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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Emerton~Pouliot~Kent Feud of Mid-2002 and NECAIM Newsletter Posting Aug. 14, 2002:

This tidbit I was forwarded, is quite an interesting bit of information regarding the "feud" that brewed between Paul Wilson Pouliot, with his (then) wife Linda
against Jeanne Lincoln-Kent, and Jacqueline "Jackie" "Firewoman" Adelle Emerton. From this article, it seems that (at least to me) anyone that was in disagreement with the so-called "Chief" a.k.a. "President" of the Incorporation/ Non-Profit/501(c)3 which was Paul Wilson Pouliot, found themselves "getting the cold shoulder, "driven out", "slandered", and maliciously attacked verbally.
I don't know who particularly wrote this posting on NECAIM on August 14th, 2002 (perhaps it was one of Jacqueline Emerton's daughter's, step-daughter's, or adopted daughter's either in Massachusetts, or Maine.
On Page 04 of this pages, Douglas Lloyd Buchholz = mskwmagw@yahoo.com and also Mkwamagwigit translates to He Who Is Called A Salmon is me. Just so there is no confusion about that. I was a member of a Yahoo Group at the time called "Wobanaki" which both Jeanne (Lalime) Lincoln-Kent and I both were members of at the time. "Elie" or Joseph Joubert, son of Cecile Wawanolett up in Odanak, Quebec and Troy, New York was a Moderator for that Yahoo.com Group. Anyway, I am posting this for people to get a sense of what happened then, and what is happening again and again with these alleged so-called Abenaki "groups", which from what I can only conclude are merely 501(c)3 incorporated non-profits, who then issue "Membership Cards" to those that are deluded into assuming and concluding these "groups"/Inc.'s are allegedly legitimate Abenaki "Bands" and/or "Tribes", when they are not.

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