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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

August 22, 2001 Article - August 23, 2001 Article:

The Abenaki Nation of New Hampshire is another "Incorporation" and does not represent ALL Abenaki People/Descendants within the State of New Hampshire, as it's name attempts to imply. This article claims that human remains were found, whereas the Excutive director Will Abbott said only one tiny fragment of pottery was discoverd by an archaeologist who examined 18 test pits in the planned leach field for the visitor center of the Squams Lakes Natural Science Center, in Holderness, N.H.

The August 23, 2001 article states that Charles Francis True Jr. is the "Chief" of the 200 member Abenaki Nation of New Hampshire. WOW. Because when Charlie and his wife would pick me up for their "meetings" down in Pittsfield, New Hampshire, there would be no more than 15 to 20 people present for the whole meeting, sometimes even less! Of course, that was while back, and in August of 2001 perhaps there was 200 people following Charles F. True Jr., but in 2008 or so there wasn't more than 15 to 20 folks at the meetings from beginning to end of it. Regardless, this lower article (of Aug. 23, 2001) in the photograph shows, April St. Francis-Merrill, another unidentified man, etc., Charles F. True (with the medicine bag around his neck) Shirley Bear to his left, Tatjana A. Donovon. The latter two were once a part of Charlie True's Abenaki Nation of New Hampshire "group" or "incorporation".

Monday, July 27, 2009

July 07, 2001 Article - July 22, 2001 Article:

April St. Francis-Rushlow-Merrill claimed in this article of July 07, 2001 when Homer St. Francis Sr. died, that they were a descendants of Chief Grey Lock. Again, on January 11, 2003 in the Times Argus newspaper, April again stated, "What keeps me going is I’m doing this for the seven generations behind me. In our life system, you’re always doing it for the next seven generations and the next seven generations, whoever they are. Massacres, eugenics — they haven’t killed us out yet. A lot of us assimilated, but we have our own belief systems, we have our own culture. I know who I am and where I came from. I can trace my roots all the way back to chief Grey Lock in the 1700s, and then go back further than that."
April St. Francis - Rushlow - Merrill's ancestor (according to her and possibly from Mr. John Moody) was allegedly said to be "Francois St. Francis" born in May 1760 at Chambly. Francois' parents are given as Chief Francois Mitchell (who died June 1760 at Missisquoi in a battle with a group of Roger's Rangers) and his wife Marie Charlotte Nolette/ Wawanolet (born April 1737 at Fort St. Frederick). It was she who was the daughter of Chief Grey Lock according to the St. Francis family.
At first impression I guess one would conclude that April St. Francis-Merrill is an Abenaki descendant from Missisquoi as she alleges. But WAIT, here is the FACTUAL documented genealogical ancestry: From top to bottom (meaning down to April Merrill herself) her ancestors were François Semme dit Siroux dit St-François born in Rouen, Normandie, France who married to Élisabeth Isabelle Comeau September 29, 1772 at St. Joseph de Chambly, Chambly County, Quebec, Canada. Their son François Semme dit Siroux dit St. François born 1773 died December 11, 1845 at Marieville, Rouville County, Quebec, Canada. He married in Marguerite Hébert dit Larose January 28, 1799 at St. Joseph de Chambly, Chambly County, Quebec, Canada. Their son Francis Mitchell Siroux Giroux dit St. Francis born 1811 and died in 1863 married Charlotte "Carol" LaCombe on November 13, 1827 at St. Mathias sur Richelieu, Rouville County, Quebec, Canada. Their son Mitchell Siroux Giroux dit St. Francis born in March 1835 in Swanton, Franklin County, Vermont married to Cordelia Colombe (dau. of Louis S. Coulombe Colomb and Sophie Charbonnier dit St. Laurent) in 1860 in Swanton. Their son Nazaire St. Francis born June 08, 1867 in Swanton, died May 18, 1936 in Swanton. He married to Clara Hogue (dau. of Fabien Hogue and Adèle Vêtu dit Bélair) on September 05 1891 in Swanton, Vermont. Their son Nazaire St. Francis born Jan 31 1891 in Swanton married Florence Hakey, and it was their son who was Homer Walter St. Francis born on January 19, 1935 in Swanton, Vermont who is April's father. Yes, there is some 'Huron and or Western Algonquin Native ancestry" in April St. Francis' Merrill's genealogical background, that being Roch Manintoubeouich / Manitouabeouichit born ca. 1600 in Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada and his wife Outchibabhanoukoneau/ Outchibahabanoukouehou/squa born about 1606 at the same location. (Sherry Blanchard-Gould and Rhonda Besaw-True also share this couple in their perspective ancestries), Plus there is a few VERY distant (1600's) Mik'maq ancestors as well in her (April's) ancestry. So.....do the math. I don't see how the Swanton, Vermont "St. Francis family's ancestors" were "St. Francis Indians"/"Abenakis", let alone descendants of Grey Lock, who wasn't Abenaki in the first place! More genealogical information will be forthcoming on this blog from public sourced documents, on these people "reinventing themselves" into Vermont Abenakis. Grab your wader's, your hip-boots, and your paddle's (you don't want to lose one on the way into this mess).

Sagakwa Pow-wow Twin Mountain, N.H. June 30 - July 01, 2001

Richard "Dick" Boisvert was stating that perhaps some later cultural material has been missed Boisvert acknowledges, but he is confident that from top to bottom the teams' methods have been painstakingly thorough. "It's almost beyond my imagination," he says, "that there were later occupations that haven't shown up." It could be we haven't found them yet, but after four years I'm confident it's exclusively Paleo-Indian." So, there was no Abenaki Village ca. 1850 - 1880 found by anyone? WOW, I wouldn't hold my breath if I were Mr. Boisvert in the hopes of validating Ms. Millette-Doucet's "stories" that there was such an Abenaki Village where her Great Great Grandmother Almira Rines was born or raised in! Same goes for Almira's daughter too! Maybe Dick Boisvert ought to have become a genealogical researcher instead is my thoughts on the matter.
June 30 - July 1, 2001 Twin Mountain, NH Article http://www.twinmountain.org/sagakwa.html 603-846-5044. This is a gathering of all Indian nations, highlighting the Native people of New England, Hawaii and South America. There will be native arts and crafts, storytelling, drum circles, dancing, a recreated 18th century village, and a grand entry of dancers each day at noon. Admission for adults is five dollars, three dollars for children aged 6-16, and under six free. A great learning experience for the whole family!
Notice the name "Rose Hartwell", owner of the Dawnland Quillwork, in Pepperell, MA. Now take a look at this website link http://www.elnuabenakitribe.org/Nawihla2007.html.
This shows evidence that Rose Hartwell was an active participant in a proclaimed "re-enactor group" calling themselves (prior to 2005-2006) El-Nu. They did "re-enactments" at Fort Ticonderoga, etc, as did Jim and Terri Clothey. Then AFTER May 2006 etc this group then joined up with Nancy Millette-Cruger-Lyons (now Doucet) and whom now call themselves The El-Nu Abenaki Tribe. They even have a internet website and a Great Seal. But are any of these people, in whole or in part, actually Abenaki from and of Vermont and or New Hampshire ancestrally-speaking? The wearing of shoelace-less tennis shoes and playing a plywood hooped drum and at the same time claiming it was what the Abenaki used in 1609 or using fake imitation sinew does make me wonder if these folks are legitimately Abenaki or simply "Playing Indian" in Vermont and or New Hampshire! They were a part of Nancy Millette's Littleton and Twin Mountain event's, consistantly from the late 1990's all the way forward.... Then when Vermont signed the Bill S.117 Abenaki Recognition bill, this "group" calling themselves the El-Nu Abenaki Tribe or sub-tribe of the Koasek Abenaki then led by Co-Chief's Brian Chenevert and Nancy Millette Cruger Lyons, jumped on the bandwagon claiming they too were Vermont Abenakis. It all makes one wonder.

June 10, 2001 Stephen Laurent Article - June 28, 2001 Rick Hunt Article

I worked with Stephen "Atian" Laurent "L8l8" of Intervale, New Hampshire in his elder years of life, regarding the Abenaki Language. He was a kind hearted and soft spoken man. I remember him sitting on his porch waiting for my arrival on most occassions. He would get into my old van and we would go down to get his mail out of his mailbox and then over to the store down the street to get some store bought meals. I enjoyed and still cherish the times we spent together, limited as those times were wherein he would be speaking Abenaki and me trying to learn it. He helped me recreate Tape No. 4 of Dartmouth's Collection of Gordon Day's material. I sent Dartmouth a audio cassette of Tape Number 4.
It's not $85,000.00 dollar Language Grants that I was ever interested in back then or nowadays. In retrospect, it was the small endeavors, the meager shoe-string $20.00 dollar trips that meant the most, and it was what went the farthest I think, in the long run. Just like going up to Odanak, Quebec, Canada to visit with Cecile Wawanolette to get her material from Swanton put onto audio cassette. I had probably $40.00 to get to Odanak, and a little under $20.00 to get back down home back then. I bought Joseph Laurent's original dictionary for $20.00 dollars from Steven Laurent. It was written in the back and front by Atian himself. It was a kindness he showed to me when he let me borrow the CD Masters of Father Aubrey's Dictionary but it was also a cherished trust he gave to me, a younger person I will never forget; so that I could get duplicate's. He said, "here, you take these, and when your done with them, bring them back". I took them to Patricia Lilly's home in Ossipee, N.H. and we had two audio cassette double-tape machines going non-stop to get the audio tapes duplicated since we didn't have a CD burner set up sadly said at the time.
The June 26, 2001 Rick Hunt artist article, I find most interesting, in that Rick Hunt stated, "that he was Abenaki", just like his cousin Nancy Millette Cruger was doing. But again, where is the genealogical evidence from their ancestry to show this was true? Oh, thats right, anyone who demands or even hints at asking for the genealogical proof/evidence is perpetuating "genealogical genocide" against these people. "Playing Indian" in the Vermont/New Hampshire area has become quite popular and profitable over the years to some and to many.

April 19, 2001 Courier Article......

Nancy Millette-Cruger (at the time) stated, "I came on board to manage and promote Howard Lyons last season and we both felt New England promotion would be of benefit to his career," Cruger said. "We predicted it would take some time to get established in this area, but we have already exceeded our expectations! I am very pleased to see New England recognize the talent of Howard Lyons!" [Nancy] Cruger is also of Native American (Abenaki) decent and holds a titled of ambassador. Really, where is the Abenaki ancestry?! This alleged "Abenaki ancestry" of Nancy Millette a.k.a. Nancy Doucet (as she is called today) will be addressed documentarily later on in this blog.

Feb. 15, 2001 - March 14, 2001 Articles plus some other good stuff.

Mr. Frederick Wiseman himself stated in this first article "that the purpose of his opening up the "museum" and "Cultural Center" was for the benefit of Official Recognition, either from the State of Vermont and or from the Federal United States Government. Quote, "through that Recognition, the Abenaki will be able to gain access to the $$$$MONEY$$$$. They will say they need the money to get out of being unemployed, to combat low education levels, and to fend off poverty. Perhaps, but then again, I doubt it. At 37 years old Fred Wiseman at the age of 51 years old, admits that he became aware of his Abenaki heritage at the age of 37 years old. That is interesting......so what was happening before the age of 37 years? Was he simply not able to know that he was allegedly "Abenaki", or was it simply that he didn't realize he wasn't wearing pants one day, and decided to put some on, and then say he was always a pants wearing kind of guy? I do have to wonder. Where were his Elders to inform him he was "allegedly Abenaki" before the age of 37? Were they unable to inform Mr. Wiseman before the age of 37, and if so, why? I find this all so very interesting indeed, that at the age of 37 years, one suddenly becomes aware of their Abenaki "heritage" and seemingly before that, there was no awareness of "heritage"?
On February 15, 2001 in the Courier there in Littleton, N.H. Nancy Millette (now Nancy Doucet), at that time a promoter for Howard Lyons, put another article in the newspaper.
On March 14, 2001 on Page 07 of the Coos County Democrat newspaper, Frederick M. Wiseman's book was being evaluated by Edith Tucker, who was periodicly writing about the Jefferson, N.H. Archaeological "digs". It is most interesting that Fred Wiseman stated, "that the nomadic hunters who visited Jefferson shortly after the glaciers melted over 10,000 years ago, were genetically the ancestors of the Abenaki." REALLY?! Hmmmm I have seen no reports of human remains having been found in the Jefferson, N.H. Archaeological site area's, in which to test a male comparatively to that of that nomadic hunter's direct male descendant, who may or may not claim to be an Abenaki of today. So how does the math add up to Mr. Wiseman's statement in this article?! Maybe we can bring the nomadic hunter back to life, ask him for a cheek swab, and then cheek swab Mr. Wiseman, since he claims to be "Abenaki", and then since he claims these nomadic hunters/people's were genetically ancestral to the Abenaki, the Y-DNA ought to match right up with few mutations in between. Anyone want to wager dollars to donuts, the math nor the Y-DNA numbers don't match up?! I do have to laugh. But go ahead, check out the book from your local library and compare FACT from FICTION. Do the math and see for yourself what is real and what isn't real.

Mid-January 2001 News From Indian County Abenaki Burial Article

The one aspect of this article that strikes me as interesting, is that "Chief" April St. Francis - Rushlow - Merrill says these are "her" or "their" ancestral remains that are being disturbed; etc. BUT ARE THEY REALLY HER OR THEIR ANCESTORS? Now to some folks, that might seem a bit harsh to even inquire such a question, but then again, it goes back to genealogical merits and standands. It has been said that the St. Francis family were made aware of the burials by the Lampman family years ago. Just because these contemporary people, such as the St. Francis family lay claim that the burials "are their ancestors", genealogically speaking without documented connectedness to those that were living at one time, seems doubtful at best. David Skinas, a previous archaeologist with the Vermont Division for Historical Preservation who (at the time of this article in mid-January 2001, worked for the U.S. Dept. of Argriculture, stated, "the evidence suggested the people of the Boucher site are the predecessors of today's Abenaki," said Skinas. So what was he saying, "that these remains that were buried as early as 885 B.C. up to 2,500-2,000 years ago, are the direct and or indirect ancestors of the contempory people claiming to be Abenaki"? Hmmmmm. Genealogically, Historically, Socially where is the PROOF and EVIDENCE that this is the reality. 2,500 years ago until 2001 one is a bit of a leap, to say one burial area is related genealogically or otherwise to those that claim to be Abenaki, but may not be Abenaki at all.
I could go to Germany and go to a Berlin Cemetery, where there are Buchholz buried there, and say those are my ancestors just because the burial stone's say Buchholz, yet perhaps they are not my ancestors at all. Just because I say I am a Buchholz by surname doesn't mean I am related to ALL BUCHHOLZ descendants living today.
April St. Francis - Rushlow, in this article claims, "that the taking of bodies out of the ground has got to stop. I view it as my responsibility to my ancsetors and my children and grandchildren and those not yet born". So was April Rushlow implying that the human remains in these burials were HER ancestors? I have to ask myself, where was her Grandfather, his father and his father (her ancestoral people) to make sure that these Burials were PROTECTED from day one to the present tense, documented in the Town Records, the local Swanton Library, and with the State of Vermont?! IF the St. Francis family KNEW of this Burial Area on Monument Road from day one, they ought to have stepped away from "hiding in plain sight" and at least documented the burial area so that the burial area wouldn't have been disturbed in the first place! And who says these "archaelogists" don't PLANT something while their "investigating" a certain piece of land, like a Chert Flake or something"? Indeed, April St. Francis-Merrill can look at a green and silver metal plaque stating that the Jesuits had built a Christian mission in 1744..... but that does not mean or even show evidence clearly and convincingly to anyone that she, nor her family or "group" calling themselves "Missisquoi Abenaki" are descendants of the Abenaki of Missisquoi there were there in 1744, 1760, or even later. If they were legitimately descendants from those buried on Monument Road, you would think that they would have respected their ancestors enough to document the area as a burial ground of their ancestors BEFORE ANY HOUSES, etc., were built on that land in the first place. Then again, perhaps these people claiming to be Abenaki from and of the area, are not who they purport to be, genealogically speaking or otherwise?

October 25, 2000 - November 16, 2000

It is yet another interesting newspaper article out of the Coos County Democrat newspaper of Octer 25th, 2000 that I am placing on this blog. Again, another two inch complete fluted point made some 11,000 years ago had been found by volunteers participating in a four day workshop on a newly discovered Paleo-Indian site along side Route 115A. Yet, no ca. 1850 ca. 1880 "Abenaki Village" was found.
The second article, was found in The Courier newspaper while researching microfilm. This is where Howard Lyons, a Mohawk muscian decided to reside with Nancy Lee (nee: Millette) Cruger. She was his "promoter". Around this time, Howard Lyons had retrospectively asked me if I was "musically inclined" because he needed someone in his band "to shake the rattle". I declined the offer. Of course, during that winter of 2000/2001, once in the door of their home on Mt. Cleveland Road, Nancy quickly began pointing to her "Certificate" from Walter Watso, and the photographs they had taken in November 2000 when they had gone to the NAMMY Music Awards out in New Mexico. On the way home, Howard Lyons who was driving hit "black ice" and we tried to get onto Route 3 northbound by taking a short cut "cross country". Luckily no one was harmed and we got out of the trees & ditch and back onto the road. We back to their place in Bethlehem, N.H. and I spent the night at their place, then returned to my own home in Lancaster, N.H.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Laughing, laughing, and more laughing.

Anonymous said...
Abenaki Politics Quiz
Douglas Buchholz is working for:
A. Paul Pouliot
B. Odanak
C. the State of Vermont
D. the FBI
July 20, 2009 7:59 PM

Well let's see
A. No, Paul Pouliot and I are not in league together (sorry).
B. No, IF Odanak wanted to address this b.s. down here in Vermont and or New Hampshire I am sure they are quite capable of doing their own work themselves.
C. No, the State of Vermont already HAS an awareness of the lack of legitimacy by all of these "groups". Heck, just read the BIA's Repsonse of November 1995!
D. No, again. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, I do not represent or work for.

I HAVE TO LAUGH. I work for E.

All of this is ABSURDITIES AND STUPIDITY from those who continue to be dishonest with themselves and with those around them.

October 12, 2000 Abenakis Take Claims To Court:

Just a small article about the Monument Road burial's situation back in October 2000 from the Caledonia Record Newspaper.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Howard F. Knight Jr. Land Dispute Case of Sept. 2001 to June 2005.

This is an interesting article which I found on google.com sometime ago regarding Anthony Tanguay vs. Howard Knight Jr. and his 2nd wife Ann Cojubar Coblai (Howard Knight's Russian wife) and all persons in possession of 1608 Alderbrook Road, Coventry, Vermont.
Seems Mr. Howard F. Knight Jr. attempted to say he had not received notice that the land/property was being sold for lack of taxes being paid on it, when in fact he had signed a Return Receipt himself, making it definitve that indeed he had recieved and acknowledged the fact, that the property was being sold.
To my thinking, this proves he was lying right to the Judge of Orleans County, Vermont. Makes me wonder what else he's been lying about, in the name of the Abenaki ancestors?!!!! Amazing he didn't try to claim "that it was ceremonial Abenaki Land" that belonged to the Abenaki People, like the late "Chief" Homer St. Francis Sr. did up there in Berkshire, Vermont over that application for Food Stamps eh! (I posted that "business" earlier on this blogspot.com site.

A Simple and Plain Address to the Commentary on the "other" Blog:

I'll let some of MY ancestor's documentary evidence speak for itself.
Secondly, if indeed I were a "kitchen table" (computer) genealogical researcher, then the question begs to be asked as to why am I so buried in genealogical evidence/paperwork in this apartment, when I have never owned a printer?!
Thirdly, if anyone out there in the Public can't tell when the truth is being told to him or her, and or when they are being lied to, or that the truth is being "added to"/twisted then perhaps they are liars themselves and can't tell the difference, in the first place! But I betcha dollars to donuts, the PUBLIC can tell the difference between FACTUAL RECORDS and lies the like that have been put on this "other" blog about my person and ancestors by someone who obviously doesn't have the integrity or the honesty to show their REAL HONEST idenitifying birth-given name!
As for being "a real genealogist".....apparently y'all haven't figured out that a "Certified" genealogist is simply someone who chooses to get a Certificate to hang on the wall, by going through the "incorporated" Training of some Genealogical Society/Organization, such as the Mormon Church out in Salt Lake City, Utah. That person who chooses this route, takes a so-called "moral oath" to "protect" and withhold certain genealogical information" from the Public, etc. I choose not to go that route simply because it goes against my integrity of having to make "an oath" to anyone, or anything. "Protecting" one's genealogical work, now that is a hoot. If I "protected" or kept in secret files, my research findings/documents, then I would never have found out anything more on my ancestors or who they allied with, as quickly as I did over the years previous, and on various families!!!! Genealogical Research is meant to be SHARED, not "protected" or hid away in some vault, like what the so-called genealogical/ethonological historian John Moody does. Who knows what he has, if at all much of anything. There is MUCH I have not put on the Internet nor will I, but rest be assured I have shared it with others, to get such documentations to where they needed to go, and be used/shared with others, so lies can be discerned from truths!
Concerning "Morningstar" or as she is called, that being Jeanne Lincoln - Kent, of Winsted, Connecticut....well she obviously has never followed her own advise, (repeatedly) but boy, does she like to give it. Her words mean nothing to me! I've told her before, "Medicine Wheels" are NOT part of Wabanaki Culture nor is it of OUR heritage. She chooses to have a thing as a Medicine Wheel made of rocks etc., out in her dooryard, and work with such ideas and or tools, and that is her choice to make; but it is NOT ABENAKI in origin. It is NOT from her alleged Abenaki ancestors either! Indeed I have been to several Native People's Communities whose community members are legitimate and honestly historical, cohesive, and continous; UNLIKE those "incorporations" that have been made in Vermont and New Hampshire since the mid to late 1970's!
There have been NO legitimate historical cohesive continous "Abenaki" Communities or "enclaves of people of Abenaki descendants" since ca. 1900 or even perhaps before 1840. There have been "families" directly or indirectly connected to one another, such as the Lampman's etc, or the Phillips, Sweetser's, Way's, and Woodward's; etc. who are in Vermont etc. Are they "Abenaki". Perhaps. Perhaps not. The documentation put on the table, given time and further research will yield the answers to that very question. Anyone proclaiming to be from a historical Tribe or Band is full of b.s. to my thinking, and they are decieving themselves and others whom they proclaim this to, UNLESS they have clear and convincing evidence they can SHOW and PROVIDE that PROVES the merits of their statements. Simply said, WE did NOT live in isolation, and we were NEVER "hiding" in plain sight, from the Eugenics Program or the otherwise, either in Vermont or New Hampshire, to my thinking. The Watso's NEVER hid in Claremont, N.H., the O'bomsawin's NEVER hid on Thompson's Point, the Laurent's NEVER hid in Intervale, N.H., the Masta's NEVER hid in Barton, Vermont, etc., and so on down the line with other known and documented Abenaki families. Those families and or persons that were not documented are usually almost always surrounded by those that were. ONLY these people who "hide" their genealogical records and social historical record documentations, and continue to seemingly decieve and and lie to themselves and others about their own truthful genealogical backgrounds proclaim that they were all "hiding in plain sight" (no disrespect towards the Bruchac's for using this "coin-phrase" either, kindly said) for fear of the Eugenic's, the Ku-Klux-Clan; etc. Yet obviously, the Eugenics were very specific as to whom they were researching. Obviously NOT everyone was caught up in the Eugenic's era and "sterilized" either in one family or another, including my own Woodward family of both Vermont and New Hampshire!
So, I just thought I would respond to this "b.s." coming from this unidentified "idiot" out there who decided to post on this other blog as to my person and my family ancestry. Stupidity seems to be contagious. What I have shown here in this post is SOME of what I have in my possession on my family ancestors documentarily. This "comment" from this other person, "that I alleged have NOTHING documentarily from my ancestors and or their descendants that shows Indian on it", is simply absurd and yet just another "example" of another smear campaign and whats been going here in N'dakinna towards people who seek out the TRUTH and then try to SHOW whats been REALLY going on here in Vermont and New Hampshire with all of these people claiming to be Abenakis without a shred of documentary evidence in hand. Conclusion: I have to laugh.
Indeed what goes around, does come around. Apparently this unidentified person (and Jeanne Lincoln-Kent herself) who put this b.s. out there on this other blog about me, has been proven to be exactly who they are. NOTHING.
Anonymous said....
Is Doug Buchholz Abenaki?
July 7, 2009 8:39 PM

Anonymous said...
depends on the day. As you can see in many of his rantings on the internet he uses Abenaki Child as a handle, claims he has genealogy that proves he is abenaki however it is his long winded story with no documents that show Indian on them. there are few documents that would say that due to census laws years ago, no reservations that have enrollment list like out west etc etc. Basically Douglas is a kitchen table genealogist who does some good research but with all the twisted lies he adds onto facts who to heck would know what is true and not true on any subject! A real genealogist takes an oath that their work will be protected. As you can see what ever Douglas finds ( fact or fiction) he posts. do a www search and find out for yourself all the nutty things that are out there....


July 17, 2009 8:39 AM

Anonymous said...
Kwai, WalillakYour posts are good and true. It is sad that people do not understand that what they put on the wheel will come back to them. It might take a while, but sooner or later, Creator takes care of all things. I am surprised that Salmon who has visited many different tribal and Band groups, has not learned this fundamental truth.Morningstar
July 19, 2009 8:50 PM

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