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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

July 2000 Jefferson, N.H. Archaeological Article.

This four page article (Pages 13-14-15-16) is quite informative as to WHO found/located the Site / Paleo-Indian materials. It most certainly was NOT Nancy L. Millette - Cruger - Lyons. On page 16 (left column) clearly the "professionally trained" Deputy State (of New Hampshire) Archaeologist, Richard "Dick" Boisvert states, "it's almost beyond my imagination," he says, "that there were later occupations that haven't shown up. "It could be we haven't found them yet, but after four years I'm confident it's exclusively Paleo-Indian". Meaning that they , in the four years of archaeological investigations, have not found ANY "Contact Period/ Woodland Indian material evidence" which would suggest, imply or show that there was some ca. 1850 - 1875 "Abenaki Village" in Jefferson, New Hampshire as Nancy stated, of which Almira (nee: Rines) and her husband George W. Ingerson nor their daugher Flora "Una Anna" (nee: Ingerson) Hunt, were of. Certainly if Almira had a house/ roof over her head and a warm bed to give birth in, she'd hardly want to take a stroll to the riverbank to give birth to her daughter Flora. Secondly, IF there were an Abenaki Village of which these people were involved in, certainly "outside observers" would have made mention of it documentarily-speaking in the historical records. Yet, there was no such Abenaki Village in Jefferson, New Hamsphire in ca. 1850-1875. It only exists within Nancy Millette - Cruger - Lyon's imagination!

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