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Friday, March 5, 2010

Genealogy Part 23 of So-Called "Chief" "Retired Chief" "Senior Advisor" "Reactivated Retired Chief" Howard Franklin Knight Jr.'s Genealogical History:

Email from Lea Mitchell to Douglas Lloyd Buchholz, dated October 29, 2009 at 1:16 P.M.
Howard F. Knight, Jr (hereafter called just "Jr.") was born in Thetford, Vermont as were his two sisters Ida and Cora. The parents did live in Middletown, Connecticut for a very short time while Howard Knight, Sr. worked as a attendant in the State Mental Hospital while there, but no children were born in Connecticut, as far as I know. But I could be wrong and Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. might actually have been born during their time in Connecticut. They were only there for about a year or so from my understanding. What Hill family are you talking about? There are Hill's in my direct line from Georgia, Vermont in Franklin County, Vermont. As for the Canada connections, the Young's who married into the Hill's were from Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada up near the line with New York and Vermont, along Lake Champlain. The Young family was from Vermont before going to Canada during the Revolution because the family were Loyalist's, meaning loyal to England. Howard F. Knight, Jr's parents seperated in 1953 and divorced in late 1955. Howard Knight, Sr. remarried to MY MOTHER (Maladene Alicia nee: Jenkins), his sister-in-law! Odd? Yes, but my family IS odd. All the adults stayed friends except my father who was a jerk anyway. Lea Mitchell.
There are some slightly "off" genealogical errors concerning places of birth and timeline dates but overall the jest of this particular email has proven to be "correct". Howard F. Knight and his sistser Cora Mae nee: Knight were both born in Middletown, Connecticut as evidenced by their Birth Record information. Both children were identified as "White" on their Birth Certificates. The parents and their two (2) children were in Middletown, CT for more than a year of time, as evidenced by the births of these first two children.
1:03 P.M. From: Dooshna@aol.com (Lea Mitchell) to Douglas Lloyd Buchholz dated Thursday, October 29, 2009 regarding the two Snelling girls being Abenaki:
Howard F. Knight's mother (Marion Corabelle nee: Cook) told me the Indian Story. She was directly descended from the Snellings. She was Half-Sister to my mother. I have since learned from the Snelling Genealogy online that the Indian was in FACT, "Black". Also "Color" comes through the Snelling family, Not the Thomas family (that married into the Snelling's). In the 1700's such things were not looked down on Especially in the Very Lower Classes which the Snelling's Were at THAT TIME. In one census One of the Snelling boys and his children are called Mulatto, But his wife (nee: Thomas) is Not called Mulatto, nor is his brother and family, not the father Charles Greene Snelling. In another census the guy is called Mulatto and then it is crossed out and written over it is this, "Says he was listed White in previous census". I have Absolutely Nothing to do with Howard F. Knight, Jr. but I can help you in your research. Do Not trust Anything HE says as fact. He is a BullS--- Artist and was one even 50 years ago when I last saw him. I was only 12 then, but I already Knew a Bull-S--- Artist when I hear or saw one. He has NO Indian blood in him, unless it is from the Knight line which I don't research because it is not my line in any way. Lea Mitchell

Lea Mitchell stated that, "Howard Knight Jr. was my Step-brother and half-cousin.  His mother and my mother were half-sisters and both over time married the same man, his father, making him (Howard Knight Jr.) go from being a half cousin to a step-brother half-cousin to me."

SO, even Howard F. Knight, Jr.'s own relative states that Howard Knight, Jr. is a Bullsh** Artist. Lea Mitchell goes on to state "That NO ONE ought to trust ANYTHING the man says as fact."
This woman has known Howard F. Knight, Jr. for well over 50+ years, and even when he was young man; and she was 12 years of age, he was a Bullsh** Artist even at that time, in her conclusions. What does that say about the man, Howard F. Knight, Jr., when his own family says this?!

2:27 P.M. From: Dooshna@aol.com (Lea Mitchell) to Douglas Lloyd Buchholz dated Thursday, October 29, 2009 regarding (again) these two Thomas-Snelling girls being Abenaki:
People pass down what they hear from family. They don't Mean to lie because they are only saying what They have been told. But, in Howard Franklin Knight's case, he Elaborates and Does tell outright lies, simply because he has a deseperate Need to "Be Somebody". Avoid him. I am continuously informed of what is going on in his family by another relative. Lea Mitchell

Again, Lea Mitchell, Howard Franklin Knight's own relative, states, "Howard Knight Jr., elaborates and does outright lie, simply because he has a deseperate need to "be somebody". Avoid him. THIS INFORMATION AND ADVICE, is coming from his own relative!
12:07 P.M. From: Dooshna@aol.com (Lea Mitchell) to Douglas Lloyd Buchholz dated Thursday, October 30, 2009 regarding (again) these two Thomas-Snelling girls being Abenaki:
Howard F. Knight, Sr. married my mother (Madalene Alicia nee: Jenkins - Martinez) in Middletown, Connecticut in December 1955. I know because I was at the wedding as a 9 year old. It took my mother 2 years to get divorced whereas it only took Howard, Sr. one year, so that is why they didn't marry as soon as his divorce became final in December 1954. Howard Knight ,Sr.'s children, Howard F. Knight Jr., Ida Jane and Cora Mae Knight came to live with us soon after, in 1956, and that same year has a son. As to the death certificate, the person who can give you all that information is Ida Jane Micheaud (Spelling?). She is Howard Franklin Knight's younger sister and lives around Derry, New Hampshire and is married to a guy named Royal Micheaud. You can find them, I am sure. My mother and Howard Franklin Knight, Sr divorced after all us kids were grown, in 1968 and I never saw Howard Knight, Sr or his two girls again and seldom had contact with them. As to the Snelling/Thomas/Willey's, Mary Willey maried first to John Thomas, then after he died, she married to Charles Green Snelling. They married about a week before or after the two twins Lucinda and Lorrinda married the two Snelling brothers in a double ceremony on the two twin girls 18th birthday. Mary became Mother-in-Law to her Own daughters and Charles became Father-in-Law to his own sons! Mary because Step-Mother to her Son-in-Law's and Charles was Step-Father to his Daughter-in-Law's!
Chart of Descendants of Marion Jane (nee: Waterman) Cook - Jenkins - Gilbody

Genealogy Part 22 of So-Called "Chief" "Retired Chief" "Senior Advisor" "Reactivated Retired Chief" Howard Franklin Knight Jr.'s Genealogical History:

Genforum.com Posting of March 09, 2009 by Wanda Lea nee:L Martinez - Mitchell regarding the Waterman Family Genealogy Forum. "Thank you for the answer. Does it tell in that book or the next book Her kids? My mother was her first by her second marriage, Marion Waterman (m) a Cook first and 2 girls, Evelyn and Marion Corabell then (m) a Jenkins and had 3 girls with my mother being the first of those three. If the books were written in '42 my mother and her sisters should all be in one of the books since they were born way before '42. My Brother was in '43 so I guess he wouldn't be in there. I am going to have to buy those books.
Ancestry.com document regarding Madalene Alicia (nee: Jenkins) and her husband's relatives.
Madalene Alicia (nee: Jenkins) born on July 05, 1924 in Thetford, Vermont. She married to Howard Franklin Knight, Sr. after his divorce to Marion Corabelle (nee: Cook).
Lyndon, Caledonia County, Vermont letter from Assistant Town Clerk dated October 13, 2009 to Douglas Lloyd Buchholz regarding the genealogical research of the Knight ancestry in that Vermont Township.
Cemetery Record regarding Page 96 of Ellen Marie (nee: Nichols) and John Nichols, George H. Knight, his wife Lillian (nee: Nichols) Knight, and their daughter Ethel May (nee: Knight)
Cemetery Record regarding Page 239 regarding Viola S. Knight, George W. Knight and Sarah V. Dean Knight of Section No. 23, Lot No. 16
Lorrinda A. (nee: Thomas) Snelling
Born: February 11, 1838 (twin) Sheffield, Caledonia County, Vermont
She married: February 11, 1856 Sheffield, Caledonia County, Vermont
to: Orrin H. Snelling, son of Charles Geen Snelling and Polly (nee: Harris)
She died: August 04, 1925 Norwich, Windsor County, Vermont
Her twin sister
Lucinda A. (nee: Thomas) Snelling
Born: February 11, 1838 (twin) Sheffield, Caledonia County, Vermont
She married: February 11, 1838 Sheffield, Caledonia County, Vermont
to: George W. Snelling, son of Charles Green Snelling and Polly (nee: Harris)
She died: April 04, 1913 Bradford, Orange County, Vermont
As one can see for themselves
Charles Francis True, Jr.
HowardFranklin Knight, Jr.

Lorrinda A. (nee: Thomas) and her husband Orrin H. Snelling
Wilbur Carlton Snelling, son of Orrin H. Snelling and Lorrinda A. (nee: Thomas) Snelling.
Wilbur C. Snelling was born on September 08, 1861 Wheelock, Caledonia County, Vermont
He married Florence Ester (nee: Ball) ca. 1902
He died on December 20, 1939 Wheelock, Caledonia County, Vermont 

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