, that does not make one recognized nor does it make one a “TRIBE”. He also has written to me saying he would only come to my Unity Meetings I invited him to armed. I then had to tell him he was not welcome as the meeting was in my Home and I do NOT allow weapons on my property! He has written to every VT senator and state representative threatening them if they continued working with the Abenak Alliance where the state would grant the historic Abenaki in Vermont recognition. He again used his false title of being federally recognized. I now see he is trying to claim this same recognized title in NH!! I have called the BIA about this. He sent them a letter of intent in 1996. Because they received a letter it had to be numbered for a file so it was number 105. However, the BIA says they do not know who this guy is nor have they heard a thing about him since. He cannot file for federal recognition because he has no historic standing, no linage to Abenaki in VT or NH and not even in Canada!!

Paul Bunnell and Koasek People (his chief is Brian Chenevert) are mainly based in MA. They have NO heritage or linage to NH, nor to VT. They have no connection to this place what so ever. In 2006 Brian Chenevert approached me to work with his group. I finally agreed thinking they were on a good level as human beings but after two years I found them all to be extremely rude and insulting to the Abenaki families from here and then refused to do anything with them. In other words the Abenaki here in NH sent them packing!! Paul Bunnell gave me false genealogy certificate claiming to be a registered and certified Genealogist. I later found it the certificate was a fake! He started contacting the Senators and legislatures in VT as well as the Quad Committee in Burlington VT that I worked with and the National Geographic people that I worked with and told them I was NOT Indian and he was certif. genealogist and could not find my genealogy, that If they continued working with me and my tribe he would sue them and he also tried this same tactic trying to discredit all the other Abenaki Historic Tribes. I also found that he and his band in MA have tried using our history here as their own and I have had to get a lawyer which cost almost $2000.00 to have them stop using my work history, my copyrighted logos and our history as theirs! He has also told many that I am mentally ill with a bi-polar problem which is totally false. If I hear he has said that again he will be facing some serious court charges!

These are just a few of the reasons why My tribe and other Tribes in the Historic Alliance are against this bill. These people associated with NH Intertribal have no right to have any say over any of our historic Tribal Nations, our burial grounds and have NO right being in a power position of choosing who should or should not be on the NH Native American Commission!!

Also it is our historic tribes that will be granted Recognition this year in Vermont. According to the Federal Law of the Indian Arts and Craft Board that will put us in a position where we would be legally entitled to have a position on a commission and non recognized would not have a legal right to have any say over our tribes or territories. As far as Territories go: Nulhegan Coosuk Abenaki territory in NH is from Indian Stream down to Our Koasek Region. Missisquoi is on the NH side and owns land in Derry. So with that said this bill has totally ignored the historic Abenaki Nations north of Concord!! We have been here generation after generation after generation. We have not just recently found out we are Indian nor did we just pay land in NH like the people associated with NH Intertribal Council. We are True by inherited rights Abenaki with blood and bone connection from the beginning of time to present here in NH.

I will be bringing historic and present day proof of my Abenaki People in NH and VT with me when I testify. I will also be glad to bring proof of the shameful tactics the people associated with NH Intertribal has used against the Historic Abenaki Alliance Tribes: Koasek Traditional Band of the KOAS, Nulhegan Coosuck Band, Missisquio St Francis Sokoki Abenaki Nations.

Thank you and if you have any further questions I would be glad to come to an appointment with you or talk at any time.

Thank you

Chief Nancy Millette Doucet

45 Pioneer Rd Bath NH 603-728-9646

Email: nmillette@roadrunner.com

Federal Indian Arts and Craft Law mentioned above: ......

H.R. 725: In dian Arts and Crafts Amendments Act of 2009

Congressional Research Service Summary

The following summary was written by the Congressional Research Service, a well-respected nonpartisan arm of the Library of Congress.


Indian Arts and Crafts Amendments Act of 2009 - Amends the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 to: (1) authorize any federal law enforcement officer to conduct an investigation of an offense involving the sale of any good that is misrepresented as an Indian produced good or product that occurs within the jurisdiction of the United States; and (2) authorize the Indian Arts and Crafts Board to refer such an alleged offense to any federal law enforcement officer (currently, just to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)) for appropriate investigation. Permits a federal law enforcement officer to investigate such an alleged offense regardless of whether such officer receives a referral from the Board. Requires that the findings of an investigation of such an alleged offense by any federal department or agency be submitted to: (1) a federal or state prosecuting authority; or (2) the Board. Provides for the Board, upon receiving the findings of such an investigation, to: (1) recommend to the Attorney General that criminal proceedings be initiated (current law); and (2) provide such support to the Attorney General relating to the criminal proceedings as the Attorney General determines to be appropriate. Allows the Board, in lieu of, or in addition to, any such criminal proceeding, to recommend that the Attorney General initiate a civil action. Revises: (1) requirements for the initiation of civil actions for misrepresentation of Indian produced goods; and (2) penalties for the misrepresentation of such goods.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kdakinna Pobatamwogan Medicine Society~Articles of Association Inc.:

Articles of Association of Kdakinna Pobatamwogan Medecine Society: KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: THAT we, the undersigned, for the purpose of incorporating a religious society under the laws of the State of Vermont relating to such socieities, do hereby voluntarily associate ourselves together as a body corporate under the provisions of Title 11, Chapter 19 of the Vermont Statutes Annotated, as amended, for the purposes set forth herein, and have hereby adopted the following Articles of Association, viz:
Article I. NAME: The name of this incorporated religious society shall be KDAKINNA POBATAMWOGAN MEDECINE SOCIETY.
Article II. DURATION: This incorporated religious society shall have perpetual duration and perpetual succession in it's corporate name.
Article III. PURPOSES: The purposes for which this incorporate is formed is not for profit, but to provide succession to a former Medecine Council composed of the directors herein named by the corporaters, and support and maintain perpetually religious camp meetings and retreats, burial grounds (cemeteries), schools, monuments, meeting houses, orphans homes, and homes for the elderly in the strict compliance with the policy, established usage, and discipline of the Kdakinna Pobatamwogan Medecine Society may assemble once annually, or oftener if desired, forever, to recieve instruction i nthe teachings and philosophy of the Kdakinna Pobtamawogan, and/or for religious worship, either active or passive, in either English or any other language.
And to hold sacredly in trust forever for the Kdakinna Pobatamwogan, the money, property and values of every kind heretofore donated, contributed, collected, and held for any or all of the purposes enumerated herein, and recieve and hold in like perpetual trust, all gifts, devises, bequests, grants, donations, subscriptions and acquisistions of every kind hereinafter made, and all lands, buildings and property, personal and real, already acquired, or which may hereafter be acquired as necessary or convenient to the successful and proper conduct of the purposes herein enumerated, and the furnishing of convenient tents, trailers, cottages, summer homes, and lother living accomodation, roads, walks, lights, water and other necessaries, conveniences and accomodations on the other properties of the Society throughout the State of Vermont and elsewhere, for members and friends of the Kdakinna Pobatamwogan Medecine Society, who may regularly, or from time to time, attend said properties for any or all of the purposes herein enumerated, and who desire such accomodations and camp meeting homes.
And to establish, maintain, and conduct schools for the religious, cultural, social, moral, and intellectual enrichment of Indian people of all ages.
And to minister to the Indian people of Vermont and elsewhere, and to give expression to the teachings of the Kdakinna Pobatamwogan on both spiritual and temporal matters.
And to promote spiritual unity and efficiency in efforts for the converting of Indian people to the True Religion.
And to acquire and hold title to property, land, not as public or private property, but trustee ship, to hold lands in it's stewardship for the purposes set forth herein, and to manage and use said lands on terms that tare consistent with sound conversational and ecological principles; terms that reflect the reverence of the members of the Kdakinna Pobatamwogan.
And to promote in every way the best interest of the Kdakinna Pobatawogan, particularly to interest other persons, corporations, or societies to contribute to it's support. To acquire money, securities, or buildings and hold the same, invest or reinvest or pay out the same or income therefrom for the aforesaid purposes.
Article IV. POWERS AND LIMITATIONS: This corporation is not organized for profit and no part of the assets or income of the corporation shall be distributable to or inure to the benefit of it's members, officers or private persons of any kind, except that the corporation shall be empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments in furtherance of the purposes set fourth in Article III hereof.
The corporation shall not carry on or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of any canidate for public office.
The corporation shall not carry on any activities not permitted to be carried on by a corporation exempt from the Federal Income Tax under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.
In order to secure that land owned by the Kdakinna Pobatamwogan Medecine Society be removed from the market place and held in stewardship for the furtherance of the purposes set forth in Article III herein, no land owned by Kdakinna Pobatamwogan Medeicne Society shall be sold, mortgaged, or ptherwise used for security for any indebtedness.
Nothwithstanding any other provisions of these Articles of Association or any By-Law made pursuant hereto, or allowable by law, this Article shall not be repealed, amended, or altered in any particular, in any manner, or through any process whatsoever.
Article V. REGISTERED OFFICE AND REGISTERED AGENT: The address of the registered office of the Kdakinna Pobatamwogan Medecine Society shall be 15 Jewett Street, Swanton, Vermont, 05488. The name of the registered agens of the corporation at the above address is Missisquoi Band of the Abenaki Nation.
Article VI. MEMBERS: The number and qualificatioin of members, the classes of membership, and the voiting rights of members shall be as stated in the by-laws.
Article VII. OFFICERS: The governing body of the society, the number and qualification of officers, the method of selection, the duties and responsibilities, and terms of office shall be as sstated in the by-laws.
Article VIII. MEDECINE COUNCIL: The governing body of the society shall be called the Medecine Council. The activities, affairs, and property of the Kdakinna Pobatamwogan medecine Society shall be managed, directed and controlled and it's powers exercised by and vested in the Medecine Council, except as otherwise expressly limited by these Articles of Association or the By-Laws of the Society. The Medecine Council shall consist of four (4) officers who shall be known as W'Nanawaldemen Skweda (President); W'Nanawaldemen Wdamogan (VIce-President); W'Nanawaldemen Ojmowogan (Secretary); and W'Nanawaldemen Moni (Treasurer).
The names and addresses of the Officers of the Society who are to serve until the election and qaulification of their successors, as provided by law, are as follows:
R. Kent Ouimette (W'Nanawaldemen Skweda) at 15 Jewett Street in Swanton, Vermont 05488; Arthur "Bill" Seymour (W'Nanawaldemen W'damogan) at 36 Walnut Street in Burlington, Vermont 05401; Dorothy Seymor (W'Nanawaldemen Ojmowogan) at 36 Walnut Street in Burlington, Vermont 05401; V. Jean Ouimette (W'Nanawaldemen Moni) at 15 Jewett Street in Swanton, Vermont 05488.
Article IX. AMENDMENT: These Articles of Association shall not be repealed, amended, or altered in any particular without the unanimous consent of the MEdecine Coucil and the two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the voting members of the corporation.
Article X. DISSOLUTION: If the disolution of this corporation shall become necessary, the Medecine Council shall, after paying or making provisions for the payment of all of the liabilities of the corporation, disposes of all of the assets of the corporation in such a manner or to such organizatioin or organizations organized exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, or educational purposes as shall at the time qualify as an exempt organization under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (or the corresponding provision of any further United States Internal Revenue Law) as the Medecine Council and the membership shall determine  whose land use and preservation philosophies and whose purposes are in harmony with the land use and preservation philosophies and purposes of the Kdakinna Pobatamwogan Medecine Society.
Any such assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by the County Court of the County in which the principal office of the corporation is then located, exclusively for such purposes or to such organizations, as said Court shall determine, which are organized and operated exclusively for such purposes.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, We have hereby subscribed our names this 17th day of July 1978 at Swanton, in the County of Franklin in the State of Vermont.
R. Kent Ouimette (Incorporator)
Arthur Bill Seymour (Incorporator)
Dorothy Seymour (Incorporator)
V. Jean Ouimette (Incorporator)

NOW COMES THE KDAKINNA POBATAMWOGAN MEDICINE SOCIETY, a corporation, and by this instrument asserts that:
A certain parcel of land is sistuate in Lake Champlain, more or less equidistant from the shoreline of Potters Point or Shelburne Point (so called) in the Town of Shelburne, and the County of Chittenden, northwesterly to Juniper Island (so called), and in Lake Champlain at Lattitude forty-four degrees, twenty-seven minutes and Longtitude seventy-three degrees, fifteen minutes; and, Said parcel of land, being an island or promontory, and presently known or referred to as Rock Dunder, is siutate within the jurisdictional domain of the State of Vermont; and, There is no known record or claim of ownership by any person, corporation, or governmental body, or deed of record to said Rock Dunder; and, Said ROCK DUNDER may be outside the chartered township of Shelburne, and thus not recorded on any grand list, and there is no record of any use or occupancy of said Rock Dunder, except as a place of prayer and religious worship by Abenaki people, many of whom still practise the True Religion; and, Rock Dunder, is a sacred place to us, being the manifestation of a powerful manipulator spirit named Odziozo, and has been used by Abenaki medicine people as a place of worship as recently as August of 1978; therefore, KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, That We, the Kdakinna Pobatamwogan Medicine Society, a religious society incorporated under Title II, chapter 19 of the Vermont Statutes Annotated, as amended, by presenting and filing this notice with the Secretary of State, hereby serve notice on the State of Vermont of our intent to claim all right, title, and interest in said Rock Dunder, (ODZIOZO), together with such riparian rights as ordinarily attach to lands in Lake Champlain, and to hold title to same as a religious monument and a sacred place of worship, against any and all claims or statements of intent hereafter made or filed by any person, group, corporation, or governmental entity. NOW COMES R. Kent Ouimette, an officer of the corporation, duly empowered to act on our behalf, and sets his hand and seal to this our act on this 5th day of January A.D. 1979. KDAKNNA POBATAMWOGAN MEDICINE SOCIETY by R. Kent Ouimette (W'Nanawaldemen SKweda) (Title) STATE OF VERMONT Washington COUNTY
On this the 5th day of January 1979 before me R. Kent Ouimette, the undersigned officer, personally appeared R. Kent Ouimette who acknowledged himself to be the W'Nanawaldemen Skweda of the Kdakinna Pobatamwogan Medicine Society, a corporation, and that he as such officer, being authorized to do so, executed the forgoing instrument for the purposes therein contained, by signing the name of the corporation by himself as W'Nanawaldemen Skweda. In Witness Whereof, I hereunto set my hand. Wayne Gilligan (Notary) (Title).

QUIT CLAIM DEED. TO ALL MEN TO WHOME THESE PRESENTS SHALL COME, GREETINGS: KNOW YET, THAT WE, The KDAKINNA POBATAMWOGAN MEDICINE SOCIETY, in conformance with the terms of a certain Sacred Trust which has been our heritage from time immemorial, do by these presents release and forever Quit-Claim to ourselves as a religious society incorporated under the provisions of Title II, Chapter 19 of the Vermont Statutes Annotated, as amended, all right, title, interest, claim and demand whatsoever which we as Releasors have or ought to have in or tot the property located at:
A point in Lake Champlain referred to on current maps as Rock Dunder, at Lattitude forty-four degrees, twenty-seven minutes and Longitude seventy-three degrees, fifteen minutes, being an island or promontary situate in said Lake Champlain, and surrounded by the waters thereof; together with such rights as we may have or be entitled to have as riparian owners of lands on or in Lake Champlain within the territorial domain of the State of Vermont.
To Have and to Hold the premises, with all the appurtanences, forever; and we declare agree that neither we as individuals nor our heirs or assigns shall have or make any claim or demand upon such property.
In Witness Whereof, R. Kent Ouiment, an officer of the corporation duly empowered to act on our behalf sets his hand and seal this 5th day of January A.D. 1979.
Signed, sealed and delivered i nthe presence of two witnesses:
David McCauley (Witness)
Christel F. Holzer (Witness)
KDAKINNA POBATAMWOGAN MEDICINE SOCIETY (Releasor) by: R. Kent Ouimette L.S. (Title: W'Nanawaldemen Skweda)
STATE OF VERMONT Chittenden COUNTY ss. On this 8th day of January 1979, before me, Jannette O'Neil, the undersigned officer, personally appeard R. Kent Ouimette who acknowledged himself to be the W'Nanawaldemen Skweda of the Kdakinna Pombatawogan Medicine Society, a corporation, and being authorized to do so, executed the forgoing instrument for the purposes therein contained by affixing and signing the name of the corporation by himself as W'Nanawaldemen Skweda. In Witness Whereof, I hereunto set my hand. Jannette O'Neil, Notary Public (Title).

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Abenaki Self-Help Association, Inc. (ASHAI), Inc. No. 22844:

We, the undersigned, do hearby voluntarily associate ourselves together to form and establish a non-profit corporation, under the provisions of Title 11, Chapter 19, of the Vermont Statutes Annotated, as amended, and have hereby adopted the following Articles of Association, viz:
Artile 1: Name. The name of this non-profit corporation (hereinafter called "Corporation") shall be: Abenaki Self-Help Association, Inc.
Article 11: Duration. The term of existence of this Corporation shall be perpetual.
Article 111: Purposes. The purposes for which this Corporation is formed are exclusively charitable, benevolent, and educational and consist of the following: 1. To raise the economic, educational, and social conditions of those native Americans of Abenaki descent residing in Vermont and related areas; to foster and promote interest and concern for the Abenaki Indian heritage both within and without the Abenaki nation; to work for the elimination of prejudice, discrimination, and racial tension involving native americans; to lessen sickness and poverty within the Abenaki populace; and to expand educational and economic opprotunities for Abenakis.
2. To expand the opprotunities available to Abenakis to own, manage, and operate business enterprises by furthering the development of locally-owned or locally-operated business enterprises; to assist in developing entrepreneurial and management skills necessare for the financial support for the successful operation of business enterprises; and to assist in obtaining such financial support from other sources. 3. To expand the opprotunities available to Abenakis to obtain adequate housing accommodations. 4. To provide informational, outreach, and technical assistance to Abenakis which will assist those persons in acquiring such necessities of life as food, energy, and medical care. 5. To do any and all lawful activities which may be necessary, useful, or desirable for the furtherance, accomplishment, fostering, or attainment of the foregoing purposes, either directly or indirectly, and either alone or in conjunction or cooperation with others, whether such others be persons or organizations of any kind or nature, such as corporations, firms, associations, trusts, institutions, foundations, or governmental bureaus, departments or agencies.
Article IV: Powers and Limitations. In furtherance, but not in limitation of the purposes set forth in Article III hereof, the Corporation shall have all those powers, rights, and privileges granted to Corporations by Title II, Chapter 19, of the Vermont Statutes Annotated, as amended, and any other powers , rights, and privileges now or subsequently granted by law.
Article V: Tax Exemption. All of the purposes and powers enumerated in Articles III and IV above shall be exercised exclusively for charitable, scientific, and educational purposes in such a manner that the Corporation shall qualify as an exempt organization under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, as it is currently and shall hereafter be in force and effect.
Article VI: Membership. The authorized number and qualifications of Members of the Corporation, if any, the different classes of membership, if any, the property, voting, and other rights and privileges of Members and their liability to dues and assessments and the method of collection thereof, shall be set forth in the Bylaws.
Article VII: Registered Office and Agent. The registered office and principal place of this Corporation shall be: Depot Street, Swanton, Vermont. The name of the clerk shall be David Greenia Both address and clerk, as stated above, may be changed in accordance with the Bylaws of this Corporation and the laws of the State of Vermont.
Article VIII: Dedication of Property, Assets, and Net Income. The Corporation is formed solely for charitable, benevolent, and educational purposes. The Corporation is not organized, nor shall it be operated, for the primary purpose of generating pecuniary gain or profit, and it will not distribute any gains, profits, or dividends to the Members thereof, or to any individual, except that the Corporation shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments and distribution in furtherance of its specific and primary purposes. The property, assets, profits, and net income of the Corporation are irrevocably dedicated to charitable, educational, and scientific purposes, and no part of the profit or net income of the Corporation shall inure to the benefit of any Director, Officer, or Member thereof or to the benefit of any individual.
Article IV: Directors. Except as otherwise provided by law, or in a Bylaw or Bylaws of the Corporation not inconsistent with the provisions of these Articles of Association, all the affairs of the Corporation shall be managed and all powers of the Corporation shall be exercised by the Board of Directors composed of seven members. The term and qualifications of the Directors and the manner of their elections shall be as provided in the Bylaws. The initial Board of Directors shall consist of seven Directors and the names and addresses of the persons who are to serve as the initial Directors of the Corporation until the election and qualifications of their successors in a manner as set forth in the Bylaws of the Corporation are:
Janet Hurlbert at RFD 1 in Swanton, Vermont
Georgianna Martel at Lamkin Street in Highgate Center, Vermont
Patricia St. Francis at 44 Liberty Street in Swanton, Vermont
Alma Wells at 28 Liberty Street in Swanton, Vermont
Joy Mashtare at Canada Street in Swanton, Vermont
Simonne Bray at Highgate Falls, Vermont
Veronica St. Francis at Highgate Springs, Vermont
Article X: Amendment of Articles of Association. These Articles of Association may be altered or amended at any regular meeting or at any special meeting called for that purpose. An amendment must be approved by a majority of the Direcotrs and adopted by a vote of two-thirds (2/3rds) of the Members, if any, as such a meeting. Amendments to these Articles of Association when so adopted, shall be filed in accordance with the provisions of the Title 11, Chapter 19, of the Vermont Statutes Annotated, as amended.
Article XI: Incorporator. The name and adresses of the Incorporators of this Corporation are: Janet Hurlbert, RFD 1, Swanton, Vermont; Georgianna Martel, Lamkin Street, Highgate Center, Vermont
IN WITNESS HEREOF, we, the undersigned, being the persons named as the Incorporators, have executed these Articles of Association this 29th day of Oct, 1976.
Witnessed by:
Homer St. Francis
Wayne Hoague
Georgiana J. Martel
Janette P. Hurlburt
We, the undersigned, subscribers of the aforesaid Articles of Association, do hereby subscribe to the truth of the foregoing Articles and that they constitute the Articles of Association of the Corporation formed.
Signed, Homer St. Francis, Wayne J. Hoague
STATE OF VERMONT-FRANKLIN COUNTY) SS. At Swanton in said County, on this 29th day of October, 1976, personally appeared the said Georgianna Martel and Janet Hurlbert and they made oath to the truth of the foregoing Articles of Association. Before me, Francis S. Harrington, Notary Public.

a corporation organized and existing under the laws of State of Vermont, and having its registered office at Swanton in the county of Franklin in said state, did hold a meeting of the shareholders of said corporation duly called for such purpose on the 14 day of May, 1978, did vote to amend its Articles of Association as follows: That "Article III: Purposes" be amended by adding to the following sub-paragraph "6. To received any and all land and real estate donated, given or decreed by a Vermont Probate Court in accordance with any conditions and/or restrictions contained in any conveyance or bequest, including in perpetuity, and always receiving said gift or gifts and maintaining said land and real estate in a manner consistent with the express ecological aims and desires of the donors and testators."
At the time of the holding of the meeting, there were 247 members entitled to vote. The number of members voting against such amendment were none. Dated at Swanton in the County of Franklin this 14 day of May, 1978. President or Vice-President: James H. Ledoux; Secretary: Patricia St. Francis.

File No. 22844 AMENDMENT of ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION of the (Non-Profit) $10 STATE OF VERMONT Office of Secretary of State Filed and recorded Apr 16, 1979.
ABENAKI SELF HELP ASSOCIATION, INCORPORATED. We, THE UNDERSIGNED, President and Clerk of ABENAKI SELF HELP ASSOCIATION, INCORPORATED a non-profit Corporation having no capital stock, organized and existing under the laws of the State of Vermont, and having its principal office at Swanton, in the County of Franklin in the State, hereby certify that at a meeting of the trustees (directors) of said corporation, duly called for that purpose, and held at SWANTON in the County of FRANKLIN, in the State, on the 9th day of April 1979, it was voted by three-fourths of all the directors or trustees of said corporation to amend to amend its articles of association as follows, viz: That Article V: Tax Exemption be ammended to read: All of the purposes and powers enumerated in Articles III and IV above shall be exercised exclusively for charitable, scientific, and educatioinal purposed in such manner that the Corporation shall qualify as an exempt organization under Sectioin 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, as it is currently and shall hereafter be in force and effect. Dated at Swanton, in the County of Franklin this 9th day of APRIL A.D. 1979. President: Leonard Lampman. Clerk: Connie Partlow.
STATE OF VERMONT, Franklin County, ss.} At Swanton in said County, this 9th day of April, 1979, personally appeared the above named Leonard Lampman, President and Connie Partlow Clerk of the corporation above named, and made oath to the truth of the foregoing certificate by them, subscribed. Louise E. Jensen, Notary Public.

This latter document from the Secretary of Vermont Website regarding ASHAI, Inc. ~and~ April St. Francis-Merrill's so-called "Tribal Council" LINK: http://www.abenakination.org/contactus.html

COMPARE the names of this so-called "Tribal Council" and Wobanaki, Inc.
1+1=2 and 2+2=4........

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Document 01 - 02 - 03: Article sent by Nancy Millette Doucet to Lynn Menard-Mathieson

Author: Brenda Kellow (c) 24 January 2002
Pretenders exist among us in the genealogical community. Not only are some people claiming to be something they are not, there is also a college turning out fake credentials. This isn’t new, people claiming to be something they are not has been happening intermittently for years. The college has existed since 1979 when it was incorporated in Illinois, thus a diploma mill was begun.
Last week I received an email from someone with postnomials following the surname that implied that the person was an A.G. or Accredited Genealogist. The Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG) has a legitimate testing program for certified individuals and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) has had a legitimate testing program for their accredited genealogists. This could have been misleading to an unknowing reader, however, I read further and found that the person was accredited from the American College of Genealogists. Something reminded me that this was one of those credential mills. I checked it out on the Internet. It was not there. The only mention of that college was related to the person who contacted me and one other person claiming to be accredited.
To double check, I contacted one of the leading genealogists in the country to inquire about the college and found that my suspicions were well founded. Indeed, I was told, this was a bogus college that turned out unearned certificates. By unearned, my source explained to me that the “test” consisted of listing your published articles or books and listing all hereditary or patriotic societies, national numbers, and any offices held. I was told that for that information and a check for $50, all who apply are either issued an Accredited Genealogist or a Certified Genealogist certificate. If you want, the college will even grant you a Fellow of the American College of Genealogists or FACG.
How did it get started? Apparently a disgruntled person from Illinois who did not pass the strict testing of the highly respected BCG and the LDS founded the bogus college. It isn’t something new; it is just a problem that keeps surfacing from time to time to cause problems.
People posing with these credentials have been brought to the attention of the Arbitration Boards of the BCG and the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) for unethical practices. Since these Arbitration Boards only regulate their members, the client is the one who loses in these cases.
Double-check the credentials of the person from whom you ask assistance and pay a fee. BCG in Washington, D.C. is a legitimate body offering proper and stringent testing to those wishing to become certified. To help you in this selection, the BCG publishes a directory of certified people with their fields of testing. Each associate must sign the Code of Ethics. Seldom is there a problem, but in case there is the client has the prerogative of bringing the problem before the Arbitration Board where the problem will be considered with impartiality. The Directory is in most libraries and also on the Internet at www.bcgcertification.org/. The APG also has a directory of its members in most libraries, the areas of concentration, and like BCG, an Arbitration Board. APG does not have a testing program for its membership. For more on APG, go to www.apgen.org/.
Brenda Kellow, Certified Genealogist and Certified Genealogical Instructor, has a bachelor’s degree in history and teaches genealogy at Collin County Community College and computer genealogy at Southern Methodist University Plano Campus. Send queries, reunions, announcements, notices of books to review, etc., to: TracingOurRoots@gmail.com. No research commissions are accepted.
Tracing Our Roots columns are published first in the Plano Star Courier, Plano, Texas.

Document 04: "For over 30 years, Paul Joseph Bunnell has devoted himself to genealogy and Loyalist studies. He later took credited classes through Brigham Young University, in Provo, Utah, greatly improving his skills and knowledge in the field. Accomplishments are wide, awarded an Accredition and later a Fellowship of the American College of Genealogists of Illinois in the mid-1980's (May 08, 1900) ...."

Document 05: Fellowship of the American College of Genealogists, Inc. of Illinois No. 77 dated May 08, 1990. Signed by Richard E. Wilson.

So much for Nancy Millette Cruger Lyons Doucet's "U-N-I-T-Y" having those 2005/2006 "Council of Unity" Meetings. Now, in late December 2009/January 2010, she "tears down" the two people Peter Newell and Paul Bunnell whom she sought to support her agenda's and endeavors in retrospective time's. Yet, when it doesn't "fit" or "serve" her endeavor(s), agenda(s) etc. her actions speak louder and more truthfully than her words and smile(s)!
....the first word flew out the window
....the second word is for the birds!

Jan. 10, 2010 Email from Rick Pouliot (Gedakina, Inc.) to UNDISCLOSED RECIPIENTS, to Judy Dow to Douglas Buchholz ~ February 05, 2006 "Unity Meeting" ~ Peter Newell - Nancy Millette/Cruger/Lyons/Doucet Photo's ~ April 18, 2008 Akwesasne Phoenix Newspaper Article:

Document [1.]
Document [2.]
Document [3.]
Document [4.]
June 06, 2008
David Stewart Smith PhD
Peter Wiggins
Document [4a.]
Abenaki Unity Meeting
April 04, 2006
Document [5.]
Document [5.]
Document 01:
Wednesday, January 13, 2010 8:28 PM
From: "jdowbasket@aol.com"
To: douglaslloydbuchholz@yahoo.com
Message contains attachments
1 File (63KB)
FYI: HB 1610-FN - Proposed legislation to establish an Indian Commission in New Hampshire.eml
Forwarded Message: FYI: HB 1610-FN - Proposed legislation to establish an Indian Commission in New Hampshire
Wednesday, January 13, 2010 8:19 PM
From: "RickPouliot@gedakina.org"
To: undisclosed-recipients
Please read the following message content and visit the http://gencourt.state.nh.us/bill_status/quick_search.html website to see what the proposed legislation is, and is not. I would encourage folks that have opinions, suggestions and comments either in support of, or in opposition of, the legislation to contact NH State Rep: Dan Carr: dcarr7@earthlink.net (Yeah, I wrote to Rep. Daniel Carr as have other people, we are getting "stone-walled" by this Representative who has put this N.H. Bill HB 1610 on the Legislative Table, because Daniel Carr wants to see this Bill pass, so it's another feather in his hat) and or members of the legislative committee listed below. According to the bill narrative the commission is to represent the interests of all Native Americans residing in the state of New Hampshire, federally and non-federally recognized (Then WHY is it that this Bill mirrors almost verbatim, the Legistlative Bill's in Vermont and has ABENAKI written all over it?). I would also suggest that anyone that might be interested in serving on the commission, if the legislation passes, should also contact Rep. Carr. (According to Rep. Daniel Carr, the Commission Members who are to serve on this NHCNAA have already been chosen, IF this HB1610 passes through the Legislature)
Please get this information out to other Native people living in New Hampshire, as everyones voices should be heard. (Yeah, right, dissenters need not apply)
Rick Pouliot
(Gedakina is not lobbying either for or against the legislation as we do not engage in lobbying activities. We are sending out this information as a public awareness service for the Native American population of New Hampshire) At the 11th Hour!, this HB1610 is due out of Committee on Feb. 18, 2010; and where is the notification to the PUBLIC and to ALL ABENAKI PEOPLE of PUBLIC HEARING(S) on this Bill HB1610?!
The Commission Bill is Bill number HB 1610-FN and it is going before the HOUSE STATE-FEDERAL RELATIONS AND VETERANS AFFAIRS Committee. No date has been set at this time.
You can read the bill at
If you know anyone on the committee or if they are in your district it would be a good idea to speak with them. Representative Frank Emiro, who you recommended I speak with Peter Newell , is on the committee. I have spoken with him and he was supportive and especially remembered you Peter Newell . If anyone else needs to know the members you can either go to the NH Gen Court Page or use the lists below.
The Chair of the committee is Representative Michael Rollo.
One person (Nancy Millette-Cruger-Lyons-Doucet) has written to all the Committee members and all the Senators complaining of grievous injustice in the bill and disparaging the character many of the people involved and is proposing to re-write the bill extensively in ways that would favor a small group which they claim is historically the true Abenaki (THESE INC. GROUPS are NOT THE TRUE ABENAKI !! They are incorporations of alleged and re-invented "Abenaki". THIS HB1610 HAS NO REQUIREMENT TO SHOW AND PROVIDE GENEALOGICAL DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE OF BEING CONNECTED TO THE HISTORIC ABENAKI PEOPLE NOR HISTORIC ABENAKI COMMUNITIES. When I am speaking with these folks I will be staying positive about the bill as I (you) see it and speaking to the Representatives about the good things it will accomplish Of course, Rick Pouliot will speak this way, simply for the fact that he is the President of the Gedakina, Inc. that will benefit from Federal Title 7 Funding and ICWA Federal Funds that will come into the State of N.H. IF this HB1610 passes the Legislature!...its ALL ABOUT GETTING THE $$$$ and the equality of participation B.S. on which it is based and the broad inclusiveness of people who will be able to participate and benefit as opposed to any plan that aims to tightly restrict membership such as is being proposed in Vermont's commission.
Member List:
Michael Rollo(d) V. Chairman: Patrick Garrity(d) Clerk: Sarah Hutz(d) Baldwin Domingo (d) Kris Roberts (d) Robert Haley (d) Cynthia Sweeney (d) George Katsiantonis (d) Alexis Chininis (d) Valerie Hardy (d) Thomas Katsiantonis (d) Alfred Baldasaro (r) James Twombly (r) Anne Priestley (r) Lars Christiansen (r) Frank Emiro (r) Dennis Fields (r) Leo Pepino (r) Todd Smith (r)
Let's Follow the Yellow Brick Road of the Alleged and Re-Invented Abenaki:
Paul Wilson Pouliot (of Alton, Belknap County, New Hampshire) is the President of COWASS NORTH AMERICA, Inc.
Paul Pouliot was born July 02, 1947 in Worcester, Massachusetts, the son of Leopold "Leo" Paul Pouliot and Mildred Elizabeth (nee: Wilson) Pouliot.
Leopold "Leo" Pouliot was born on  August 27, 1920 in Worcester, Massachusetts, the son of Joseph Napolean Pouliot and Rosse Aime Beatrice Bourque dit Bourke. Joseph was born February 26, 1894 in St. Cecile de Whatton, Quebec, Canada. (Leopold "Leo" Paul Pouliot died November 18, 2005 in Estero, Lee County, Florida).
Leopold "Leo" Paul Pouliot's brother was Richard Daniel Pouliot born on September 11, 1929 in Worcester, Massachusetts (Richard Daniel Pouliot died July 05, 2009 in Donaldsonville, Louisiana). Richard Daniel Pouliot married to Helen Stoneback and they had son Richard "Rick" Daniel Pouliot (President of GEDAKINA, Inc.)
LINK: http://www.gedakina.org/
Board of Directors:
Jane Bartley, B.A., Judy Dow, B.A.,Sarah Kenney, M.A., Melinda Neff, M.Ed., Cindy, Perry, M.Ed., Rick Pouliot - Chair, Marc Ranco, MSW, LCSW, Susan Soctomah, MSW, LCSW, Diane Weiner, Ph.D., Catheleen Wilson, M.A.
Board of Advisors:
Steven Abbott, Merritt Baer, Joanne Bartibogue, Cassandra M. Brooks, M.S. [sister to Lisa Brooks], Lisa Brooks, Ph.D. companion to Richard "Rick" D. Pouliot, Lisa Boucher Clark, Ph.D., Jason Corwin, Amy Den Ouden, Ph.D, Pamela A. Ellis, ESq., gkisedtanamook, Elizabeth Goldstein, Ph.D., Joseph P. Gone, Ph.D., Nicole Johnson, CNA., Leslie Jones, J.D., Kani Malsom, Louise Lampman Larivee of Swanton, Vermont, Miigam'agan, Micah Pawling, M.A., Bethany Pombar, B.A., Darren J. Ranco, Ph.D., Cheryl Savageau, M.A., Siobhan Senier, Ph.D., Gabrielle Tayac, Ph.D.
Jeremy Allen Thompson, M.F.A., Dale Turner, Ph.D., Kristen Wyman

So, as afore mentioned and quoted recently from an unsolicited email from Paul Wilson Pouliot to Douglas Lloyd Buchholz dated December 15, 2009, I will quote the information from "Chief" Paul Wilson Pouliot's email...."So far the Cowasuck Band of the Pennacook-Abenaki People (Paul W. Pouliot's Inc.), Koasek Traditional Band of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation (Brian Chenevert/Howard F. Knight Jr./ Paul Bunnell's Inc. ~ that Nancy Millette Doucet used to be a "Co-Chief" w. Brian Chenevert of until a "falling out" in the Fall of 2008), Wijokaodak, Inc. (Sherry Gould's Inc. ~ of which Peter Newell is President of), Gedakina, Inc. (Richard "Rick D. Pouliot Jr., his companion Lisa Brooks, and Judy Dow are a part of), and the New Hampshire Intertribal Council (Peter Newell is President of this Incorporation) have been discussing collaborative efforts to support the proposed legislation."
...."This legislation is being sponsored and proposed by the New Hampshire state legislature as a NON-PARTISAN and NON-BAND specific effort"....
....Note: The legislation HB1610 WAS NOT written by anyone within our community"....

Document 02: February 5, 2006 These Incorporated Alleged and Re-Invented Abenaki Organizations with their "Chief's"/ Inc. Presidents and Board of Directors from Vermont have long been in COLLUSION with the same over here in New Hampshire. Now the alleged and re-invented Abenaki Incorporated "organizations/ groups, with their Members/Card-holders/Supporters are now over here in New Hampshire knocking on the door of the New Hampshire Legislature through Representative Daniel Carr, etc. looking to gain what they want(ed) over in Vermont from that Legislature.
Retrospective:The first alleged Abenaki Unity Meeting since 1995 is held it Randolph, VT. Those in attendance were:
Charles Delaney - Mazipskwik band, Peter Newell - NH Intertribal Native American Council, Howard F. Knight, Jr. - Cowasuck Traditional Council of the Abenaki, Kimberly Merriam - Secretary of Cowasuck Traditional Council, Roger Longtoe Sheehan - El Nu Abenaki Tribe, Nancy Cote and Dawn Macie - Nulhegan Band of the Coosuk Abenaki, Yannick Mercier - Mena'sen Band Cowasuck Abenaki of Sherbrooke (Absent due to car problems on the way), Melody Walker - Seven Fires Leader, Fred Wiseman - Historian of the St.Francis/Sokoki band, Jeff Benay - Chairman of VT Governors Commission of Native American Affairs, Burton Decarr - Spiritual Leader - St.Francis/Sokoki band, Brian Chenevert - Cowasuck Traditional Council - Record Keeper, Nancy Lyons (nee: Millette) Doucet - Cowasuck Traditional Council - Meeting Organizer.

Document 03: More Photographic images:
Photo 1: Left to Right: “Chiefs” Roger Longtoe Sheehan ("EL-NU Sub-Band of the Koasek"/ "El-Nu Abenaki Tribe") - Peter Newell (Inc. President of the NH Inter-Tribal Council and President of Wijokadoak Board of Directors) - Nancy Millette Doucet (President of White Pines Association, Inc.) in March 2006.
Photo 2: Left to Right: Peter Newell (listening to Howard F. Knight Jr.) – Walker and Monroe and Melody Walker with other Abenakis at an Abenaki Gathering in March 2006.
Photo 3: Left to Right:Chief” Peter Newell - Tony Longtoe - Walker Brooks in March 2006, Inter-Tribal Gathering.
LINK: http://www.dawnland-movie.com/ChangelingTheMovie/CastCrew

Here is what one person had to say in response to Rep. Daniel Carr after reading his reply to Douglas Lloyd Buchholz:
To: daniel.carr@leg.state.nh.us Cc: Salmon
Sent: Tue, January 12, 2010 8:46:11 PM
Subject: HB1610
Dear Representative Carr,
I am astounded and greatly disturbed by your response to Mr. Douglas Lloyd Buchholz published in his blog, "The Reinvention of the Alleged Vermont and New Hampshire Abenaki." Your concerns regarding requiring genealogical documentation as a requirement of recognizing individuals as Abenaki are unfounded.
My great grandfather, Octave Caron was born on Indian Island in Old Towne, Maine in 1862. Although those of his generation and his children's generation were taught to be ashamed of who they were, the generations that follow are anything but. I am amazed to read that there are still those in your community that, because of the past, are still afraid. I am proud to show my genealogy to anyone who would like to see it. Make no mistake, my great grandfather and my grandfather remembered well the prejudice and abuse, that only makes me even prouder of who I am.
By not requiring genealogical proof that individuals are in fact Abenaki, and allowing the created commission to be the gatekeepers is akin to allowing the fox to guard the hen house. There are many, many "wannabe" individuals that proclaim themselves to be Abenaki. Over the past 20-30 years these differing "bands" have never ceased their back-biting, name-calling and ill will towards each other. It is all well documented in Mr. Buchholz's blog. Sir, nothing good will come of this bill unless you require genealogical proof of those who claim to be Abenaki. Let those that want to be recognized show and provide their genealogy. As my grandma used to say "Just because a cat has kittens in the oven, that don't make 'em biscuits!" It follows that just because someone has portrayed themselves as Abenaki to the public and in the media, it doesn't mean it's true. Additionally, you owe it to the true indigenous people of the state to weed out those that would take advantage of this bill (and there are many) as a back door attempt at Indian Gaming in New Hampshire, as well as satisfying their own selfish agenda. The original purpose of your bill will be overshadowed and most likely lost if these individuals are allowed to, and I'm quoting one of them here when the same issue was brought up in the Vermont legislation, "let Indian decide who's Indian". That individual has since moved back to New Hampshire and is one of the "wannabes" I speak of.
Please reconsider your requirements sir.
I remain,
A registered voter,
A property owner,
A taxpayer
I couldn't have said it better than this Letter to the Editor!
Center (with his back to the viewer of this photo) is Peter Newell - (to the left of Peter Newell) is seated Howard F. Knight Jr. (who is wearing that beaded headband) - (next to the stairway) is seated Frederick M. Wiseman - (2nd from the left of Fred Wiseman) is Melody Walker ~ Brook - Nancy Millette Cruger Lyons Doucet - Burton DeCarr.

Notice all the "Vermont and New Hampshire Governor's Proclamation's" Nancy Millette Cruger Lyons Doucet collected and had hanging up on display on her wall....these "Proclamations" were gained through the NH and VT Executive Council Office LINK: http://www.nh.gov/council/district1/
Now, one knows WHY Nancy Doucet wrote in the revisions that she wanted and or wants in HB1610.

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