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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Preliminary Report on Abenaki Petition for Tribal Recognition - [Exhibits]: March 12, 2002: Exhibit 2 - Continued:

Eleventh U.S. Bureau of the Census: 1890
Report on Indians Taxed and Indians Not Taxed in the United States
(Except Alaska)
Introduction: Page 03
Page 04
A Report to the Secretary of War of the United States, on Indian Affairs, Comprising a Narrative of a Tour Perfored in the summer of 1820, Under the Comission from the President of the United States, for the purpose of Ascertaining, for the use of the Government, the Actual State of the Indian Tribes in our Country: By the Rev. Jedidiah Morse, D.D. Printed by S. Converse 1822.
Page 22 and 23
Page 66 and 67
Page 360 and 361
Page 362 and 363
Page 372 and 373
Page 374 and 375
The Book of the Indians on Biography and History of the Indians of North America, from it's first discovery to the year 1841.
By Samuel G. Drake
Ninth Edition
Benjamin B. Mussey

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