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Friday, October 30, 2009

June 1994 Paul Wilson Pouliot Newsletter & Gambling Tidbits & Tom Dostou:

1st document: Alnobaodwa Abenaki National News January 1994 - Volume 94 Issue 1 - Page 1. On November 28, 1993 a Council and tribal business meeting for the alleged/ reinvented Coos-Cowasuck Band was held in Franklin, MA. This was an open meeting for all members. It also served as the annual business meeting for the tribal self-help company, Cowass North America Incorporated.
The other major issues which were brought forth were the cultural events for 1994, land, gambling, recognition, and inter-tribal relations. Several of these subjects will be handled by committees that will be formed in the coming months.
2nd document: Page 2 of this same newsletter. Dee Brightstar of the alleged Missisquoi Tribal Council was invited by the conference to welcome the participants and to provide Native American support to the conference's effored to protect the temperate zone forests. "Dee" "Brightstar" is an undocumented and unproven person who merely claims to be "Abenaki". Is she REALLY Abenaki, or is she English, and simply appropriating an identity that does not belong to her or her ancestors? Is she another one (like Nancy Doucet), who will rush out to a DNA lab, and have her blood and bones tested by a DNA lab, so she too can claim that she is an alleged "Native American"?
3rd document: ABENAKI PLAN $13 MILLION COMPLEX BINGO HALL 2,000 *** "Casino Operations Would Require Federal Tribal Status" The Missisquoi Tribal Council is looking for a site in the Swanton area to build a bingo facility with a seating capacity of 2,000. An out-of-state investor is prepared to front $13 million for a new tribal headquarters and bingo hall. Designs for the building are already complete, but details were not available for public comment. Presently, the federal non-profit status that the alleged/reinvented tribe has will allow it to operate a bingo hall.
to expand the facility into a casino would require federal recognition of the alleged/reinvented tribe. A Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) spokesperson responded that a tribe operated casino would have to be on reservation or trust land of which the alleged/reinvented Abenaki do not have in Vermont.
Mike Delaney, alleged Missisquoi Tribal Judge reported that the alleged/reinvented Missisquoi are actively trying different ways to obtain federal recognition and that some progress is being made. "High-powered" law firms from Vermont, Massachusetts, and Arizona have been retained to assist in the efforts to obtain BIA Recognition. He stated that if federal recognition is granted, he wanted the tribe to be in agreement on how to proceed with a casino. He did not want the tribe to be divided on the issue such as the case with other tribal groups.
It was also noted that on December 10, 1993 Chief Homer St. Francis and Michael Delaney visited the Mashantucket-Pequot tribe's Foxwoods Casino and Resort in Connecticut. They reported that Foxwoods generates $1 million in gross revenue per day. The Chief stated that the gambling development would make the area richer and provide between 8,000 to 10,000 jobs.
Various local and government concerns were expressed about the potential infiltration of the organization of organized crime and that the primary interest may be to use the Abenaki to launder drug money. Shucks, the late alleged "Chief and or Grand Chief" of the alleged/reinvented "Missisquoi Abenaki" Homer St. Francis Sr. was already used to acting like the Whitey Bulger of Swanton, Vermont so he would have taken to organized like activities, like a duck to water, to my thinking!
***Abenakis Take State To Court*** "Seek recognition as indigenous" Fall River, Massachusetts - Dostou, identified as the United Nations liason for the Abenaki Nation and Abenaki Council member stated that he represented a group that will be filing suit against the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for failing to recognize the Abenaki as indgenous to the state.
4th document: Same newsletter Page 4 continuation of Page 3, Dostou was reported to have allegedly addressed the United Nations in November on behalf of the alleged Abenakis to ask the UN to grant Native People a seat on the UN council. he was amazed that the UN listened to him as a alleged representative of the alleged Abenaki Nation but the state will not. He also stated that the Abenaki Council has hired an attorney to represent them against the state.
Tom Dostou said that a 3,000 year old sweat lodge is located in the southern Massachusetts town of Swansea. Abenaki language symbols carved into it verifies the existence of the Nation's settlements in this part of the state.
He said that his nation is hoping to recieve federal money for programs which we are ineligible to get without recognition. He also stated that his nation has no plans for a casino if they gan recognition. - Summarized from the November 27, 1993 The Herald News, Fall River, MA, Richard S. Oliveira, reporter.
Please note: Tom Dostou is not a member of the alleged/reinvented Missisquoi nor Coos-Cowasuck Band councils, and it is not known what backing or authority he has from any Abenaki National group or the claims that were made in this report.

Well, let's see here....Concerning Tom Dostou.....Apparently on August 24, 1995, during a Sunbow 5 Foundation event, "called someone at the walk's office in New Hampshire, and she also called _______, the Treasurer of record the Sunbow 5 Foundation.  "told us she is still concerned about Tom Dostou's behavior. When he visited New York, in May, July, and then again in August, he was emotionally tempestuous and unwilling to answer questions. She said she's been watching the walk and she is concerned. John Heyman and I share her concern. Where is the money going? The board is legally responsible for reporting on that to the IRS. Tom Dostou has no explanation or accounting of it (donated monies), and becomes angry when asked. Other walkers tell us that they never see any of the Sunbow 5 Foundation money, and that they have little recollection of benefiting much from it. They just don’t know. In fact, they didn’t even know the Sunbow 5 Foundation was sending money to the walk each week, or that Tom had an ATM bank card linked to the Sunbow Foundation’s checking account and that he makes regular withdrawals. ______and I talked at length on the phone about all of this after hearing from . We have both had the experience of having Tom become belligerent with us on the phone when he is asked about the money, even in a general way. Because John and I, and Tom’s wife Naoko Haga, are the only other members of the Sunbow 5 Foundation Board of Directors, along with Tom himself, we have to give these matters our consideration. We have a moral and legal responsibility." http://www.8thfire.net/Day_63.html
Does this sound familiar to what happened between Lynn Menard-Mathieson and "Chief" Paul Wilson Pouliot?! Sure does to me!
According to the internet, Tom Dostou lived at Harwich, Massachusetts with his wife
Naoko Haga on Bank Street. Tom Dostou (a.k.a. "Nabesse Pishum"). He worked as a janitor.
Tom Dostou Abanaki (Innu Chief; Subchief of the Algonquin Nation) Fall River, Massachusetts and Port Angeles, Washington (only because he was associating with Ken Littlefish Durant) he was being taught to be a "Road Man" of the N.A.C.
From http://www.treeoflifeguardianship.org/member-background.htm
Tom Dostou has worked with the UN as well as national governments within Europe, Canada, Japan, and Africa. His efforts include initiation and development of a Native American alliance or United Nations of N. American tribes—while serving under the tutelage of William Commanda and Thomas Banyaca—as well as numerous awareness advocacy campaigns for the ‘healing and defense of Mother Earth’. He recently completed a peace walk in the N. Eastern US (summer, 2006) where he led many people in 'a prayer of remembrance' for sacred sites and lands; these sites were once revered as 'temples' by the ancestors of the tribes currently living there. Tom Dostou and Lauren coordinated their efforts, and joined forces with leaders among regional tribes in order to assemble this walk.
Tom Dostou has led many prayer walks over the past 10 years. He and several elders carried the atomic flame from Hiroshima to Chief Seattle's grave and from Suquamish, WA they traveled on foot to the UN building in NY City. From there it was reburied in Red rock, AZ, (by Hopi and Navajo medicine men) where it is believed to have originated.
Tom Dostou spent eight years with a community of Innu people in Quebec, Canada, where he followed the traditional nomadic life style of the tribe. Due to a vision he received in the forests of Quebec, he dedicated his life to the service of God, nature, and humanity, under his traditional elder, Chief William Commanda, and other spiritual leaders such as such as Thomas Banyanca and Martin Gashweseoma. He has worked as an advocate for indigenous people, seeking ways to defend the Earth, and working for the betterment of humanity, ever since.
Here are some of the "titles" I have seen just on the internet for this man:
Tom Dostou, War Chief Algonkian Nation
Tom Dostou, a citizen of the Wabanaki Alqonquin Nation in the Northeast region of Turtle Island
Tom Dostou, Makwa, Midewin Society
Chief Tom Dostou of the Algonquin Nation
Chief Tom Dostou, Waban-aki ( Eastern- Land) Aylnu, Bear Clan, Midewin Society
Tom Dostou Algonquin Elder
Tom Dostou is a man of mixed Wabanaki and Irish heritage. He had come to New York that November in a rage. He was seeking guns and money to support an incipient revolt against the Canadian government on a Mohawk reservation. But he was stopped in his tracks by the elders. http://www.flutrackers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7152
Tom Dostou, a Native American elder from the Wabanaki tribe
Tom Dostou, Bear Chief, Midewewin Society, Wabanaki Nation of Massachusetts, NAC (Native American Church/ Peyote Way)
Tom Dostou Wabanaki Tribe. Metis, Canadian.
Tom Dostou, a Massachusetts Abenaki
Tom Dostou (Chippewayan/Wabanaki/Irish)
Apparently, Tom Dostou had some previous "associations" with this particular Native Community of Innu People around 1992, as tonight I found this in French: "Barricade on Highway 138 in the area and Maliotenam Moisie "Mr. Perron. Mr. President, once again, the Quebecers will pick up a barricade and this is on the North Shore, east of Sept-Iles, all this due to carelessness governmental practice ever since seven years, the policy of double measures. Allow me, Mr. President, on behalf of my party, to denounce Mr. Tom Dostou who, on behalf of the Nitassinan made statements that were crude propaganda precisely to undermine not only the people of Quebec, but Quebec's economy. Mr. President, this is a group of mountains, about 30 people over the 2,000 and Montagnais, Uashat-Maliotenam, who erected a barricade at the intersection of 138 East Seven Islands around the tip of Moses. The Council Uashat-Maliotenam sent a letter denouncing this situation and asking the government to react promptly, also a letter from Mayor Moses said exactly the same thing. Mr. President there was two months less the same group that built this barricade barricaded himself (Tom Dostou) in an elementary school in the reserve. At the request of the head, it has been in contact with him. This is an internal problem of the community who finds a pretext in relation to negotiations that also took place with the Council Attikamekw and Montagnais."
This "Tom Dostou" retrospectively-speaking had associated with Kenneth "Littlefish" Durant, a kind and caring Chippewa/Anishnabe man who lives in my hometown of Port Angeles, Washington. Retropsectively-speaking when there was a Midewiwin ceremony going to take place in mid-July 2002, up along the St. Lawrence River in Quebec, Canada in a community called Sept-Iles near the Innu Native community of Maliotenam, Kenneth Littlefish Durant had suggested I ought to learn about William Commanda's "7 Fires Prophecy Belt" and that I ought to go to this Ojibway ceremony up in Maliotenam. So I made arrangements to attend this endeavor.Tom Dostou was driving up through Concord, New Hampshire and picked me up there in his van. It was an interesting ride northward to say the least, not knowing him, and him not knowing me. Yet we both knew Kenneth Littlefish Durant of Port Angeles/Joyce, Clallam County, Washington.
I went up to Sept-Iles not knowing what to expect, but to make a long story shorter, I found the Innu People and most of the people who attended this Midiwin Ceremony there, to very hospitable, nice, kind, and friendly.
Anyway, I went up there. I met some very kind Abenakis, Anahee and Trueheart of Chatham, Ontario (?), and a wonderful Innu moccasin maker named Christiane St. Onge, and kindly I recall Annishnabe Traditional Elder Robin Robert Sr. Greene of Iskatewizaagegan #39 Independent First Nation, Ontario Mauchibinance (Ma-Chi-Biness) Moose Dotem who was born May 16, 1932 and sadly passed away April 25, 2009. Regretably, because of Tom Dostou's negativity, aggressiveness, etc., towards my person and other persons, and because the transportation situation as it was seemed very likely in question in my returning back home, there were five (5) Abenaki descendants (which included myself) who picked up, removed ourselves from the Mediwiwin Ceremonies and left Sept-Iles, Quebec, Canada. I also met with Robin's son Robert and Robin's wife Kathleen Greene who were conducting the Mediwiwin Intercessor's; both were also very kind people.
From what I recall of that partiuclar trip and event almost from the beginning there was tension, hurtfulness, and there was confusion, in amongst all the good that was there. Then Tom Dostou's van wouldn't start once we got up to where the Ceremonies were going on into the 2nd day; so he cursed, he fumed, he yelled, he threw negative energry all over the place, looking at me and telling me to "fix it". I told him to pray on it and walked away.
Anahee, Trueheart, a guy by the name of "Wolf", and another man by the name of "Chief" Thomas Wounded Bear of Somerset, MA got up and began packed their things, and said their goodbye's, intending very much to leave the Mediwiwn Ceremony and that place altogether. I decided to get my stuff and leave with them, having been dropped off kindly (while they were enroute to Chatham, ON) at the Montreal Greyhound Bus Station to head back to Boston and then travel back up into New Hampshire.
Perhaps people will conclude this was rude to remove ourselves from that ceremony, yet for me it was the right thing to do. Whatever was to happen there just outside of Sept Ilse, Quebec, I knew I was not to be a part of it nor associate with it, whatever it was, any further.
I have researched how this so-called Seven (7) Fires Prophecy Belt held by William Commanda of Maniwaki, an Algonquin Native Community, has been transfered from one human-being to another. To my own awareness, that Wampum Belt is a Seven Fires Confederacy Belt; not a Seven Fires Prophecy Belt. But that's another story for another day.....in why I, myself, come to this conclusion.

So when I read this January 1994 Paul Wilson Pouliot Newsletter, with Tom Dostou's name in it, and according to Paul Wilson Pouliot stating that "Tom Dostou is not a member of the alleged/reinvented Missisquoi nor alleged/reinvented Coos-Cowasuck Band councils, and it is not known what backing or authority he has from any alleged/reinvented Abenaki National group or the claims that were made in this report." well let's just say.....it jogged my memory of the pne-time encounter I had with this  man Tom Dostou. He did seem to know of my relative Michael Edward Woodward (one of the relatives with a so-called Laurentian Alliance Metis and Non-Status Indians, Inc. Membership Card #2528, from up in Magog, Quebec and Timmons-Foluiet, Ontario who was desendant from Parker Preston Woodward and Sally Pilsbury). After hunting through all of these documents all over the place in this apt. this wee hour of the morning, I recalled the name of the fella (who sat in front passenger seat, in Tom Dostou's van in July 2002) as being "Chief" Thomas F. "Wounded Bear" Snizek Jr. of Somerset, MA and subsequently I "google'd his name. Thomas Snizek had a brother Henry "Rick" Snizek of Fall River, MA (they were sons of Thomas F. Snizek Sr. and Lillian Richotte - Snizek) who was named "Three Hawks". He was a member of the "Abenaki Nation of Vermont", and a member of the Wolf Tail Drum and the Dighton Inter-Tribal Indian Council.
So the names, the eventful trip in mid-July 2002, and the "associations" between persons, connect quite readily, if persistant.
Anyway, the main point I am trying to make in this post is that the late Homer St. Francis Sr. (right along with the late Michael Delaney as well) put the State of Vermont into having the distinct awareness, that IF these particular alleged/ reinvented Abenaki groups gained specific State or Federal Recognition, then Gambling was very likely in the future of Vermont's population. Whose fault was it? Well, its right in these group's newsletters what they intended! The State of Vermont wasn't blind nor stupid.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Paul Pouliot's Newsletter of September 1993 Volume 93 Issue 06 Pages 1, 2, 5, 7, 8

1st document: September 1993 - Volume 93 Issue 6 - Page 1 of the Alnobaodwa National News from the alleged Coos- Cowasuck Band - Sovereign Abenaki Natioin - Tribal Headquarters - Office of the Tribal Council - Red Hawk Lodge - 160 Dailey Drive - Franklin, MA 02038-2951 - (508)528-7629 (actually Paul Wilson Pouliot and his wife Linda's home). According to this "Newsletter" Paul Wilson Pouliot was purging the "group" led by him, "of all non-traditional actions by the previous leadership (Howard F. Knight , Jr etc?) would have to be termintated. Specifically, all appointed positions of clan sub-chiefs, princesses, medicine people, ambassadors, warriors, peace men, and adopted non native officials would have to be terminated."
Then, "Other organizational issues were raised with the elders of the west coast families. It was agreed Paul Tamburro would be their spiritual and traditional leader on the west coast. A tribal letter of authority will be issued to Paul (Tamburro). The matriarch position of these families will remain with Doris (nee: Pease) Nickles. As a family clan they will be allowed to choos their own leadership for future representation. All west coast positions granted by the previous leadership of the Band were terminated.
The alleged Band recently recieved the formal resignation of Robert Maynard as "Tribal Judge".
2nd document: Due to this resignation, the acting legal advisor, Raymond "Looking Glass" Lussier will now assume the permanent position as "Tribal Judge" and Genealogist for the alleged Band. Roger "Running Elk" Descharnais has recently been terminated as "Ambassador" for the alleged Abenaki Nation by the alleged Missisquoi (St. Francis-Sokoki) Band. Unfortunately, this action has ended his authority to as an amabassador or intermediary for both alleged Bands. The good news is that Roger will continue to represent the alleged Abenaki People as an "Indian Commissioner" for the State of Massachusetts.
This so-called "Band" or group is a Reinvention of the alleged Vermont Abenaki. It's a "social club" led and controlled by Paul Wilson Pouliot.
3rd document: Page 5 of the same "newsletter". Paul Wilson Pouliot states, "The Odanak and Becancour (Wolinak) Abenaki (definitively historically documented Communities) are recognized by the Canadian government. The Abenaki in the United States are generally recognized in Massachusetts and Vermont and partially recognized in the other New England states. ONLY the 501(c)3 Incorporations that have been created by this alleged "Chief's"/ Inc. Presidents, are what the State's are recognizing!
Naturally, "With the exception of the Abenaki located in Odanak and Becancour (Wolinak) in Canada, the "tribal activities in the United States during the last fifty (50) years are rather sketchy." BECAUSE THERE WAS NO TRIBAL ACTIVITIES, BECAUSE THERE WERE NO ABENAKI COMMUNITIES!
What is known about the post 1930's, by way of alleged tribal documents, is that there were atleast five alleged/reinvented Abenaki based groups and a alleged/ reinvented limited Wobanaki Confederation in existence.
OBVIOUSLY, these "groups" of alleged/ reinvented Abenakis were simply the Incorporations that were created in the late 1970's (as previously mentioned in this blog). 
4th document: Page 7 of the same "newsletter". Paul Wilson Pouliot even admits, "Unfortunately, the accuracy and documentation of these actions were not very good. As a result we were accused of adopting a large number of people. In principle there is nothing wrong with one alleged tribe accepting members from another group, but we were precieved as taking in anyone without question and many of these people had a common problem with child welfare issues. Must be them folks (i.e. Sherrie DeVee-Kinks-Labatt's Child Custody Case in El Dorado County, CA in 1992 and early 1993)that were from California and who "hid" out from Children's Protective Services, in the Lakota Community, and began pissing off those Lakota people in that Native Community? Perhaps this is the reason why Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. abandoned his "ownership" and "control" of the Abenaki Nation of Vermont, Inc. and alleged retired? THINK ABOUT IT.
As the problems became greater and greater, Howard Knight Jr started an "on and off again" dialogue with Arthur Marchand, Robert Maynard, and Paul Wilson Pouliot in regard to the alleged fact that his health was allegedly not good and that he was allegedly going to retire. Arthur Marchand took the opportunity of the situation to push his agenda for the chief's position.
As the situation worsened even further it became apparent that Arthur Marchand had to be stopped. Right or wrong, much of the blame in regard to the child abuse cases and membership problems was placed on Arthur Marchand. As a result of his actions he was eventually dissociated (removed) from the alleged band. As this point Robert Maynard assumed the role as associate Chief with Howard Knight, Jr. temporarily still acting as Chief. Arthur Marchand was out of our alleged band but he started another inter-tribal group by using some of our membership records. (there was a Corporation Protest Hearing with the Secretary of Massachusetts dated January 26, 1993) which I mentioned earlier in this blog.
The negative attention that we recieved during 1992 resulted in much ridicule from the other alleged Abenaki groups. To pacify alleged Chief Homer St. Francis, a declaration was made to recognize him as our "high Chief". Additionally, negotiations and discussions were made to join alleged/reinvented Cowasuck (Coos) band with the alleged/reinvented Missisquoi (St. Francis-Sokoki) group.
A Cowasuck (Coos) Band tribal meeting was held in December to re-organize the alleged/ reinvented band and to unite with Homer St. Francis. Howard Knight officially  retired for alleged health reasons and Paul Pouliot was allegedly elected as the alleged new "Council Chief" and an unification meeting was scheduled to follow in December (1992). This meeting was delayed to January 1993. The meeting was not successful and Chief Homer St. Francis was angered by Howard Knight.
The alleged new Chief Paul Pouliot started the alleged/reinvented band in a new direction. The goal of alleged/reinvented Abenaki solidarity and unity was set. Recognition of the other alleged/reinvented bands and our Abenaki people in Canada was encouraged. A newsletter was formed and the membership started to be informed about tribal matters. Language tapes and books were ordered and sold to the members. A non-profit social assistance company (501c3) was established to support tribal activities. More open meetings were being in public and organizational issues were raised. Pow-wow's and gatherings were set for May, July, and August 1993. These events were based on the combined resources and cooperation of all the alleged/reinvented Abenaki bands.
During the month of April 1993, Paul Pouliot started to recieve complaints about various matters, most were centered on Howard Knight. Howard Knight insisted on being made some position of authority in Vermont. Paul Pouliot temporarily assigned him to represent the Cowasuck (Coos) interests in Vermont until the May Council meeting. Howard Knight accused several members, including Paul Pouliot, of being disrepectful to him. Howard Knight and Robert Maynard, accused others as being spies from the Missisquoi that were trying to take over the Coos. Robert Maynard intiated investigations of other Native leaders that were known by Paul Pouliot. Paul Pouliot discovered his actions and ordered him to cease. He refused to do so for reasons of "tribal security." Rumors and accusations flew in all directions. Efforts to establish a Pow wow committee were met by resistence by Howard Knight Jr. A letter was recieved declaring that the powwow site land owner (Ralph Skinner Swett?) would work "alone" on the event. Concerns were raised by the Pow wow committee, and an alternative site was considered and eventually selected due to the uncertainty of Howard Knight's actions. Paul Pouliot wrote a letter to Howard Knight telling him about the change of pow wow plans and the lack of approval to establish a permanent Vermont emissary position. Paul Pouliot recieved a letter from Howard Knight, Jr. in which he formally allegedly resigned from the alleged Council of Elders of the alleged Coos Band.
The second week of May (1993), Paul Pouliot and other tribal leaders recieved varioius certified letters from Robert Maynard. Howard Knight Jr is declared alleged Chief of all alleged Abenaki of the alleged Kowasuck (Coos) of Quebec, Canada, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, the United States.  Robert Maynard is declared as Tribal Judge of the same. This declaration is made on the action of a "grand council" meeting that was held. No date, place, or persons involved in this meeting were identified. The letters implied that the government was working with the "new leaders" to rebuild the tribe. The letters were all sent certified mail, all were sworn statements by Robert Maynard, and all were notarized.
Eash letter recieved made various vague charges against Paul Pouliot, such as holding illegal meetings, not informing the members of activities, talking against the alleged retired chief, causing concern in the membership, treason by communication with other alleged tribal leaders, and numerous other vague issues.
5th document: The letters ordered each person to do various tasks including the reassignment of chiefs and sub-chiefs. Paul Pouliot was threatened with a statement of "you will have no place to go" and all was ordered to cease all operations, terminate all positions, and turn over everything to the new "Kowasuck leadership."
In the Native tradition (which these individuals use very loosely) a "grand council" can only be convened with all the clan leaders, chiefs, and members of the Council of Elders. Such a meeting cannot be held in secrecy from the membership. Robert Maynard, in his last telephone conversation eluded to actions taken for "tribal security." It all sounds too familiar to "excutive privilege", where anything is justifiable.
Throughout June, July, and August, wild stories, rumors, anonymous letters, and various declarations were made against many alleged/reinvented Abenaki People and the alleged/reinvented leaders of the other alleged Abenaki Bands, in particular Paul Pouliot. Many of these seem to have a common theme and source, but will not be discussed in this writing.
In August, another official letter was recieved from Robert Maynard, in this letter he submitted his resignation as tribal judge of our alleged/reinvented Band. This document  as well as his previous letter, make claims to his authority as Chief Judge of all other alleged/reinvented Cowasuck bands and an unidentified "council of elders." He also implied that this alleged/reinvented Band and the leadership of it has violated the "Constitution, rules, regulations, and standards of conduct of the alleged/ reinvented Cowasucks Abenaki Nation."
These negative letters, documents, declarations, and other statements, which were sent (or made) to many alleged/ reinvented Native American leaders and organizations are being considered as "threats" and the notarized statements made, if uproven, could be held as words of perjury and slander. There is no substance of truth to the charges nor to the elusive government agency that is working with them. In fact, the events that have been described have significantly damaged the ongoing negotions that are ongoing with the alleged/reinvented Missisquoi (St. Francis-Sokoki) council and the United States government. All that has been accomplished by this dissension is that our People as a whole has been ridiculed, degraded, and set back as a bunch of "lost people" with no clear leadership. DAH, the TRUTH is so obvious!
To further his position, Howard F. Knight, Jr. has taken every opprotunity to use the newspapers and media to establish him as alleged/reinvented Chief of the Abenaki and is attempting to re-write himself and the history of our people. HYPOCRITICAL STATMENT IF I EVER HEARD ONE. Newspaper stories of his recent POW WOW in Evansville, Vermont (Ralph Skinner Swett's property), reported that he (Howard Knight Jr. or Ralph Swett?) conducted "native ceremonies", "sweats" and other sacred native traditional activities for and with the public spectators. You can draw your own conclusion as to what his traditional values are. Well, the same question(s) could be asked of Paul Wilson Pouliot after INCORPORATING his Cowass North America, Inc. in NINE (9) different States! Additionally, other concerned people have made public statements in the Vermont newspapers that he does not represent the alleged/reinvented Abenaki Nation and that he "... has been operating under pretense..." Copies of the newspaper articles will be furnished upon request from this office.) Actually that would be Paul Wilson Pouliot's home/residence. 
Contrary to these issues and problems this alleged/reinvented Band will go forward in a alleged/reinvented positive and traditional manner. We have had enough of the intrigue, accusations, and flights of fantasy that have plagued us. Really? It seems to be that what happened to Lynn Menard-Mathieson and this new applicant experienced Paul Wilson Pouliot's intrigue, accusations, and flights of fantasy! Those that want to cause trouble, those that are working with these "other elements" to get little tidbits of gossip to work against us, those "adopted friends" of the past leadership and other non-native people (well, does Paul Wilson Pouliot or his new wife Denise have ANY Abenaki/Cowasuck Native ancestry?....or are they non-native person's pretending to being Cowasuck/Abenaki/Pennacook?!) that are working against the unification of our People will be identified, isolated, and pushed away from us once and for all. Really? Seems to me the so-called "unification of our People" hasn't worked out for Paul Wilson Pouliot very well. Considering that his own spouse, two children, Jamie Mahigan, Paul Tamburro, Norman Leveillee, James and Janet LaFountain, and Lynn Menard-Mathieson to name just a few, have LEFT this so-called "Tribe and or Band" led by him. Perhaps Paul Wilson Pouliot needs to resign right along with Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. once and for all; and THIS TIME actually do it! If you were adopted by Howard F. Knight or Robert Maynard, or given a tribal card without proof of your ancestry (like Paul Wilson Pouliot) , or if you want to return to the "Howard Knight group" please do so, his address is RFD 2 Box 530A, Newport, VT 05855. Those of you that are following him and his actions, or are just "sitting on the fence" should speak out and take a stand, notify us and we will take you off of our alleged/ reinvented tribal roles if that is what you wish.

Sounds to me like Paul Wilson Pouliot was speaking about himself in alot of his writings in this September 1993 letter! Most importantly, to reflect and think about is that Paul Wilson Pouliot came out of and was created by Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. and this newsletter shows and provides the evidence that once created, this new allegedly elected "Chief" of the alleged/reinvented Cowasuck took on a life of his own, so's to say, and thus was created and incorporated Paul Wilson Pouliot's Cowass North America, Inc. of Franklin, MA. Like I said, it seems to me that there was an alleged NDN Herpes Virus or a mysterious "something-or-other" that was going around, spreading here, spreading there, and everywhere. Chiefs, Sub-Chiefs, Council Chiefs, Grand Chiefs, Tribal Judges, Clans, and Clan Matriarch's were being invented, created, reinvented not only in Vermont, but also New Hampshire and Massachusetts, going outward to many other States as well.

I think it is time we all get a "vaccination" against this NDN Virus asap. But first, before anyone goes rushing to their nearest Abenaki Shaman, or New Age Bookstore, there is much more to tell the readers of this blog. So stay right where you are. I'll be right back.....TRUTH IS WHAT WILL SET US ALL FREE.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cowasuck "Citizenship and Membership Cards" of Lynn Menard and David Mathieson:

1st document: Notice the Citizenship Card of Lynn Menard-Mathieson shows very clearly BAND "#C1409" and according to what is stated in Paul Wilson Pouliot's Aln8bak Newsletter (see 3rd document in this post) it's clarified on Page 4 that the new cards will show the Band # with a status prefix code letter. The letter "C" will signify "Citizen" and "M" will be for a "Member". As specified in tribal regulations, Citizenship is reserved for those that meet the requirements as a native Pennacook/ Abenaki. Members are spouses and others that qualify as those living within the Wabanaki tribal community. Persons of Wabanaki ancestry should also submit their genealogy to determine if they can also recieve "Citizen" status.

So, clearly from the evidence shown and provide directly from the Citizenship card issued to Lynn Menard-Mathieson, not once but twice, by this alleged Cowasuck/ Pennacook Abenaki "group" led by Paul Wilson Pouliot acknowledged and accepted Lynn Menard-Mathieson's application for "Citizenship" on April 27, 2001 into his Cowass North American, Inc. group, when she was approved and accepted on May 19, 2001, and again when she had renewed her "citizenship status" into this group in June 2006, and AGAIN on September 11, 2008!

In conclusion, all that can be concluded is that when Norm Leveillee and subsequently Lynn Menard-Mathieson were on "speaking terms" with Paul Wilson Pouliot, then-and- only-then, was their ancestry of being descendants of Marie Miteouamigoukoue, acceptable for gaining "citizenship" into Paul Wilson Pouliot's SOCIAL CLUB/ alleged Tribe or Band of so-called self-proclaiming Cowasuck/Pennacook Abenakis!
Because Lynn Menard-Mathieson was holding drumming practise at her home, and began to inquire about the financial records of the Inc., Paul Wilson Pouliot no longer accepts Marie Miteouamigoukoue as being Wabanaki, Abenaki, or even Cowasuck. Why, when he accepted this ancestor's many descendants (in the hundreds) into his group retrospectively, is he now not accepting and is now revoking these descendants citizenship/membership applications and their genealogies into his group?
Because he can, because he runs an Incorporation, and that is ALL THAT IT IS. Cowass North American, Inc.! He can choose, who, when, how, and why anyone joins that Incorporation because he is the President of that Inc. ~ just like Homer W. St. Francis, Sr. did up in Swanton, Vermont with many a "followers" citizenship cards. If someone doesn't agree with the "Chief" or asks the wrong questions, demands legitimate transparent answers, then your OUT of the Abenaki Club House. You don't get a Membership Card, and if you already have a Citizenship Card from one of these alleged Abenaki "groups" it is quickly cut in two, your "charged" with fictitious activities and your thrown out of the Social Club. Or the "Chief" goes to their Grand Council and Elder's Council (which is really controled by the President of the Inc.) because really these Council's are actually the Board of Directors of such Incorporation's, and the President's/Chief's then changes the so-called Citizenship Rules, Regulations, Policies, and Requirements for an applicant gaining such admission/ citizenship/ membership, into their apparent Social Club's. What I call an "Abenaki Inc. Cult's" of sorts.

March 14, 2009 Valley Newspaper Article regarding Nancy Millette and DNA testing: and An Alleged Jesuit Made Koes Map of 1713:

1st document: Newspaper article from the Valley News dated March 14, 2009, regarding Nancy Millette and the endeavor to have National Geographic's "Genographic Project" come into the Haverhill, New Hampshire area and genetically test kit the "group" led by Nancy Millette, in her attempt to identify "Native American" ancestry. National Geographic's "Genographic Legacy Fund" awarded Nancy Millette-Doucet's Inc. Organization "White Pines Association of the Koasek Abenaki" on April 07, 2008 funding for their group's Abenaki Language Project.
Indeed, the whole land of  the Abenakis from (and of) the Coosisak was the historical home of those Abenakis. Notice I said "historical Abenaki from or of Coosisak, meaning "Place of the small Pine tree's". The People were simply Aln8bak, which translates to "People who look similar/the same as each other."
Indeed, there are many families from Newbury, Vermont and Haverhill, N.H. who can trace their ancestry back to early settlement. But back to the alleged Koasek band? I do not think so. It is a contemporary Inc. creation done by Brian Chenevert and Nancy Millette-Lyons-Doucet, with the help of Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. The question is, do any of them descend from a Abenaki/Cowasuck? The Millette family lineage came down from the Shefford, Quebec, Canada area AFTER 1910 and resided in North Haverhill, N.H. since that time frame. The Ingerson's and Rines families came into the Jefferson, N.H area ca. 1790's - 1825 from the southern part of New Hampshire, the Ramo's came into the United States ca. 1830's and resided in Derby, Orleans County, Vermont.
 Perhaps "it is very, very hard to find the paperwork" because the families allegedly self proclaiming today that they are Abenaki, are in fact not Abenaki at all?! With that last portion of this page said, it is obvious Nancy Millette was pulling information from Fraderick M. Wiseman and his book "The Voice of the Dawn, An Autohistory of the Abenaki".
On Page 2 of this article, "The kind of genetic testing that the project is offering will NOT LINK SOMEONE TO A PARTICULAR INDIGENOUS TRIBE", said Theodore Sherr, a professor of biological anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia. It (the DNA testing results) will only reveal whether there is some kind of POSSIBLE native ancestry. And the tests do not always reveal (native american) ancestry when historical records show it (native american ancestry) exists.
On Page 03 John Moody and his wife Donna operate the non-profit 501(c)3 Organization they created called "Winter Center for Indigenous Traditions" based in the Upper Valley. Painstaking research by Moody and others since the 1970's suggests that among longstanding residents in any given area of New England, a significant part of the population has some blood relation to the indigenous people of that area. Yeah, thats why John Moody could NOT prove one damned argument to the B.I.A. Recognition people for the alleged St. Francis-Sokoki Abenaki group up in Swanton,  Franklin County, Vermont! Quote, from the Proposed Finding on the St. Francis/ Sokoki Band of Abenakis of Vermont, "The Researcher (John Moody) apparently took the family names of this "group" members and searched for them on lists of the St. Francis Indians at Odanak in the late 18th and 19th centuries. When he did not find the exact name, he then searched for "variations" of those names at St. Francis (Odanak), in local church, land, shcool, and census records from the 19th century in northwestern Vermont, or which came from the "oral traditions" of the current members. Once Moody found presumed similarities between the name of a SSA (St. Francis/Sokoki Abenaki) family line and names on the other records, he designated these family lines "Abenaki." Moody incorporated this research into the group's 1982 petition and further expanded it in the 1986 submission. Such a process is not based on sound genealogical, anthropological, or historical methodology. As a result, the petitioner has identified families as Western Abenaki mainly on speculation, not because the record demostrated they were identified as Indian or as a part of an Indian community. The petitioner has not provided evidence to show that the family lines from the 19th century listed as St. Francis Abenakis have descendants or any social or historical documentation to the current members of the group. Another difficulty in the use of family names is that the SSA provided almost no documentation to trace the evolution of how and when the claimed family name changes may have occurred, or how they might connect genealogically to actual family names on specific list of Odanak Indians. While the petitioner described the content of various land, church, school, and census records, and abstracted lists of names of claimed ancestors from them, it (the petitioner) did NOT submit copies of them (these records). Nor did it (the petitioner) provide most of the referenced interviews or genealogical materials. Page 133 and 134 of Proposed Finding dated November 09, 2005 by James E. Cason, Associate Deputy Secretary of the Interior.

So whose fault was it honestly, in this lack of any bonefide and legitimate historical, genealogical, and social research having NOT been done. To my thinking, it was John Moody, the late Homer St. Francis, Sr., April St. Francis-Merrill, and Frederick M. Wiseman, to name just a few persons involved throughout the 38-40 years.

It is most interesting to compare "Eugenic's" to the word "Genetics" and it also makes one ponder why there is such an interest in gaining an awareness of human genetic blueprints. I would suggest highly to anyone to read these books: Breeding Better Vermonters by Nancy Gallagher, War Against the Machine by Edwin Black, and his other book IBM and the Holochaust to name three books I've read. Does one honestly assume the Eugenic's Programs died off and are no more. Check out Cold Harbor Springs, N.Y. and see what is taught and studied there. Do the math.
4th document: Allegedly this is a Jesuit Missionary made map of 1713, showing the Koes Mission for the ca. 1713 Abenakis and other Native People's of the area. Notice that the penmanship inside and below the geographical features is contemporary/ in modern handwriting, which is certainly not the penmanship/ handwriting of a 1700's Jesuit artist/author. So who created this so-called 1713 map showing this alleged Koes Mission Village of allegedly 1713? I suspect it wasn't a 1713 Jesuit thats for sure!

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November 26, 2001 and November 27, 2001 Paul Wilson Pouliot's idea for a Gambling Casino:

Am I crazy for "seeing" what these historical records show? We know that the folks down south in the Pequot Nation were interested in putting in a Casino venture up in the "North Country" and we also know that Nancy Millette soliciting $50,000.00 dollars for Brunswick Springs, Vermont a.k.a. N'biz8bek....did not come without some strings attached.
Why are these "groups" so adamant, continuing to scrapping the can's of their ancestors for any scrap of Native American ancestry that they can try to find, even if it means resorting to doing a DNA test of one's blood or bones? I heard through the NDN Telegraph that runs up and down this river we call Kwenitegw, that Nancy Millette allegedly tested her "blood and bones" to try and prove she's allegedly a "Native American".
Perhaps these "groups" are so deseperate to establish themselves as allegedly Abenaki, Koasek, Cowasuck, Missisquoi, Nulhegan, etc. simply because IF they can twist, distort, and manipulate long enough (like a pit of snakes), then once they alleged gain their sought after Vermont or New Hampshire State Recogntion,  we'll all find out that they had their fingers in the Casino Pie all along, just waiting to lick their fingers! THINK ABOUT IT.

Alleged Koasek Abenaki Corn Article October 2006:

1st document: On May 03, 2006 the State of Vermont gave the historical Abenaki People recognition. Not the contemporary people who claim to be Abenaki. The State of Vermont recognized the historical Missisquoi Abenaki community, not the contemporary people led by the late Homer St. Francis, Sr. as being from and of that historical Missisquoi Abenaki community. Read between the words of the Abenaki Recognition Bill S.117 of which was signed by Governor Jim Douglas on May 03, 2006. I was there to witness the signing of that document right along with everyone else.
This article states, "Next June (2007) will be the first time in almost 300 years the original people will be back in the meadows." So where did these alleged Koasek Abenaki descendants do for 300 years until they supposedly popped up out the ground again? Did they hide in the Attic like Anne Frank and her parents Edith and Otto, until one day they came out of "hiding in plain sight", along with their alleged Koasek corn?!
2nd document: Nancy (Millette) Cruger - Lyons - Doucet stated when asked "does this mean a casino for the Abenaki?" at the time of September 14, when this article was created for publication, and she replied, "For now no comment but I will tell you this, I will make sure you don't have to wait 300 years to find out!". In the photograph(s) were Sarah Calley holding the alleged Koasek corn, Daniel B. Osgood, Sr. (wearing the bear claw necklace and jean jacket), Nancy Lyons cousin Colleen Chase of Woodsville, N.H., and Nancy's sister Crystal Millette of Warren, N.H., and Nancy's father Malcolm "Mike" Millette of North Haverhill, N.H.

NOTICE the Magazine: Indian Gaming October 2006.

hmmm, interesting that a Indian Gaming Magazine periodical would be eye-balling this Koasek corn, Nancy Millette-Lyons, and this created "Koasek, Inc." THINK ABOUT IT.
This magazine article which caters to Indian Gambling leads me to at least ponder a possibly true story I heard talked about way-back-way-when When Nancy Millette-Cruger was the Littleton Town Promoter here in New Hampshire in the 1990's there was some "talk" which indicated that the folks down south in the Pequot Nation were seriously considering putting a Casino up in the "North Country" in or around Littleton. It is alleged that Nancy's "Aunt"(?) was looking around for suitable property for this endeavor retrospectively-speaking, at the time. Whether or not "this story" is true I don't know (as yet) but in consideration of this Indian Gaming magazine article of October 2006,  it got me to thinking about what was said around here years ago about Nancy Millette and these Pequot connections. She did say the Pequots gave $50,000.00 dollars towards Brunswick Springs and that she was instrumental in making that happen back then; and one has to ponder that a favor like that does very likely would have had "strings attached to it" somehow or another. If you think I am crazy, wait til you see the next posting.

Nancy (nee: Millette) Doucet and her alleged DNA results:


Recently, I was informed via email that Nancy Doucet has stated on the White Pines Association (yet another Incorporation) that she's President of, that quote, "Friday, 23 October 2009 10:12 Nancy The White Pine Association is pleased to announce the National Geographic DNA Study is now being posted for those who had their test done on location in Koas area last March. The results are showing a strong identity for those of this area. My DNA and other tribal members clearly shows Native American blood lines. We are pleased this study has helped those people who have had oral family history but could not find the paper trail. As we all know the US Census and other government papers did not allow self identification nor did they do a good job at clearly identifying much of anything except who was in a household. BUT our DNA tells our true story in blood and bone. If anyone needs any help with your results or further questions you are welcome to contact us. Thank you, Nancy Millette Doucet"

So, Nancy Doucet thinks/assumes that DNA testing is going to give her 1. Indian Status 2. Indian Tribal Affliation 3. State or Federal Recognition.
First of all, DNA testing results cannot provide anyone with confirmation of Native American enthnicity, connection to Native American Tribal Status, or the like. Eligibility for Native American rights is ultimately a political and cultural issue that will never be satisfactorily answered by genetics.
So let's take a more serious review of this dynamic of DNA testing for "DNA Markers" that might indicate Native American Ancestry.
1 through 5 Documents: (In "red" is my commentary)
In the PDF article I have attached to this posting, by TallBear and Bolnick (one can google for this PDF article like I did) it states on Page 2, "Because tribal and Federal Law focus on tribal group relations, cultural continuity, and a tribal land-base, many individuals with Native American biological ancestors are nonetheless ineligible for federally-recognized tribal status or tribal enrollment. When the Laws fail to recognize them as ethnically Native American, these individuals (like Nancy nee: Millette - Doucet and these so-called Abenaki Incorporated groups) may turn to DNA testing. For example, after failing to meet Federal Recognition standards, a group calling themselves the "Western Mohegan Tribe and Nation" attempted to use DNA analysis to prove their Native American identity (like Nancy Millette - Doucet and these so-called Abenaki Incorporated groups) in order to get into the gaming business. Although their efforts were unsuccessful, hopes of gaming profits may motivate others (like Nancy nee: Millette - Doucet and these alleged so-called Abenaki Incorporated groups) to seek recognition in this manner, and tribal sovereignty could be undermined as a result.
On Document Page 4 of this posting "The science of Native American DNA testing" it clearly states, "The tests fail to detect Native American ancestry in individuals with Native American ancestors, and incorrectly identify it (Native American ancestry) in others who do not have such ancestors."

"Secondly, DNA tests may certify some individuals as having Native American ancestry when in fact they do not."

"In fact, not all "Native American" (DNA) markers used in the DNA tests are actually found ONLY in Native Americans. Some of the (DNA) markers are most common in Native American populations, so ANY individual with those markers most likely has Native American ancestry. But because such markers can still be found in non-Native American populations, just at lower frequencies, Native American DNA tests may falsely identify some individuals as having Native American ancestry."

Of course, now that Nancy Doucet has had her DNA testing done, I am wondering who did the testing (the lab work) and how does one confirm that it was actually her DNA sample that was tested? What IF Nancy Doucet took someone else's DNA sample, used it as her own (such as Walter Watso for example), turned it into the National Genographic Project, and her name is on the sample, so therefore the DNA testing results would come back that she is a Native American descendant?! Again, Nancy Millette-Doucet may say and proclaim that her DNA allegedly coming from her blood and bone samples alleged proves her so-called "Native American" ancestry. Perhaps Nancy Millette-Doucet would be advised to send me, in the mail, the very documents she recieved from this DNA testing lab, etc.; or have that particular DNA testing lab send me the results of the kit itself?
Yet ultimately, how does one know for a fact that it was even Nancy Millette-Doucet's DNA that was actually tested, unless it was done by a doctor in a hospital with witnesses present at the time of the proceedure being done? For example, I could get a DNA kit from National Genographic too. I could get one of my Native friends to give me their cheek-swab sample, put my name to the DNA kit, send it back to the folks at National Genographic Project, and subsequently the DNA testing results would alleged confirm I was "Native American".

Here's another website page regarding Kim Tallbear, Phd. that I think readers of this blog will find interesting. http://www.manataka.org/page267.html http://www.utexas.edu/features/2007/ancestry/http://berkeley.edu/news/media/releases/2009/07/02_dna.shtml http://www.ipcb.org/publications/briefing_papers/files/identity.html

What I think people need to realize is that DNA testing can be a useful tool, yet it is not the definitive answer some people are led to believe that it allegedly is. Even IF Nancy Millette-Doucet has allegedly DNA markers that are most commonly found in the Native American population on the North American continent, how is one to determine how far back that alleged Native American ancestor lived? 500 years ago, 2500 years ago, even farther back into time itself? Again, DNA testing results are not definitive answers to much of anything. It certainly doesn't show and provide any evidence that her ancestry was or is Cowasuck Abenaki, let alone actually from Native American People's. Like the ol' days of the West where a sleek well dressed Snake-Oil Cure-All Salesman with a bottle of b.s. in one hand and a Eugenics Bible in the other, DNA Companies are selling these DNA kits proclaiming that by comparing a persons DNA test results to their particular databases, they can tell that person if their DNA markers INDICATE Native American ancestry.
Now, let's explore WHY Nancy Doucet and her created White Pine Association "members" are doing this genetic testing to allegedly prove their alleged "Native American" ancestry, in the next posting on this blog.

July 10, 2002 Sagakwa Pow-Wow Event in Lancaster, Coos County, New Hampshire

1st document: This is a newspaper article in the Coos County Democrat dated July 10, 2002 wherein Nancy Lee Millette announced publicly that she was married to Howard Lyons, a Mohawk singer. Indeed, Howard Isaac Lyons and Nancy Millette-Cruger were married in Santa Clara County, California on May 14, 2002 License number 246022 ny Elaine A. Rexna, Minister in San Juan Bautista, San Benito County, California.
2nd document: Continuing article regarding this Pow-Wow event in Lancaster, Coos County, New Hampshire.
3rd document: July 12, 2002 Coos County, New Hampshire newspaper article out of the Democrat, Page 6. 2nd paragraph states, "Sagakwa Annual Native American Cultural Weekend was founded by Nancy Lyons, the granddaughter and great-great grandaughter of Flora Una Anna Hunt and Elmira Rine Ingerson. (Actually daughter Nancy Millette-Cruger-Lyons was the daughter of  mother Beverlyn Clara Hunt-Millette, then Beverly Hunt was the daughter of Reginald Ray Hunt who married to grandmother Mabel Emma nee: Dyke, who was the son of great grandmother Flora Eunice Ingerson-Hunt, who was the daughter of great great grandmother Almira Rines who married to George W. Ingerson). As a child she (Nancy Millette-Cruger-Lyons) allegedly told her great grandmother (Flora Eunice Ingerson-Hunt), "When I grow up, I will find your people and do something so they are together again."
In 1993, Nancy (Lyons) remembered her promise and kept it by establishing Sagakwa. This Native American weekend has been recognized by the governors of Vermont and New Hampshire as a Native Cultural Weekend by way of Proclamation. Former state Senator Fred King presented the proclamation from Governor Jeanne Shaheen just prior to the Grand Entry at noon on Saturday, July 06th. It said in part, "Whereas, the many bands of the Abenaki within the territory of what is now known as the State of New Hampshire date back 10,000 years; Whereas, Sagakwa, Native American Cultural Weekend is an annual tribute to Abenaki Women, to Elmira Rine Ingerson and her daughter, Flora Una Anna Ingerson Hunt, from the ancient village dated 8,000 years old, located in what is now the town of Jefferson and to all of their children and their children's children and to all other Native Peoples in the State of New Hampshire; and Whereas the Abenaki and the Six Nations, Haudenosaunee, come together on this day in peace with each other in the territory of New Hampshire to plant a peace tree to forever live and grow in the town of Lancaster as a growing symbol of the co-existence of these two aboriginal peoples...."
Anyone with an ability to study the documents I have already put onto this blog regarding Almira Rines-Ingerson and or Almira's daughter Flora Eunice Ingerson (her father being George W. Ingerson) can figure out there is a "distortion" between what Nancy Lyons stated in this newspaper article, and what the genealogical vital records show about these two women ancestors of Nancy Millette-Cruger-Lyons-Doucet. I find that this "campaign" of Nancy Doucet's repeatedly in the newspapers, etc. to identify her Great Grandmother Flora "Una Anna" Ingerson - Hunt, and that of her Great - Great Grandmother Almira Rines - Ingerson - Pollock to be just a bit absurd. There is NOTHING, absolutely nothing except Nancy's mouth that has proclaimed that these two women were Abenaki women. What about these two ancestral women's mother's, and their sisters, and nieces, etc. I have never seen or heard from any other descendant from these two women proclaim the things that Nancy has, about these two women, Almira and her daughter Flora. On the day of Flora's departure from this reality of life itself ALLEGEDLY Nancy, as a young ten year old girl, allegedly stood in the very room of this dying woman Flora "Una Anna" Ingerson - Hunt, and allegedly heard Flora declare "that her mother Almira Rines-Ingerson was Abenaki" and then Nancy, allegedly declared "I will find your People, and bring them out of the darkness and hiding".
I DO NOT THINK THIS HAPPENED. Do the freaking math people. IF Nancy Lee (nee: Millette) Wiggins - Demming - Cruger - Lyons -Doucet actually was told by Flora Eunice Ingerson - Hunt, "that the her mother Almira was Abenaki" then why isn't there other descendants from Almira's kith and kin showing and providing the evidence of their being Abenaki, let alone Native American People's?! I think this woman Nancy (now married to Mark Doucet) made up these "stories" which began to evolve in Nancy's brain beginning in August 1993 after talking to Jesse James Larocque in Bath, New Hampshire next to her mother's home! Over the years, the "stories" that were shoved into the media, and manipulated into documentation such as this Governor Jeanne Shaheen's Proclamation of 2002 by Nancy herself, "began to take on a life of their own." Clearly and obviously at least one "cousin" to Nancy Lee Millette, began to take notice of the absurdities and distortions in these "stories" that were being put out there. That was Rhoda Lou (nee: Besaw) True, who is in this newspaper article, and she is the person who provided me the documentary evidence of which to understand the so-called "Flora Una Anna Ingerson - Hunt" stories that were being put out there by Nancy. Because, I couldn't understand what these "stories" were all about, in contrast and in light of having the awareness of the families Rines - Ingerson - Hunt - Elliott genealogically documented historical records. The whole "situation" didn't make sense to me, and I found it to be absurd, for Nancy Millette to insult these two ancestral women, by cintinually proclaiming that these two women were Abenaki, when in FACT they were NOT Abenaki nor from no alleged "Abenaki Village in Jefferson, New Hampshire". Previously placed FACTUAL DOCUMENTATION on this very blog PROVE without a shadow of a doubt that Flora Eunice Ingerson could NOT have known her mother Almira Rines. Heck, she didn't even know her mother's name when Flora married to Henry Otis Hunt in October of 1896! So again, I find these "stories" that Nancy Millette-Doucet has created in her own mind, that Flora and or Flora's mother Almira were Abenakis to be just the opposite of telling the truthful reality of these women. Why would a ten year old girl on March 11, 1963 be allowed by elder adults, to be in a room of a imminently dying woman? Secondly, why didn't the other Almira/Flora descendants perpetuate the same "stories" of Flora and Almira allegedly being Abenaki women? How come the mothers, aunt's nieces, uncles, fathers, brothers, and so on, not show and provide any evidence historically of their allegedly being Abenaki who were related to these two women Almira and her daughter Flora?
IF Nancy Millette-Doucet was being truthful and honest about her alleged genealogical connections to the Abenaki People, then why hasn't she not shown and provided the actual in-hand evidence of such connections to the Abenaki Ancestors! Because she can't. Even her own "cousin" Rhonda L. Besaw - True confronted her about these "stories" that Nancy Milliette-Doucet has perpetuated in the media and through the Executive Council's Office's of the Governor's in both N.H. and Vermont.
3rd document: Another section of the July 12, 2002 Coos County Democrat newspaper article.
4th document: Remaining section of the Coos County Democrat article of July 12, 2002. Rhonda Besaw-True "smudging" with sage and an abalone sea-shell. Isn't taking photographs of a person or people "smudging" like against Native American traditions or something like that? Didn't I read in the Caledonia Record Newspaper wherein "Chinka Buck" was protesting and having a fit because alleged "Chief" Luke Willard of that Nulhegan group in in Orleans County, Vermont "allowed" photographs to be taken of person(s) or people being "smudged".

Where is the Indian Police when you need them?!

(I have to laugh some more....)

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