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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Joe and Jesse Bruchac at Paul Smith's VIC - Simply more appropriation

Adirondack Center for Writing presents Joe and Jesse Bruchac as part of our Native American Writers Series.

Specifically go to 39.43

Joseph Edward Bruchac III ... claims that HIS family did the genealogical work to find Ots-Toch in 2011 at this Native American Writers Series speaking event.

I think not.

This just another APPROPRIATION by the Bruchac's for themselves, without giving credit where credit is due.

March 08, 2016

Jesse Bowman Bruchac: While we have a distant native ancestor who can be traced, it is from the 1600's. That is what we know. It is actually all we have known for sure since May 2009 when you told me of that Mohawk ancestor, Ots-Toch.

In retrospect:

May 06, 2009

"Kwai Mskwamagw [Douglas Lloyd Buchholz] ta kdagik nid8bak ta nid8baskwak. N'kawachowi kd'agakimziba aln8baiwi askwa."

So, Mr. Joseph Edward Bruchac III and Jesse Bowman Bruchac, want to appropriate for themselves just WHO spent the time, effort, and research time, to find Ots-Toch as it genealogically applies to Lewis Henry Bowman Sr. and his descendants?

Sure as hell, was NOT the Bruchac's who did the effort, the research, that's for sure!

It is interesting that Joseph Edward Bruchac III went after Alex Haley, back in the 1970's ...

On January 22, 1970, Bruchac met Alex Haley and recommended that he read Harold Courlander's 1967 novel The African to get a better understanding of the "African experience." Bruchac even drove home three miles to fetch his own copy of the novel and give it to Alex Haley, who promised to read it "on the plane." Alex Haley later incorporated some passages from The African into his bestselling novel Roots: The Saga of an American Family. After Haley settled a plagiarism lawsuit, Joseph Bruchac came forward with this information, explaining that he was "shocked to see someone having used someone else's work ... without giving proper credit."

Jesse Elmer Bowman died January 28, 1970 ...

SO what really happened after Jesse, Joe's Grandfather died? Joe decided to make his Grandpa into an Indian, then later into an "Abenaki" to make himself into an Indian, and then an "Abenaki" too?

Just add water, then shake (for two minutes) and bake (at 350 degrees for some years) = "Abenaki" ... say it and publish it some many times, that the lies become the truth, and the truth becomes the lies ... is that how this works?

So much for credibility. Joseph Bruchac III (and his son Jesse Bruchac stands there as the falsehood is made) in a Guhsto:wa, states, "Our family has done the research back to Ots-Toch, the Mohawk woman" and the son Jesse, whom I shared my research back to that woman, stands silent. 

So much for "working together" ... eh.


I agree with the articles content:

"A history and heritage are important, but if you do not know yours then you should not try to invent one, or leave out parts you do not like."

The Bruchac's chose to leave out the "leap of faith", the belief, theory, and the guessing.

Lewis Henry Bowman and Joseph Edward Bruchac Research Time Line Part 8

Specifically, go to 33.55 and also more importantly 39.21 of this event and speaking engagement of Joseph Edward Bruchac III.

I also bought and read Joseph Edward Bruchac's books over the years:

I've also reviewed many published documents by his sister Margaret Marie Bruchac-Kennick:

One more round of applause for the Bruchac's?

I think not.

Let's make this very clear. The ONLY accomplishment they have done, to my thinking, is duping the public and Native People's into believing as they do, that "Jesse Elmer Bowman was an Abenaki."

Which is not true.

It has always been a figment of his grandson Joseph Bruchac' imagination, published in his books.

March 20, 2015
From an Abenaki man from and of Odanak:

"It's not about hating ... it's about the the truth. 
A family of cultural profiteers to the detriment of my cultural and heritage. 
They [Bruchac's] are not sympathizers to the cause but usurpers for profit. 
Like the sayings goes, repeat a lie long enough and it becomes a pseudo-truth. 
They say they got the support of Odanak, unfortunately that's not true. 
The only support they got up here is from one family, the vast majority of our band are not duped by them nor will they be.
Saying your Indian at heart doesn't make it so!"

Lewis Henry Bowman and Joseph Edward Bruchac Research Time Line Part 7:

Having done the research, which is ongoing, regarding the Bowman's of Vermont and Saratoga County, New York, and in particular the descendant family of Bruchac, genealogical descendants of Lewis Henry Bowman Sr. through his son Jesse Elmer Bowman ... I have ask myself several questions.

Why was Joseph Edward Bruchac III perpetuating this concocted story of his, that his mother's father Jesse as an "Abenaki"?

Was it simply because he was infatuated with Indians"? 

Clearly he was interactive with the Onondaga people who shared stories with him. 

He began, first, to publish Iroquois stories, not Abenaki stories. 

It was ONLY later, after meeting with Jules Louis Maurice Paul dit Dennis and his wife, Marie Juliette M'Sadoques, and learning that "Maurice" Den(n)is' mother was Marie Cléophée Robert Obomsawin, that Joseph Bruchac III began directing his writing towards Abenaki stories, and which involved his own family narrative, that Bowman derived from O'Bomsawin. 

Mr. Joseph Bruchac III has a Ph.D., and is a learned man, of some intelligence. 

He BELIEVED his leap of faith, his theory and his guess that his own grandfather's father Lewis Henry Bowman was an Abenaki (later conjectured but stated as fact that the man's father was from Odanak (formerly known as St. Francis), a mission community of Abenakis stretching back into the historical past to ca. 1675). Simply based on Jesse's dark complexion initially. Joe's estranged father, allegedly TOLD Joe III, that Marion's father was an Abenaki. 

But again, this is based on what Joe III SAYS post-1975. The merit of this story? Probably none.

He did not attempt to be aware of anything further than what he could perpetuate in his stories, that fit into his narrative, throughout the years from 1975 to 2016. Anything questioning of that perpetuated narrative, and the resulting action of the Bruchac family was:

Simply "fishing" and implying that the Bowman's the Bruchac's descend from, MUST BE NATIVE.

And yet there are Bowman's in New England, from Germany, Scotland, England, and even Switzerland.

There most definitely are ethical considerations in claiming indigenous identity or relationships with particular indigenous peoples. To falsely claim such belonging is absolutely indigenous identity fraud. It is theft. 

Jack Lynch (brother-in-law to Joe Bruchac)

There presently is a family group from this line that is circulating unfounded genealogical information for their personal economic benefit, so be careful.

In 2007, there was a Message Board conversation, http://boards.ancestry.com/topics.ethnic.natam.nations.abenaki.abenakinat/240/mb.ashx in which some posted messages were for and against Bowman being from the Obomsawin Abenaki family. Within these posted messages, was one response received by a Ibgen1 of Queensbury, NY (where some of the Bowman's descended of Lewis H. Bowman reside to this day) who had some interesting details shared, but never really clarified genealogically speaking. 

We're working with what details were posted by this submitter, in our research now.

Also during this long thread of messages,  Carollee Reynolds also attempted to claim that her Partlow ancestors were identified as Abenakis/Indians in the Civil War Era at the time of enlistment. This is also not true. Those four Indians of Alburg, were Akwesasne Mohawk men. Had they really done their research, they would have known this. But of course, they along with Professor Wiseman simply didn't show the original records because the truth didn't fit their manipulated narrative for the Colonizer State of Vermont of whom these fake Abenakis were proffering up unsubstantiated un-vetted "evidence" and "proof. Certainly the genealogical evidence of alleged "Abenaki" ancestor was NEVER evaluated transparently! 

In the Ancestry.com Message Board Postings particularly on the date of May 06, 2009, migakawinno [Jesse Bowman Bruchac … Joseph Bruchac’s youngest son] wrote a response. 

It was then that I began to smell BS. Joe Bruchac's son was stating that "his father took a leap?" etc.

June 13, 2012
Ancestry.com Message Board
From: jacklynch2833 [Jack Lynch]
Subject: Re: Mary and Alice Vanantwerp, Bowman, Saratoga Co. NY
Louis Bowman was born in East Farnham, Quebec to Charles and Sophie Bowman. At this level there is no sure connection with Abenaki lineage. If it exists, it is further back. After Charles death in the 1840s, Sophie married a man with the last name Senecal. This link has caused some native ancestry suggestions to be raised, but it does not go to the Bowman line.

June 24, 2015
From: "Irene" an Odanak Abenaki member
Always, and I appreciate your efforts, a style different then mine, but we are on the same page. I have been away, but not hidden, never hidden, following from a safe distance. After these long years I am finally able to pursue my Vocation and embracing both my heritage and talent for the first time ever. I was able to register at Odanak after my grandmother passed, my mother wanting to retire to Odanak, someday soon maybe. Then seeing what has become of Cecile Wawanolett's legacy and Elie Joubert, makes me cry, not sick, but just cry. I walk a fine line between both worlds, trying to make sense of how things can be fixed, if at all. 
My only pain has always been with Jesse Bruchac and his aunt Marge for making my relative upset, and for stealing our stories, downright making them up. Others are also watching /fighting the battle on our turf. So I watch my actions, I have to, but I am not naive. But it is hard to be Abenaki anywhere; when the first question is … 

Do you know that 'ole Joe'? 

Defenseless in numbers of those who agree, all I can respond with is, "Who? Never heard of him"

I have recently come across one of Don Stevens Jr.'s posted comments on the internet regarding Saints and Strangers, a video that Mr. Jesse Bowman Bruchac was involved in. 

November 01, 2015
By Lori Acken
Walking the talk – how Saints & Strangers’ native American cast learned to speak Abenaki
“I grew up in a family where everybody was involved in our family history that dates back to this period,” said Jesse Bowman Bruchac, 43, whose father, Joseph Edward Bruchac III, penned the well-received “Squanto’s Journey: The Story of the First Thanksgiving.”
“I saw the language being lost, and my father struggling to gain fluency because his own grandfather [Jesse Elmer Bowman] and mother [Marion Dunham Bowman – Bruchac] didn’t want to speak it.

One does have to question whether or not Joseph Edward Bruchac III's grandfather, Jesse, and or Jesse's own daughter Marion EVER KNEW OR SPOKE THE ABENAKI LANGUAGE AT ALL.'
To imply that either of them had the ability to speak the Abenaki language, and just "didn't want to" ... is yet another concocted implied statement by Jesse Bowman Bruchac. I doubt that either Jesse Elmer Bowman or his daughter, knew of the Abenaki language, let alone could speak it.

November 02, 2015
Chief Donald Warren Stevens Jr. – Nulhegan Abenaki Tribe stated:
“I want to thank Jesse, National Geographic, and everyone who has allowed the Abenaki language to be used and heard. The Bruchac’s are a very important line to the preservation of the language. I hope this movie will inspire other companies to use the Abenaki Language. It is also nice to see that the native perspective will also be shown in the film. 
There is still a lot of ignorance and hate out there toward Native people.
Thank you and keep up the great work!

So, according to the Phillips descendant of Antoine Philips Sr. (Haplogroup: M-181 ... and a Black man of African descent and NOT ABENAKI at all) continues to imply that the Native people are hated and that there is a lot of ignorance out there towards such ethnicity ... just like he and his bastardizing manipulative ilk have claimed that this blog is a "hate-blog") 

Here's what I think, this blog is no more about HATE, than these people are really Abenaki Indians.

The ignorance is what these pretenders and "fakers" rely upon, just like the Bruchac's have relied on the narrative of their concocted ancestral stories about Jesse Bowman and his father Lewis Henry Bowman to perpetuate their appropriate of Abenaki stories, etc. and "circulating unfounded genealogical information for their personal economic benefit", as Jack Lynch stated in his March 2002 post on the genealogical Genforum.com ...

The Bruchac Ph.D, Margaret Marie Bruchac - Kennick (and or their ally 'John Peters', in or near Amsterdam intentionally or not on his part) went online, and attempted to 'attach' the Bowman ancestry to Francois Louis Obomsawin and Agnes-Anne Onlinass's family (from and of Odanak) ... IMPLYING that Lewis Henry Bowman Sr. was their son born in July of 1844.

Who does this sort of thing? Was it honest? Was it transparent? Was it backed up in genealogical merit? 

It is NOT HATEFUL to do the necessary research to confirm or deny the merits of those that would and have perpetuated ETHNIC FRAUD within the State of Vermont, or surrounding states.

This also includes Donald Warren Stevens Jr. of the "Abenaki" fakers group, the Nulhegan Wannabiiak "Tribe" of Orleans County, Vermont.

These "fakers" and wannabiiak (wanabe's) rely on the public's IGNORANCE to perpetuate their "Abenaki" persona's and their blatant Ethnic Fraud ... 

This Blog AIMS TO EXPOSE THEM to the Public with the FACTS.

Now will the Public HOLD the Bruchac's and Margaret Marie Bruchac-Kennick, Ph.D. to the SAME ACCOUNTABILITY as Rachel Dolezal, Ward Churchill, Andrea Smith, and Susan Taffe-Reed? How about Donna (nee: Carvalho) Charlebois - Moody? And the many other "fakers" out there here in the Northeast?

Do you stand up against Ethnic Fraud? Or do you ignore this dynamic happening to the Cherokee's, the Abenaki's, etc? Obviously, the Colonizer State of Vermont, and other states advocate and help perpetuate the Abenaki Ethnic and Culture Theft against the Abenaki People.
Colleges and Museums, and those associated with NAGPRA here in the N.E. right along with the VCNAA, and the Departments of Historical Preservation of VT, NH etc, as well as the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts (as well as in Vermont) ALLOWS the continued Ethnic Fraud to be perpetuated and condoned.

The Bruchac are no more Abenakis than Gérard (Jerry) “Tsonakwa” Rancourt (or his wife Marilyn Bernadet (nee: Sciolé) a.k.a. Yolai’kia Wapita’ska) were or are.

The perpetuated ancestral scam, scheme, "leap of faith" has been accepted as true, by many, as if were founded in fact. Mr. Joseph Edward Bruchac III and Margaret Marie Bruchac - Kennick sought to have the public BELIEVE their stories as to how they narrated the story.

Was it truthful? Was it founded on facts, historically - genealogically - genetically - socially?

Bowman: Predicted: M269 Confirmed: R-Z2109

Haplogroup R-M269 is the dominant lineage in all of Western Europe today. It is found in low frequencies in Turkey and the northern Fertile Crescent, while its highest frequencies are in Western Europe.

Obomsawin: Q1a3a1

13-23-13-10-15-17-12-12-12-14-14-31-14-9-  9-11-10-27-14-21-30-13-18-19

And yet, Louis Henry Bowman Sr. was the son of Francois Louis Obomsawin and his wife Agnes-Anne Onlinass? 

Who tried to perpetuate the genealogical LIES about Lewis Henry Bowman Sr? 

Sure as hell wasn't Jesse Elmer Bowman nor his siblings, or his wife, or their descendants, other than the Bruchac's themselves all these years.

It's not 'hate' that drives this blog forward. It's the researched FACTS.

Let's have a big round of applause for the continual perpetuation of Abenaki Identity and Culture Theft by the advocates, perpetrators, and their allies of the 1-Drop-Rule throughout N'dakinna.

Or the 'no-drop-at-all' pseudo-"Abenaki Tribes" here in Vermont. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Lewis Henry Bowman and Joseph Edward Bruchac Research Time Line Part 6:

As one can already see and review, I have sought out the public records and even at times communicated with the Bruchac's, seeking the validity of their claims, assertions and assurances (that they are "Abenakis").

It was ONLY Joseph Edward Bruchac III, who made the claims and assertions that they were Abenaki. I can discern no one else in the family making these claims and assertions prior to him doing so.

Joseph Bruchac
February 19, 1970

Joseph Bruchac 
February 25 1971

Joseph Bruchac 
March 04 1971

Part One
Joseph Bruchac 
April 20 1972

Part One
Joseph Bruchac 
April 20 1972

Even in 1973 through into 1975 he was NOT apparently claiming to be Abenaki at all. 

He had not begun to cultivate his persona as an 'Abenaki' yet. 

Was it Wounded Knee that caused him to come out of the closet, out from underneath the bed, and perhaps re-invent himself into the Indian he so admired and was infatuated with when he was child?

When he was a child, and young person growing up, did he fantasize about being an Indian?

So as an adult beginning to publish other Native incarcerated prisoners stories, or Native Peoples from the South West, did he simply begin to think of himself as an Indian too?

Looking at his grandfather Jesse, and his grandfather's siblings, seeing the dark complexion, did he assume they were Indians? Joseph Bruchac III was obviously interested in folklore and the "exotic other" ...

The more I think of Joseph Edward Bruchac III (the alleged Abenaki writer and storyteller) the more I find myself thinking about Alexander Murray Palmer "Alex" Haley.

Researching Joe Bruchac I found that indeed the two had encountered one another ... you do the math and compare the two authors ... like Margaret Marie Bruchac - Kennick did with Sophie Sénécal dit Laframboise and George Lemon (the Attorney) ... as she put it "a historical re-imagining" ... you know ... written from her imagination ... not fact-based.

But none of Joe Bruchac or his mother Marion Bowman's ancestors were identifying or had identified as Abenakis or even as Indians, other that Ots-Toch and perhaps her grandchild(ren) who were Mohawks. But Joe didn't know about her until May of 2009 ...

Let us review what we do know:

20 Jul 1844
Lewis Bowman was born in East Farnham, Brome-Missisquoi County, Quebec, Canada.
Age at physical birth from the time of father’s death date:
0 years 8 months 12 days
8 months 12 days
36 weeks 3 days
255 days

Lewis Bowman claimed that he was resident in Richmond, Chittenden County, Vermont.

Bowman's (descended from England) lived just to the north in Westford, Vermont.
Bowman's lived south in Clarendon, Vermont.
Bowman's lived east in Duxbury, Vermont.

There is a David Henry Bowman born in 1820 who died November 25, 1843 and is buried in Franklin, Franklin County, Vermont, son of Henry Hammond Bowman and Sophia Haselton.
Sophia Haselton - Bowman died in 1827. Henry remarried twice more.
David's brother Henry Hammond Bowman Jr. and his wife Louisa Dewing lived in St. Albans, Franklin County, Vermont. 

Lewis Bowman claimed that he was resident in St. Albans, Franklin County, Vermont.

Lewis Bowman claimed that he was resident in Albany, Albany County, New York.

August 29, 1864
Lewis Bowman enlisted into the Civil War from Troy, Rensselaer County, New York.

March 25, 1865
Lewis Bowman was shot, and received at least 4 bullet wounds being wounded in the battle at Hatchers Run, Va., having been struck by a Minnie Ball in left leg, thereafter having a left foot paralytic and leg weakness which made him unfit for usage thereafter.

August 13, 1865
Hatcher’s Run, Virginia
Lewis Bowman was honorably discharged from the Civil War.

Declaration for Invalid Pension
District of Columbia
County of Washington
On this 14th day of August, 1865, personally appeared before me, a Deputy Clerk of a Court of Record, in the County and District aforesaid, Lewis Bowman, aged 21 years, a resident of St. Albans, County of Franklin, in the State of Vermont swears that he is the identical Lewis Bowman who enlisted in the service of the United States at East Troy in the State of New York on the 29th day of August 1864 as a Private in Company E commanded by Capt. Sweeney in the 69th Regiment of New York Volunteers in the war of 1861, and was honorably discharged on the 13 day of August 1865. That while in the service aforesaid, and in the line of his duty, on or about the 25th day of March in the year of our Lord 1865, he was wounded in battle at Hatchers Run, Va., by Minnie Ball in left leg - left foot paralytic leg weak unfit for use. He was treated and discharged from Stanton Hospital, Washington D.C.
Signature of Claimant, Lewis [his X mark] Bowman

August 14, 1865 up to ca. 1867-
Lewis Bowman has been residing in Cohose, Albany County, New York for about two [2] years.

Lewis Bowman has been residing in Potters Corner, Saratoga County, New York.

July 04, 1870
Lewis Bowman married Alice Marie Van Antwerp by Elder Combs, in Greenfield, Saratoga County, New York.

21 Aug 1871
Louisa Bowman was born in Greenfield, Saratoga County, New York.

Perhaps named after Louisa Dewing, wife of Henry Hammond Bowman Jr. mentioned above.

26 Jul 1873
Forrest F. Bowman was born Greenfield, Saratoga County, New York.

September 29, 1875
Clarence Bowman was born on in Greenfield, Saratoga County, New York.

August 03, 1877
Myrtle Bowman was born in Greenfield, Saratoga County, New York.

April 02, 1879
Myrtle Bowman died at the age of 1 year old in Greenfield, Saratoga County, New York.

April 02, 1880
Sarah Ettie Etta Bowman was born on 2 in Greenfield, Saratoga County, New York.

June 12, 1880
Greenfield, Saratoga County, N.Y. Federal Population Census
184-193 Louis Bowman W M 40 Chopper Born Canada (both parents were born in Canada)
Alice Van Antwerp W F 25 Keeping House NY (Both parents born in NY) Listed on same pg. 178-187
Louisa Bowman Age 09 W
Forest Bowman Age 07 W
Clarence Bowman Age 05 W
Sarah Bowman Age 2 months W

May 25, 1881
State of New York
County of Saratoga
On this 25th day May, 1881 appeared before me, a Deputy Clerk of the County Court, aforesaid Lewis Bowman, age 37 years, and a resident of the town of Greenfield, Saratoga County, New York ... declares that he is the identical Lewis Bowman who enrolled on the 29th day of August 1864, in Company E. of the '69 Regiment of the New York Volunteers commanded by Peter Sweeney, and was honorably DISCHARGED at Washington D.C. on the 14th day of August, 1865; that his personal description is as follows: 

Age: 37 years
Height: 5' ---feet 8 1/2 inches
Complexion: Dark
Hair: Dark
Eyes: Black

That while a member of the organization aforesaid, in the service and in the line of his duty at Near Petersburgh, Virginia on or about the 25th day of March, 1865, he was wounded by Gunshot from the enemy in four different places. 1st in the left knee. 2nd right thigh. 3rd (wound) in the left arm in muscles near shoulder. 4th (wound) in right hip and all the aforesaid wounds were received in one day or battle.
That he was treated in hospitals as follows: About one or two days at City Point Hospital and [he] was then taken to Stanton Hospital [in] Washington D.C. where he remained until discharged.
That he was not been employed in the military or naval service otherwise than stated above. That since leaving the services this applicant has resided in the town of Greenfield in the State of New York, and his occupation has been that of a Farmer etc. He was a Laborer. He is now totally disabled from obtaining his subsistence by manual labor by reason of his injuries, above described.
Claimant's signature: Lewis [his X mark] Bowman

January 25, 1882
State of New York
County of Saratoga
In the matter of the original invalid pension claim No. 88821 of Lewis Bowman of Co. E., 69th Regt N.Y. State Volunteers, Lewis Bowman, age 37 years and a resident of Potters Corners in the County of Saratoga County, New York, stated that for 5 years immediately preceding his enlistment into the service of the United States on the 29th day of August, 1864, that he had resided in the following places:
Richmond, Vermont in 1859
In 1860 & 1862 at St. Albans, Vermont
At Albany, NY in 1862
And at time of enlistment at Troy, N.Y.
His occupation was that of a Laborer
Since his discharge from the service on the 14th day of August 1865, he has been residing in Cohose, Albany County, New York for about two [2] years.

December 05, 1882
Eva May Bowman born in Greenfield, Saratoga County, New York.

August 31, 1884
Lewis Henry Bowman was born in Greenfield, Saratoga County, New York.

Aug 31, 1886
Jessie Elmer Bowman in Greenfield, Saratoga County, New York

July 29, 1890
In the Province of Quebec, in the County of Shefford on the 22nd day of July 1890, personally appeared before a Notary Public, a Mrs. Bowman aged 80 years, and a resident of West Shefford, Quebec, Canada.
She declared that she was the widow of Charles Bowman, and mother of Lewis Bowman who volunteered under the name of Lewis Bowman at "N" on the ____ day of August 1884, as a private, who died of..... wounded in the knee and thigh, while in the service on the _____ day of _____, A.D. 18 ___, at Washington D.C.
That Charles Bowman, aged _____, years, is dead, 8 November 1843, that she is still the widow of the aforesaid Charles Bowman.

Sophie [her X] Senecal, widow of Charles Bowman

No where in the Civil War Pension Records does it imply or indicate that Mr. Lewis Henry Bowman, a Civil War Veteran, was implying or saying he was born in or was from Saint Francis or Odanak, nor was he identifying as or being identified as an Indian, or Abenaki at all. Review the PDF yourself ...

Over the years, periodically, I began to do the research on the Bruchac family. My question(s) have always been what were the merits, and evidence of Mr. Joseph Edward Bruchac III's claims and assertions about his Bowman ancestry, namely Jesse Elmer Bowman, his siblings, and their father Lewis Henry Bowman.

Nothing has, as yet, given me the awareness or evidence, that what Joe Bruchac, his sister or his two sons James and Jesse (more so the latter son) has any merit whatsoever. It is a fantasy, a fairy tale, and a story created and perpetuated / peddled to the listener(s) / believer(s) to my thinking. There is NOTHING behind the leather curtain ... Jesse Elmer Bowman nor his siblings it would seem identified as Abenakis. They never were identified as Abenaki by others, on any records I have ever come across. I have asked, requested repeatedly of the Bruchac's to review their evidence of their so-called "St. Francis" document, to no avail. I am met with resistance, stalling, and or silence. 

Even Jack Lynch, brother-in-law to Joseph Bruchac III in June of 2012:

June 13, 2012
By Jack Lynch (married to Mary Ann Bruchac, Joe's sister)
Louis Bowman was born in East Farnham, Quebec to Charles and Sophie Bowman. 

At this level there is no sure connection with Abenaki lineage. If it exists it is further back.

June 13, 2012
By Jack Lynch

At this level there is no sure connection with Abenaki lineage. If it exists it is further back. [Or she retained her maiden name, from prior to her marriage to "Charles" Bowman who allegedly died November 08, 1843.]

This link has caused some native ancestry suggestions to be raised [by the Bruchac's Joe, Marge or Jesse?] ... but it does not go to the Bowman line.

The above three Ancestry.com Message Board posts by Jack Lynch, seems to point to two dynamics going on.

1. The "Abenaki" ancestry is not known. As Jesse Bowman Bruchac stated, it has been merely based on their own concocted theories, guessing games, and from the very beginning, based on the leap(s) of faith by his father Joseph Edward Bruchac III, only brother to Mary Ann (Bruchac) Lynch.

2. The alleged "Abenaki" connection(s) [if any at all] is not on the Bowman lineage, contrary to what Joseph Edward Bruchac III has perpetuated and led people to believe, through his presentations at thousands of schools per year, his presentations at Native Communities, online interviews, and yes, throughout consistently published in his books. 

Because of these dynamics prior to 2015, I began seeking a Lewis Henry Bowman direct-male-descendant who carries the Y-DNA into contemporary times. I had a plan ...

Y-DNA Pathway Map

A Y chromosome DNA test (Y-DNA test) is a genealogical DNA test which is used to explore a man's patrilineal or direct father's-line ancestry. The Y chromosome, like the patrilineal surname, passes down virtually unchanged from father to son.

Lewis Henry Bowman (1844 - 1918) Paternal Great-Grandfather
John "Jack" Bowman (1893 - 1973) Father
Earl Kenneth Bowman (1916 -1983) Son
Earl John Bowman - grandson

We have tested a direct male descendant of Lewis Henry Bowman (1844-1918). To confirm that the genetic DNA sample IS in fact, from a Bowman descendant, another non-direct Bowman descendant ALSO did an atDNA (Family Finder) test. They match one another in their testing results.

So, we know that the Y-DNA tester Mr. Bowman is in fact, John "Jack" Bowman's direct male descendant. We also know that tester no. 2 is a Bowman descendant as well.

Lewis (Haplo: Predicted: R-M269 / Confirmed: R-Z2109) Henry Bowman's Y-DNA Markers:

Haplogroup R-M269 / R-Z2109 is the dominant lineage in all of Western Europe today. It is found in low frequencies in Turkey and the northern Fertile Crescent, while its highest frequencies are in Western Europe.

Louis (Haplo: Q1a3a1) Napoleon O'Bomsawin's Y-DNA Markers:
13-23-13-10-15-17-12-12-12-14-14-31-14-9-  9-11-10-27-14-21-30-13-18-19-20-12-11-19-23-15-16

Haplogroup Q1a3a1 is one of the few Y Chromosome haplogroup strictly associated with the indigenous peoples of the Americas, along with haplogroup C3b-P39 which is almost exclusively found in North America

NOTICE that the Y-Marker's highlighted DO NOT MATCH between Bowman and O'Bomsawin.

This PROVES that the two men ARE NOT RELATED. Lewis Henry Bowman Sr. CANNOT BE ...

... As Joseph Edward Bruchac III's has written his ancestor's narrative. 

That Bruchac published narrative is now genetically proven wrong.

Obomsawin Y-DNA Result

Y-DNA stays stable overall for about 500-700 years; unlike atDNA in which 'recombination' happens consistently every time an infant is born, and DNA is 'shuffled' like a deck of cards. Using both Y testing and atDNA testing we could discern the merits of Joseph Edward Bruchac III's claims, assertions and assurances. But, neither Joe Bruchac nor his son Jesse wanted to work with me in this endeavor. 

His cousins helped, and thankfully so. 

The Y-DNA Haplo-group 'prediction' at this point in time is R-M269. Testing for the terminal Y-DNA Designation is in testing as I type this, and will be shown when that result is provided by the genetic testing company.

This means that Lewis Henry Bowman's paternal genetic contribution from his father comes from EUROPE. 

Not ancestrally from North America. 

Jesse Elmer Bowman and his father Lewis Henry Bowman's dark-complexion is inherited for some other reason(s) other than being Native American or Abenaki.

So what's the real genealogical history about Lewis Henry Bowman Sr.?

I didn't get Joe's help. I didn't get Jesse's help. But I am thankful for the Bowman families help.

Jack Lynch, brother-in-law to Joe Bruchac posted in March of 2002 for a reason. People are asking questions for a reason, about the Bruchac's and the merits of their claims and assertions.

ONLY UNTIL I did the Y-DNA test and got the results back did we hear

"Oh, I guess we were wrong about being Obomsawin's"

... and not from Joe Bruchac or Marge, but from Jesse Bowman Bruchac, who since at a very young age, as been indoctrinated into thinking he is an Abenaki.

And is so desperate to be ... that he has to create a webpage inferring that his Bowman's MUST be related to Native families across the land with the same surname?

The damage has already been done. 

Much like Gerard Rancourt, the storyteller who claimed to be descended from the Abenakis,claimed he was born in Central Quebec, Canada but was actually born in Meriden, CT ... I think that very likely Mr. Bruchac III and his stories of being Abenaki and or being descended from the Obomsawin's has been and always will be, simply not true.

The DNA result proves that the Joseph/ Marge Bruchac narrative is wrong.

Bruchac's stated their story as fact ... many times ... over and over and over again. Joe perpetuated the story, Marge perpetuated the story, James and Jesse Bruchac perpetuated the story: Bowman was derived from Obomsawin. Even their relatives believed the story. "Lewis H. Bowman came from St. Francis/Odanak, as an Abenaki and came to Saratoga County, NY ... made and sold brown ash baskets" ...

How much is truth and how much is just made up imaginings by Joe and Marge about their ancestors?

It was not a 'mistake of making false claims', as has been implied by the younger son of Joe Bruchac.

The performance and the claims, for years, were very intentional. And it has been very hurtful to those ancestors, on both sides. Make no mistake about it.

Why is acceptable for these people to pretend they are Abenakis ...

And it is not acceptable for me to do the necessary research

And point out that these people are NOT Abenaki Indians?

My research for the truth continues

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Lewis Henry Bowman and Joseph Edward Bruchac Research Time Line Part 5:

The alleged "mistakes of making false claims" has been done by ... whom?

OR in another way of putting it out there ... "who has been making the false claims?"

NOW I am going share this with the PUBLIC ...

Clearly, Mr. Joseph Edward Bruchac III, and his sister Margaret (nee: Bruchac) Kennick have went to the Amsterdam - Netherlands area, and cultivated their "Abenaki" Indian persona and friendships with European Peoples who are infatuated with the North American Indians. Like children in American schools, Europeans are polite enough NOT to question and not to demand the merits of the person Playing Abenaki, and the claims and assertions being made. Just because one wears regalia doesn't make the person an Indian. But if a person wears a costume, they just might be a clown.

So what was going on, back in May of 2009 leading up to August of 2009?

May 06, 2009
Ancestry.com ‘Abenaki – Bomwan’ Message Board
From: migakawinno [Jesse Bowman Bruchac … Joseph Bruchac III’s son]
Subject: Bowman – Obomsawin
Kwai Doug, Carollee and other friends I know in this thread.
I hope you are well. Since I've been mentioned a few times by name and this revolves around my family, as well of course, around many of ours, I thought I'd share a little of what I know.
As we have always said more is unknown than known. A great deal of faith and courage went into my father's decision to embrace his IMPLIED and APPROPRIATED Native heritageHe took a leap and I thank him for this and for raising me with an awareness and great respect for everything beautiful about life, Native culture and the earth. This is a respect, Native or not, we should all have. There is much beauty. My life now centers around many circles, one of which has remained for almost 20 years now the fight to keep the Western Abenaki language alive. If you would like to learn more about it, please visit http://westernabenaki.com
First this thread needs some clarification. To suggest that the 1700’s were a time when Native people had no concerns with racism shows a lack of knowledge about Native history. This was the time of the forced removals and the most likely time for one to hide their identity if possible as Native in order to literally save their lives. Indians in the northeast at this time literally had bounties put on their heads.
Secondly what we now call the Abenaki are in fact a coming together of many diverse groups. Many were from New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New York, Massachusetts and from peoples as diverse as the Mohawk, Wendat (Huron), Nipmuc, Wampanoag, Penobscot, Sokwaki, Mohican etc.
 The term Abenaki simply means "easterner". Grey Lock himself was Woronoco.
As for the Bowman family, the Indian blood is there. The full extent will likely never be known. Most of the family hid their Native ancestry in order to find work and live normal lives in their homelands without threat of removal or racism. Others likely forgot, or did not care enough to remember they had Native ancestry at all.
The suggested Bowman/Obomsawin connection has been made by many, but directly to us by an Odanak elder Maurice Denis who proposed to my aunt and father in the 1970s that it was a name changeI call this B-S, Maurice Dennis is not alive to validate that he ever said that Obomsawin was Bowman. This is very likely a concoction made by the Bruchac friend, John Scott Moody.
Maurice Denis was my father’s mentor at the time and I spent many days as a young child in his kitchen hearing the Abenaki language as he taught my dad the tradition stories of long ago. Maurice Denis lived not far from us and ran an Indian village in Old Forge NY where we spent many summers.
Anyway, he believed we were Obomsawin’s, but this has not and likely cannot be proven.
In addition, as suggested in this thread it may not be the case at all. However, even without a name change, Bowman itself is a very old Eastern Algonquin family nameIt's ALSO A VERY OLD EUROPEAN (English, Scots, German, and Switzerland surname as well! On the record in the 17th century in Massachusetts among the Natick people. To present it remains a common family name of the Nipmuck, Stockbridge Munsee Mohicans and is also connected with the Wampanoag families many of whom trace their Native ancestry through Bowman lines. That does not mean YOU descend from those families whatsoever!
The Senical (Seneca, Senecal) line (Lewis Bowman's mother Sophie Senical) is equally interesting. The Senecal family has a documented history with Odanak, Yamaska and surrounding communitiesDesperate to 'attach' the Bowman family descendants to a Native Abenaki ancestry to validate the published theories, guesses, and leaps of faith dear old daddy has made and said, right along with his sister Marge, to fit their concocted narrative.
 Intermarrying with the Gill's in the 1840’s and prior to this making some failed business deals together, even selling off some of the reserve with help of the then Odanak chief Gill. The famous artist, Charles Gill has a Senecal grandfather. Not clear if this family is Sophie's family, but Senecal's landed in Three Rivers, Quebec in 1640ish from France, 40 years before the Abenaki community of Odanak was established and are still there today. Again, this is NOT the Bowman - Senecal dit Laframbois ancestry that the Bruchac's descend from.
Other unanswered ancestors in our genealogy are numerous.
Out of Vermont, the Bedel's on my mom's side, and through the Dunham line (my grandma’s mom), the Mann's and Spear's all drop off fast and may have Abenaki links. 'Fishing' again in the dark without any supportive valid genealogical evidence to support their claims and myths.
Like most ancestries, ours has more questions than answers, but a clear pattern emerges. Close contact with northeast Native communities and most lines being in the northeast from first European contact and before. Hah, 'clear patterns'? Perhaps Lewis Bowman Sr. was a black man fleeing the south, came up into Vermont, and decided to pitch a left direction of travel, instead of entering Quebec, Canada because he was a child of parents born into slavery?
What is known Native-wise is Jesse Bowman's Mohawk ancestry through his mother Alice Van Antwerp is well documented and multi-layered. One line below is to Ots Toch - Hartell (Snow Bird). Also another branch of the Van Antwerp line hits Grietje, who has been mentioned.

This might help some of you:

1. Ots Toch Hartell
2. Elizabeth VanSlyck
3. Cornelius VanBuren
4. Aaltje VanNess VanBuren
5. Hendrikje Fonda VanBuren
6. Douwe VanAntwerp
7. Winant Van Antwerp
8. Daniel Wynet Van Antwerp
9. Alice Van Antwerp
10. Jesse Elmer Bowman
11. Marion Flora Bowman
12. Joseph Bruchac             
13. Jesse Bowman Bruchac

Kwai Mskwamagw [Douglas Lloyd Buchholz] ta kdagik nid8bak ta nid8baskwak. N'kawachowi kd'agakimziba aln8baiwi askwa.

Migakawinno [#13]

Herein the above email Mr. Jesse Bowman Bruchac is acknowledging that he and his Bruchac family received the awareness and mapping back to their how-many-generations-back Mohawk ancestor BASED SOLELY ON MY RESEARCH. It was thereafter they began wearing gustoweh in their presentations, both in-person and in video's. On Ancestry.com people were questioning the MERITS and INTEGRITY of the Bruchac's claims and assertions. Some Bowman descendants and their supporters, were also posting what Mr. Joseph Bruchac III had written in Bowman's Store, as proof of Abenaki Identity. [If Joe is claiming and dressing and performing as an Abenaki ... why can't I? I must be Abenaki because Joe SAYS he has the 'proof' ... but he doesn't, because it didn't exist in the first place!]

July 10-12, 2009
Margaret Bruchac and her husband Justin Kennick perform "Hand in Hand" at the Champlain Quadricentennial Celebration in Burlington, VT.

July 13, 2009
Marge Bruchac
My time in Burlington, Vermont was pretty disconnected. The Diversity Forum was small in attendance, large in spirit, but I had to rush off to perform on the massive waterfront stage with way too much competition from the wind, and a very distracted audience. Preparations for the parade were rain-soaked chaos, but the Abenaki color guard stepped proudly off in the lead, despite threats of cancellation, with a fine show of unity. Our gig in the Abenaki Cultural Village at the Echo Center was small and pleasant. It was immediately followed by Fred Wiseman and the Abenaki closing with a stinging critique of what the organizers did wrong. Let's hope this event inspires some kind of lasting transformation in Abenaki relations in Vermont...

July 19-24, 2009
Marge Bruchac was a Writer-in-Residence for Wabanaki Youth Writers' Camp, sponsored by the Maine Writers' Guild and Penobscot Nation, near Oldtown, ME.

July 27, 2009-
Margaret (nee: Bruchac) and Justin Kennick traveled to the Netherlands, Amsterdam, Holland, Belgium and do their lectures/ presentations/ songs. While there she got on a computer of a Dutch friend Jans Pietersz (John Peters … johnpeters@hotmail.com), and sent to www.nosorigins.qc.ca
(a genealogical website in New Brunswick) data that IMPLIED as ‘fact’ that Lewis (Louis) Bowman who had married Alice Van Atwerpt was allegedly the son of Francois-Louis O’Bomsawin and his wife Agnes Anne Olinass.

This is the format on nosorigins.qc.ca  
(much like www.familysearch.org or Ancestry.com)
wherein, a person can input the data, submit it into the genealogical tree's

The records were entered July 27, 2009 at after 2 o’clock Eastern Time.
[See the below email from Hans Waldispuhl]

Hans Waldispuhl, the Administrateur IT (of www.nosorigines.qc.ca)
Immediately removed the data from the website, when I had telephoned him,
and I questioning WHO placed the data on the website?
was there submitted substantiating documentation?
to support the submitter claims and assertions?
that Louis O'Bomsawin and Agnes Olinass had a son 
Louis "Obomsawin" Bowman in 1843
Who would submit such data into a New Brunswick, Canada
Genealogical Data Base
Why, and for what purpose?

I began to figure that out, because this act was not a of 
mere mistake of making false claims"

It is a intentional manipulation of the Obomsawin and Bowman Ancestries!

Marge Bruchac [ Native American ]

ca. August 2009
(Google Translated)
Marge Bruchac, sister of the famous Native American storyteller Joseph Bruchac, came one afternoon action with us. A remarkable woman with an intriguing narrative voice. Even though they spoke English, which seemed to be no objection to the children who were in the hall. From time to time she asked "hey!" To which the audience responded with "ho!" - It should be. It was quite entertaining, as far as possible with such a 'how the fox's tail kreeg' content. But the real story came after a period out of the bag when we (after we had caught the glassware in boxes because of the upcoming renovations) we had installed all the volunteers at dining tables in the main room. 

How could it well anyway that they until quite late in her life found out was that she was Indian? Well, that was so: then you had better not Indian because you fell no best treatment in part (up to sterilization). Her parents had her and her brother was not told. She worked (anthropology) at the museum when a visitor during a lecture asked her to tell a story of the Abenaki, but told her nothing. Then he said: "I'm an Abenaki Indian and so are you." In retrospect, her talent seems to be a vocation not something she does just what she simply has not let can. The question remains what kind of stories she was raised ...

As you can see and review, Margaret Bruchac (now married to Justin Kennick) went to Amsterdam, and Holland, and various places in the Netherlands. After the July 2009 Champlain Quadricentennial Celebration happened, in which she was in attendance July 10-12, and she flew to the Netherlands. Performing as “Hand in Hand” they did several tour of the Netherlands and perhaps even Germany their performance "Zahkiwi Lintowoganal / Voices in the Woods" at varied venues in the Netherlands. http://www.maligeet.net/Performance_Venues.html

Message body

Hans Waldispuhl Administrateur IT
3713, Route 134
Shediac Bridge, N.B. E4R 1R9
T 506 351 0514

In conclusion ... let's follow this down the rabbit hole of shenanigans, October 2008 into May of 2009 there was online discussion between varied persons, both related and allied supporters of the Bruchac family, claiming that Obomsawin was the original name of the Bowman's in which the Bruchac's descended from. 

It was at that time, I had been mapping out the Bruchac's ancestors ... due to my own genealogical curiosity attempting to validate the claims and assertions they have been making and had made as fact, within Joseph Bruchac III's books, etc., that I found Ots-toch, the Mohawk woman in their ancestral background in 1600's. Regardless, , this did not make any of them Mohawk Indians ... not Jesse Elmer Bowman nor his father Lewis Henry Bowman, let alone Joseph Edward Bruchac III. Certainly not Abenakis either.

I discussed the following information in a previous February 13, 2013 blog post:

Here  are better quality images of the excellent article by Cynthia Bisca.

I strongly suggest a review of the data in the previously published posting:

Lewis Henry Bowman's Civil War Pension Records

They stated in their books that within the Pension Records of Lewis H. Bowman Sr., that it indicated or was written, that Mr. Bowman was from "St. Francis". I sought out the Civil War Pension Records for Lewis Henry Bowman, on June, 15, 2012, as one can review in the above image.

No one finances my research. I do it on my own, as I can finance doing such work, genealogically or genetically. 

I wanted to see if the Pension Record did, in fact, mention "St. Francis" and it does not, contrary to what was written in the book, March Towards The Thunder published in 2008. Clearly on pages 292-293, Mr. Joseph Edward Bruchac III,  states, that the Pension Records state merely Canada as a place of birth. But then down the page he claims that his great-grandfather was Canadian, but a Canadian of Native descent, whose ancestral roots were in what became the United States. Records list his birth as St. Francis, the name then used for the Abenaki Indian reserve of Odanak, a mission village made up largely of refugee Indians from New England who fled north to escape the English during the eighteenth century.

Where is this documented evidence that he implies says "St. Francis" on it? Does he not know that there are many "St. Francis's" in the Province of Quebec, Canada ... not just Odanak? Does point a finger at Odanak, because the alleged "St Francis" that he SAYS is shown on some alleged document pertaining to his Great-Grandfather Lewis H. Bowman fits HIS narrative? 

According to "Turn and Jump: How Time & Place Fell Apart" by Howard Mansfield published in 2010, it is his own sister Margaret or Marge (nee: Bruchac) Kennick who states, on Page 150, that her grandfather [Jesse Elmer Bowman] was dark-skinned and said he was Black

Joseph Bruchac, her brother, in "Bowman's Store" and numerous other books, state's that their grandfather Jesse said he was French.

But Joseph Edward Bruchac III's SAYS in Bowman's Store, on Page 253, stated that his own father, Joseph Edward Bruchac II, stated, "You know, your grandfather is an Abenaki Indian." 

Telling stories was a family affair. Jesse Bowman himself NEVER said such a thing to anyone in his life? 

Perhaps because it just wasn't true, and that it is just all in his grandson's head and it was Joe Bruchac III that brought that concocted post 1975 narrative into profitability in a created "Abenaki" persona


When a mother introduces her son as "my son, the Indian" 
It means she doesn't apply the same identity to herself, because
ONLY he is the one perpetuating that created persona
If she KNEW her own father, Jesse Elmer Bowman was Indian ...
Why did she address her son in this way?

If he was a Hippie, she would have referred to him as, "my son, the Hippie"

What is the difference between this man (below)

Who claims to be ...

"Cherokee/Cree Indian"

And  this one (below)

Who claims to be ...

In July 30, 2015 I wrote to the Town of Greenfield, in Greenfield Center, N.Y., seeking two documents. One was a Marriage Record between Jesse Elmer Bowman and Katherine (nee: Gray) Ritchie. 

And the second document is pertaining to Lewis Henry Bowman and his second wife, sister to his first, and both being survivors of their perspective spouses. Nowhere does it mention "St Francis" or "Indian" or "Abenaki" etc.

I have attached the images to the original documentation as well that I found online. No where does it indicate or imply that Lewis Henry Bowman nor his son Jesse Elmer Bowman was identifying or being identified as Indians, Abenakis, Blacks or the like.

Now lets look at some Federal Census Records, etc for both men and some of their descendants:





Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

December 01 1886








Jesse Elmer Bowman Marriage Record
Katherine (nee: Gray) Ritchie

June 07, 1912


Unknown Date






June 21 1924
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Dunham, whose Splinterville residence was destroyed by fire of undetermined origin early yesterday morning, are making their home in the original Dunham homestead which stands opposite the Middle Grove highway on the Saratoga Springs-Geenfield Center state road. Mr. and Mrs. Dunham, previous to the time they erected the residence burned yesterday, occupied the frame building which stands just north of their gasoline filling station. Chief of Police James J. O'Brien of Ballston Spa, representing the district attorney's office and State Tooper Daniel Sullivan were investigating the affair last night. Chief O'Bien was in charge of investigations Into several other lawless acts committed at the Dunham estate on previous occasions.
The fire yesterday, according to Mr. Dunham and neighbors, who arrived at the scene early, was incendiary. An early investigation, they claim, showed gasoline or kerosene had been thrown against the side of the house and ignited. Mr. and Mrs. Dunham fortunately escaped.
Yesterday's fire, believed by Mr. Dunham to be a part of the program to exterminate his family followed several other attacks upon his property during the past year.
A valuable cow and horse were killed while three hundred apple trees were destroyed by unidentified
persons. Shots have also been fired into the bed room occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Dunham and, at
his son-in-law, Jesse Bowman. Last spring a saw mill owned by Mr. Dunham was destroyed by fire. A man named Warren Bowman was arrested, charged with the crime, but was never indicted or convicted.


May 25, 1925
ter work and dealing in real estate to a small extent.
Bowman Also Accused 
The plaintiff then called James Flansburgh of Greenfield, who said he was at the Dunham farm the night after the fire. He was not permitted to testify what Mr. Dunham is alleged to have told him about the fire because of his name not being mentioned in the pleadings.
William Barney, blacksmith, Greenfield, told of going to the fire the night of June 20, 1924, and testified that Mr. Dunham said to him that he, Mr. Dunham, was "satisfied in his own mind that Mike Hayes and Warren Bowman set fire to the place."
Under cross examination the witness said he knew Warren Bowman is now a fugitive from Justice
and that James Hayes, a brother of Michael Hayes, and another man hadto make good Bowman's bail bond of several hundred dollars.
Barney also testified that he was not surprised at what Mr. Dunham told him concerning the origin of
the fire and that he had seen Warren Bowman and Michael Hayes together many times.
John Passutt of Greenfield was the plaintiff's last witness but his testimony concerning what Mr.
Dunham said to him about the fire was stricken from the record because it was not within the pleadings in the case. He said he knew both the Dunham and Hayes families.
Under cross examination the witness admitted his wife Had hart him arrested for beating her and
his children and that at one time he had a still on his farm and made "hootch." Passutt said Justice of
the Peace Robinson had told him to get rid of the still and that he had broken it but denied that he
ever made "hootch" for the Hayes brothers to sell, although he knew that Hayes had beep arrested on
a charge of violating the dry law.
The plaintiff then rested and the defendant moved for a non-suit on the grounds the plaintiff had failed to establish any cause for action. The motion was denied and after a ten minute recess Mr. Dunham took the witness stand.
Mr. Dunham, a man sixty-three years old, told of being awakened by Mrs. Dunham the night of the
Are and that as he left the bed, the bedroom window was broken by the heat. 
He said he tried to turn on an electric light but the lights would not function. He made his way to the kitchen, Mr. Dunham said he tried to get to extinguish the flames, but his efforts were of
no avail.
The witness also testified that a pile of cord wood on the rear porch was blazing and that there was fire around the kitchen door. He denied that he ever directly accused Hayes of firing the farm house, but suspected him of it the night of the fire and does to this day.
Mr. Dunham said that during fire, Hayes drove by the house twice in his automobile and persona in
the rear seat of the car were singing. Mr. Dunham added he built the house about thirteen years ago and that on July 4, 1921 Hayes had threatened to "get us and it wouldn't take long to do it," if the Dunham's said anything about his, Hayes', business. Mr. Dunham said that the day after the fire a lawsuit was started against him by a girl friend of Hayes' who charged assault. The outcome of the lawsuit was not permitted to go on the record and the details of an occurrence on the state road near the Dunham place in which Hayes was said to have taken an important part, was also not allowed to go on the record by Justice John C. Crapser.
Jesse Bowman, Mr. Dunham's son-in-law, went on the witness stand and told of finding Mr. Dunham's horse dead in a gully on the Dunham farm. He said he had asked Flansburgh to look at the horse and that Flansburgh told he did not want to say anything against the Hayes because he was afraid of them. The defense rested its case and moved for dismissal of the complaint, but the motion was denied. Court them recessed until 1:45 o'clock at which time the attorney's began to sum up.

June 15 1925
The case of Warren Bowman, indicted for perjury, who has absconded and forfeited bail of $2,500.00 dollars was held on the calendar awaiting his arrest.



Do you see any indication of Bowman's or their descendants being identified as Indian, Black or Abenaki on any of the above records?

The Bruchac's ancestors certainly consistently were identifying as WHITE, well back into the 1880's.

January 22 1977 
Joseph E. Bruchac III 

March 14, 1979
Poets to read at KAC Monday night
After years of study at Cornell and Syracuse and three years in Africa, Joseph Bruchac has returned to live in Saratoga Springs, home of his Abenaki Indian ancestors.

As you can see, Mr. Joseph Edward Bruchac III, just before December 14, 1989, stated that his Abenaki ancestors, part of the Indian nation that encompassed most of New England, parts of southeastern Canada and stretched into the northern Adirondacks, is traceable to 1637 in Three Rivers, Quebec, Canada, where Jesuit missionaries kept careful records in their quest, Bruchac says, to account for all available candidates for conversion to Christianity.
His maternal great-grand-parents, whose family name was originally Obomsawin - which translates into "keeper of the council fire" - moved from Canada to the Saratoga Springs area where they sold baskets to tourists.
Joseph Bruchac III said he has take care to impart his ancestral knowledge and viewpoint to his two sons and they have followed him in developing a keen interest in their heritage.

Joe Bruchac III SAID

 his father Joe Bruchac II SAID Joe's Grandfather Jesse Elmer Bowman 
"was an Abenaki"

Or did he simply mean "Black as an Abenaki" ?

This DOES NOT MEAN Jesse Bowman was in fact an Abenaki
(Geneaologically - Historically - Genetically)
(Or even Culturally)

"Growing Up Abenaki" (see above image)

How can this man Joe Bruchac III, (raised by his grandfather Jesse Elmer Bowman) 
... have grown up to adult in an Abenaki culture, heritage etc, 
when Jesse Bowman rarely talked about his bloodlines?
Never shared with Joe Bruchac III, the history and traditions 
of his heritage?

January 13, 2004
From: Bruce Dubois [another FAKE "abenaki" who tried to 'attach himself' to the Obomsawins from and of Odanak]
Hi Lawrence, 
Just to let you know in a reply to what was written ... Carol Bruchac, Joe Bruchac ARE NOT Native authors as far as the Abenaki Reserve is concerned ... They have been sent letters asking them to prove their genealogy by the Chief and Council and  have ignored the letters. 
They have been riding the Native horse to death over the last 20 years ... and it is time that the ones PROFITING from such things as Arts, Crafts, Storytelling, Authors, etc. and cannot prove their Native Heritage be EXPOSED for what they really are ... FRAUDS.
Regards, Bruce

January 14, 2004
Hi Bruce, 
I would appreciate if you could clarify some things about Joseph Bruchac. I used to live in VT in the late eighties to early nineties and did a lot of work with the Swanton Abenakis (Homer St. Francis and those folks) and Joseph was working with them pretty often. He did a couple of events for them and h was on a few panels with Homer and others.
I never heard anyone in Swanton say anything negative about Joe; quite the contrary ... and Joe was always clear about his mixed ancestry (Abenaki but also Slovak, etc) So I am wondering if things have changed over the last decade ... as I have not kept in as good touch as I should have. I also know that the Reserve and Swanton are different communities and whether there are issues there.
In solidarity,

Well of course, Swanton, Vermont's community of wannabiak are not going to say anything bad about Joe. He's famous, well-known, and accepted as an "Abenaki" because he SAID so. Because he SAYS he has the evidence and genealogical foundation to support his claims and assurances. They see him as one-of-their-own, because they didn't and do not have the genealogical-historical or social documentation pre-1975 to support their claims and assurances either. Both were 'using' each other. This is why HE had a Membership Card in Homer's group since 1978.

Joseph Edward Bruchac III: St. Francis – Sokoki “Abenaki” Membership Card #3312

March 07 2002
Genforum.com Message Board
From: Jack Lynch [or is this Mary Ann (nee: Bruchac) Joseph Bruchac's younger sister?]

"There presently is a family [Bruchac's] group from this line [Bowman's] that is circulating unfounded genealogical information for their personal economic benefit, so be careful."

July 15, 2010
Joseph Edward Bruchac III at the ARTSEDGE The Kennedy Center uploaded on July 15, 2010.
Explaining the origin and significance of the flute and the drum to Native American culture. 

Alakwsak Woodward H. F. (s8gm8)

More on this "faker" /
Wannabe "Chief" here:

Anthony Jon Picanso

Notice the "bnsaints" commentary posted replies on YouTube.com. 

It's not ONLY my own person who has been aware of the distortion(s) and the disregard for the facts, and lack of documentation by the Bruchac's.

That whole "hiding-in-plain sight" crap was perpetuated by Margaret Bruchac-Kennick because the Bruchac's have never had the documentation to support their theories, their guesses, or their "leap(s) of faith" etc. 

Reminds me of when Joe Bruchac on February 04, 1978 in The Schenectady Gazette Newspaper, Page 08 article entitled "Reading Set on Poetry of Bruchac" wherein he stated, "Joseph Bruchac, who is half Abenaki Indian, brings a deep love of nature to his poetry and his life’s work."

And then I look at the genealogical/genetic distance between himself and his Mohawk woman ancestress, Ots-Toch from the 1600's and I think what ... ?

More to continue in the next post ...

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