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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Genealogy Part 10 of So-Called "Chief" "Retired Chief" "Senior Advisor" "Reactivated Retired Chief" Howard Franklin Knight Jr.'s Genealogical History:

Marriage Record Card of February 14, 1918 regarding Abbie M. (Melvina?) (Priscilla) Caswell and Gerald H. Tanner. Her color is indicated to be "White" and she was 18 years of age. Her parents were George Caswell (birthplace not given) and Addie (Ada Melvina) nee: Bigelow - Geer (birthplace non given). Marriage took place in Sheffield, Caledonia County, Vermont.

Marriage Record Card of February 14, 1918 for Gerald H. Tanner, "White" age 18 years. He was the son of Chester Tanner and Melvina M. Gray.

Marriage Record Card for Marion Jane (nee: Waterman) and Homer Albion Cook dated July 31, 1918 in Norwich, Windsor County, Vermont to Homer Albion Cook. She was identified as "White." Marion Jane (nee: Waterman) Cook was the daughter of Julius Waterman and Cora (nee: Snelling).
Marriage Record Card for Homer Albion Cook dated July 31, 1918. He was married to Marion Jane (nee: Waterman). He was the son onf George E. Cook and Lillian E. (nee: Rose). He was identified as "White."
World War Draft Registration Card of September 12, 1918 for Harry Gilbert (his middle name at death was Myron) Geer. His "nearest relative" was Mrs. Rosina Bigelow (his grandmother) of Lyndonville, Vermont. Harry Gilbert Geer indentified himself as being "White."
World War 1 Draft Registration Card for Leon R. (Royce) Jenkins who was born July 26, 1900 (he later married to Marion Jane (nee: Waterman). Her 1st husband was Homer Albion Cook).
World War 1 Draft Registration Card - Reverse Side of Leon Royce Jenkins, son of John Jenkins and Leta Leona (nee: Hill). Leon R. Jenkins was born July 26, 1900 in Thetford, Orange County, Vermont.
Birth Record Card for Leroy Earton Tanner born to Abbie Priscilla (nee: Caswell) and Gerald Henry Tanner on January 10, 1919 in Wheelock, Caledonia County, Vermont. His color is indicated to be "White."
Birth Record Card for Marion Corabell Cook, who was born May 11, 1919 in Norwich, Windsor County, Vermont, the daughter of Homer Albion Cook and his wife Marion Jane (nee: Waterman). His color is indicated to be "White." 
Death Record Card for A. Lulu Bigelow dated September 29, 1919. Her father was Joseph W. House born in Stanstead, P.Q. and her mother was Mary S. Bull born also in Stanstead, P.Q. A. Lulu Bigelow was born November 03, 1861 in Stanstead, Quebec, Canada. She died at the age of 57 years, 10 months and 7 days. This woman who committed suicide by gun shot due to mental derangement (depression?) could be the wife of Lorenzo Arthur Bigelow, son of George Myron Bigelow Jr. and Rosina Victoria (nee: Allen).

January 17, 1920 Federal Census for Springfield, Windsor County, Vermont regarding Clayton LaRoy Caswell, son of George Albert Caswell and Ada M. (nee: Bigelow)-Geer-Caswell 
Household 83-93:
Line 34-Clayton Caswell age 25 yrs Occupation: Assembler in a Machinist Shop
Line 25-Ruth Sophia (nee: Paquin) age 21 Occupation Inspector in a Machinist Shop
Line 36-Harry Paquin (brother to Ruth) age 19 Occupation: Machinist in a Machinist Shop
February 05, 1920 Census for Danville, Caledonia County, Vermont regarding Franklin Warren Knight and Ida May (nee: Geer)
Household 318-336:
Line 66-Franklin Warren Knight (Head) "White" age 37, Occupation: Machinist for Railroad Shop
Line 67-Ida May (nee: Geer) (Wife) "White" age 32, Mother Tongue: English
Line 68-Thelma B. Viola (daughter) "White" age 13
Line 69-George Warren (son) "White" age 9
Line 70-Howard Franklin (son) "White" age 7
Line 71-Stewart (Stuart) Gibson (son) "White" age 5
Note Household above Frank W. Knight:
Household 317-335:
Line 58-Harry A. Hawkins (Head) "White" age 32, Occupation: Farm Laborer
Line 59-Flora M. (nee: Cassidy) (1st Wife) "White" age 36, Mother Tongue: English
Line 60-Arthur Colin (son) age 9
Line 61-David Ira (son) age 7
Line 62 Frank Wallace (son) age 6
Line 63-Emily Louisa (daughter) age 4 yrs, 1 month
Line 64-Earlene Martha (daughter) age 2
Household 318-335:
Line 65-Hiram B. Hawkins (Head) "White" age 76 (Widowed) (Father to Henry "Harry" A. Hawkins)

Henry "Harry" A. Hawkins remarried to Sylvia May (nee: Woodward), after his first wife Flora M. (nee:Cassidy) died on July 02, 1924 in St. Johnsbury, Caledonia County, Vermont...due to complications after giving birth to Bertha Ida Hawkins, who was born on June 29, 1924 in St. Johnsbury, Vermont.
(Let's take a "side road" away from Howard Franklin Knight's ancestor's for a moment....)
Sylvia May (nee: Woodward) was born March 20, 1908 in Groveton, Coos County, New Hampshire to Charles Ernest Woodward Sr. (son of Darius Aidrias Anson Woodward and his 1st wife Sophronia Sophia Ann nee: Robinson) and his second (2nd) wife Nellie May Ellen (nee: Lareau - Laru) -Harman. Nellie May Ellen nee: Lareau (daughter of William Henry Lareau and Miriam (nee: Rean) 1st married to Joseph Harmon on September 08, 1902 in Fitch Bay, Stanstead County, Quebec, Canada. Of this marriage there were two sons; James Harmon, and Ernest Harmon born August 25, 1911. Their mother Nellie died August 25, 1911 in Magog, Quebec, Canada while giving birth (or afterwards).
Charles Ernest Woodward had married first (1st) wife Amanda Ann (nee: Brown) on March 05, 1866 in Hatley, Quebec, Canada. She was the daughter of David Brown and Mary Robinson. Amanda (nee: Brown) Woodward died April 14, 1905 in Stanstead, Quebec, Canada of Tuberculosis (T.B.). Thereafter, Nellie (nee: Lareau or Laru) Harmon allegedly remarried to Charles Ernest Woodward before August of 1906, again allegedly they married in Maine (according to the Civil War Pension Record of Charles Ernest Woodward). Nellie May Ellen nee: Lareau either "seperated from" Charles E. Woodward Sr. or left him due to her death, thus he became a "widower" with their children Sophronia Edna (born in August 1906 in North Stratford, N.H.), Sylvia May (born March 20, 1908 in Groveton, N.H.), and Charles Ernest Jr. (born July 21, 1910 in Danville, Vermont).
Danville, Caledonia County, Vermont of 1918. Chas. Woodward and Family
C. S. Dole, shoes, $5.80
J. W. Gillis, provisions, $18.59
Total: $24.39 
Danville, Caledonia County, Vermont of January 31, 1919-Page 13 Report of G. R. Bagby, Overseer. Charles Ernest Woodward and Family was getting aide from the Overseer of the Poor for his family. "From Chas. Woodward, money previously paid out for him....$50.00"
Danville, Caledonia County, Vermont of Jan 31, 1919-Page 14.
Chas. Woodward and Two Children
J. W. Gillis, provisions, $36.51
Allen Bartless, wood and milk, $15.84
Mrs. Ida Bartlett, house rent, $32.00
Total: $84.35
Burlingon City Directory of 1922-Page 434. Shelburne Street or Road, South from Junction of South Union and South Willard to City limits....260 Shelburne St. or Rd. was the address of the Home for Friendless Women. This is the address where Sylvia May (nee: Woodward) went to give birth to her son, Reginald Woodward on August 23, 1922 in Burlington, Chittenden County, Vermont.
Birth Certificate of Reginald Woodward, son of Sylvia May (nee: Woodward) . He was born August 23, 1922 at the Home of Friendless Women, 260 Shelburne Road in Burlington, Chittenden County, Vermont. Sylvia was from Danville, Vermont "White" and at the time of the birth she was 14 years of age. Born in Groveton, N.H. Father of Reginald Woodward; Facts not obtainable. Legitimate birth: no. Certificate of Attending Physician or Midwife: I hereby certify that I attended the birth of this child, who was born Alive at 2 P.M. (Signature) H. A. Durfee, M.D. Filed: September 05, 1923 by Edward B. Corley, Burlington City Clerk.
Death Record Card for Reginald Woodward, son of Sylvia May (nee: Woodward) and Father Unknown, dated September 13, 1922 in Burlington, Chittenden County, Vermont. It is indicated the child was "White" and he was 21 days of age. Disease causing death: Iniution. Contributing Disease" Premature birth. Duration: 3 weeks. Medical Attendant: A. L. Togg or Fogg. Address of Medical Attendant: City of Burlington, Cermont. Town Clerk: Edward B. Corley.
Danville, Caledonia County, Vermont of 1923-Page 18. Overseer Report:
W. H. Jeffrey, care of Sylvia Woodward $50.00.
Eugenic's Record document
from the General Services Center, The Records Center at US Route 2, in Middlesex, Drawer 33 in Montpelier, Vermont 05633-7601.
Name: Woodward, Sylvia
Date: Nov. 1925
No. 26
Color: W (White)
Sex: F
Civil Cond: S (Single)
Illeg. (blank)
Date of Birth: (blank)
Town: Danville
County: Caledonia
Nationality: (blank)
Nativity of individual: Groveton, N.H.
Father's father: (blank)
Father's mother: (blank)
Father's Mother's father: (blank)
Mother's Mother's mother: (blank)
Present address: Vermont Industrial School, Vergennes, Vt.
Mental Status: F.M. (Febble-minded)
M.A.: 9-8
I.Q.: 60
Diagnosis: (blank)
Institutional History (dates)
Court & Delinquency History (dates): Sept. 5, 1922-Delinquent.
Cross reference to relatives
Family-Name-Institution-Register No.-Defects
Father: Charles Ernest Woodward
Mother: Mary (?) Nellie (?) (LaRue)
Siblings: Sophronia and Ernest

Sylvia May (nee: Woodward) Hawkins had four (4) children by Henry "Harry" A. Hawkins in New Hampshire. These children were: Natalie (born in 1928 in Milford, Hillsborough County, N.H.), Paul Henry Hawkins (born on January 24, 1930 in Milford, N.H.), Edna M. Hawkins (born in 1932), and Charles Donald Hawkins (born on June 12, 1938 in Milford, N.H.)

Sylvia May (nee: Woodward) Hawkins' half brother George Elmer Woodward's family was "targeted" by the Children's Aide Society of New Hampshire ca. 1914-1919. From being in the Hillsborough and Merrimack County, N.H. area (having become the "attention" of the southern N.H. Children's Aide Society?) the relocated in May of 1915 to Danville, Vermont. Later in May of 1916 a year later, George and his family relocated to Groveton, N.H. (probably with his sister Minnie). His children were "targeted" before- and-after their parents divorce in September-October 1919, in Coos County, New Hampshire.
Sylvia May (nee: Woodward) Hawkins' half sister Minnie Isobel Vida (nee: Woodward) Baird-Dodge-Paige, was "targeted" as well ca. 1914-1919-May 07, 1921. Her first (1st husband) Avery William Baird divorced her for the crime of Adultry in May 19, 1914 due to the act/crime of "adultry" by her with one Arthur Banister, otherwise known as Arthur Dodge. According to the Coos County Democrat newspaper dated April 29, 1914 it is printed therein, and I quote...."State vs. Minnie Baird, Groveton. Adultry. State vs. A. Dodge, Groveton. Adultry. Pleased guilty and sentenced to one (1) year in jail and costs of prosecution." The Divorce papers were served to Minnie Baird. while she stayed on the Jack Hunt Place (where she rented a room and got her own firewood) in the Danville, Vermont area of Keiser Pond - East Peacham ca. June 2nd, 1914 by deputy sheriff Fred S. Harriman. Later, she went back to Groveton, N.H. to her daughter Katie Amanda Beatrice (nee: Baird) Ball's home. Arthur C. Dodge died on February 23, 1917 in Northumberland, Coos County, New Hampshire. Minnie (nee: Woodward) Baird-Dodge married a 3rd time to Leon Paige (or Page) on February 18, 1918 in Groveton, N.H. Leon Paige was the son of Charles Page and his wife Mary (nee: Marshall) of Barnston, Quebec, Canada.
There was a Judicial matter dated March 15, 1918 in regards to a George James Baird (son of Minnie Woodward-Baird) by his next friend Leon Page (3rd husband of Minnie nee: Woodward - Baird) against George Wood(w)ard. George Baird  of Northumberland, N.H. (through his mother's 3rd husband Leon Paige) wanted returned to him (that was taken by George E. Woodard also of Northumberland, N.H.) one 38-40 Winchester slide-action rifle, which was wrongfully taken and detained by said George Woodard aforesaid. The firearm was taken on March 1918 at Northumberland, Coos County, N.H. from a dwelling house on Crow Hill in the village of Groveton, in Northumberland. The firearm was valued at twenty-five dollars. On March 15, 1918 Wilfred J. Boutain, Special Deputy Sheriff retreived the Winchester rifle within mentioned and delivered the same to said George J. Baird by his next friend Leon Paige, and have summoned the said George Wood(w)ard as within commanded by giving to him an attested copy of this writ.
Susequently, on May 22, 1919 George E. Woodward (Libellant) filed Libel For Divorce papers against his wife, Beatrice Annie (nee: Emery) in the office of the Clerk (Fred Cleveland) of the Court, and she was ordered to appear at the next Term of said Court to be holden at Colebrook, N.H. in and for said County on the first Tuesday of September next, and answer the said Libel. Apparently, George E. Woodward accused his wife of "Adultry" on May 13, 1919 at Groveton, N.H. with one Clifton LaFountain and on other days and times.
So, once again, the Judiciary and Children's Aide Society of Coos County, N.H. (of whom Harriett Abbot was in communication with constantly), etc. were "alerted" about to this particular branch of the Woodward family in the Keiser Pond-West Danville-North Peacham area of Vermont.
George E. and Beatrice (nee: Emery) Woodward had six (6) children in their marriage: Mary Beatrice Woodward-Valeriani* , Alfred HenryWoodward, Sadie Etta Woodward-Gonyer, George Elmar Woodward Jr., William WesleyWoodward*, Elizabeth Beatrice Woodward-Rattee* and Hilda Addison Woodward-Chartier-Mathewson*
*These children did marry and had children. Sadie and George Jr. did not. There is very strong indication that they were "sterilized" either at Pembroke Sanitarium, to taken to perhaps Concord, and such was done, perhaps unbeknownst or without their consent. Alfred Henry Woodward died in Littleton, N.H. working for Amy (Brown) Ruggles-Smith's son in his young adult life, unmarried.
According to the granddaughter of Minnie Isobel Viola (nee: Woodward) Baird-Dodge-Paige-Styles, her grandmother was in the Concord, N.H. Mental Hospital and while there, her grandmother "had her parts taken out from downstairs". Minnie (neee: Woodward) was diagnosed with "Psychiatric Mental Deficiency." Minnie Paige was taken to this Institution on November 03, 1918. Her age was of 55 years on January 20, 1918. She indicates with the help the Selectman Warren of Grovton, N.H. who drove her down there, that her mother Amanda had died of T.B. The two (2) doctors who committed her to the Institution were W. H. Leith of Lancaster, N.H. and E. F. Brown of Groveton, N.H. The Intake Record document state's that she was "committed" by: Town Officials. Supported by: Town and State. She was paroled on November 07, 1920. Her condition: Improved. Discharged: May 07, 1921. (Probably the time-frame between Parol and Discharge is simply due to distance back to Groveton, N.H. and the weather). Address of correspondent, or person furnishing clothing: Mrs. Eddie Ball (her daughter Katie nee: Baird) of Box 143 Groveton, N.H.
Upon completion of the Divorce, custody of all their children was to the father (Libellant). Beatrice was living with Isreal Alexander Smith and she didn't want to care for all her children from the "previous marriage" with this "new husband". So, being a single father, and unable to maintain both employment and take care of the children.....the children were sent here, there and everywhere. Hilda (who has just been born in August 1919 in Lancaster, N.H.) and her sister Elizabeth were to be adopted up in Island Pond, only to have their names changed and then the perspective adoptive mother of that family die. The two girls were sent to the State operated Tuberculosis Farm's, seperated somewhat from each other on two seperate farms in the western part of Vermont above Burlington. Sadie and George Jr. were sent to Pembroke Sanitarium for Tuberculosis. William Welsey was sent to the Nashua, N.H. Protestant Orphanage. Alfred Henry was sent to live with a relative Amy Jane (nee: Brown) Ruggles-Smith who was a sister of his grandmother Amanda Ann (nee: Brown) Woodward...his father's father's auntie who resided in Dalton, New Hampshire. Elizabeth Beatrice in 1918 at some point in time, nearing her young adult life married to Valentino Valeriani very likely either in Berlin-Gorham, N.H. or else in Maine, later living in Portland and Naples, Maine.
There is more to this particular family story and these events regarding the Woodward's, yet suffice it to say, that my family knows full well, most of the detailed ~and~ documented facts as to the Eugenic's Program of Vermont, as it relates to us and other families. We know exactly why we have said what we have said, through the generations and why we say what we say. It is not some fairy tale of "hiding in plain sight" or anything of the sort!
I will speak more of the Eugenics, Genetics, and my families historical records, showing and providing these documents most assuredly, either on this blog or in a book. Perhaps both.

Did the Children's Aide Society (Harriett Abbott?) which then lead into the Eugenics Survey of Vermont in 1925 subsequently "follow" George Elmar Woodward and his family north out of Southern New Hampshire, up to Danville, Vermont, and then to Groveton, N.H.?
We know that Harriett Abbott did the same "hounding" of Christie May (nee: Phillips) Place-Collins-Sargent-Sweetser-Ingerson for quite a number of years, from Malone, New York all the way to Belfast, Maine.
We also know that Isaac Phillips, son of Peter Phillips and Eliza (nee: Way) did go from Fort Jay, N.Y. while serving in World War 1, had contracted the Influenze Virus (Flu) of 1918, in October of 1918, became quite ill, and was sent home in December 1918. Isaac Phillips was the first Peacham soldier to come home. He went into the home of Mary Ann (nee: Woodward) Powers in East Peacham, Vermont. He wasn't "just there for tea and crumpets" because documents show he stayed on that particular farm working there with the Powers family (and on neighboring farms) for quite a number of years. In August 1926, Harriett Abbott (Eugenics Survey Field agent from Burlington, Vermont under the guidance of Henry Perkins and Cold Springs Harbor, N.Y.) documented in the Eugenics Survey Record documentation, that Isaac Phillips still resided at Fred Ingalls Powers home, and or with Fred and Mary (nee: Woodward) Powers' son Wallace Powers.
George Elmar Woodward and his son William Wesley Woodward both visited Mary (Woodward) Powers. After George Elmar Woodward's divorce in the fall of 1919, he went to Fitch Bay-Magog, Quebec, Canada to his brother Frank Edward Woodward's. When Sylvie Jane (nee: Heath) Woodward was baptised just before her death, in January 1922, one of the witnesses on the Baptismal Record was George E. Woodward (brother in law).

Ruth Sophia (nee: Paquin) who married to Clayton LaRoy Caswell, son of George Albert Caswell and Ada M. (nee: Bigelow)-Geer-Caswell was also a descendant of the same Paquin ancestors as Fred Ingalls Powers mother Harriet Marie (nee: Paquin) who married to Lovell Abraham Powers. Harriett (nee: Paquin) and Ruth (nee: Paquin)'s Great-Grandparents (on their father's side) were Augustin and Genevieve (nee: Rivard) who married March 10, 1809 in St. Pierre le Becquets, Nicolet County, Quebec, Canada. Both Augustin and his wife Genevieve died in Danville, Caledonia County, Vermont in 1857.

Genealogy Part 9 of So-Called "Chief" "Retired Chief" "Senior Advisor" "Reactivated Retired Chief" Howard Franklin Knight Jr.'s Genealogical History:

George Myron Bigelow Civil War "Invalid Application and Certificate" dated July 07, 1914 (when he was an Invalid). "Widow's Pension Application and Certificate" was dated March 31, 1914 (after George Myron Bigelow had died. 
Vitals from the St. Johnsbury Caledonian - 1914 newspaper "extracts" regarding the death of William Henry Lyster. He was born September 22, 1832 in Durham, Quebec, Canada. He married to Cynthia P. Carter on June 10, 1861 in Frelighsburgh, Quebec, Canada. Three childen: Benton Randall, Morton J., Haddon W. Lyster. William Henry Lyster died August 14, 1914 in Lyndon, Caledonia County, Vermont. William's son Benton Randall Lyster married on October 08, 1902 in Lyndonville, Vermont to Gertrude M. Knight, daughter of George Warren Knight and Sarah Viola (nee: Dean).

Also, an article pertaining to Mrs. Frank W. Silsby and Mrs. Henry Watson of Lyndonville, Vermont, are in Greensboro this week, where there is a gathering of the family.
Death of Mildred Elizabeth Broadbelt (per the Whitefield, N.H. Town Report record) who died July 08, 1914 in Whitefield, Coos County, New Hampshire at the age of 20 years, 2 months and 26 days. She died of Consumption (Tuberculosis). She was the daughter of William Henry Broadbelt and Susan Elizabeth (nee: Knight) . She was born April 12, 1894 in Lyndon, Caledonia County, Vermont.
Vitals from the St. Johnsbury Caledonian newspapers "extracts" - 1914. (D) in Lyndonville - Miss Mildred Broadbelt died at the home of her aunt, Mrs. B.R. Lyster (Benjamin Randall Lyster who married to Gertrude M. Knight) of Whitefield, N.H. She had lived there since the death of her grandmother, Mrs. G. W. (George Warren) Knight (Sarah Viola nee: Dean). Her parents (William Henry Broadbelt and Susan Elizabeth Knight), brother (George H. Knight), two aunts (Anna Belle nee: Knight-Bowles and Susan Knight-Broadbelt) and grandmother (Sarah V. nee: Dean-Knight) all died of tuberculosis, and although everything possible was done, she could not be saved. Burial was here (Lyndonville, Vermont) (short article)
(Funeral) Personal - Mrs. James Combs and Alfred Broadbelt of Sherbrooke, P.Q., are visiting their sister, Mrs. A. F. Houghton, after attending the funeral of their niece, Miss Mildred E. Broadbelt, at Whitefield, N.H. (Page 8).
Certificate of Birth for Stuart Gibson Knight dated September 22, 1914 in St. Johnsbury, Caledonia County, Vermont. His parents were Franklin Warren Knight born in Lyndonville, Vermont "White" age 32 Occupation was Laborer in a Grain Store ~ Ida Mae (nee: Geer) born in Newark, Vermont also "White" and age 27 Occupation was Housewife. The "informant" for the informaton on this record of Birth for Stuart Gibson Knight was his mother Ida Mae (nee: Geer) Knight. The family lived in Newark, Vermont per the 1900 Federal Census.
Vital Record of Birth for Stuart Gibson Knight per the Vital Records Department in Vermont.
Whitefield, Coos County, New Hampshire Town Report (Deaths) for 1915. Leah Knight Lyster, died at 11 years, 7 months and 9 days of age. She was the daughter of Benton Randall Lyster and Gertrude M. (Knight). Per the Vitals from the St. Johnsbury Caledonian newspaper "extracts" (D) Whitefield, NH - Sept. 1, Leah Lyster, age 11 years. (D) Lyndonville - The deceased was the couple's oldest daughter and she died of Infantile Paralysis. She often visited her aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Haddon W. Lyster, and her grandmother, Mrs. William H. Lyster. (short article)
World War 1 Draft Registration Card dated September 12, 1918 of Franklin Warren Knight of Danville, Caledonia County, Vermont. He was born November 17, 1882. Age was 35 years and occupation was "Laborer". Contact person: Ida May (nee:Geer) Knight also of Danville, Vermont. Frank Warren Knight, himself, indicated that his Race was "White."
World War 1 Draft Registration Card September 12, 1918 of Franklin Warren Knight of Danville, Caledonia County, Vermont

Genealogy Part 8 of So-Called "Chief" "Retired Chief" "Senior Advisor" "Reactivated Retired Chief" Howard Franklin Knight Jr.'s Genealogical History:

Birth Record Card for Howard Franlin Knight (Sr.), born on August 18, 1912 in St. Johnsbury, Caledonia County, Vermont to Frank Knight and Ida May Gear. Ida May (nee: Geer) is indicated to have been born in Newport, Orleans County, Vermont. Howard F. Knight, her 3rd child, is indicated to be "White"
Birth Certificate of Howard Franklin Knight, son of Franklin Warren Knight and Ida May (nee: Geer) dated August 18, 1912.

St. Johnsbury Caledonian newspaper "extract" dated August 21, 1912 of the birth of Howard Franklin Knight to Mr. and Mrs. Knight dated Aug. 18, 1912. (Howard Knight Sr. died in June 1985 in Goffstown, NH. Social Security issued in Connecticut - SSDI)
Death Certificate of George W. (Myron) Bigelow who died on March 11, 1914 in Lyndonville, Caledonia County, Vermont, the son of George W. Bigelow Sr. and Priscilla Hull. HIs Color was identified as being "White."
Marriage Record Card of Isabelle Eunice Silsby (daughter of Frank W. Silsby and Nancy Watson) and William George Knight dated June 12, 1912 in Lyndon, Caledonia County, Vermont.
Marriage Record Card for William George Knight (son of George L. Knight and Francis O'Neil) and Isabelle Eunice Silsby dated June 12, 1912 in Lyndon, Caledonia County, Vermont.
1912 St. Johnsbury, Vermont City Directory for Franklin Warren Knight and his family. He was teamster by occupation living at 29 Concord Avenue in St. Johnsury, Vermont. His wife was Ida Mae (nee: Geer) and their children Thelma, George, and Howard Knight.
Vitals from the St. Johnsbury Caledonian - 1914 newspaper "extracts" (Wednesday) of Lorenzo Arthur Bigelow and family were called to Lyndonville last week by the serious illness and death of his father. (short article, Page 8)

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