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Monday, October 19, 2009

Jeanne Kent's Letter to Howard F. Knight Jr. etc:

1st document:
Saturday, April 19, 2008, 1:07 AM--- In Olidahozi@yahoogroups.com, Jeanne Lincoln-Kent wrote:
Kwai, James (Akerman, son-in-law to Paul Wilson Pouliot?)
We are a little ahead of ourselves because of Howard's letter. I would rather wait until we see if we can get the amendment passed before doing any further negative campaigns. I am moderating one person (Jeannette) to make certain those letters don't hit the fan. I know how much we all would like to settle matters with Paul, but I do think the timing is poor. It just might make the senators run the other way again and let the amendment drop. It has already missed the cross over and it may just wind up sitting there and being dropped, so I hope you understand that we are at a delicate stage of thisthing. It should all come to a decision one way or the other within a fewweeks. I think we can wait until then. Jeanne (Kent)
--- End forwarded message ---
Jeannette is my sister, who resides in Kelso, Washington State.
So here we have the 1st document of this blog post, showing and providing the evidence clearly and convincingly, that Jeanne Lincoln-Kent herself is muck racking creating, causing and perpetuating negative campaigns against that would speak vocally about what was going on in the Abenak Recognition issues. Especially IF it was about Paul Wilson Pouliot whom she has had a bone to pick ever since she left that alleged Abenaki group in 2002.
And, WHY was Jeanne Lincoln Kent stating that the documents were copy & paste and stated on her Morningstar Studio blog, that the "documents" weren't legitimate as "evidence", and yet, here she is stating "I'm moderating one member right now (my sister Jeannette) so that those letter don't hit the fan."
Seems to me based on this email to James (Akerman?), to me like she damned well knew these documents were very much genuine and legitimate. In the Legislature's hands these documents would have created a heck of a backlash against their petitioning the Legislature for State Abenaki Recognition. Clearly and obviously she censored my sister from Olidahozi during that timeframe and even removed my sister Jeannette from being on Olidahozi Yahoo Group that Jeanne Kent moderates and censors, so that ANYTHING documentarily truthful or any discussion about Abenaki Recognition that might be construed as questioning the merits of these alleged Abenaki groups from gaining State Recognition, she was filtering off of HER Yahoo Group called Olidahozi. So was "Abenaki News Issues" Yahoo Group as well.
2nd document: May 10, 2008 Email Communication between "Ret'd Chief Howard F. Knight, Jr." to "Jeanne Kent". It doesn't look like Howard Knight Jr. was retired to me!
I would love to see the verified PROOF, EVIDENCE of an ANCESTRAL documentary level on Howard F. Knight Jr.'s ancestors being Abenaki. Period. Let alone, from allegedly the 1740's at the Lower Coos and to Missisquoi in the 1770's in the Dunham, Quebec, Canada and Swanton, Vermont area's in the 1770's as well. I would bet anyone dollars to donuts that man is not telling the truth, and making up "stories" just like Nancy Millette has done!

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