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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Howard F. Knight Jr.'s Membership/Card Holders:

Document 01: Howard Franklin Knight Jr.'s Membership/Card Holders as in the Microsoft Exel Viewer document recieved from Eric Scott Floyd on Oct. 22, 2009, after Nancy Millette Doucet sent the same to Eric Scott Floyd on March 11, 2009.
Card Number / Card Holder
500 Blank
501/ Minnie F. Knight
1381/ Franklin W. Knight
A503/ Terri (Doba) Knight
504/ Bobbi Rene Knight
505/ Son 1
506/ Son 2
507/ Sheila Marie Blandin
508/ Son 1 of Sheila
509/ Son 2 of Sheila
A510/ Husband of Sheila
1380/ Matthew R. Knight
A512/ Ana Knight
1379/ Howard F. Knight Jr.
A514/ Tanya Coblai
A515/ Marina Coblai
516/ John W. Davis
A517/ Lorena J. Davis
518/ Arthur L. Davis
519/ Son 2
520/ Son 3
521/ Daughter 1
522/ Daughter 2
523/ Dorothy J. (Davis) Saucier
524/ Child 1
525/ Child 2
526/ Bell L. (Kimbell) Salsman
A527/ Edward Salsman
528/ Chentel M. Salazar
529/ Timothy W. Salazar
530/ Jesse P. Bercegeay
531/ D. Peter Waterman
532/ Virginia (Batchelder) Tortstenson
A533/ Charles Tortstenson
534/ Alice M. Batchelder

Brian Chenevert's Membership List/Card Holders ~ Karen Majka a.k.a Karen Mica's Membership List/Card Holders:

Docoument 01: Brian Chenevert's List/Membership Roll as in the Microsoft Exel Viewer document recieved from Eric Scott Floyd on Oct. 22, 2009, after Nancy Millette Doucet sent the same to Eric Scott Floyd on March 11, 2009.
Card Number / Card Holder:
700/ Norman Chenevert
701/ Jeannette (Tremblay) Chenevert
702/ Brian Chenevert
703/ Allison Chenevert
704/ Cayanne Chenevert
705/ Mikayla Chenevert
706/ Christine (Chenevert) Gilfoy
A708/ Thomas Gilfoy
709/ Matthew Gilfoy
710/ Mark Gilfoy
711/ Joshua Gilfoy
712/ Vincent Chenevert, Sr.
A713/ Loucille (Hetu) Chenevert
714/ Vincent Chenevert, Jr.
715/ Jennette Chenevert
716/ Vincent Chenevert III
717/ Alexander Chenevert
718/ Michelle (Chenevert) Southall
719/ Seth Southall
720/ Amanda Southall
721/ James Chenevert

Document 02: Karen Majka (Mica) Membership Roll as in the Microsoft Exel Viewer document recieved from Eric Scott Floyd on Oct. 22, 2009, after Nancy Millette Doucet sent the same to Eric Scott Floyd on March 11, 2009.
Card Number / Card Holder
801/ Travis Majka
802/ Cheryl J Lemoine (Boudreau)
803/ Donald R. Perron, Jr.
804/ Lecette L Bowler (Perron)
A805/ Bonnie L Perron
806/ Melannie Barnes (Perron)
807/ Perter J. Lemoine
808/ Dakota Barnes
809/ Shane R. Perron
810/ Sharon J. Long (Boudreau)
811/ Joan A. McDonald
812/ Harry G. Boudreau, Jr.
813/ Karen Mica (Majka)
814/ Harry G. Boudreau III
815/ Sherry J. Bateman (Boudreau)
816/ Gary D. Bateman
817/ Ryan A. Bateman
818/ Cory J. Bateman
819/ Shelly J. Boudreau
820/ Shawn W. Treadwell
821/ Carrie A. Peterson
822/ Donna L Rucki (Peron)
823/ Carol A. Fielding
824/ Melissa Lemoine
825/ Michelle Newman Moorehouse
826/ Jack Newman
A827/ Donald Perron Sr.
828/ Jean Perron
829/ Eric Bowler
830/ David Barnes
831/ Ricky Boudreau
832/ Derrick Boudreau
833/ Heather Boudreau
834/ Melissa Boudreau
835/ Emily Boudreau
836/ Kelsay Boudreau
837/ Darren Boudreau
838/ Darryl Boudreau
839/ Pamela A. Brostean
A840/ Raymond Brostean
841/ Raymond Lemay III
842/ Jessica Lemay
843/ Brandon Lemay

844/ Matthew Whitney
845/ Rachel Neff (Brostean)
846/ Robyn Roberts (Brostean)
847/ Randi Brostean
848/ Cameron B. Barnes
849/ Ariel K. Barnes
850/ Alec C. Bowler
851/ Sydney L. Bowler
852/ Paul A. Newman
853/ Brian Roberts
854/ Edward E. Neff Jr.
855/ Emmelie M. Neff
856/ Ethan E. Neff
857/ Paul Joseph Bunnell
A858/ Leslie Bunnell
859/ Raymond Lemay, Jr.
A860/ Patricia Lemay
861/ Joseph C Aguiar
862/ Jared M. Aguiar
863/ Victoria A. Aguiar
864/ Richard Descoteaux
865/ Louis A. Cheney
866/ Raymond Lussier
867/ Void
868/ Irene Cheney
869/ Elaine Evans
870/ Priscilla Hendrick
Suzette Leclair

Nancy Millette Doucet's Membership List/Card Holders ~ Todd Hebert and Shirley Hook ~ Carolyn L. Osgood-Black-Hunt ~ April 10, 2008 Bill S.368 ~ December 28, 2009 Email to Lynn Menard-Mathieson from Nancy Millette Doucet:


Document 01: Nancy Millette Doucet stated on December 28, 2009 that, "I want to make it clear to the public that #1. I appreciate Salmon's ability to find such clear documentation and posting the facts." (Though she obviously dislikes my "commentary" and or narrative on this blog. Oh well, I can't please everyone).

I am delighted she has stated this after taking me to Grafton County, N.H. Court in front of a District Court Judge, wasting his and my time, along with everyone else's!
So, with that said, I am glad she appreciates my ability to make public, such clear documentation and posting the facts. These documents came to Douglas Lloyd Buchholz from Eric Scott Floyd of Pittsfield, Massachusetts on October 22, 2009 at 2:46 AM via email attachment. Nancy Millette Doucet sent this Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Workbook document to Eric Scott Floyd on March 11, 2009 at 12:47 PM. As one can read Nancy Millette Doucet stated to Eric Floyd, "here is Brian Chenevert's rolls...the red ones are people who left his band and is now with us. If you click on the tabs, look at Howard Knight Jr.'s list...he has no sister (Ida Jane nee: Knight - Theos - Michaud).
 #624 Carollee Reynolds...well that explains alot about some of the malicious events by Carollee Reynolds against my person via email and online postings over the years...yet, how can Carollee Reynolds be a member of Nancy Millette-Doucet's "group" and-at-the-same-time, be a member of April A. St. Francis-Merrill's "group" up in Swanton, Vermont? That's what I'd call BAND HOPPING.

Perhaps this is what they call "padding the rolls"?

Document 02: Nancy Millette Doucet Member List/ Roll: Notice that #648 and #649 are "Skipped". I do not know if this is merely accidental or intentional. Perhaps Eric Scott Floyd removed himself from this list/roll so that no one would now that perhaps he "belonged to this group" led by Nancy Millette - Doucet? Also notice that #658 Carolyn Black who now is married to Nancy's first cousin Richard "Rick" Hunt is a member. So is Carolyn Black-Hunt's relative Janice Osgood no. #657. Mark Nault, which is related to the Osgood's is a member/citizen of Paul Pouliot's group, as a "spokesperson" for that family. It appears that some of the Osgood's, who were once a active portion of Paul Pouliot's Cowasuck - Pennacook Abenaki group, eventually left that group, and subsequently joined into the Howard Knight Jr./Brian Chenevert/Nancy Millette-Doucet group.
So much for UNITY eh!

Document 03: No. #668 Cheryl Osgood is yet another of Carolyn Black's relatives. Carolyn's father is Daniel B. Osgood and Roseanne L. LaPointe and Roseanne later married to Rodney Allen Black in 1985. Daniel Osgood Sr. later married to a woman named Ida (maiden name unk. at this time). Obviously, Carolyn Lee Osgood used the last name of "Black" before she married to Rick Hunt, Nancy Millette Doucet's 1st cousin.

Shirley "Shining Eagle" Hook of West Braintree, Vermont  is was a partner with Todd "Red Fox" Hebert in the East Montpelier "The Indian Museum and Gift Shop" that they both operated as of an article publisehd in December 31, 2007. Todd Hebert was or still is the President of the Ndakinna Cultural Center, Inc. As of December 01, 2008 Todd Hebert stated, "I learned of my Abenaki roots (4) years ago."
LINK TO ARTINCLE IN TIMES ARGUS NEWSPAPER: http://www.timesargus.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20071229/NEWS02/712290315

Thursday, April 10, 2008 Room: 27, State House
S.369 - Recognition of Tribes and Bands of Native Americans by the Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs

Proposed Amendments; Committee Discussion
Jeremy Hoff, Legislative Counsel
Donald Stevens, Member, Governor's Commission on Native American Affairs, Shelburne
Todd Hebert, Woodbury
Nancy Millette, Randolph, Co-Chief
Shirley Hook, W. Braintree
Howard Knight, Newport

A long time ago....I was on the telephone with Todd Hebert, and I specifically inquired of him if he was a member of Nancy Millette's Koasek "group". He replied that he was not. I didn't believe him then, I don't believe what he said to me then now either, based on the above information. Apparently he relocated the so-called Ndakinna Cultural Center, Museum, Gift Shop over to East Calais, Vermont. I read it closed down sometime around June 09, 2009.

From: "nmillettedoucet"
Date: December 28, 2009 7:30:30 PM EST
To: Lynn Menard - Mathieson
Subject: facts!
Kwai Lynn
Before you post any more comments as FACTS you should get your facts straight!
The Koasek who are supporting the NH bill just happens to be Brian Chenevert and Paul Bunnell's groups. NOT the Koasek Abenaki of the KOAS!! I am getting really sick of being accussed of shit those people do. You think you were treated badly by Paul Pouliot??? Want to hear my story and what those people did to me!!??
I am really getting tired of a certain few claiming to be the only REAL Abenaki. You don't know me at all but I know of all the stories and lies you have told about me over the years....Like how I was using your genealogy as mine. How I broke into your office and stole records. Give me a break!! Why don't you talk to me yourself and ask me just how I feel about things and get the real story before spouting off any more lies and bullshit that does nothing but hurt people!!? I am more then willing to talk with you and get to the bottom of truth. Lies and assumptions do nothing but hurt the community!
thank you
Nancy Millette Doucet 603-728-9646

I think Nancy Millette Doucet was trying to gain information/an ally by communicating with Lynn Menard-Mathieson and it is interesting to note that at the same time Nancy was emailing Lynn Mathieson, she posted commentary on Abenaki Pride: Setting the Record Stragiht about my person. If anyone has "hurt" people, especially the REAL Abenaki, it has been ALL OF THESE INCORPORATED GROUPS/ ORGANIZATIONS that have claimed they are REALLY ABENAKI, but refuse to show and provide the evidence historically and in conjunction with their genealogical records for their ancestors! I do not think Nancy Millette - Doucet could get to the "bottom of the truth", even if someone dropped her into a hole in a well!. It is VERY hypocritical of Nancy Millette Doucet to state that LIES and ASSUMPTIONS do nothing but hurt "the community". To my thinking after so much reseach, review and evaluation of Nancy Millette Doucet's ancestry and social histories, including her own, it is EXACTLY those LIES and ASSUMPTIONS by Nancy about herself that she herself put out into the public etc., that got Nancy Millette Doucet where she is today, good-bad-or otherwise.

So, WHERE is the Genealogical Evidence that Nancy Millette Doucet IS IN FACT "Abenaki", where are her ancestors connected to a known historical Native/ Abenaki Community?!
I have a newspaper article dated October 30, 2009 Page 13 and 14 that I will be posting on this blog. She state's that, "We are very excited about some of the results so far," stated Nancy Millette Doucet, Executive Director of the White Pine Association. "The DNA tests have proven a very rare strain of Aboriginal line in my family and other community members of this region. This is very exciting news and we look forward to working with the National Geographic on this project." One of the issues making this strain rare is it is entirely absent from East Asian markers. This strain is found in North America and is found in the Algonquin, Sioux, Navaho and other Native groups. "This is very exciting and we are so glad we are able to now have another tool in preserving and honoring the important history of the Koas meadows of Haverhill and Newbury and the people here," said the White Pine Board Member.

So, SHOW and PROVIDE the actual documents that SHOW this so-called rare strain (that is entirely absent from East Asian markers). Validate that this "strain"/ "DNA marker" connects to a legitimate historical Native Community Nancy Millette Doucet! Don't "hide" the results of your DNA Test results.

Nancy says this, Nancy says that, and on and on and on....
LET'S see her show and provide the evidence of her media proclamations!

She says she is not in support of this Bill HB1610. Does she have another drafted Bill in New Hampshire of her own, that merely BENEFITS her, like she did over in Vermont?! IF she has not been in support of HB1610, then WHY was it a FACT that Nancy Millette Doucet communicated with William "Bill" Remick. Currently Elected Coos County District 2 New Hampshire. Party: New Hampshire Republican Party. Email: wremick@ne.rr.com to support Official NH State Recognition of the Abenaki in New Hampshire?

This is the list of persons in the Microsoft Exel Viewer for Nancy Millette Doucet's "group" (which consist mostly of Nancy's own relatives or married-in folks to her family. (RED are those that stayed with Nancy Millette Doucet's "Koasek Traditional Band of the Koas Abenaki Nation" group - BLACK are those that stayed with Brian Chenevert/Howard F. Knight Jr/Paul Bunnell's "Traditional Band of the Koasek Tradition Band of Abenaki" group
Card Number / Card Holder
600/ Bevelyn Hunt Irwin
601/ Jessi Cruger
602/ Eric Cruger
603/ Milo Paquin
604/ Lillion Hunt Thompson
605/ Nancy Lyons
607/ Jeanne Larrivee
608/ Debbie Larrivee
609/ Chad Larrivee
610/ Daniel B. Osgood Sr.
611/ Brian S. Paquin
612/ Kevin D. Paquin
613/ Carrie Lee Gendreau
614/ Emmalee Hoitt
615/ Dana Paquin
616/ Dan Beck
617/ Julia Winn
618/ Christal Lee Millette
619/ Mark W Mitchell
620/ Bruce Poquette
621/ Karen Currier
622/ Stephanie Currier-Emmerson
623/ Nikki Lynn Currier
624/ Carollee Reynolds
625/ Takara Matthews-Cook
626/ Lucie Caron-Eby
627/ Paige Eby
628/ Joanne Caron
629/ Reginald W. Hunt
630/ Peggy Fullerton
631/ Robin Avery
632/ Michael Fenn
633/ Sherry Fullerton
634/ Ron Fullerton
635/ John R Rutherford
636/ Dale Fullerton
637/ Mary-Rose Alberta Crane
638/ Joanne Reynolds
639/ Aline L.L. Caron
640/ Mona Hunt Winn
642/ Trudy Ann Parker
643/ Rick Fullerton
644/ John Fullerton
645/ Steven Paul Fullerton
646/ Jason Fullerton
647/ Julie Ann Fullerton Derrington
648/ Skipped
649/ Skipped
650/ Peter Fullerton
651/ Scott Rutherford
652/ Justin Fullerton
653/ Emily Fullerton
654/ Jessica Fullerton
655/ Andrew Fullerton
656/ William Fullerton
657/ Janice Osgood
658/ Carolyn Black
A659/ Tory Cook
660/ Colleen Chase
661/ Maureen Carle
662/ Robert Thompson
663/ Shyanne Mychael Millette
664/ Sarah Scott Millette Hatch
665/ Malcolm Millette
667/ Mellisa Rutherford Deppisch
668/ Cheryl Osgood
A669/ Ruth Descoteaux
670/ Leo Descoteaux
671/ Joanne Bunnell
672/ Lorraine Beauchemin Barney
Marina Descoteaux Utecht
Roland Descoteaux
Richard Descoteaux
??? Jonh Prescott
Son Prescott
Son prescott
Son Prescott
Colin Wood
Mike Wood
another brother wood
Shirley Hook
Shirls mother
Shirls daughter
Shirls daughter 2
Shirls brother
Shirls sister
Shirls family member 7
Shirls Family member 8
Linda Lambert

Nancy Millette Doucet's Website: LINK: http://www.koasekabenaki.org/
Brian Chenevert's Website: LINK: http://www.cowasuckabenaki.com/

My Response to Nancy Millette Doucet's Diatribe of Distortions on Abenaki Pride: Setting the Record Straight Blog:

Nancy Millette - Doucet said... December 28, 2009 7:02 PM on Abenaki Pride: Setting the Record Straight blog....
A public statement:

I want to make it clear to the public that #1. I appreciate Salmon's ability to find such clear documentation and posting the facts. However, his opinion and narrative in many cases are totally WRONG! Also I believe some of this documentation sucks, as my divorce papers are a total invasion of privacy and has no newsworthy merit.
Nancy Millette - Doucet alleges that she "appreciates my ability to find such clear documentation and posting the facts" ONLY NOW, because I am addessing another like herself (Howard Knight Jr and Paul Wilson Pouliot and Inc.) It suits her to say this NOW, but retrospectively-speaking, when I was addressing her factual ancestry and her Koasek, Inc "group" which involved her connection and close relationship with her buddy Howard F. Knight Jr. and her sidekick Co-Chief Brian Chenevert, she subsequently caused me to go into Haverhill, N.H. into Grafton County Court to defend myself against her slanderous maliciousness against my person when she accused me of Stalking and Harrassment. This was because of the PUBLIC RECORDS I had placed on this blog and she was attempting to shut the blog down and shut me up. She was unsuccessful in her Judicial attempt I might add. The Divorce Record Certificate had NOTHING to do with invading her "privacy", it was a document open to the PUBLIC and need I remind that ANYONE can obtain that record from Littleton Family Court just like I did retrospectively-speaking at the time trying to identify and document the woman's historical social record. It's called "headhunting" genealogically ANY known FACTS about a PUBLIC person who consistantly was in the Media proclaiming that which she could not prove.

I want to make it clear I have never had any close relationship with Howard Knight (another DISTORTION because Nancy Millette had to have been "close" to Howard Knight Jr. by telephone, by email and by Unity Meetings/ Council Meetings they arranged together, and to have gained his trust and been allegedly elected Co-Chief of this malarky Koasek group)

and only took the position with Brian Chenevert to protect people FROM HOWARD KNIGHT! (another DISTORTION, because Nancy was indeed riding the coat ends of Howard Knight's B.S. Cowasuck of North America, Inc. and this Koasek, Inc. while it suited her agenda and endeavors).

Later, I realized that Brian and his group was using me (more like you all were USING EACH OTHER and then eventually began stabbing each other in the backsides!)

and my hard work for the community (what community? Nancy Doucet must mean the Re-Invented one she, Howard Knight Jr, and Brian Chenevert, along with Edwin Merle "Joe" Pero's son Nathan Pero all created, calling itself the "Traditiional Koasek Band of Abenaki," Inc. right along with the group now calling itself and self proclaiming ittself as the "El-Nu Tribe" of Abenaki?!) I HAVE TO LAUGH SOME MORE.

as well as our history (our history?...a history of which you all inappropriately appropriated for yourselves against every Abenaki Ancestor and Descendant, from Dartmouth, etc.)

to make them look like they were Vermont Abenaki! (Seems like Nancy Millette-Doucet is attempting to "distance" / "remove" herself from her own clearly documented media blitz past again; Wasn't Nancy in the State Legislature parading around making back room conversations and so on claiming to be Vermont Abenaki in HER Koasek group's attempt to gain State Recognition with April St. Francis-Merill's group?! I do, I do, I do think that woman was claiming to be a Koasek Abenaki from Vermont).

At the end of it all I also received an email statement from Brian (Chenevert)
that he wanted recognition in VT so he could then have land claims against NH (Oh, but didn't Nancy Doucet SAY and WRITE that ALL of Haverhill, N.H. Etc BELONGS TO HER? IF Brian Chenevert made an email statement to the effect that Nancy Millette - Doucet indicates he did, then it MUST be sent to me directly so I can place it on this blog even more directly! I am sure the wonderful people of New Hampshire would just LOVE to see, review and study that email most directly indeed!)

I also was appauled at the lack of respect he and his MA people gave the old Abenaki families here! (Prove that these families are allegedly OLD ABENAKI families ... likely more "stories" of Nancy's like that Abenaki Village in Jefferson, N.H. that her Great Grandma Flora Una Ana Ingerson-Hunt was born in eh Nancy?!) So I left them (No, Nancy was causing trouble again in her POWER trips in her inflated egotistical ways again and the group had enough of her B.S.) 

and the community sent them all packing! (Again EGO)

They then snagged onto Nathan Pero thinking his Vermont residency will give them once again claim in VT (Yet, the Pero's were good enough when Nancy Doucet was part of the "pack").

also stood in front of the VT Senate with Paul Bunnell's genealogy certificate in my hand singing his praises as a certified genealogist (unitl I exposed Nancy Millette-Doucet's ancestors to Genforum.com and Ancestry.com online and she ordered Paul Bunnell to contradict and prove my genealogical research wrong, when he couldn't, she was quite ANGRY at Paul Bunnell)

that he and Brian claimed he was until later I found out the certificate was bogus and nothing else was needed to get that certificate except a few bucks! No classes no test...just a few bucks!! (Revenge is sweet, bitter as ever though, and a difficulty to swallow)

I want to make this perfectly clear. MY BAND AND I DO NOT SUPPORT THE BILL IN NEW HAMPSHIRE! (Your Band and I??? Peter Newell was beside Nancy Millette when she asked for a drum group to be there when Old Man of the Mountain crumbled to the ground in the White Mountains, and he was there for her Unity Meetings in Vermont; and yet now Nancy Doucet complains that Peter Newell is "Chief" of an Indianist Inter-Tribal group here in New Hampshire. Good enough for her when she wanted something from him, but not now, because HB 1610 doesn't benefit Nancy Millette-Doucet! so she says)

The Koasek mentioned in conjunction with that bill and the NH Intertribal is none other than Paul Bunnell and Brian Chenevert's group. Bunnell and Paul Pouliot and Sherry Gould all are trying to push this through and I have made it clear to the NH Government I DO NOT SUPPORT THIS BILL IN NH!!
Also I am sick to death of hearing about Genealogy proof! (Why? Because Nancy Millette-Doucet doesn't have ANY Native connection to ANY Native Ancestry at all! IF she does, then she ought to show and provide that DNA test result of her Bone and Blood, along with the identity of that Indian Ancestor directly into the PUBLIC!)

Genealogy can not prove or disprove anything alone (Genealogy can prove Native Connection, ties to Native Community as well as support Oral and Socially historical records of a person and or family)

and anyone who is a true genealogist knows that for a fact. (No, what Nancy Doucet assumes is FACT is a self induced delusion on the part of herself, DNA Testing Results can not prove or disprove anything, itself alone, and anyone who is aware of DNA Testing knows that for a fact. DNA Testing is a "tool" that "alone" means nothing, but in conjuction with genealogical documentation, one and the other can support each other. This is a FACT. Yet, even if one has an identified Haplogroup that indicates Native Ancestry, that may not be the reality. Haplogroups identified in Native American populations are also idenitified in strictly Asiatic and European populations as well, though in less frequency.)

Most Indian Nations and TRUE Indian People support the United Nations Declaration of Indigenous Peoples Rights. (Most Native American Indian Communities and People support the FACT that GENEALOGY PROOF needs to be shown and provided BEFORE Offical State or Federal Recognition is granted to anyone too!)

Maybe people should take stock in that if they truly support Real Indian Issues!
(Supporting Native Issues is quite a different ball of wax, than claiming one is "Abenaki" when one has not documentarily and genealogical proven that connection to Abenaki ancestry and to a known documented historical Abenaki community).

Nancy Millette Doucet

Obviously, this is just another one of Nancy Millette - Doucet's Rants and Raves simply because she is NOT Abenaki, let alone Indian - Nor is she from a legitimate historical Abenaki Community.

"My Band and I...."

More Bullsh** More Lies, More Distortions, More Deceit....

Eric Scott Floyd emailed me something awhile back, hmmmmm....

let me see here...I know I have it in here somewhere....

I wrote this email to Diane Snelling on 03/04/09 (March 04, 2009):

I wrote this email to Diane Snelling retrosepctively on 03/04/09 (March 04, 2009):
These alleged groups genealogical evidence does NOT support that their ancestry is even Abenaki from and of Vermont or New Hampshire. More likely they are "assuming" they are Abenaki descendants! April St. Francis-Merrill continues to SAY she and her groups are of Abenaki ancestry. Yet, the B.I.A. concluded otherwise based on what that "group" submitted to the B.I.A.
YET, she SHOWS NO EVIDENCE to support these continued claims. I guess these "groups" assumed that IF they say it long enough, scream the loudest, and jump up and down continuously through the years, people in Vermont and New Hampshire will finally "give in" and give these "groups" what they want, which is direct instantaneous State Recognition WITHOUT any genealogical or historical review. The same goes for these other groups led by or formerly led by Nancy Lee Millette, Luke Willard, Ralph Skinner Swett, Brian Chenevert, Paul Wilson Pouliot, Charles Francis True Jr. and his wife Rhonda Besaw-True, Howard Franklin Knight Jr., very likely a lot more "Chief's" and their "follower - Card Holder's" and numerous others as well.
Several of these "groups" of alleged Abenaki descendants, if one follows their groups foundations, leads right back to this man Howard F. Knight Jr. whose ancestry is dubious, doubtful and his stories about this and that are without merit, without foundation, and based on lies and distortions, created in his own mind over the
years. Even in court this man has lied, and perjured himself in front of the Orleans County Judge!! Clan of the Hawk was also from Howard F. Knight's creation, right along with Paul Wilson Pouliot’s group from Franklin, Massachusetts.
I do think that these "groups" leader’s (including each and every one of their so called "tribal" members as well) genealogical backgrounds and evidence ought to be looked at with a fine toothed comb by the State of Vermont and or N.H., BEFORE ever giving them anything, if they refuse to show and provide their genealogically documented connections to the Abenaki in conjunction with their oral histories, their social histories, and their historical histories.
John Moody is NOT an authority on the Abenaki. Just read the BIA findings! That ought to speak volumes about April St. Francis -Merrill, John Moody, and Frederick Wiseman!! Out of all the people, these multiple families that were listed and evaluated in the BIA Report from Swanton, Vermont and area....NOT one of those families, aside from the O’bomsawin's from Odanak that had relocated to Thompson's Point Vermont out of Burlington had any evidence of which even remotely showed or even indicated that they were of Abenaki descent.
So is the State of Vermont and this so called Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs going to simply confer grant and bequeath Abenaki status to those that merely claim that they are Abenaki, creating “Instant shake & bake Abenaki Indians? Or is there going to be some sort of standard review and EVIDENCE going to be evaluated, reviewed and confirmed, that is at least convincing genealogically speaking, to even INDICATE that these members of these groups and their so called leader's of Abenaki descent?
SO far all I see with all these groups of alleged Abenaki is that they are playing at being Abenaki and when confronted with their manipulations and deceitful ways, they claim that to question them or their claims and genealogies, is racist, and that they deserve
their due. How dare anyone question them! How dare someone doubt them! Well, again it begins with what can be shown convincingly that these people are Abenaki. So far they refuse to show a damn thing. All we hear is this b.s. coming from their mouths, that doesn't match up with their genealogical past ancestors. Even Fred Wiseman's ancestors don't come from Vermont, but rather from Nova Scotia!! I just don't know, but I don't trust any of these groups can produce any evidence that they as a whole or in major portion of their membership is even Abenaki. That is my thoughts on the matter.
The minute genealogical evidence is put on the table as a requirement before gaining State Recognition, they (all of these Inc.'d alleged and re-invented Abenaki "groups") all complain and whine about it, wanting that requirement off the table. But ANY truthful Native community would most certainly demand that genealogy is the first requirement and the last, to have the genealogical requirement first, BEFORE Recognition is granted. Not afterwards, not as an afterthought.
And even if the Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs would so much like to be vested with the ability to recognize Tribes and Bands in the State of Vermont, the reality is that this Commission is "stacked" with a bias towards these alleged Abenaki from Swanton led by April St. Francis-Merrill, so she has accused the Commission of being. So what does happen. They "stack the deck" with their own. Charles "Megeso" Delaney comes straight from April Merrill's "group and through Conney Brow and David Gilman's group calling itself the "Traditional Abenaki Band of the Mizipskwik".  It would be like April St. Francis-Merrill recognizing herself through this Commission to a lot of people's thinking today. It would be the Fox guarding the Hen House! The VCNAA desperately needs to be transparent, needs their meetings and discussions recorded, and desperately needs transparency. This Commission needs to represent ALL NATIVE PEOPLE within Vermont. Not just the select few groups in Vermont vying for State Recognition. The People on this VCNAA NEED to be definitvely Native American, documented genealogically and from a Historical Native Indian Community.
When one gets right down to the bottom of the so-called Abenaki in Vermont, its about money, its about Grants, its about status, ego, power and control. Who can say they are "real" Abenaki, and therefore say who is not really Abenaki and create "that standard"?
In truth, today these groups and most of their memberships think about being Abenaki in this way: How can I get paid to "be Abenaki". To speak Abenaki, they got to be paid, to do Abenaki arts; they got to be paid, to do ANYTHING Abenaki they got to be paid. That’s what is being shown in truth by these groups and their people. It's NOT about simply speaking the language or simply "being Abenaki" and having that relationship with each other and with this land we call Vermont today.
In retrospect historically speaking, one did not see a single Abenaki descendant within the State of Vermont jumping up and down in from of the State House in Montpelier, Vermont when the Mohawk man John McComber a.k.a. "Poking Fire" of the Bear Clan came down from Kahnewake laying claim repeatedly to Vermont land, and demanding real estate and or monetary compensation for it. So where was the St. Francis Family then, or any of these other families such as the Knights, Swett's, Pouliot's, Millette's, Willard's, Woodward's, and so on, etc? It does make one wonder. Certainly the Abenaki ancestors had to have a vested interested in maintaining their relationship to this land, even more so than today's descendants?!
So, it is with regret after near 15 years of interacting with and around these alleged groups, that I must inform you all, that Homer St. Francis (April's deceased father) merely gave out these so called Abenaki "Tribal Cards" to ANYONE who said they
were Abenaki, including myself. All I had at the time of early Spring 1994, was oral history and nothing to support my claims of being Abenaki from and of Vermont. Today that is a different story. How many others assume they are Abenaki, and subsequently got one of these group's "Cards" and now demands "State of Vermont Recognition"?
Do we want to be involved in this Recognition of groups that are mysterious in their memberships, in the merits of their claims of being Abenaki because they refuse to provide the clear and convincing evidence of their ancestors being Abenaki from and of Vermont? Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.
If you have any questions of me or what or why I have stated what I have herein, please do not hesitate to communicate with me at your convenience.
And what about all the Odanak Abenaki people who live within the State of Vermont and New Hampshire? Just because they are off-Reservation, and living in the USA doesn't mean they get any benefits from that Native Community while living here in the States from their membership at Odanak, Quebec. Are they not as much if not equally (even more so) Vermont Abenaki as any other, such as Jeanne Brink and Timothy Richard de la Bruere and many other Abenaki living within Vermont for many years/generations?
These are my thoughts and conclusions and mine alone. Thank you for reading this letter and hopefully putting more consideration into this Abenaki Recognition business. I demand that clear and convincing evidence be put forth by these groups of alleged Abenaki BEFORE the State of VT or NH grant or bequeath any official State Recognition to any specific group's or person's, whether Legislatively or through the Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs, now or in the Recognition or empowerment to these groups, without proper genealogical review, such what is being asked for in H.124, S.222 in Vermont - or HB1610 here in New Hampshire. What is being requested of the VT and or NH Legislature's by these alleged and re-invented Abenaki groups through these afore mentioned crafted Bills, is to me and my family, an absurdity ... beyond measurement. Genealogy, oral histories, social and historical history evidence must be first shown and provided, before any recognition to anyone, to any specific or particular group, no matter how much they protest to the

Sincerely and kindly,

Douglas Lloyd Buchholz
P.O. Box 83
Lancaster, New Hampshire 03584

Paul Wilson Pouliot Emails to Lynn Menard-Mathieson and Douglas Lloyd Buchholz ~ including some from Nancy Millette to Eric Floyd to Paul Pouliot and then from Denise Pouliot to Douglas Buchholz:

Do They Honestly Assume I Am Not Going To Show And Provide ALL Documents On This Blog?!

Of Course I Am.

Wobanaki Inc. Info ~ Mashantucket Pequot Tribe Check 297 for $10,000.00 USD to Wobanaki, Inc. in Oct/ Nov. 1994 ~ Fiscal Year 1997 I.R.S. 990 Tax Return Re: Wobanaki, Inc.:

Document 01: Wobanaki, Incorporated. N-04456-0. Incorporated on May 18, 1983. Corporation Description: Cultural. Registered Agent: April A. Merrill. Address: 100 Grand Avenue/ P.O. Box 276 Swanton, Vermont 05488. Officer 01: April A. Merrill. Officer 02: David Vanslette. Officer 03: Jan Medor. Officer 04: Winnie Kuebler. Officer 05: Rene St. Francis (April Merrill's son). Officer 06: Harold St. Francis (April's brother Harold "Charlie" Edward St. Francis). Officer 07: Tom Phillips (Richard "Blackhorse" Wilfred Phillips nephew). Tom Phillips is actually Thomas Leo Phillips whose father Albert "Tom" Leo Phillips was the son of Louis Nolan Phillips and Katherine Weeks. Louis Nolan Phillips was the brother of Albert "Mohawk" Phillips (who married to Mildred "Beatrice" Irene St. Francis, sister to Homer Walter St. Francis, thus an Aunt to April A. St. Francis-Merrill). Another brother to Louis Nolan Phillips was Walter King Phillips who married to Mildred "Beatrice" Irene St. Francis' sister Dorothy Delia St. Francis, who was another Aunt to April A. St. Francis-Merrill).
Walter King Phillips, Albert "Mohawk" Phillips and Louis Nolan Phillips were siblings to each other, these three men three being the son's of Louis Phillips and Rose Marie Gardner. Two of which married two of "Chief" Homer St. Francis's older sisters.
Now one can "see" that most every person listed on Wobanaki, Inc. is related to the Registered Agent April A. St. Francis-Merrill.

Document 02: Mashantucket Pequot Tribe Check 297. Voucher Reference J031928.  Dated October 20, 1994 in the amount of $10,000.00 dollars US Donations. Another date on this document is November 18, 1994 Check Number 29773, Vendor 8510 in the amount of $10,000.00 dollars. This Check was from the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe GF - General Funding P.O. Box 3060 Phone: (203) 885-3489 in Ledyard, CT 06339-3060. Pay EXACTLY $10,000.00 DOLLARS and 00 CENTS to WOBANAKI LAND TRUST P.O. Box 276 Swanton, Vermont 05488. Not sure of the signatures but the lower one seems to be the surname "Haywood". Very likely this Check of $10,000.00 dollars US was donated monies for the Brunswick Springs Property.

Document 03 through reminder: I.R.S. Tax Return 990 of Organization Exempt From Income Tax for 1997 dated August 15, 1998. Employee Identification Number: 22-248134 for Wobanaki, Inc. P.O. Box 276 in Swanton, Vermont 05488. A. Heritage and cultural programs to promote the understanding of and diseminate information; through events, etc, regarding the cultural heritage of the Abenaki Nation: $11,130.00. B. "Riverkeeper" Project to protect and moniter the 'health' of the Missisquoi river basin: $2,051.00. C. Grants and allocations: D: other programs to promote tribal education, social and economic development, promote general community awareness and identity (ANA and Community Development Grants): $56,246.00.

I recieved these document pages from Paul Wilson Pouliot of Alton, Belknap County, New Hampshire on February 14, 2009 13:49 via email attachment. A second time on Saturday February 14, 2009 14:20 and this email attachment was also sent to Lynn Menard-Mathieson as well.

I will post some documents to SHOW and PROVIDE the evidence of this in my next blog posting. I was receiving this information from Paul Wilson Pouliot, because he concluded that if he was "helping me" and "directing my attention and investigation" of these "groups" of alleged Abenakis over in Vermont, subsequently I wouldn't be paying attention to and investigate HIS "group", so he assumed stupidly. The same applies to these emails from Eric Scott Floyd of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Each of them and all of them, assumed that "keeping me close" (brings to mind the old saying "Keeping your friends close and your enemies closer) and "being my friend" would "save" them from being under the magnifying lense of my investigation towards ALL of these alleged and re-invented "groups" proclaiming they were "Abenaki" and or "Native American".

Bringing forward onto my blog for the public to review, the documented evidence, etc. and especially my "commentary" regarding the document content, regarding Sherrie Anne DeVee Jinks Labat concerns Paul W. Pouliot and his 2nd wife Denise (I can understand why now too). I can understand that they are very troubled about Lynn Menard-Mathieson providing and sharing documentations and genealogies on most everyone in that alleged and re-invented Cowasuck-Pennacook Abenaki "group" led by Paul Wilson Pouliot. I find it all most interesting indeed, to find out "the truth documentarily" after being lied to and deceived for quite some years by these "groups" claiming to be "Abenaki" from and of Vermont and or New Hampshire.

As one will see in the next blog posting, Paul Wilson Pouliot and his wife Denise felt it in their interest, to "rub elbows" with me for quite some time. I was NOT WORKING for or with Paul Pouliot, as some stupid assuming persons had or have concluded. I work for someone else. Anyway, I am off to do the next blog post.

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