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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Karen Majka or Karen Mica Emails to Raymond LeMay and Diane Williams in 2004; The Cowasuck-Horicon Traditional Council of March 2006; Brian Chenevert; Eric Scott Floyd, Nancy nee: Millette-Cruger-Lyons-Doucet, Etc:

Chief Chenevert chiefchenevert@cowasuckabenaki.org wrote:
Date: Wed, 6 June 2007 12:16:23 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Chief Chenevert" Chiefchenevert@cowasuckabenaki.org
To: chiefchenevert@cowasuckabenaki.org
I just wanted to give everyoe a quick report on the powwow and the weekends events as well as to thank people.
Overall it was a terrific weekend, approximately 1500+ people came and enjoyed themselves throughout the weekend. Everyone commented on how friendly and comfortable they were made to feel and how well organized and set up it was. Not to mention the numerous comments I received on the Security team and how safe they made everyone feel. The whole weekend went off without really any hitches.
I would like to thank all of the helpers Ray and Ivonne Lussier, Elaine, Karen Mica and Shelley Boudrea for the great job they did at the front gate. Norman Chenevert [Brian's father] , Andy [Paul Andrew Pouliot] and Bonnie Lynne Akerman [Both Andrew and Bonnie are the children of Paul Wilson Pouliot and Linda (nee: White) Pouliot of Worcester, MA] for their work on keeping the parking lot organized, James Akerman [Bonnie's (nee: Pouliot's) husband] for his efforts at the First Aide station, Eric James Cruger [Nancy L. (nee: Millette) Cruger - Lyons - Doucet's son by her husband Christopher Cruger] for being our sound man, Norman Chenevert, Daniel B. Osgood [father of Carolyn (nee: Black) who married to Richard "Rick" Hunt, cousin to Nancy Doucet] , Mike Finn and everyone else who chipped in and walked around for Security and our go for for the weekend Mike Johnson who helped out with everything from top to bottom, Mike Finn for putting up the staging and Peter Newell, Jason and Andrew who helped out a long with everything.
If I forgot anyone I apologize as so many helped out.
The Koasek Drum, named the Tuhtuhwas Drum had been finished just prior to the powwow and was delivered to Carolyn Black Dan Osgood's daughter) to paint our Band symbol on it and the drum's name. Thank you Carolyn! The head dancer's were Carolyn Black and Josh Hunt (Rickey Hunt's son) did a tremendous job! Thank you both very much. Rick Hunt was our firekeeper for the weekend and with all the rain we got on Friday and Saturday night he had his work cut out for him. But like a true professional he did an excellent job. Thanks Rick!
The drum groups were very good, thank you Red Bear Drum and Split Feather drum Mystic River had car trouble and never made it up. Peter Newell our MC kept everything moving smoothly and did a tremendous job. Thanks Peter! Also thank you to our Koasek members who were vendors there and to our new little brother the El Nu Abenaki Tribe for putting together the 18th century village which they lived in all weekend long. On Sunday morning we wen to, Tribal Council Member, Mike Finn's house to plant our Koasek corn. It went very well as Fred Wiseman PhD. taped it and Roger Longtoe Sheehan sang for us. Thank you Mick for leting us use your home and property to get our Koasek Corn growing again. Hopefully if the crop goes well we will have enough for Koasek citizens to plant themselves. Also on Sunday just after Grand Entry, Nancy and I as speakers for the Koasek signed an alliance with the El-Nu of Abenaki making us their big brother and in traditional form a Wampum belt was given to commemorate the event and will be read at future gatherings. The Koasek welcome our younger brother the El Nu Tribe of Abenaki as a sub-band of the Koasek Abenaki Band. We are on our way to rebuilding our Nation!
And our biggest thank you goes to the two man wrecking crew of Nancy Millette and Peggy Fullerton who put the whole event together and worked tirelessly for the last 6 months. Rest up ladies because we get to do it all over again next year!
Abenaki hold week of Nawihla celebrations

by: Donna Laurent Caruso
@ Indian Country Today June 25, 2007. All Rights Reserved
HAVERHILL, N.H. - Abenaki of Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts held a weeklong celebration in early June that culminated in a pow wow on ancestral land, the planting of bebonki skamon, an old form of fast-growing, sweet northern corn, and seminal educational outreach. The event was named Nawihla, which means "to go back home." Organizers felt this was the best name for the ceremonies because just last year, Abenaki were officially recognized by the state of Vermont.
The events were held at the Woodsville Community Field in an area known to be a center of Abenaki commerce dating back about 10,000 years. The meadows that straddle the Connecticut River at the present-day towns of Haverhill and Newbury, Vt., once held permanent villages and expansive gardens of Aln8bak ("Our People").
In the 1700s, Abenaki dispersed, perished or hid. Many, as Marge Bruchac, an Abenaki historian, has noted, "hid in plain sight" in order to survive the genocidal forces of Roger's Rangers and later, state-sponsored eugenics programs. Their homeland, N'dakinna, was never purchased by treaty or otherwise.
A population estimated to be 25,000 Aln8bak in New Hampshire) alone was reduced to 700 by 1760.
"It was an overwhelming feeling to go back home," Chief Nancy Millette said.
"It was absolutely the best. Fantastic. I am still in awe." Co-Chief Brian Chenevert agreed. "Every Abenaki I know said they got an incredible feeling of being home. We had such a great reception from the town that many tensions were eased, the governor of New Hampshire, John Lynch, even proclaimed a Native American Cultural Awareness Weekend."
Michael Johnson, a Mashantucket Pequot who helps coordinate the tribe's Schemitzun pow wow, said, "Nawihla had such a strong meaning, everyone was drawn into it. When well-off tribes support emerging tribes, we are reminded of all the issues we have overcome and are still facing."

The Mashantucket Pequots helped sponsor Nawihla. Millette noted that 1,500 people came through the gates. "What I think really set this apart from other events I've done was how many questions people asked, how much they wanted to be informed and learn."

The creation of an 18th century Aln8bak village by the Elnu Sub-Band of the Koasek band of Abenaki drew a constant stream of people.

Shortly after the state recognized the tribe, a strain of old corn was formally gifted back from descendants of European settlers. "It is noteworthy that the tradition of seed propagation was also preserved by non-Natives, and it is just so significant that this old corn variety was planted on the meadows during Nawihla," he said. Johnson received an ear to bring to the Mashantucket Tribal Museum, where "we will remove the kernels and plant on our own homestead garden beds away from other corn."

According to Chenevert, the ceremony of planting the aboriginal corn was small and private in a family-size garden on a section of the meadows owned by a tribal council member. Chenevert and Mike Fenn made the mound, and Karen Majka Mica and Millette handled the corn. Fred Wiseman PhD, professor of humanities at Vermont's Johnson State College, showed, "Against the Darkness," a DVD he produced that dramatizes Abenaki persistence through seven generations after the state of Vermont declared they did not exist. Wiseman, as historian and ethno-botanist, also recorded the corn planting. "The corn has some old characteristics and some beyond my knowledge. It is not an ornamental and not a degenerate of more modern corn. It is very like the traditional corn, with ears only three and one-half to 5 inches, and between eight and 12 rows with a lot of variability. It has a very short growing season. Even if it is a 30 to 40 percent European/American variety, it is still old and is as close to bebonki skamon as we'll ever see. "Since the corn came, some people have discredited its importance and now I am learning the politics of corn. I thought everyone would simply be glad to know of it. It this is indeed ancient or indigenous, it is very important that it is under Indian control.
"There will be a lot of interesting work ahead of us," Wiseman said 
Page [1]
Email from Ret'd [Retired] Chief Howard F. Knight Jr.
to Eric Scott Floyd of Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Date: Sat. May 17, 2008 9:43 PM
From Howard Knight Jr., "You also will note that Paul Wilson Pouliot's group, the Cowasuck band of the Pennacook IS NOT listed anywhere on this list because they do not acknowledge him and his group in anyway as being a legiotimate group that has had any legitiate dealings on a government to government basis."
Page [2.]
From Howard Knight Jr. to Eric Scott Floydd, "It was good to meet with you again at Sub-Chief Wiseowl's Burial Service at the Vt National Veterans Cemetary this past Thursday, after so many winters since our last meeting face to face."

From: Brian Chenevert
Sent: Friday, February 29, 2008 11:18 AM
To: Howard Knight; nancy Lyons [now married to Doucet], DocRay Lussier

[The reason Howard F. Knight Jr., with Emerson Bidwell Garfield (in that Newport, VT Nursing Home) and Brian Chenevert (of Massachusetts) called their Tradename - Business Name "The Cowasuck - Horicon Traditional Council - of the Abenaki Nation" was simple. Eric Scott Floyd (of Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts) ... his father Harry David Floyd was born October 30, 1936 in HORICON, Warren County, New York !! Howard F. Knight Jr. was MAKING UP SH** yet again, against the bone-fide legitimate Abenaki and the Coos Ancestor's of N'dakinna; that's what he was doing!]
Page [1.]
Corporation Name:
Koasek Traditional Band of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation, Inc.

Alternate name choice:

Registered agent's name:
Howard F. Knight, Jr.

Registered agent's address in Vermont:
573 East Main Street
Newport, Vermont 05855

Principal Office Address:
P.O. Box 147
Post Mills, VT 05058

1. Nathan Elwin Pero
3649 Blood Brook Rd.
Fairlee, VT 05045

2. Matthew R. Knight
573 East Main Street
Newport, VT 05855

3. Morris Pero [Uncle or Nephew to Nathan Elwin Pero]
5 Pero Hill Rd
Thetford Center, VT 05075

4. Brian Chenevert
6 George Street
Webster, MA 01570

5. Paul Bunnell
45 Crosby Street
Milford, N.H. 03055

Member's Names and Addresses:
1. Brian Chenevert - President (see above)
2. Paul Bunnell - Vice President (see above)
3. Karen Jean [Majka] Mica - Secretary
Box 307 West Warren, MA
4. Shelley Janet Bordreau - Treasurer
Gilbertville, MA.
Vermont Secretary of States Office
[Stamped] 2009 April -7 AM 11:53 [April 07, 2009]
03. 12. 2009 Paid $97.00
Page [2.]
Incorporators Printed Name & Signature
Nathan E. Pero ..... Nathan E. Pero
Howard F. Knight Jr. ..... Howard F. Knight Jr.

This filing cannot be changed for any reason without the use of the Turtle Clan Stamp and the Cowasuck of North America Corporate Seal with shows the continuity of the Koasek Traditional Council of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation (today's filing - 12 March 2009) as successor organization to the Cowasuck of North America.

Nathan Pero
Tribal Council Member

Howard F. Knight Jr.
Ret'd Chief - Senior Advisor

Cowasuck-Horicon Incorporation Created By Howard Knight Jr.; Karen Majka "Mica"-Brian Chenevert-Nancy Lyons/Doucet-Eric Floyd, Etc:

Tuesday May 11, 2004 6:04 am
"Ray" [Raymond LeMay]
nyfrancoamer... [New York Franco-American...]
Ray wrote:
Greetings All,
I just thought i would drop a line and say hello. Am greatly interested in honoring my metis ancestry. I am the 9th Great Grandson of Jean Nicolet and Wife Sauvagesse Nipissing and 11th Great Grandson of Martin Prevost and Marie Oliver Manitouabeouich of the Abenakis.
Hoping i can be active in New York State here, i reside in Albany County, look forward to hearing from fellow active metis in my area.
Also interested in information on joining the Metis Nation in New England and active Bands and or members in Upstate New York.
Raymond LeMay

Response on metis: an open discussion for Metis people.

Tue May 11, 2004 7:20 am
Karen Mica
Re: [metis] Just found out I am Metis...
Ray, sounds like we are pretty closely related! I am also a direct descendant of Martin and Marie.
I noticed the "LeMay" to, which was my Grandmother Rose's last name...! Karen
ps. It seem that "Roch" was Abenaki but his wife "Outchi" was Iroquois. Or atleast her name seems to be related to an Iroquois village. Do you know that you are related to the LeMay's of Gilbertville MA?

From: karen mica
To: metis@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 2004 7:25 AM
Subject: Re: [metis] Just found out I am Metis...
Ray, one more thing.. you are eligible to join the Abenaki tribe of Vermont if you choose to. If you are interested let me know and I wcan help you with the application etc. Karen [Majka a.k.a. Mica]

[NOTE: Most of these "Abenaki" Incorporations are comprised of NON-ABENAKI PEOPLE, whom are solicited over the internet, from OUTSIDE the CORPORATION, petitioned to fill out an Membership Application Form which the Corporation Secretary etc creates. The memberships of these groups COME FROM OUTSIDE THE GROUP(S). Subsequently, under Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs Office of Acknowledge would NOT grant Federal Acknowledgment to this "Abenaki" Corporation any more than that Federal Agency would the St. Francis/Sokoki group up in Swanton, Vermont or any other of the created "Abenaki" Corporations such as Nulhegan-Coosuk, the El-Nu, or the Koasek of the Koas led by Nancy Lee (nee: Millette) Doucetl; etc. Again, this is substantiation that these "Abenaki" Corporations created in the previous years, are NOT "authentic" bone-fide Abenaki Tribal Nation's or groups of legitimate Abenaki People. Tribal Composition comes from within the group, and NOT from outside solicitations to create the claimed Abenaki Tribe. It's really no surprise WHY these "Abenaki" Corporations created UNDER VT STATE LAWS, are so desperately AFTER State of VT legislature "official" recognition to "authenticate" themselves and their "VT Indigenous Alliance". It's because NONE of these Alleged and Re-Invented Abenaki Groups that have Incorporated AND solicited memberships, that have been "loose and fluid" etc, CANNOT gain Federal Acknowledgment Recognition by any stretch of the imagination. So these "Abenaki" groups in Vermont and New Hampshire have to sell their B.S. to the most questionable politician's in the State Legislature. And I think everyone knows who I am talking about too in that Dept. now don't we!
Tuesday May 11, 2004 9:18 am
"Diane Williams"
Dear Karen, I too am related to Raymond LeMay via both of his blood lines. Jean Nicolet and Marie Nipissing, and also Martin Prevost and Marie Olivier Sylvestre Manitouabeouich. I have Marie Manitoubeouich's father as being Huron and his wife Keoeou Outchibahananou as being Abenaki. In any case, I have found just two cousins! I see your offer for Raymond to join your Abenaki tribe in Vermont. I am very interested in joining if you would consider me. I am related to Marie Manitouabeouich through three lines of my ancestry, and to Marie Nipissing (Ojibwe) twice in my ancestry. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon, Diane, Maine Metis.

Tue May 11, 2004 9:32 am
"Ken Nedreau"
Re: [Metis] Just found out i am Metis...
Hi Raymond,
You are more than welcome to send in an application to the Metis Nation of New England. Once you do, we can connect you to any other MNNE members in your area.

Tues May 11, 2004 5:55 pm
karen mica
house of mica
Re: Karen Just found out I am Metis...
Hey Diane, send me your address off list and I will send you an application for full tribal membership. You will need documents, copies of birth certificates, marriage licenses and a genealogy leading back to these people. You will also need two small (passport type) pictures. Write me off list and I can help with any questions etc you might have about the documents you need and where to find them. Two cousins i one day for all three of us! This is a good day! K [Karen Majka a.k.a. Karen Mica]
ps. It seems that this line is only just beginning to discover it's ancestry after three generations of (hiding) here in the states. We have brought over thirty relations into the band in the past few years. Lol, if this keeps up we may want to consider starting our own band just for this line!

[NOTE: "Starting our own band" is EXACTLY what all these Incorporations claiming to be Abenaki Tribes of Vermont and or New Hampshire (including Paul Pouliot in Worcester, Massachusetts ... now resident of Alton, NH) have done in the past..... so WHY not start another "Abenaki" Corporation which can subsequently claim to be an Abenaki Tribe of Vermont etc. Perhaps HONORARY Chief Illuzzi can receive an membership application and join too?! Again, this is a LOOSE and FLUID (solicitation of) membership; subsequently it CANNOT be considered an "authentic" Abenaki Tribe UNDER Federal Acknowlegment, just as was the case of the St. Francis/Sokoki group in Swanton, Vermont]
March 25th and 27th, 2005 email's between Raymond LeMay and Karen "Mica" Majka regarding "Abenaki" "Indian" Children in the Foster Care System in the Northeast.
Page 1 of 2
(11 VSA, Ch.15) Business Name:

Alternate Name:
The Horicon-Cowasuck Sovereign Traditional Council.

Name of the town where business is located: Newport, VT 05855
Date business began:
1 Oct 2004 [October 01, 1994]

Kind of business being transacted:
Native American Researching & Affecting the Councel with Housing, Economic Development, Employment and Educational Opportunities & development, Advocacy, and Cultural Preservation.

Individual names and residences of all persons, co-partners, members, IIc or corporation:
Howard F. Knight Jr.
573 East Main St.
Newport, Vermont 05855

Emerson Garfield
148 Prouty Dr.
Newport, Vermont 05855

Brian Chenevert
8 1/2 Robinson Street
Webster, Massachusetts 01570

Applicant's signature: Howard F. Knight Jr.
Stamped: Vermont Secretary of State 2006 MAR 02 [March 02, 2006]
Page 2 of 2
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 1 day of March 2006
Notary Public signature: April A. Morrison commison expiration date 2/10/07
FEE: $40.00 Tradename registration is not a gaurantee that you are entitled to the name. A person or entity may have, or claim to have, a pre-existing right to exclusive use of the name.
2006 MAR-2 AM 10:02
Page 1 of 3
Vermont Secretary of State
81 River Street
Montpelier, VT 05609-1104
Corporation Name:

Corporation type:
Public Benefit

Registered Agent's name:
Emerson Spirit Bear Garfield
Sachem Emerson "Spirit Bear" Garfield
148 Prouty Drive
Newport, VT 05855

1. Emerson Spirit Bear Garfield
148 Prouty Dr.
Newport, VT 05855

2. Kelton Garfield
19 Broken Ground Dr.
Concord, NH 03301

3. Wanda Greenwood
25 Drew St.
Burlington, VT 05401
[Stamped] 2006 May-2 [May 02, 20068:30 AM
Page 2 of 3
Purpose: VT recognition. Abenaki Council, to assist in genealogy search & apply/distribute benefits to members of council.
Page 3 of 3
Incorporators postal address:
Emerson Spirit Bear Garfield
148 Prouty Dr.
Newport, VT 05855

FEE: $75.00
[Stamped] 2006 May -2 AM 9:30 [May 02, 2006]
Page 1 of 2
Name of Business:
Cowasuck-Horicon Council of the Abenaki in Vermont, Inc.

The name of the owner being removed is:
Howard F. Knight, Jr., & Brian Chenevert

Date of this cessation: 04/20/2006 [April 20, 2006]

COMPLETE cessation must include the names and addresses of ALL of the owners, as set forth on the original tradename registration.

Emerson Garfield ... sole survivor of Council
148 Prouty Dr.
Newport, VT

out-H.F. Knight Jr.
573 E. Main St. 05855

NEW- Kelton Garfield
19 Broken Grnd Dr.
Concord, NH 03301

out-Brian Chenevert
MA (loc. unknown)

NEW- Wanda Greenwood
25 Drew St.
Burlington, VT 05401

[Stamped] 2006 May -2 AM 9:30 [May 02, 2006]
Page 2 of 2
Signature and Title: Emerson Garfield
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 1st day of May, 2006.
$20.00 Filing Fee must be attached to this application.
May 9, 2006
State of Vermont
Office of the Secretary of State
Non-Profit Corporation Division
81 River Street
Montpelier, VT 05609-1104
Subject: Illegal, and unauthorized use of my name as an Officer in the Non-Profit Corporation (File No. N-25641-0) known as COWASUCK-HORICON COUNCIL OF THE ABENAKI IN VERMONT, INC.


Dear; Office of the Secretary of State:
This letter is in response to a request from your office regarding the use of my name as an officer in the above name corporation. Be it known to all that since time began, and forever forward, that the use of my name, Kelton Garfield or any facsimile is not to be used by the corporation listed above or any other corporation without my expressed and notarized authorization.
Also I would like to point out to you the Principal Address of this Corporation is listed as 148 Prouty Dr. Newport, VT 05855 this address is that of the Newport Health Care Center, a nursing home. I would question if this were legal, because in their Corporation Info, this is the location of their Registerd Agent again, this is the address of a nursing home
I.e. how is Registered Agent defined by Vermont Law also Principal Street Address of said corporation?
The third and finale question or complaint (This may want to be referred to the AG's Office or the Dept. of Health and Human Services, Nursing Home Div.) Emerson B. Garfield is a resident at Newport Health Care Center located at 148 Prouty Drive, Newport, VT 05855. He is there because of two major hear surgeries and two major spine or back surgeries, he usually uses a wheel chair but can walk for short distances, he lost his manufactured home in a park, that was received by him in "our
mothers last will and testament", because he could not maintain it. He also has major anxiety attacks, could not keep himself properly clean or maintain a proper diet, maintain a checkbook or pay his bills or understand the difference between right and wrong. These are a few things of which he has for problems. My sister and myself make sure he has good clothes to wear and some extra money that he may spend, other then the stipend he is allowed. Therefore I believe that the State of Vermont Department of Health and or myself request he be relieved of any duties and or responsibility's of this Corporation known as COWASUCK_HORICON COUNCIL OF THE ABENAKI IN VERMONT INC. effectively ASAP.
Sincerely Yours,
Kelton E. Garfield
Kelton E. Garfield

Kelton E. Garfield
19 Broken Ground Dr.
Concord, NH 03301-5899
Cc: Attorney Generals Office Attn: Bonnie Boardman
Nancy Lyons Abenaki
Newport Health Care Center

[NOTE: Now WHY would Kelton E. Garfield born July 09, 1939 and younger brother to Emerson "Spirit Bear" Bidwell Garfield, both the sons of Harold Azanah Garfield and their mother Alver Etta (nee: May) place Nancy Lee (nee: Millette) Lyons - Doucet's name on this Letter by Kelton, IF he didn't know her BEFORE the creation of this letter? Perhaps it was a letter to "counter" the mad rush to get "InCorporated" in their madness to gain Vermont's Official State Recognition?! In doing so, Howard F. Knight Jr. "used" this elderly disabled Emerson Bidwell Garfield "for every drop of ink" he could on an Corporation document! Pretty sleezy if that is what was going on]
May 31, 2007
Amended Incorporation Document
Corporation Entity is named:
Non-Profit Purpose:
Native American and Abenaki Affairs
Registered Agent:
"Retired" Howard F. Knight Jr.
Registered agent's address:
573 East Main Street
Newport, VT 05855
President: Howard F. Knight, Jr. - COOS TURTLE CLAN
Vice President: Lucie Caron
Secretary: Karen Mica [actually that's Majka]
Treasurer: John Davis

1. Howard F. Knight Jr.
2. Virgina Tortosen
3. Jom Haskins or Hoskins
4. Matthew R. Knight [Howard's grandson]

Cowasuck OF North America Minutes of 12/09/1995; Homer St. Francis Letter AGAINST his own Cousin Connie Brow; Chart from Howard Knight Jr; Minutes of the Council Meeting Feb. 10, 1996:

Cowasuck of North America Taped on 12/9/95 1345hrs. Meeting came to order At Harry and Cindy Shovers Home:
Opening Ceramony was preformed by Howard And Cindy with blessings and smugging all around for us that where at the meeting. Emerson B. Garfield came in late;but he made it despite the weather we had(SNOW)! Cindy asked if the children should be blessed and they where(Danyelle & Matthew).
The new Council in Swanton would have to subordinate under this council; we met with them and they asked if they could come under this council under our 501 C-3. We said that they would have to get their our 501 C-3; but if they subordinate under us our Chief Financial Officer would have to set up the book! (They do not like that) That is where we stopped it.
The Secretary report was read for the last meeting and OK by all the members that were present at this meeting. (1) The review of the Constitution and By-Laws at our next meeting. Mostion made by Chuck; Seconded by White Dove; and Confimed by all.
The Tresurers report was read by Cindy; we have as of this date $23.43 in the check book.Mostion made by Chuck to pass the Tresurers report as read; Seconded by Emerson all confermed the reading.
Old Business:
The womans and men Councils have not got with the Childerns Council on their request of there list. It was desided that we have to get our men's and women's councils together to get going on this matter! We need to devide up this training duties for our childern! The childern have started their own account as a savings book with the financial officer on this savings book with a amount of $50.00 something in it.(Danyelle and Joey have done very will to start this matter for the crafts they need in their council. Joey & Danyelle did tomahawk throwing contest in two outings with Harry and Cindy Shover.
We have to desided on the womans hoop issue; The woman asked that all the council heads resign their postions on this council; Cindy resigned her postion as Assoc. Chief and Emerson B. Garfield went in as Assoc.Chief By Voting by phone. Harry on his own wrote a letter to the womans council and used there own words against them! We found out that the womans hoop would like to charge the schools $200.00 to $300.00 & mileage for teaching in schools around our area. Just because the group in St. Albans Charges. We will ask for Donations to be made to this council if they wish; we will do the teaching for free! A mostion was made to stop the womans from doing this move! We will send a letter to them and the IRS on behalf for our 501 C-3 advising them and the womans hoop that they have no right to use our 501 C-3 it any way shape or matter. They are on there own but are not throne out of this council as members! It was voted on to reform the woman's council by spring picking new leader; also we have to reform the mans council need to pick a new mens leader for their council. Jary Snay is not running it well! Motion made by:White Dove , Second by: Harry all confirmed!
New Business:
We look in Subordents for the Cowasuck of North America Organiztional Chart that Harry designed for this council. The Chief Financial Officer explained about the books and bookkeeping of the records that have to be set up on this matter. Roger said that he can help us with the computer end he has a program for the financial end for record keeping. Roger also asked the council if we can get as CD-Rom to be persued by this council for Gerealogical Reports. It will be worth the money of $49.00 in a money order! Motion was made by:Chuck Second By: Cindy , All confirmed ! We all put money in to get this! (Roger would you like to tell us how it is going right know with the Gerealogical Reports!)
Howard had written his ruff drafts and informed this council that he [Howard F. Knight Jr.] is retiring as chief this June 1996, He read the drafts and we all agree to this draft that was read to us. We will
[NOTE: this is I think the 4th or 5th document wherein Howard F. Knight Jr. SUPPOSEDLY "Resigns" as "chief"...didn't he already resign in January 1993? Oh that's right, he re-activated himself as "Cowasuck" Chief like some Wanna-Be "Abenaki" Chief that he is ... actually he was and is ONLY an Inc. President]
have to start looking for a new chief for Aprils meeting. Howard presented this council with a set of deer horns for the new headdress of the new leader; The new horns would be in the care of loon caller till that time! Buy april meeting, by-laws have to be amended - (for leanel Coos.)
We need a standard Application From we need a simple forms to use. The Council agreed to let Harry & Cindy make the new forms for the council to be ready by the next meeting.
A motion was made that the Coucnil meets every 2 months for know on! Second Saturday meet. Next meeting is Feb. 10 1996 at Harry & Cindy Place, Pot Luck all confirmed this mostion!
Motion by cindy to ajorn the meeting ; All in favor say I's have it!
Report By Cindy J. Shover 12/10/95 [December 10, 1995]
Sovereing Republic of the Abenaki Nation
Grand Chief Homer St. Francis
P.O. Box 276
Depot Street
Missisquoi, 05488
Telephone (802)868-7146 or (802)868-2559
Fax (802)868-5118
December 27, 1995
Representative Wiliam A. Fyfe
Box 421
399 Sias Avenue
Newport, VT 05855
Dear Representative Fyfe:
As you are undoubtedly aware from the recent media reports a small number of former members of the Abenaki Nation of Missisquoi have recently decided to strike out on their own and are attempting to claim representation of the Abenaki citizens under the self-styled organizational name of "Traditional Abenaki of Mazipskwik and Related Bands". This group coincidently manifested itself at the same time that the Abenaki Nation of Missisquoi was researching the Abenaki lineage of some of its members in preparation for resubmitting its Petition for Federal Recognition and accompanying genealogical data to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Unfortunately, some members were apparently concerned with the request for substantiation of their Abenaki heritage.
The Abenaki Nation of Missisquoi has long been recognized as the true Abenaki Tribe in Vermont. The Nation and its two non-profit service organizations, Abenaki Self-Help Association, Inc., (ASHAI) and Wobanaki, Inc., have, for more than the past two decades had their main goal the increasing of the self-sufficiency of the Native American Community be [by] promoting economic and social development of the Abenaki people. Over that period of time programs in education, employment, drug abuse, youth, housing and economic development have been directed toward attaining these goals. The most recent success, with the generous support of IBM, has been the creation of a computer training center for the members of the Abenaki Nation with the goal of developing marketable job skills. These programs have not been matched by any other organization seeking to represent the Native-American community in Vermont.
The Abenaki Nation of Missisquoi recognizes that right of free expression and organization and believes that any program or organization that can benefit and improve the status of the Native-American community in Vermont can only help Native-Americans.
It has, however, recently come to the Nation's attention that there are individuals and organizations out there who may have approached either you or your organization claiming
to represent the Abenaki Nation of Missisquoi and its citizens and soliciting support, donations, funds, or equipment on behalf of the Abenaki Nation. In fact, they may have received donations that were earmarked for programs of the Abenaki Nation, to include Christmas gifts for the Nation's "Operation Santa Claus" and based on this unauthorized representations mistakenly given to them. The only people that are harmed by these sort of reprehensible actions are the individual tribal members, especially the children. Many of these representations do not belong to, are affiliated with or are authorized by the Abenaki Nation of Missisquoi or its two service agencies to seek solicitations on behalf of the Nation. I would request that you use extreme care and prudence regarding any solicitations or representations that you received by individuals or groups claiming to represent the Abenaki Nation. Please request identification and/or letters of authorization. Individuals authorized to represent the Nation have been issued such letters. If you have any questions or concerns please immediately call the Tribal Headquarters at (802)868-7146/2559.
I would like to thank you for your generous support and assistance in the past and look forward to continue working with you in the future to help the Abenaki people attain self-sufficiency. I wish a very peaceful and merry holiday.
Grand Chief Homer St. Francis
Homer St. Francis, Sr.
Grand Chief of the Abenaki Nation of Missisquoi

[Note: Apparently, based on this revealing letter by the late Homer St. Francis Sr., he certainly DID NOT want his cousin relation Connie Brow, nor other persons such as his ex-"Tribal Judge" Michael Delaney, Michael's wife Ina E. Delaney, nor anyone else "having a slice of the solicited monies" coming in from either the State of Vermont or the Federal Government. It is interesting to note that the inference, that the Mazipskwik group incorporation was "labeled" Christmas Thieves against Homer's so-called "Operation Santa Claus." From an "inference" Homer St. Francis Sr. implied that such accusation is fact. It equates to being sleezy, "dirty" and simply a Just For Us Representive of an "Abenaki" Corporation he himself was a "President" of, in some of his lifetime.
THIS IS A DRAWING/ SKETCH entitled "CHAIN OF COMMAND" Sovereign Abenaki Nation which was drawn by Howard F. Knight Jr.

Associate Chief/ Vice President
Combined Unified Council of
The Sovereign Abenaki Nation
(Secretary of State)
Ambassadors (DEPT OF STATE)
Supreme Court of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation
Dept of Heath and Human Services
Dept of Housing
Dept of Employment
Dept of Security
Dept of Education
Dept of Motor Vehicles
ASHAI Council
ODENAK Council
Becancour Council
Winooski Council
Southern New England Grand Council
Kokoki/ The Beaver Meadow Grand Council
Grand Council Cowasuck of North America
Offshooting from ASHAI Council is:
St. Francis
Offshooting from Grand Council Cowasuck of North America is:
No. New England Cowasuck
Southeast Township, Quebec, Cowasuck
Connecticut Lakes Coos
Offshooting from Indian Clans of Cowasuck United is:
Loon Clan
Bear Clan
Wolf Clan
Deer Clan
? Clan
[NOTE: Reminds a person of trying to create a Nation within a Nation, Cult? Jim Jones of the "Abenaki"?]
Minutes of the Council Meeting of February 10, 1996
Meeting called to order by Speaker Paul Pouliot at 7:30 pm.
Members Present: Grandfather Maple [Rene George Blanchette], Paul Wilson Pouliot, Linda (nee: White) Pouliot, Diane Bardsley, Ralph Bardsley, Gary Bliven, Sue Bliven, Firewoman [Jacqueline Emerton], Bill Schmitts, Bernie Schmitts, Al Goodwin, Joyce Goodwin, Al Barrette, Bob Nordin
Guests: Marge C., Little Beaver, Denise Beauregard [Denise married to Jamie Mehigan and later to Paul Wilson Pouliot after her divorce from the former], Misha Vitrano, Bob Mattie
Members Absent: Terry Howland, Jim Howland
Opening Comments
Paul Pouliot welcomed all in attendence and gave the history of the wampum belts. He did a pipe and prayed for all the people. He said a special prayer for all those that have gone to the above land.
Old Business
Mail & Correspondence
Paul Pouliot asked for comments about the newsletter. We will be dropping names from our mailing. Some move every time a newsletter is sent. It costs the tribe $1.50 for every address change. The post office delayed the mailing. The mailing too three weeks instead of the expected 10 days. Copies of the following newsletters were handed out: Quinnehtuqut Nipmuc News, Laconia Historical Association, New Hampshire Intertribal Native American Council, Dighton Intertribal Indian Council, Women's Hoop Newsletter, Dawnland Center, Wollomonuppoag, and Pequot Times. This helps the council understand what other groups are doing in New England. Also the Pow Wow calendar was made available. (See attached).
Letters were sent to Paul Tamburro and Edwin F. Alden, Esquire authorizing them to establish a west coast branch of COWASS NORTH AMERICA, Inc. Also sent was a letter from the Secretary of the Commonwealth, William Francis Galvin, certifying that the organization was in "good standing" with the state of Massachusetts. (See Attached).
The Head Start Program in Somerville wrote a thank you note that appeared in the February 7, 1996 County Gazette. This pertained to the Christmas gifts that were given to needy families (See attached).
Abenaki Nation
Other groups have been reorganizing into cluster groups. Howard F. Knight and Raymond "Looking Glass" Lussier been campaigning very hard in New Hampshire. Two historians, David Stuart Smith and Colin Calloway, are interested in more information about our band. Jesse Bowman Bruchac is doing a language project at U Mass. The West Coast is working very hard at developing a "working organization" and they have a drum that is made up of the youth in the council. Paul Tamburro is getting his doctorate. As new groups try to make their niche, negativity seems to emerge. We need to work together not in competition. Our goals are the same.
Grant Updates
The original grant filed is still being held in abeyance until the government balances the budget. A fact sheet and a brochure about the Abenaki is being developed for the Resist Grant. No news about the Danvers state property. The band has requested $1,000.00 from FEMA through the United Way. This will be used for our mobile food pantry. Also we have requested $1,000.00 from Project Bread.
We are currently working on the ANA Grant which will be filed in 2 seperate grant proposals. The first part due March 15, 1996 deal with a Language Program. James [actually that's "Elie"] Joubert has send us his developing language program and has indicated that he would like to be involved with the project. He is currently the youngest speaker of the language from Odanak. He would like use to help in getting his program and dictionary published. The second part of the grant due May 17, 1996 pertains to an economic project. These are three year grants.
Program Update
Cowass North America has $1,000.00 left in the budget. We need to consider what fundraisers we wish to do. A handout on developing a Land Trust was handed out to the council. We hope to purchase some land in New Hampshire very soon. The food pantry is doing very well in Franklin. We currently have $18,000.00 in the account to purchase food. We bid on a van and won the bid. We now have a van
[NOTE: Paul Wilson Pouliot wanted to purchase land in New Hampshire, on the advise of Paul Rene Tamburro, and very likely also due to his association with David Stuart Smith; the COWASS NORTH AMERICA INC. had to make it appear that withthe using of the name PENNACOOK in their groups name, the group had to relocate to the geographical area in which the PENNACOOK were located. Certainly the PENNACOOK didn't create an "Abenaki" Corporation in February 1993, within the geographical area of Worcester, MA]
registered and ready for tribal use. Franklin Pierce College is working with us on a complicated law project. Details will be given as we get them. We will be doing a press release in New Hampshire asking all natives no affiliated with a band to contact us for possible enrollment. We need exposure in New Hampshire. [This admission of "solicatation" of membership would PREVENT Paul Wilson Pouliot from EVER gaining Federal Acknowledgment as a Frederally Recognized Abenaki Tribe] Bonnie Pouliot is pursuing 6 colleges and is asking for native status when applying. She has been accepted at three colleges thus far. Franklin Pierce, Northeastern, and Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. She has an interview with Dartmouth on Monday, February 12th.
We are still trying to determine the exact feasts that the Abenaki celebrated. The Red Hawk Drum practices on Sundays. They have been learning the "old traditional songs" of our people. They will be available for any social. Firewoman [Jacqueline Emerton] asked the Drum to play for her gathering in May. They will also be the host drum for the June 1st and 2nd gathering. The Drum has found a recording studio who can produce a tape for $3.00. We could sell for $10.00. This could be fundraiser.
Remember our big fundraiser is June 1st and 2nd at the Bellingham Sportmen's Club on Lake Street in Bellingham, Massachusetts. The club has decided to give us 60% of the gate. There will be an arbor in the middle as was traditional. They will be setting up "games" such as tomahawk throwing, musket shooting, and archery. We will have to do all the advertising. Volunteers will be needed in all areas. The Odanak gathering has been scheduled for July 4th - 7th.
Tribal Government
The request for state and federal recognition is still going forward. Because of the other groups copying our name and taking credit for our work, we will need to change our name. Paul Tamburro is working on a name that will more accurately reflect who we really are. [Ought this group, if these people were or are legit, KNOW accurately who their ancestors were and thus their group's identity?] He is also working a new logo for us.
The Wabanaki Baseline Family Research Project has begun. As stated we will be contacting all the major newspapers in New Hampshire with a press release. Diana gratefully ran off the media list for us.
The council was given an updated copy of our membership policies and procedures. Because we are all actively doing genealogy, the band has been purchasing microfeesh through Quitin Publications. Books fall apart when trying

to constantly copy pages so we went to microfeesh. Also because the cost is lower we can purchase far more. Anyone wishing to contribute to or use the information can contact us at Tribal Headquarters. Bob from Quitin publications is willing to come and lecture on doing genealogies. Grandfather Maple contributed $20.00 toward the purchase of more. He is always available to help council members with their genealogy. Remember to write up any oral history that you have. Often the oral traditions are more valuable than names. (See attached).
Our sub group is studying the Great Law. They will be coming to us with a report soon. If the Six Nations will consider our petition, we would be required to go the Longhouse for a reading of the Great Law. Adopting the law will mean that would be at peace with all nations that sit in the Longhouse. No autonomy would be compromised. Anyone wishing more information about the project should contact Linda or Diana.
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has granted Paul the permission to perform marriages in Massachusetts. (See attached)
The Elders stated that as the new pow wow season begins we need to remain focused and not listen to the rumors on the moccasin trail. We have to keep in balance and go forward without listening to the bickering and fighing between different groups.
The Women's Circle is in its second year. Linda stated that it is very important to stay focussed and serve as a role models for other groups. We need to have a "thick skin" and brush off negative comments. The group will continue to study and learn from the Thirteen Original Clan Mothers. Herbal studies and aromatherapy will be expand to include preparations. The group meets again on February 17, 1996. The circle is open to all women.
New Business - Open Discussion
On January 31, 1996 Paul Pouliot, Little Beaver, and Gary Bliven took a drum and went to a meeting at Mount Wachusett. The group who leases the mountain wants to expand and cut down all existing old tree growth. We went as
representatives of the Abenaki. Eight other nations were represented. We played the drum outside in below zero temperatures. Other natives joined us. Terry and Jim Howland have agreed to get additional information for us and head up the project. They will be able to determine what our involvement will be. (See Attached).
Meetings adjorned at 11:00 pm.
Respectfully submitted: Linda (nee: White) Pouliot [Paul's 1st wife]
Attested to: Paul Wilson Pouliot 

Ok, so NOW you got a little bit of background of just HOW the EVOLUTION these "Abenaki" Corporations evolved from one, into another, and another. Each Corporation President became a "Chief" with a LOOSE and FLUID SOLICITED MEMBERSHIP COMPOSITION. 1. Homer St. Francis Sr. into 2. Richard Wilfred BlackHorse Phillips into 3. Howard Franklin Knight Jr. into 4. Paul Wilson Pouliot and also Howard Knight Jr. created Clan of the Hawk Inc. which is led by Ralph Skinner Swett. From the latter Corporation Clan of the Hawk, Inc. went Nancy Lee (nee: Cote) Rolls from Homer St. Francis's group. Luke Andrew Willard was also a part of the Clan of the Hawk, Inc., an Indian-ist group. He was also a part of David Andrew Hill's group as well. Whereupon, by 2004 Mr. Willard, Dawn Macie, and her mother Nancy Cote, with others formed another "Abenaki" Corporation calling itself the "Nulhegan-Coosuk, Incorporation" in August 2004.....

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