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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Step 27 Forward Along The Yellow Brick Road Of The Reinvented Abenakis Of Vemont And New Hampshire; Etc:

Document 01: Exhibit #22. Band Council Resolution 1976-1977. The Counsel De La Bande Indienne: Abenakis of Odanak and Becancour. Agency District: Montreal. Province: Quebec. Place Nom De L'Endroit: Odanak - Becancour. Do Hereby Resolve (Decide Par Les Presentes): That we, the Abenakis of Odanak and Becancour, recognize the Abenakis of the State of Vermont as our BROTHERS and request that: 1. The State of Vermont recognize the Indians of that State as Abroiginals of the North American Continent. 2. To be treated and provided for by the State Government and the U.S. Federal Government (B.I.A.). 3. That their land claims be recognized. 4. That their hunting and fishing rights be recognized.
C.C. Indians of Quebec Association. Recieved this date: 6 Aug 1992 from Chief Homer St. Francis in Swanton. Chief H. (Howard) F. (Franklin) Knight Jr., N.E.W. (North East Woodlands) - Coos Tribe. Recieved on this date August 27, 1976 From Chief Watso By Homer St. Francis.

Retrospectively-speaking ~ as afore mentioned on this blog recently, Howard F. Knight Jr. recieved from Homer St. Francis Sr, the document signed by Odanak Abenaki Community resident and Chief Walter Watso on August 20, 1976 which was rec'd by Homer St. Francis on Aug 27, 1976, of which Homer St. Francis had notarized on August 30, 1976 in Swanton, Vermont (See: Posting on this blog "Step 06" January 03, 1977 Apendix C of Haviland and Powers Book The Original Vermonters). This Document will be Exhibit #22 of which I just made mention of.

Then within September of 1992, Roger "Running Elk" Deshanais and Howard F. Knight Jr. went to El Dorado County, California regarding one (Sherrie nee: DeVee) Jinks Child Custody Case involving Child Protective Services and the California Judicial Court Systems. Claiming that the "group" led by Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. was allegedly B.I.A. (Bureau of Indian Affairs) Recognized, they attempted to "B.S." the State of California, with the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978, and that Howard F. Knight Jr. as "Chief" and "Tribal Judge" made the decision that Sherrie DeVee's children needed to stay with the tribe (and within her sole custody). She had gone to Massachusetts to obtain this alleged Tribal Decision signed by Howard Knight Jr., etc), then she "hid out" with her two children ages 10 and 12 with another woman with six children on the Rosebud, South Dakota Native Lakota Community until they overstayed their welcome.
This is what caused Howard Franklin Knight Jr. to allegedly "retire" as "Chief" of the Incorporation called the Northeast Woodlands - Coos Abenaki "group". The Fed's were just itching to fry his backside I am sure. He was legal HOT water and someone was getting ready to boil him! So he allegedly held "an Council of Elders" election at his home on December 02, 1992, to shed himself of any official "title's", responsibility, or accountability for his or his "follower's" actions and words in California and or elsewhere. He literally "re-invented" himself from being an alleged Cowasuck Chief into a "Senior Advisor". So did Paul Wilson Pouliot literally reinvent himself by being allegedly elected as "Chief" of the alleged Abenaki of Coosisak. Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. even got so desperate as to try and give the Incorporation Northeast Woodlands - Coos Band Inc. to Homer St. Francis Sr!

Frankenstein and the Mad Doctor were working together in "collusion"?

Definition: Collusion is an agreement, usually secretive, which occurs between two or more persons by deceiving, misleading, or defrauding others of their legal rights, or to obtain an objective forbidden by law typically by defrauding or gaining an unfair advantage. It is an agreement among persons. It can involve misrepresenting the independence of the relationship between the colluding parties."

Step 26 Forward Along The Yellow Brick Road Of The Reinvented Abenakis Of Vermont And New Hampshire; Etc:

Document 01: Exhibit #19. Identification Membership Card of Jon Warren. Abenaki Nation/ Vermont Trible (Tribal Council) Card #70. Birth date: May 27, 1949. Signature ?

Document 02: Exhibit #20. Page 151 of the book entitled "Dawnland Encounters, Indians and Europeans in Northern New England, Edited by Colin G. Calloway. Copyright 1991 by University Press of New England. [News of the attack alarmed the community at Cowass and , according to Samuel Penhallow, the Abenakis "emmediately forsook their Fort and Corn at Cowasuck, and never returned to this Day, that we could hear of, to renew their Settlement in that place." Cowasucks did in fact return return at the end of the war. More often, English expeditions shared Hilton's experience, coming up empty-handed as Indian communities evaporated into the forest at their approach. Following an Indian raid on Cocheco, or Dover, New Hampshire, in the spring of 1711, for example, an English retaliatory force went in pursuit "to Ossipe and Winnepisseocay Pomds, being places of general resort for fishing, fowling and hunting; but saw none, only a few deserted wigwams; for being so closely pursued from one place to another, they removed to other nations, leaving only a few cut-throats behind, which kept the country in a constant alarm."]
[Withdrawal, and even migration, was a common Abenaki response to military danger and the disruption of war. Many Abenakis followed well-worn paths.......

Document 03: Page 152 of the same book as Document 01 Exhibit #20 continued....to mission villages in Canada, where the French welcomed with open arms. In 1704, Governor Vaudreuil invited several tribes to resettle on the St. Lawrence where they could enjoy French protection against the English. Some bands accepted, but the Cowasucks preferred to stay and fight in their homeland. The same month that the Cowasuck were delegates declined Vandreuil's offer, Caleb Lyman was leading his expedition against their village.]
Speech of the Abenaki Indians of Cowasuck to the Governor-General, 13 June 1704.
"Father, to tell the truth you have shown great care for me in inviting me to come and settle on your lands. However, I cannot bring myself to come there because the English have already struck me too hard. I believe, therefore, that the only place where I can strike back against the English is the place I come from, which is called Cowasuck. I could not do that easily if I was in your country. [Presented a wampum belt.] Father, hear me, I wish to remain at Cowasuck. It is true you have acted well in offering me a fort on your lands, and that would have been good if we had been at peace as we used to be, and we could have done it easily. But hear me, I am a warrior. I offer you my village which is like a fort thrust towards the enemy, so that your lands on this side can be protected, and so that you can think of me as "my child who is at Cowasuck to carry on the war and protect me, serving as a palisade against my enemies." (National Archives of Canada, MG1 F3, vol. 2:407-10; editor's translation).

Yet, there was not a single bloodline connection, genealogically shown and or provided by the "parties" involved in this Corporation "Protest" Hearing of January 26, 1993 that ANY of them (i.e. Paul Wilson Pouliot, Howard F. Knight Jr, Arhtur Marchaud, etc) genealogically connected to the 1704 era of the Cowasuck Abenaki People's. So, it would seem to me, that these person's perhaps were seemingly misrepresenting themselves as being "descendants of the Cowasuck of the early 1700's era, by using this 1991 published material in the book Dawnland Encounters by Colin G. Calloway, when in fact they showed and provided NOTHING other than their self-created and promoted "Incorporation Name and Status within Vermont and Massachusetts Secretary of State's Office(s). No genealogical evidence was demanded, requested or required of either Arthur Marchand's "supporters" nor that of Howard F. Knight Jr./ Paul W. Pouliot/ Homer St. Francis Sr's "supporters."
It was like Frankenstein complaining about the Mad Scientist for having created his Bride, to the Villagers!

Document 04: Exhibit #21. The Abenaki Republic/ Vermont-N.H. Northeastern Woodlands - Coos (Pisowakamigw Wobanakiak) Card #No. 00597. Membership/ Identification Card of Robert H. Maynard. 126 Sterling Street in Worcester, Massachusetts 01610. Date of birth: October 17, 1926. Signed by Robert H. Maynard. Turtle Clan. 
Robert H. Maynard signed his own Identification Card, identifying himself!

Document 05: Also Exhibit #21. Identification Card of the Abenaki Nation/ Vermont of Ambassador Roger J. Desharais (Desharnais) of 75 Tower Hill Street in Lawrence, Massachusetts 01841. St. Francis/ Sokoki Band No. 3185. Date of Birth May 28, 1942.
Roger J. Deshanais signed his own Identification Card, identifying himself too!

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