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Thursday, December 31, 2009

August 01, 1996 Fax'd Communication of Darrell R. Larocque Regarding Harry and Cindy Shover:

Document 01: Fax document from Darrell R. Larocque, Chief Diplomatic Ambassador, Chief of Security SUPREME COUNCIL - National Federation of the Sovereign Republic of the Abenaki Nation at 8625 Cedarbrook Drive in Charlotte, N.C. 28215 Tel. (Telephone) #(704)-568-7803 Fax #(704) 568-7803. Date: August 1, 1996. Please deliver the following to: All Councils in Unity. From Chief of Security, Darrell R. Larocque. Message/ Instructions: See attached Letter to Cindy and Harry Shover dated July 31, 1996. We are sending (2) pape(s) including the cover page. If you do not receive all pages, please call as soon as possible and we will transmit. LIST c/c
Grand Chief Walter Watso Fax #514-568-6876
Chief Emerson Garfield AKA Spirit Bear
Chief Roland Demers Fax #819-565-7858 AKA Wisdom (?)
Chief Louis Annance
Chief Ray Lussier Fax #508-761-5237 AKA Looking Glass
Chief of White Bison Council (Nancy Millette-Lyons-Doucet) through Diplomatic Ambassador Rick Hunt Fax #603-444-0145
Chief Pierre Richards Fax #514-747-0079
Chief Ralph Swett AKA Spirit Water Fax No. 802-754-2954
Chief Michol Moisan AKA Dark Wolf
Retired Chief Howard F. Knight Jr. AKA Rushin Water

So, one can see that in the Incorporation documents of the Association Articles of the Cowasuck North America, Inc. N-8024 (in the previous posting) regarding Cindy and Harry Shover of Orleans, Vermont....that for whatever reason(s) it would seem that Harry and Cindy Shover were resigning from this Inc. on September 04, 1996 because of a "smear campaign" that involved Howard F. Knight, Jr. and Darrell R. Larocque, who was associated quite closely with "Chief" Homer Walter St. Francis Sr. and "Grand Chief" Walter Watso, etc.

This "List c/c" is quite revealing too. Interesting that they did not include Paul Wilson Pouliot's name to the bunch.

In the next following post, I think the "reason" why Paul Pouliot was NOT included on this "LIST" compiled by Darrell R. Larocque will be explained in the next document. Of course, perhaps the "LIST" extended onto the 2nd page (of which sadly I do not have) may have had Paul Pouliot's name listed; but obviously these "Chief's" (especially Howard F. Knight Jr. in particular) that are listed on this document, were actively doing a "smear campaign" against Mr. Pouliot's early 1993 created Cowass North America, Inc. "group" for various reason(s).

N-8024 Articles of Association of the Cowasuck of North America, Inc. April 16, 1993:

Document 01: Front Page. Articles of Association of the Cowasuck North America, Incorporated dated April 16, 1993 and signed by Donald M. Hooper, Secretary of State ~ State of Vermont, Secretary of State's Office.

Document 02: Articles of Association Page 02. The name of the corporation shall be Cowasuck of North America. The initial registered agent shall be Howard F. Knight, Jr. with registered agent's address at: RFD #2, Box 530-A (Alderbrook Road) in Newport, Vermont 05855. The corporation shall be located at RFD #2, Box 530-A in Newport, Vermont 05855.
VERMONT NON-PROFIT CORPORATION. This Corporation is organized for the purpose of: Scientific, Literary, Charitable, Religious, Cultural, Educational for Abenaki Peoples in North America 1. To provide services and resources to assist the Cowasuck (Coos) Bands of the Abenaki Nation and other Abenaki and Native American People's, so they may live without hunger, to be clothed, to have proper housing, and to experience the spiritual and cultural awareness that is part of the Abenaki's, and other Native Americans, heritage. 2. To provide a network of self-help assistance and guidance for food, clothing, housing, spiritual needs, and employment for the Cowasuck (Coos) Bands for the Abenaki Nation, and other Abenaki Peoples, and other Native Americans. 3. To Preserve and protect the spiritual and cultural heritage of the Abenaki Peoples. Also to develop educational and cultural programs to teach, and to preserve, the history, the legends, lore, religion, language and culture of the Abenaki Peoples as a whole and toe Cowasuck (Coos) Peoples in particular. 4. To support Abenaki and other Native American Tribal Councils and Peoples, Groups, and Organizations in their efforts to preserve and promote Native American culture, issues and....5. To establish a network of foster and adoptive care homes; To build, purchase or otherwise provide affordable housing for Cowasuck (Coos) and Abenaki People's; To provide and promote enterprise and to establish employment/ Employment Opportunities; To provide and promote such Abenaki and Native American owned and operated businesses, services, manufacturing, and other industry. 6. To further the charitable, religious, cultural, scientific, literary and educational welfare of all mankind. 7. To receive (?) Contributions, Grants, and other legal means.

Document 03:  Articles of Association of the Cowasuck of North America Page 03. Signed by: (Directors) Howard F. Knight Jr. at Alderbrook Road, RFD #2, Box 530-A in Newport, Vermont 05855; Arthur W. Seymour at 36 Walnut Street in Burlington, Vermont 05401; Emerson B. Garfield at P.O. Box 34 in Johnson, Vermont 05656; and Robert Maynard at Box 485 in Worcester, Massachusetts 01613. Dated at Coventry, in the County of Orleans this 12th, day of April, 1993.

Incorporators on this document were the same as the Directors.

Document 04: Articles of Amendment. Name of corporation: Cowasuck of North America. The text and date of each amendment adopted: Change name as of 10/19/2000 (October 19, 2000) to Odanak Abenakis of Vermont, Inc. at P.O. Box 722 in Newport, Vermont 05855. Signature: Richard R. Bernier. Title: President. Date: 10/19/2000. Office of Secretary of State Filed November 07, 2000. Apparently, Richard "Skip" Bernier (according to the information that came with this document) was taking over Howard F. Knight's non-profit corporation Cowasuck North America, Inc. allegedly "because of some scheme that was going on when Howard F. Knight Jr. had control of the non-profit and the so-called Food Pantry, and the lack of distribution of such goods to bonefide Abenaki Peoples in the area of Newport, Vermont".

Document 05: Articles of Association (non-profits and cooperatives). Corporation name: Cowasuck of North America. Name of registered agent: Howard F. Knight, Jr. Address of registered office: RFD #2, Box 530-A, Alderbrook Road, Newport, Vermont 05855. Board of Directors: Howard F. Knight Jr. (AKA Rushing Water); Emerson B. Garfield (AKA) Spirit Bear; Charles C. Labor (AKA Lightfeather) at RR1, Box 469 in Newport, Vermont.

Document 06: Incorporator's signature: Chief Howard F. Knight Jr. (AKA Rushing Water) RFD #2, Box 530-A, Alderbrook Road, Newport, Vermont 05855.

Document 07: N-8024 LOON CLAN, R.R. #2, Box 120; Orleans, Vermont 05860 dated September 04, 1996. To whom this may concern; As of this date, We Harry C. Shover and Cindy J. Shover do hereby resign as members of the Cowasuck of North America. "I Cindy J. Shover do hereby resign as Chief Financial Officer of this the Cowasuck of North America. And I have Filed the 990EZ Forms for 1995 and Part of 1996 as my Last Official act on my part!" I will be sending a copy of this paper work to The State of Vermont and the IRS for their records! The records will be in one of these people's hands: (or they will know who has them) 1. Howard F. Knight Jr. R.F.D. #2, Box 530-A, Newport, Vt 05855 or 2. Chuck Labor R.R. #1, Box 469, Newport, Vt 05855 or 3. Emerson B. Garfield P.O. Box 34, Johnson, Vt 05656-0034 (Who ever picks up the box will have to sign a paper of release, I will send you a copy of this for your records!) Sincerely, Cindy Loon Caller Shover. Vermont Secretary of State 96 SEP 12 AM 10:30.

Document 08: LOON CLAN, R.R. #2, Box 120; Orleans, Vermont 05860 dated September 04, 1996. As of this date We Harry C. Shover and Cindy J. Shover do hereby resign as members of the Cowasuck of North America. I Cindy J. Shover do here by resign as Chief Financial Officer of this the Cowasuck of North America. We do so because of the fact we have not done anything wrong! I will be filing the last 990EZ forms for the Cowasuck of North America, as my last official act as Chief Financial Officer of this Non-Profit Organization. Because for the Leadership has changed 3 times from the last meeting back in April 1996. I am sending this letter to the IRS and the State of Vermont. Because for the Leadership of this Cowasuck of North America and the Grand Council have many of the same people serving as Leaders in both Organizations, they are not following the By-Laws that they have at this present time. Before the Records are turned over to the People named below: We would like our Genealogies returned to us FIRST! (That is Harry's, Danyelle's, and Cindy's also.) "We no longer wish to be a member of the Cowasuck of North America!" All other records, documents and papers shall be retained by us as they are our personal files, records, documents and logs as a past, present and resigned Chief Financial Officer of the Cowasuck of North America! A box of records and documents that are the property of the Cowasuck of North America (Coos) Band shall be at my home until one of the persons below pick up the box, Howard F. Knight, Jr. (or) Chuck Labor (or) Emerson B. Garfield. If the fore-named peope have the Gall to come and get the paperwork! ("Who ever picks up the box will have to sign a form of taking the paper work over from us! For all records to stand**) Upon taking the records they will from this point on, leave Harry and Cindy Shover alone! Sincerely, Cindy Loon Caller Shover.

Documents Dated June 02, 1995 Etc. Wabanaki Nation Fax Dated August 26, 1997 Etc:

Document 01: Fax Page 04. Letter dated June 02, 1995 from the Town of Swanton, Vermont to Mr. David Hill at 7 West Minister Street, Suite ?1 in Bellows Falls, VT 05101. "Dear Mr. Hill: Per our telephone conversation, enclosed pleased find Homer St. Francis's birth certificate we have recorded in our Town Office. On this certificate it states his parents races. I hope this is helpful. Very truly yours, Judy Vanslette, Asst. Town Clerk.

Document 02: Fax Page 03. Birth Certificate Index Card of Florence Hakey Card No. 840. Date of Birth: 1896 Month July Day 4. Maiden Name of Mother: Delia (Martelle). Mother's Birthplace: Swanton. Mother's Residence: Swanton. Full Name of Father: Eli.
Father's Birthplace: Spencer, Mass. Father's Occupation: Laborer. Certified Copy Attest A. John Yacavoni, Director Public Records Division State of Vermont Date: Nov. 12, 1996.

Document 03: Fax Page 02. Chart of the St. Francis Family. Abenakis of Missisquoi from official records. *Indians from oral tradition. Apparently, David Hill was indicating his lineage was of Pierre-Jean a.k.a. Greylock a.k.a. Wawanolewat and his wife Helene., down to their son Jean Baptiste a.k.a. La Tete Blanche a.k.a. The White Head and whose sister Charlotte married to Francis Michisabuke a.k.a. Captain Francis a.k.a. Titigaw (Chief at Missisquoi) whose son Captain St. Francis married to Jean Claude and they had Francis St. Francis who married to Charlotte, and they had a son Michel Frances a.k.a. Mitchel St. Francis who married to Cordelia Collaret or Colomb, and they had Nazaire St. Francis who married to Agles Stag and or Clara Hoag. Then they had Nazaire St. Francis Jr. who married to Florence Hakey, who then had Homer W. St. Francis Sr. who married to Patricia "Patsy" Partlow. Again, the question begs to be answered, IS this genealogical information correct. Eventually I will show and provide the genealogical documentary evidence on this family ancestry of the St. Francis family. It is indeed an interesting genealogical chart, but I ponder if it is legitimately correct in its details.

Document 04: Fax Page 01. Certified True Copy of Birth Certificate regarding Homer Walter St. Francis Sr., son of Nazaire St. Francis Jr. and Florence Hakey. This birth record clearly indicated that the ethnicity of the said son, is "White".
Apparently, David Hill was beginning to investigate, review and evaluate the merits of genealogical foundations for these so-called "Chiefs" of his own interest and agenda in late May or early June 1995. 

Document 05: Birth Certificate of Homer Walter St. Francis Sr. Non Certified copy. Note that the parents and the son are identified as ethnic "White" on the record of birth for Homer Walter St. Francis on January 19, 1935 in Swanton, Franklin County, Vermont.

Document 06: Fax Page 05. Certified Copy of Birth Certificate regarding unidentified infant. Fourth child of Florence (nee: Hakey) St. Francis. This child (Marion Mabel St. Francis) was born September 23, 1917 in Swanton, Franklin County, Vermont.

Document 07: Fax Page 07. Record of Death regarding John Hakey  Card p 615. Age 67 years, 10 months, 24 days. Single. Occupation: Laborer. Birthplace: Canada. Father's Name: Jacob Hakey Birthplace: Germany. Mother's Name: Sophia Garney. Birthplace: Canada. Date of Death: February 19, 1904. Cause of Death: Cancer of stomach. Swanton, Franklin County, Vermont.

Document 08: Fax Page 06. Record of Birth regarding Addle Martell. Color: White. Born: June 04, 1866. Maiden Name of Mother: Prilleu (?). Mother's Birth Place: Not Given. Age: Not Given. Mother's Residence: South Hero (Vermont). Full Name of Father: Thomas Martell. Father's Birthplace: Not Given. Father's Occupation: Farmer. Town Birth: South Hero.

Document 09: Document of some sort of Timechart. 2125 Hours : Spirit Wind (Robert Maynard of Worcester, MA) called. Has talked to Ray Lussier (a.k.a. Looking Glass also of Massachusetts). Lussier mad an interesting statement. A. John Brin (Running Deer) is on the Tribal Rolls at Odanak. Claims to be registered there. B. Maynard has 2 lines on his genealogy that go to Odanak - Becancour. 2131 Hours: Called R. Demers (Roland Demers of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada) regarding John Brin. He will check him out and get back to me ASAP. He can't make it on Thursday but he will be here on Friday (April 02, 1993) at 1400 hours and he will call probably tomorrow night, with info. on John Brin. Definitely NOT Fri. P.M. 31 March 1993: 1030 Hours-Spirit Wind (Robert Maynard) called while I was in town at the Daycare Center teaching children about Indians (General things), which went very well. 1055 Hours: Has been hearing a lont of talk about pending problems for Arthur (Marchand 126 Sterling Street in Worcester, Massachusetts) but he (Robert Maynard) can't get a definite line on what is going on and who leading the charge against Arthur. He plans to continue looking. He will make a copy of Homer's (Homer St. Francis Sr.) newsletter entrity. I will send him $3.00 for the photocopy.

Document 10: Fax Page 10. Application For Birth Or Death Record from General Services Center Reference/ Research in Montpelier, Vermont dated January 22, 1997 regarding Mitchel St. Francis. Someone (David Hill ?) at NAPOD 1 Oak Street in Bellows Falls, Vermont at a Telephone: (802) 463-9222 of January 21, 1997 was seeking both Birth and Death Record on this Mitchell St. Francis.

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