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Saturday, October 13, 2018

MORE data regarding Bruchac's Bowman grandfather's Y-DNA Haplogroup (as of October 13, 2018) ...

Upon getting the initial result (February 24, 2016) for Mr. Bowman's Y-DNA test at FTDNA (at an initial 37 markers) , it was PREDICTED to be R1b - (subclade) M296.

Mr. Bowman's PREDICTED Haplogroup R-M269 

Testing Mr. Bowman, who IS related directly along the paternal (Jack) John Bowman pathway lineage;Jesse Elmer Bowman descended from  and through their father Lewis Bowman Sr. (1844-1918) of whom I tested at FTDNA (Family Tree DNA). Male siblings of a father will carry the same Y-DNA (Unless of course, Alice VanAntwerp, Lewis Bowman's first wife, was not monogamous), therefore, Jesse Elmer Bowman's Y-DNA is going to be the same as his sibling brother Jack (John) Bowman's Y-DNA. Unless of course, there is a NPE (meaning, non-paternity-event) wherein Lewis Bowman Sr. was not monogamous). Clearly this want not the reality with either parent of John and Jesse Bowman, because mbruchac (Margaret Bruchac) granddaughter of Jesse Elmer Bowman, matches to the 4 descendants of her mother (Marion)'s father (Jesse)'s brother (John)'s descendants via atDNA (Family Finder and AncestryDNA) testing, as well as to Berlin Seneca Bowman's descendants.

March 23, 2016
R1b-M343 Backbone SNP Pack was completed

R-Z2109 was the CONFIRMED Haplogroup for Mr. Bowman.

Haplogroup R-M269 is the dominant lineage in all of Western Europe today. It is found in low frequencies in Turkey and the northern Fertile Crescent, while its highest frequencies are in Western Europe.

DNA, whether it is Y-DNA or mtDNA, or atDNA testing, the rule is "It begins with genealogy, and it ends with genealogy." Genetic testing is merely a TOOL in which enhances and guides the genealogist. Ethnicity Percentile predictions are just that, merely predictions, in any genetic testing.
So, upon taking these genetic testing steps, with the permission of Mr. Bowman, we entered into two FTDNA Haplogroup Project Group's (and at first) the Bowman Surname Project. We know now that even though Lewis Bowman (1844-1918) carried the surname "Bowman" ... Lewis Bowman Sr. himself genetically is not a Bowman. I've mentioned previously the surname VAUDRY, and you can see the genetic match below him in the image below ... (more on that later ...)

(Much like I carry the surname Buchholz, because my late father legally changed his surname to Buchholz, we are genetically Smith's going back to Sweden and the Netherlands prior to their immigration in the 1630's to Connecticut, USA.).

One can see this test result's STR's (portion thereof) here:

R1b and Subclades Project for R1b (M343+ and M269+) Y DNA Haplogroup - Y-DNA Classic Chart

Communicating directly via email and telephone with this Mr. P. Vaudry descendant (N242316) I began ascertaining and mapping out his particular genealogical Vaudry lineage, in the East Farnham/ Granby, Shefford County, Québec, Canada area. Varied Vaudry/Veaudry descendant branches of Jacques Vaudry (ca. 1636-abt. 1688) migrated south from the Montréal area down into the Shefford County, Québec area, and down in the States. This Vaudry descendant Y-DNA tester did a Full "Big-Y" DNA test with FTDNA, uploading to YFull and also testing with YSEQ. Following his pathway in genetic testing, I too, with Mr. Bowman's permission, tested for KMS67 - A19092 (L1144) - and FGC6444 in early January 2018.

(The A19092 is one step upstream from his Vaudry FGC6444 designation according to the YFULL Project Tree. It also appears that another name for the A19092 is L1144. Mr. Bowman, through YSEQ tested positively to KMS67 as well as the other two. Subsequently I tested Mr. Bowman for the KMS67 at FTDNA as well, to confirm.

If you notice N242316 descendant male of Jacques Vaudry (1636-1688) has a different Haplogroup subclade designation of R-BY39280. This is because Mr. P. Vaudry went to a 'deeper' subclade of R-M269 on September 15, 2017, etc than I have tested Mr. Bowman at, thus far. If I test Mr. Bowman deeper, using the "Big Y 500" (as they call it now) at FTDNA, he too would have the R-BY39280 terminal SNP ...

(SNP stands for Single-nucleotide polymorphism, frequently pronounced “snip”, are the most common type of genetic variation among people)

On May 18, 2018 FTDNA tested Mr. Bowman's Y-DNA deeper, subclade, testing the SNP which was CONFIRMED R1b-KMS67.

KMS67 derives out of EUROPE, as in EUROPEANS

(NOT Indigenous Peoples of N'dakinna)

In 2015 the Phylogenetic Tree shows R1b subclade M269. Like following the trunk of a living tree, one climbs further up this genetic trunk, past Z2103, and then Z2106, coming to Z2109, and subsequently branching off to the right, wherein KMS67 now has a branch in 2017.

R1b-KMS67 Phylogenetic Tree
(mapped as of March 05, 2017)

One can clearly derive that R1b > M269 > R-Z2109 > KMS67 (and eventually R-BY39280) is the Y-DNA patrilinical direct-male-ancestral pathway for Lewis Bowman Sr. (1844-1918). 

It's simple and it is not complicated at all

In my previous blog post of yesterday evening, I mentioned that Mr. Bowman matched to a C. LaBeff surname male descendant on July 19, 2017

Following the genealogical mapping of this LaBeff tester, we find that his father and grandfather) came from varying counties in Texas. Yet his great grandfather Henry Carlton LaBeff (1855-1932) was born in Dallas County, Arkansas. Henry's paternal grandfather André (Andrew or Andy) Jr. was born in Louisiana on January 26, 1800. Both André Sr. and Jr. were both in Louisiana and Arkansas. It was André Sr.'s father Charles Hyacinthe LeBoeuf (1712-aft. 1777) who migrated from Montréal, Québec, Canada down into Louisiana by way of (probably) Michigan area. It was Charles' paternal grandfather Jacques LeBoeuf (1643-1696) who married (Fille du Roi) Antoinette (nee: Lenoir dite Pirois) in 1669. 

At 12 markers or STR's (Short Tandem Repeats) or markers within FTDNA, C. LaBeff matches to Mr. Bowman, we lose him at 25 marker level. 

C. LaBeff is too far removed, and has too many Y-DNA marker variations to be a match to Mr. Bowman at any genetic closeness.

On August 18, 2018 a T. LaBeff matched to Mr. Bowman in FTDNA. Yet at a 37 marker test level, he is 3 marker difference to Mr. Bowman. Thus we lose him as a match at 67 marker Y-DNA test level as well.

Yet, the question arises, WHY do the LaBeff's that derive from LeBoeuf out of Chambly and Montréal, Québec, Canada, be matching to BOTH Mr. P. Vaudry -and- to Mr. Bowman? 

The Vaudry Y-DNA genetic paternal contribution could be through Michel Vaudry who was with Charles Hyacinthe LeBoeuf in Louisiana. Or it could be through Charles Hyacinthe LeBoeuf and Pierre Vaudry, as they bought some land in 1769. 

Clearly, a LeBoeuf female had 'relations' with a Vaudry male, and the LeBoeuf female then had a LeBoeuf male child, who subsequently passed down the Vaudry Y-DNA. Where and why this happened is a matter of question ... suffice it to say that the LaBeff's in Texas and very likely the Ouachita area of what is now within the state of Arkansas, are probably NPE (non-paternity-event) Vaudry matches along with Mr. P. Vaudry as well.

Subsequently, to make sure that Mr. P. Vaudry was NOT an 'NPE' (since even though he carries the surname Vaudry, it could be that he might be an undetected genetic descendant male of the Bowman's) ... I began evaluating the genealogical descendants of MANY Vaudry / Veaudry descendants, both in Canada and in the States.

Finding that within AncestryDNA, Mr. Bowman matches to C. A. (we'll 'cloak' the identity of the daughter and mother), but not to her mother P. W. (the mother is a Veaudry daughter by birth). The mother P. W. has a first cousin E. Veaudry, whom I have contacted, and he is tested within FTDNA using atDNA (called Family Finder) on my behalf, very kindly. 

I wanted to make sure he was not derived in the genetic past, of an NPE dynamic, and so I waited (months) until finally a 2nd cousin matched to him in MyHeritage, by the name of G. Veaudry. At this point I am proceeded to test E. Veaudry at the level of testing him at Y-DNA 67 markers through FTDNA. The same with G. Veaudry (soon). 

I also mentioned Margaret Bowman, the 'NPE' daughter of (Jack) John Bowman (1893-1973) who was placed into an Orphanage in ca. 1911 subsequent to her birth. I detected genetically-speaking, within AncestryDNA, this woman's grandson Jerry. He has, with his mother C. J. and her brother W. J., tested on my behalf. They all match the descendants of Lewis Bowman Sr. and Alice VanAntwerp; solidly and without question, Margaret (nee: Bowman) born in 1911, is the abandoned daughter, of John (Jack) Bowman, before he had married to Katherine (nee: Gray). Katherine had married previously to Dwight Ritchie in 1907 (Hampshire County, MA), and then to John's brother Jesse Elmer Bowman in Dec. 1911. She divorced Jesse in Nov. 1917, whereupon she at some point, remarried a third time to John Bowman. 

W. J. has done an AncestryDNA (as has his sister C. W.) including atDNA "Family Finder" testing within FTDNA. But it is through AncestryDNA, that W. J. matches to P. W. (C. J.'s mother of the Veaudry lineage). It's only 10. something cM (centimorgans) of a match, and yet W. J. doesn't match to C. A. interestingly enough. This is probably due to the low centimorgan amount due to recombination dynamics at the time of conception. 

W. J.'s sister C. J.'s doesn't match to either C. A. or her mother P. W. at all. Again, this is due to recombination at the time of C. J.'s conception I surmise. Yet, the fact that Bowman descendants are matching genetically, even at a small amount of cM, with this particular Veaudry line, contrary to that of Mr. P. Vaudry, is very interesting, and I am further exploring this matter, by testing E. Veaudry and his 2nd cousin G. Veaudry using FTDNA and AncestryDNA's autosomal testing.

So, while Margaret (Marge Bruchac) Kennick, may assume, declare and conclude, that (quote) my "DNA testing of her Bowman relative's, is in itself fake" and that my "claims of having data on people who have never given samples" and Jesse Bruchac (her nephew, by way of being the son of Joseph Edward Bruchac III and Carol (nee: Worthen) claiming that "the Haplogroup R1b is somehow "Native American" is quite a foolish position to assume, considering that both of them and Joe Bruchac III are seemingly intelligent, and obviously college-educated.

The Bruchac's are claiming that the TRUTH is a lie, and that their lies are the truth.

"In her [Margaret Bruchac] extensive work with North American tribal nations—including repatriation of objects in museum collections—Margaret Bruchac, who is of Abenaki descent, says she “crosses back and forth” between Indigenous communities and anthropological researchers."

Another "Ward Churchill" without the sunglasses?

The genetic and genealogical research does indeed continue, both regarding the Phelps/Phillips lineage of Franklin and Chittenden County, Vermont, as well as the Bowman/Bruchac lineage of Greenfield, Saratoga County, New York. 

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