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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The TRUTH about Frederick Matthew Wiseman PhD.- PART 10

Now that you have read about the TRUTH about Frederick Matthew Wiseman in Parts 1 through 9, I would like to bring forward in this Part 10, some more dynamics about this professor

May 01, 1988
"... his grandmother was an Abenaki Indian" 

March 31, 1991
"... he had an uncanny attraction to things Native American" 
"... in Windsor, he always wanted to play the Indian"
"... his maternal grandmother was an Abenaki Indian"
"... trying to craft a new sense of identity within himself"

"... his own maternal grandmother had to disavow her own Abenaki heritage" 

April 01, 1991
"All the time he was growing up, Frederick Matthew Wiseman recalls, he had an uncanny attraction to things Native American"

"In games of Cowboys and Indians with his playmates in Windsor, Vermont he always wanted to play the Indian"
"his maternal grandmother was an Abenaki Indian"

May 29, 1999
"For years, his family has ignored their Native American heritage"

"Frederick Matthew Wiseman said he didn’t know about his native heritage because his family never spoke about it" 

" ... he met some Abenaki relatives while visiting his grandparents during summers in Swanton" 

" ... one of his relatives spent time in jail because he refused to participate in a 1931 Eugenics Survey project in which hundreds of Abenaki were sterilized" 

"Most of the replicas of Abenaki artifacts were made by his students at Johnson State College" 

August 27, 2003
"He never even knew he was Abenaki"
"As a child, I remember my grandmother talking about our relatives to the north as 'that tribe'" 
"I don't think my dad ever knew. She never told anyone of our ancestry."

"It was really weird because as a kid I was fascinated by Indians. I was in Boy Scouts and did Indian lore and eventually became an archaeologist" 
"It must have been somewhere in my genes trying to bubble out."

September 15, 2006
“I don’t appreciate my ancestry being analyzed and dissected and told I’m not a Native American” (May 06, 2005)

My father’s mother [Josephine Kay (nee: Erno) who married to Frederick William Wiseman in 1904] was Abenaki." 

September 22, 2011
"It leaves the "Abenakis" to look like they are fraud's and appropriators of someone else's historical past" (Dahhhh!)

"As a child he was fascinated by America’s first settlers, and his grandmother was Abenaki."

“Ever since I was a little kid I was always interested in Indian lore"
So, my grandmother being Abenaki, I was able to join the St. Francis-Sokoki band of the Abenakis and they asked me to start using my expertise in service of Native Americans here. That became a much more interesting thing for me.”

[Why couldn't the reality have be that Homer Walter St. Francis Sr. decided to appoint Dr. Frederick Matthew Wiseman PhD as "tribal ambassador of cultural affairs" for Homer's group the St. Francis-Sokoki; and subsequently, Fred and his fellow cult followers began to "pin-the-tail-on-his-maternal/paternal grandmothers" as being "Abenaki" ... because he was beneficial to the credibility of the lies and deception and an asset to Homer's agenda?]

September 25, 2013
"Wiseman, who is himself of Abenaki descent"

October 01, 2019
"He [Frederick M. Wiseman] has Abenaki lineage on his paternal mother's side"

October 29, 2019
"... my paternal grandmother's connections to indigenous heritage that were pointed out to me by Carol Nan (nee: Gromatski) Nepton and Christopher A. Roy of the Abenaki Research Project"

SO ... let us look at Fred Wiseman's two grandmother's Anna (nee: Hines), and Josephine (Erno):

The Burlington Free Press Newspaper
April 10, 1906

Mrs. Frederick William Wiseman and Mrs. Charles Penell were called to Saint Armand, Quebec, Canada yesterday by the death of their father Michel (Mitchell) Rénaud dit Erno dit Blanchard.

Application No. 252649
Filed and Marriage License Issued

Arthur E. Noël and Georgianna L. (nee: Erno)

Frederick Kermit Wiseman - Burlington, Vt.
Mechanical Engineering
Sigma Nu, A.S.M.E. (1) (2) (3)
The 1937 Ariel
University of Vermont
Freddie is a well-known Burlington boy, one of the most happy-go-lucky in the class. No quiz or exam ever worries Freddie as he has learned the technique of combining work and play to the advantage of both. He is a sportsman, too, and likes dogs, guns, and hunting trips. Often he is seen tripping the light fantastic at both college and town dances.

U.S. Petition for Naturalization N. 75265
Georgianna Louise (nee: Erno) Noël , of Cleveland, OH

Georgianna Louise (nee: Erno) Noël sister of Josephine Kay (nee: Erno) Wiseman) declares she was born in St. Armand, Quebec, Canada on October 04, 1886, and that her race (ethnicity) is French.
That her husband is Arthur E. Noël, and that they were married on January 28, 1930. That she had entered the United States at St. Albans, Vt. on April 05, 1892. And they had no children. 
She also declared that she emigrated to the US from Saint Armand, Canada. and that her lawful entry for permanent residence in the United States was at Swanton, Vt. under the name of Georgianna Louise (nee: Erno) on July of 1900 on the Central Vermont RR.

The Burlington Free Press
October 11, 1943

Frederick K. Wiseman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Wiseman of 267 Pearl Street, married Evelyn M. Platt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew W. Platt of Halethorpe, Md., on October 02, 1943 in Halethorpe, Md. 
The bride is a secretary at Western Electric Company. Mr. Wiseman was graduated from the University of Vermont in 1937 and is a mechanical engineer for Western Electric Company, in Baltimore, Md.

The Daily Times Newspaper 
Page 27
July 20, 1950

Meet The Man Who Cures Hospital Mechanical Aches
If the lights go out or the grass won't grow at Deer's Head State Hospital, Frederick K. Wiseman is the man they'll yell for.
Mr. Wiseman, a mechanical engineer, is maintenance superintendent at Deer's Head.
It'll be up to him to see that the grounds and building are kept in the best shape. He'll have a staff of 10 - painters, firemen, gardeners, and mechanical handy men.
Thirty five years old, Mr. Wiseman is one of the three top men at Deer's Head.
Dr. James A. McCallum, the medical superintendent, is boss. And Henry Lee Chambers is the business manager.
Right now, Mr. Wiseman is living in the Princeton Homes development. His job is considered so vital, however, that the state eventually will provide living quarters on the hospital groups, so he'll be nearby at all times.
Mr. Wiseman reported for duty here January 1. One of his main jobs has been planning for the installation of equipment. Once the hospital opens, his job will be to settle down to routine, more or less.
In 1937, Mr. Wiseman got his Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Vermont in his home state.
During World War II, he was subcontracting engineer for Western Electric, Inc., in Baltimore in the radar division. Before that he had been a maintenance foreman for the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in Vermont. He also worked for the Fellows Gear Shaper Company in Vermont.
Mrs. Wiseman is the former Evelyn Martha Platt of Halethorpe, Md.
They have a two-year-old son, Frederick Matthew Wiseman.

The Burlington Free Press Newspaper
November 29, 1950
Funeral of Mrs. Noel

SWANTON, November 28 - The funeral for Mrs. Georgianna Louise (nee: Erno) Noël, sister of Josephine Kay (nee: Erno) Wiseman) who died last Thursday was held Monday morning at 9:30 a.m. at the Church of the Nativity. Rev. Oliver Langlois celebrated at requiem high mass.
The bearers were Jeffrey Barrette, Frederick Kermit Wiseman, Jr., Clement Ward, Foster Carman, Judd Hilliker, Francis Deal.
Burial took place in St. Mary's Cemetery.

The Burlington Free Press Newspaper
July 05, 1956

Mr. and Mrs. F. R. (sic) Frederick Kermit Wiseman and son Freddie of Salisbury, Md., and Mrs. Josephine (nee: Erno) Wiseman of St. Albans spent the weekend at the home of J. F. Carman (Dorothy Erno (nee: Wiseman).

As for Anna Marie (nee: Hines) that he claimed was "Abenaki" back in the day, in the Vermont newspapers ... 

Indeed, she (Anna Marie Hines) Platt did in fact, die on April 17, 1960, in Cantonsville, Baltimore Co., Maryland. (This is objectively validated) by the following documents:

PLATT. - Sudden on April 17, 1960, ANNA MARIE (nee: Hines), of 401 Forest Lane, Cantonsville, beloved wife of Matthew W. Platt and devoted mother of Mrs. Evelyn M. Wiseman, Mrs. Thelma L. Schlining and Mrs. Anna Marie Joh.
Funeral from the Farley Funeral Home.

Anna Marie (nee: Hines) and Matthew William Platt had a daughter, Evelyn Martha (nee: Hines) as well as two other subsequent daughters, Thelma Loretta and Anna Marie (nee: Hines)

London v. Loudon (could have been just a simply unintentionally created distortion on a genealogist's part.) Yet, Fred has a Vermont Cow over the matter. 

The Baltimore Sun Newspaper 
March 27, 1965

Navy Science Cruiser Award - 
Frederick M. Wiseman, of Howard County High School

Mrs. Josephine (Erno) Wiseman
The Burlington Free Press Newspaper
March 04, 1966

(This is the grandmother, F. M. Wiseman PhD claims was an Abenaki, who married Frederick William Wiseman, who was the was the machine shop foreman at the Robin Hood Ammunition Company and the Remington Arms Company plants in Swanton.)

Professor Wiseman discusses Swanton, Vermont's connection to the Remington Arms Company and others as well as local accounts of life and work at the local Robin Hood Arms Company factory.

The Baltimore Sun Newspaper 
July 02,1972

The marriage of Miss Martha Hyde Amesdaughter of Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Ames, of Alexandria, Va., to Mr. Frederick Matthew Wisemanson of Mr. & Mrs. Frederick K. Wiseman,  of Ellicott City, Maryland, took place June 10, 1972 in the garden at the home of the bride.
The maid of honor was Miss. Mary Elizabeth Ames, sister of the bride.  The best man was Mr. Ernest Williams.

The Baltimore Sun Newspaper 
May 05, 1974
Page E 16
Miss Schlining to wed
Mr. and Mrs. Martin William Schlining, of Cantonsville, have announced the engagement of their daughter, Miss Paula Ann Schiling, to Mr. Brian Walter Harris, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl H. Harris of Sykesville.
The bride-elect is a graduate of Cantonsville Senior High School, Catonsville Community College and Frostburg State College. She is the granddaughter of Mrs. Walter R. Schlining, of Cantonsville, and the late Mr. Schlining and the late Mr. and Mrs. Matthew William Platt, of Cantonsville, Baltimore Co., Maryland.


Frederick Kermit Wiseman
The Baltimore Sun Newspaper
August 27, 1985

Martin William Schlining 
The Baltimore Sun Newspaper 
March 18, 1987

Evelyn Martha (nee: Platt) Wiseman's Death Record
May 02 1989 

Evelyn Martha (nee: Platt) Wiseman's Obituary
The Baltimore Sun Newspaper
May 05, 1989

Thelma Loretta (nee: Platt) Schlining
The Baltimore Sun Newspaper 
October 12, 1999

Dorothy Erno (nee: Wiseman) Carman
The Burlington Free Press Newspaper 
April 17, 2000

Frederick Matthew Wiseman is in fact, a genetic, cultural, and political fraud (as the Vermont Attorney General’s assertions have been all along.)

The Wiseman family of Swanton, VT (half the year) were what would appear to be economically, 'well-to-do' folks.“rusticators” (people to romanticize the 'rural' but go back to their cities). Maryland to Swanton, and back again type's. 

Fred's an "Abenaki" ... Let's ALL BE "ABENAKI" video

How many other "self-identifying" "Abenaki" of Vermont are just like this Professor? Acting as if they are thee Vermont or New Hampshire "Abenakis" ...


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