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Monday, November 2, 2009

Certified Letter from Paul Wilson Pouliot of July 18, 2009:

1st document:  Both Lynn Menard-Mathieson of Griswold, CT and James LaFountain of Enfield, CT officially resigned from this group calling itself the Cowasuck Band of the Pennacook - Abenaki People, Cowass North America, Inc. P.O. Box 52 Alton, N.H.
Well, if Paul Wilson Pouliot would not courteously meet with both Lynn and James, in a sovereign neutral place, then why would either of them attend this so-called "Grand and Elders Councils" and "Band Annual meeting" held in the home of Paul Wilson Pouliot on July 18, 2009? I am sure both Lynn Mathieson and James LaFountain both were and are fully aware that these Grand Council and Elder Council members were and are pro-Pouliot/Incorporate agents, treasurer's, etc. and that such a meeting would have been "stacked against either or the both of them".
NO, a independant and legitimate review of the COWASS North America, Inc. (CNA) financial documents, records and practises was not made to Lynn Menard-Mathiseon by Paul Pouliot or his wife Denise. What was provided by them, one or the other, was standard I.R.S. - filed records, that are a matter of public record. Not the checkbook, Banking financial records, not the identification of who made the donations and who, when, and where such donations were spent specifically, nor where the monies come into and leave the Incorporation were shown and provided. Why? This is what, as a Board of Director Lynn Menard-Mathieson was inquirying about at the time before her resignation from the Incorporation. What she got was a "smear campaign"! Well, IF there was and is no financial malfeasance, and it had or has no basis in truth, then why didn't Paul Wilson Pouliot and his wife Denise SHOW and PROVIDE Lynn Menard-Mathieson (since she was a Business Agent and Board of Director on this Cowass North America, Inc.) such documentations, bank financial records as she (Lynn) requested at the time? "We're not required to show that material by definition of law" is merely an excuse, to run out the back door when the questions are asked and answers are demanded. Thats to my thinking anyway.
Seems that "keeping the financial records" close-to-the-chest and right at home (a.k.a. what they called their "Tribal Headquarters") has a wide and deep moat! Yes, it is all about the financial fund-raising isn't it?
2nd document: Interesting that "A review and discussion about the Constitution was made. Our webmaster was requested to replace the website draft copy with the latest version. The subject of citizenship and leader positions and related requirements were also discussed. As a result of the loss of the Band records, there was a reasonable assumption that those that were representing the Grand and Elders Councils were all of Native American ancestry and that each and everyone would reapply and resubmit their appropriate ancestral documentation. A key consensus matter was made that all leaders must have Native American ancestry.
Does Paul Wilson Pouliot or Denis Beauregard have Native American Ancestry (documentation from and in this century, let alone in the 1800's?) I have not seen ANY Native American ancestry in their genealogies so far. Now, even IF they did have "Native American ancestry" either by genealogical paperwork of an ancestor or ancestors in the 1600's or 1700's, does that make them "Abenaki", "Cowasuck", or "Pennacook"? Thats my question. Does ANY of these people in and on these so-called "Grand and Elder's Council's" have definitive connections to the Abenaki from the Cowasuck ancestry, that they allegedly represent and speak for, or do they make this b.s. up as they go along? Thats another question that people need to ask and demand the answer(s) for. Not by what these people say, but what they can show and provide into the hands of someone else so that it can be independantly, without hesitation or protest, to be reviewed and evaluated.
Oh yes, Lynn is to be complemented for her genealogical work and of having done an excellent job in putting together the records, etc. But when it came to the reality of her informing not only Paul Wilson Pouliot that she was NOT finding any Abenaki or Cowasuck ancestral connections etc., let alone NOT finding ANY Native American ancestry from the Abenaki Traditional area for his ancestry, that made her a threat to him. Just like what happened to Jacquline Emerton a.k.a. Firewoman. That's my conclusions. Everyone else has to PROVE their genealogical connections to the Cowasuck and or Abenaki ancestry, EXCEPT the President (and his wife) of Cowass North America, Inc.
3rd document: It is most revealing and interesting that Paul Wilson Pouliot signed this 3 page letter document as Paul W. Pouliot, Sag8mo - Grand Council & President - COWASS North America, Inc. Isn't that like conflict-of-interest or something?
Rene Blanchette, Sag8mis - Grand and Elder's Councils. Isn't he also one of the signers of the Incorporation called COWASS North America, Inc. as well? I'll have to dig that documentation up too.
Signe Sevigny (Citizen) and another relative Ronald Sevigny signed the documentation.
So did Denise Pouliot (nee: Beauregard) who is Treasurer - COWASS North America, Inc.


"Motor-Mouth" Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. to Paul Wilson Pouliot of December 02, 1997:

1st document: Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. decided that on December 02, 1997 he would type up a "letter" to Paul Wilson Pouliot.
"Unfortunately for you, friends of mine in the Nipmuc, Wamanoag, Pequot, and Naragansett Nations contacted me recently to advise me about you running your, as they called it, "motor-mouth", telling them in so-called "private conversations", that my eight (8) yeard old boy was an "Illegitimate Bastard", among other remarks about this Council, me, and others, up here in Vermont."
"And all of this came about because a 9 year old friend of my son overheard her parents, and some Elders of that group, referring to my son's circumstances of birth by you, and she and her brother (8) called all he way from Connecticut to talk to my son about your remarks, and about his birth.This has caused his much severe pain and turmoil."

Indeed, Matthew R. Knight was born ca. 1989 or 1990 to Howard Franklin Knight's son Frank Warren Knight (Frank Warren Knight was born April 29, 1966 in Bexar County, Texas to Howard Jr and Minnie Florence nee: Davidson) and Terri Doba. For whatever reason(s) both Frank Warren Knight and Matthew's mother Terri Doba could not retain custody of their son Matthew. Subsequently, his grandparents Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. and Minnie Florence (Davidson) Knight legally adopted their grandson. When Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. and Minnie divorced, the custody of the said adopted "grandson" Matthew, was retained by Howard F. Knight, Jr. on June 17, 1997.
I find it commical that Howard F. Knight, Jr. wrote this letter to Paul Wilson Pouliot accusing Paul Pouliot of being an alleged "motor mouth". Kind of looks like Howard F. Knight, Jr. was a bit of a "motor-mouth" himself!

November 17, 2007 Meeting Minutes of the Alleged Cowasuck Band Pennacook/Abenaki People:

1st document: This document shows that Lynn Menard-Matheson was voted in for "War Chief". When has the these alleged Abenaki been at "war" with anyone, other than within it's own so-called "membership", or with those that helped created it (meaning Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. and the late Homer St. Francis, Sr.)?! The better description would have rather been her function would be to identifying "Incorporation property", and protecting the "Incorporation"; not alleged tribal property, and protecting the tribe.
2nd document: Lynn Menard-Mathieson, "Grandfather Maple", and Gail Demers were voted to be on a Genealogy Committee. Did Paul Wilson Pouliot or Denise, his wife, resubmit their genealogy, with primary sources, along with all other documentation? Everyone needed to comply by July 2008 to stay in the alleged "tribe".
"Tribal Headquarters" really means the "home-of-Paul Wilson Pouliot and Denise".
3rd document: An artisan co-op store would also be opened on their updated website. Lynn Menard-Mathieson created an online website to advertise sell their arts and crafts. This was taken as her "trying to create her own alleged tribe or group" according to Paul Wilson Pouliot, thus began the "smear campaign" against Lynn Menard-Mathieson.
Every time they have a so-called Tribal Meeting they also have a Board of Director's Meeting for Paul Wilson Pouliot's Inc. Cowass North America. WHY? They say that one and the other is seperate from each other. Charles and Rhonda Besaw-True say the same thing for Abenaki Nation of New Hampshire Inc.

On Abenaki Pride: Setting the Record Straight Blog on October 30, 2009 8:14 PM, (do they ever know how to stand up and be responsible and accountable for their words? "They" never show anyone WHO they really are.....kind of deceptive don't one think?!) "Anonymous said... "I damn well don't need or will ever seek out their permission or anyone else's to be Abenaki or to conduct myself upon this land as such."

MY REPY: Good, then since this person doesn't need or will ever seek out "their permission or anyone else's" to be allegedly Abenaki or to conduct themselves upon this land as such.....then why did these "alleged" Abenaki Groups in N.H., MA, and Vermont go running to their persepctive Commonwealth's Secretary of State Agencies to "incorporate" themselves as "non-profit businesses"? When these alleged Abenaki "Groups" did this, did they not loose all sovereignty altogether? Or am I mistaken? Or is it that these alleged self-proclaiming bunch of alleged Abenaki groups simply trying to b.s. the Commonwealth of Vermont (and these other nine or more States) into assuming that these various "groups" are really the legitimate Abenaki People?

This blog Reinvention of the Vermont Abenaki is not to even imply that ANY ONE need seek my permission or authorization to "be Abenaki". Heck, if people want to pretend they are Abenaki, when their genealogical records show and provide the evidence that they are not Abenaki, then implying that I am the one whose crazy, negative, hostile, or whatever..... is just about as absurd as one can conclude I think.
Finding a 1600's Mikmaq ancestor in someone's genealogical history, or even Huron from that same time period, etc. does not make that descendant a Mikmaq or even a Huron, let alone an Abenaki Indian person.
I could say, because my surname is Buchholz by birth, that I gain recognition from Germany. Do you think that Nation would grant me recognition? Not without certain condition having been met first, with genealogical documentation. I could say, because I was legally adopted by James Leckie, because my surname is Scottish, since he was born in Bellshill, Scotland....that I be recognised by Scotland as a Scotsman. Think I would get that recognition? My Woodward's came from Rushden, England since I am by my mother's father, a direct descendant of the English Woodward's. I even did a DNA tests on quite a few of my Woodward Woodard relatives to confirm/strengthen their genealogical records. Does this mean I can then be identified and recognized by England as a citizen of that Nation as well?
Just because someone happens to have an ancestor way back in their genealogical records, indicating they had a Mikmaq ancestor, a Huron ancestor, or even an Abenaki ancestor, does not make them into an Abenaki.
No one needs my permission to be anything, but I think it is absurd to watch these people become aware at 30, 40, 55, and even into their elderly years, discover their Native ancestral connections genealogical, then subsequently go to Pow-wow's and go about pretending they are of the Abenaki People, when in fact they are not. Facts may be they are Huron, they may be Mohawk, they may be Algonquin, or whatever, but most obviously they are not part of a historical, cohesive, continuous, genealogically conntected Abenaki Community! They created these "incorporations" and now they are trying to pick up historical maps, and so on, even to the point of saying they have done DNA testing to prove they are Abenaki (which by the way, is impossible).

IF it is true, that this unidentified person, what this person proclaims, then they ought not to have any issue with what is on this blog documentarily or in my commentary. They can keep running around in their "leathers and feathers" proclaiming that they are Abenaki every weekend as many Pow-wow's/School presentations/Museum's as they can attend "because of their 1600's Huron or MicMaq ancestral connection from their 8th, 9th, or 11th Great Grandmother", and they can help perpetuate the geneocide against the Native People's that happen to come from legitimate Abenaki Communities who have legitimate genealogical docoumentation, etc.
This blog is merely to show the absurdity of these incorporated groups led by the late Homer St. Francis, Sr, and numerous others, claims, conduct and words for what such has been. As yet, no one has proven with documentation that my position or my conclusions are incorrect. I find that interesting. I think the Commonwealth of Vermont, and these other States, as well as the PUBLIC in each someday will find that interesting as well. The Truth, whatever that is, will eventually show itself for what it is, whether we like it or not.

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