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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cowass North America, Incorporated:

LOOK AT THE DATE OF INCORPORATION. It is February 26, 1993, a matter of  1 month and 19 days from the time that Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. wrote that January 07, 1993 letter to Paul Wilson Pouliot declaring that Paul was the new proud owner of the Incorporation "Abenaki Nation of Vermont, Inc." (that was created and Incorporated on August 14, 1979 as afore mentioned) and that Paul W. Pouliot was alleged "elected" as New Chief of the organization. So let's see here, Paul Wilson Pouliot claims to be "Laurentian Iroquois" on his application into this group calling inself the "Northeast Woodlands - Coos Band of the AbenakiRepublic - Algonkian Condeferation" led by Howard F. Knight, Jr. on July 08, 1992, then in December 1992, after some "situation"/"altercation" with the late Homer St. Francis, Sr., Howard then makes Paul alleged by election, a "Council Chief", and in January 1993 Howard write up this letter in which he gives Paul Pouliot this Incorporation "Abenaki Nation of Vermont, Inc. and 1 month and 19 days later Paul Wilson Pouliot created his own Incorporation calling itself the Cowass North American, Inc., and later develops the Franklin Food Pantry, Inc. as well.
So, is this group a bonefide legitimate group of Abenaki People who have genealogical kinship, historical ties to an Abenaki community, and has historical social histories that they can show and provide? Does any of these various groups? Or are they just merely an Incorporated bunch of people, whose memberships are elusive and evasive? It does make one wonder, considering how many States this Paul Wilson Pouliot has "incorporated" in. I guess the readers of this blog and the general Public might be deceived and might have to conclude their own conclusions on the matter. I think this group, just like the one's up in Vermont, are nothing more than Incorporated deceptive groups of persons, who very likely have little or no connections genealogically to the legitimate Abenaki People's. Of course, I beg to be proven wrong with documentary evidence. Not just them getting 1790's treaties, and pointing as historical maps they got from Dartmouth or some other museum(s).

Paul Wilson Pouliot vs. Lynn Menard-Mathieson and the Grand Council and Elders Council Meeting Issues July 10, 2009:

1st document: Paul Pouliot's letter of intent and agenda for his July 18-19, 2009 Grand Council and Elders Council meeting at his home in Alton, New Hampshire that Paul Pouliot himself calls his "Band Headquarters". (Nothing like keeping everything "close to the chest" in ones own home eh?)
The alleged "Abenaki community" "Language Camp" that was being held in Bradford, New Hampshire was actually held at Sherry Gould's home. This Language Camp was by-invite only. Certainly, any Abenaki descendants and or with their chldren were not made aware of this Language Camp up here in Coos County, New Hampshire. It wasn't in the local Coos County, N.H. Democrat Newspaper.
Yes, let's start with what was going on regarding Lynn Menard-Mathieson "War Chief" or "Sub-Chief" who allegedly was on the "war path" for the previous couple of weeks. Actually, the minute anyone begins to inquire about "Financial Records" re: incoming funding and outgoing funding, all hell breaks loose. The person(s) are labeled "trouble makers" and then a "smear campaign" is begun "to make them look bad" and then the person(s) are ousted from the group. They are no longer part of the social club any more. Lynn Menard-Mathieson sought only for accountability and responsibility. When inquirying and then demanding to obtain and review the financial check book, etc. "hestitation, dare I say panic, and then protest happened by Paul Pouliot and Denise. They refused to allow their own Board of Director to obtain and review the finances of the Incorporation. They kept all these records in their own home. They weren't about to let ANYONE obtain and review any financial incoming or outgoing funding into the Incorporation/Organization. Most certainly NOT Lynn Menard-Mathieson.
Interesting that when the TRUTH is sought, it is labeled by the decievers and liars as "a very destructive behavior". Lynn Menard-Mathieson wasn't attempting to destroy anything, let alone this organization Paul Pouliot & Co. claim is an alleged Cowasuck/Pennacook Abenaki Tribe/Band.
Paul Wilson Pouliot and Denise his wife had every intention of doing anything and everything in their abilities to remove or have removed Lynn Menard-Mathieson from the positions, title's, etc. that Paul's group had placed Lynn Menard-Mathieson into. Why?, because the answer is simple. One doesn't not ask questions of the President of the Inc. Organization. It's like the Mafia....a person begins to ask too many questions and they are g-o-n-e, Ex-communicated, dissassociated, removed, and in the process of doing this, the guilty attempt to smear the questioner's character and reputation.
2nd document: Paul Wilson Pouliot's continued "smear campaign" against Lynn Menard-Mathieson, based on conjecture and rumors. So, based on rumors and conjecture he was stating that one can be removed from the membership to the group. With no foundation or truth to the gossip, rumors, and conjecture allegedly on the basis of other so-called members of the group (that may have indeed been "agents" who were allies to Paul & Denise in order to keep anyone from obtaining and reviewing the financial's of this group's Inc.; even if it was someone who was a Board of Director to that Incorporation! Pretty slick I must admit.
This group being led by Paul Wilson Pouliot, seems to me to be becoming a "cult". No one is supposed to ask questions, no one is supposed to doubt, no one is supposed to disagree with the "Chief"/President of the Incorporation.
The "situation" at Castle in the Clouds event, became a matter of "containment" for Paul Pouliot and his wife Denise. They wanted Lynn Menard-Mathieson OUT of the group, and they began spreading malicious hateful gossip and rumors against Lynn Menard-Mathieson AFTER she began inquiry as to the financial's of the group as a Board of Director to the Incorporation. She became a THREAT to Paul Wilson Pouliot & Co. just like the late Jacqueline Emerton had become a THREAT.
Paul W. Pouliot was not being asked to supply a filled out tax form for 2010 five years in advance of its submission.
3rd document: In this page, Paul Pouliot states, "FYI (for your information)-A regular treasurer's report consists of four lines of information: Beginning Balance, Reciepts, Expenses, and Ending Balance. It does not mean that one presents copies of checks, bank statements, charge accounts, etc, as Lynn (Menard) has suggested."
My retrospective thoughts and conclusions on this is, that by denying a Director on the Board of this Incorporation (calling itself Cowass of North America, Inc.) that by the President of this Inc. denying anyone on the Board of Directors, in whole or in part, access and the ability to review of such Banking statements, check reciepts etc., then that means something is possibly being "hidden"  by the person(s) running the Incorporation itself. Indeed an "audit" might be necessary! The whole "situation" that developed between Mr. Paul W. Pouliot and Lynn Menard-Mathieson could have been quickly and easily resolved with some common openness, accountability, and responsibility by the President of this Incorporation Mr. Pouliot to one of his own Board of Directors, that being Lynn Menard-Mathieson.
The minute Paul Pouliot began to hesitate and protest, then began to become protective and refusing to show and provide the documentations as requested to one of his own Board of Directors, I would have also concluded naturally something was not being "kosher" and immediately and effectively resigned from such an organization.
This email from Paul Wilson Pouliot "leader" this alleged Cowasuck/Pennacook Abenaki group, clearly operates this group like an off shore bank account, to my thinking, just based on reading this email communication from Paul Wilson Pouliot. Again, where is the accountability, the responsibility or even the common decency to be open to another Council member of such group?
This group is nothing more than an Incorporation from beginning to end. As such, my own conclusion is, that it is not a legitimate bonefide Abenaki group of people. The next posting will PROVE THIS, because from the very beginning, after gaining the Inc. called the "Abenaki Nation of Vermont" (which had Articles of Association and Incorporation by Arthur "Bill" Seymor, Wayne Hoague, and Richard W. Phillips on August 14, 1979) from Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. in December 1992 and clarified by Howard Knight, Jr.'s "letter" dated January 07, 1993 (posted on this blog), Paul Wilson Pouliot simply let that Inc. "sit", and subsequently created his own Incorporation called "Cowass North America, Inc." on February 26, 1993 in the State of Massachusetts. He then "incorporated" his created Incorporate name in surrounding States.
Yes, this email communication is quite revealing indeed as to the happening's in July 2009 between the then "War Chief"/ "Sub-Chief"/Board of Director for Cowass North American, Inc. and their genealogical researcher.
Paul Wilson Pouliot can "say" that Lynn Menard-Mathieson's genealogy was NOT allegedly accepted/approved by the so-called Grand Council and the Elder Council for membership in the group. Yet, I find that difficult to conclude considering that 1. to be elected to any position in the group, one HAS TO BE A MEMBER, thereby their genealogical would have had to have been approved! The late Homer St. Francis Sr. up in Swanton, Vermont gave out "membership status and cards" to those he liked, favored, could use, and when he didn't like someone, couldn't use them any longer, he "reviewed" these people's genealogical records and applications, then removed those "members" from his group too. So, it seems to me that Homer = Howard = Paul = Brian = Nancy, etc etc etc.

The rotten apples don't fall far from the rotten tree, and the rotten tree doesn't fall far from the rotten roots....

It makes me wonder IF, like Homer = Alan Martell = Chares F. True, Jr., was Howard = Paul, and then from Paul (with the help of Howard) = Brian, and simply Nancy came along for the ride as Associate Chief, became Co-Chief, and then Chief-for-life?!
Like I said before, its like these activities are like a NDN Herpes Virus or STD that somehow spreads out, to various States and geographical locations, and then they all proclaim that they are "The Abenaki Nation of Vermont" "The Abenaki Nation of New Hampshire", " Cowasuck", The Coos", "The Koasek", "The El-Nu", "The Nulhegan", etc etc etc etc. Oh and then there is the "Independent Clans of the Coos, Inc." too.

July 07, 2009 Lynn Menard-Mathieson Email

Lynn Menard-Mathieson of Griswold, Connecticut was on the Board of Directors and was elected as this alleged Cowasuck/Pennacook Abenaki groups so-called "Tribal Protector", "War Chief" and also as their genealogical researcher/ verifier of incoming applicants who wished to joined this groups membership. Obviously, Paul Wilson Pouliot and Denise, his new wife, trusted Lynn Menard-Mathieson and KNEW Lynn's ancestry, accepting her application for membership repeatedly throughout the years previous. The minute Lynn Menard-Mathieson began to inquire and then began to demand to obtain and review the financial records of incoming and outgoing monies into the Incorporation, Paul Wilson Pouliot and Denise began to conduct a "smear campaign" to distract anyone and everyone from why Lynn Menard-Mathieson was upset. She'd overheard they were going to try and "get rid of her". Obviously someone had something to hide in this situation. It certainly wasn't Lynn Menard-Mathieson doing the hiding either. She was attempting to gain some kind of accountability and responsibility but of course, Paul being the President and his wife Denise being the Treasurer.....well when questions are asked, and the monies that are incoming from unsuspecting people who are seeking credible groups of legitimate Abenaki descendants, is not shown and provided to the groups very own Board of Directors on an Incorporation.....Lynn Menard-Mathieson felt that were there was smoke there was fire, and she resigned from the organization altogether. So did James Lafontaine and his wife.

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