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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Paul Pouliot's Entry into the Howard Knight Jr. Group and Jeanne Lincoln Kent Happenings:

The 1st document to this posting is something one REALLY needs to study. It clearly shows that Paul Wilson Pouliot, the COWASS, Inc. "President" who claims to the Abenaki Cowasuck "Chief" had on July 08, 1992 applied for membership into the Northeast Woodlands-Coos Band of the Abenaki Republic-Algonkian Confederation (all of that was an Incorporated entity as well created and promoted by Howard F. Knight Jr. and his "followers"/ "supporters". Mr. Paul W. Pouliot, at the time, clarified and defined his Native Ancestry as being "Laurentian Iroquois". This application for a membership into Howard Franklin Knight's "incorporation"/claimed to be an Abenaki Band/Confederation, was approved on July 15, 1994 and signed by the so called "Tribal Judge/Rep: Robert Maynard" and "Tribal Chief Howard Knight aka Rushing Water". Aaaah, do you notice in this membership application for Paul Wilson Pouliot that, "the applicant MUST relinquish membership in any other Band/Tribe of Indigenous Peoples, and that failure to do so will constitute automatic forfeiture of any and all rights acquired because of their membership in the Northeast Woodlands-Coos Band of the Abenaki Republic-Algonkian Confederation, as provided in the By-Laws (of the Incorporation/ Non-Profit Organization registered in and created through the solicitation to the State) thereof.
The 2nd document is pertaining to Jeanne Kent's alleged genealogical connection to the Abenaki People. "Could have's, Maybe's, Might have been's"
just don't cut it. Jeanne Kent states, "that she is a descendant of a Joseph Compient (POSSIBLY Capino), who signed the Robertson lease of Missisquoi land in 1765. Robert Capino (aka Robert Pinawans) was granted land at Durham in 1805. Pierre Jacques Capino is listed as chief in 1808. Cilamanamakw was the name of a Capino at Durham according to Gordon Day. Notice that according to Gordon Day in 1981, that the PROBABLE Native Name of kepinaw8s, 'the person who takes care of someone' the Capino variation MAY HAVE BEEN an abbreviated version of the name 'Captain Pinawans' LOU (meaning this information came from Louis Annance).
The 3rd document dated May 07, 2002 from Yannick Mercier to Jeanne Lincoln-Kent indicates that he gave her genealogical records to Christian Wawanolett. Well, lets see here, there is Anitaya a Pawnee Indian, there is Joseph Proux whose Algonquin, there is Mad Denis-Lapierre-Assisniwi who was Algonquin, there is Joseph Pineau-Campino who was chief from Wolinak-Odanak, there is Jacqueline Cadot who was Cadot-Pawnee Indian, there is Nicolas Gamache who was Huron, there is Marie Boucher who was Montagnais, there is Louise Angelique Giroux Manitouabi8wich who was Algonquin or Huron (somehow this Roch Manintoubeouich / Manitouabeouichitand his wife Outchibabhanoukoneau/ Outchibahabanoukouehou/squa who both were born in the approx. first ten years of 1600 in or about Lake Huron, Ontario "become" somehow "Abenaki" by the 1980's or 1990's simply because they were afforded Jesuit Mission protection (along with other Huron Refugee's from the Western Algonquin area, when they were ravaged by disease, famine, and hostile neighboring Native People's in the 1600's). And last but not least, there is Marie Nipising from Michilimakinack, Wisconsin and another Jeanne (nee: Lalime) Davis-Lincoln-Kent's ancestor "unknown Nipissing woman/Jeanne Gisis Bahmahmaadjimiwin Nipissirinienne (whose mother and father are unknown), who was mother of Euphrasine Madeleine Nicolet born ca. 1628. Well, Euphronsine's father (FRENCH) was Jean "Sieur de Belleborne" Nicolas Nicolet was born ca. 1598 in Cherbourg, Normandie, France (he died 1642 in Sillery, a Jesuit Mission in Quebec) and his wife was Jeanne Gisis Bahmahmaadjimiwin (that's Anishnabe language meaning 'to live the good life' and she was born ca. 1602 in Lac Nipissing, Quebec, Canada. (There is some sqwabble over whether she was Ojibway, Algonquin, or Odawa). Euphrosine Madeliene Nicolet  married Jean LeBlanc and after the first husband died in 1662 by Iroquois assault she married secondly to Elie Dussault on February 22, 1663 . I have this genealogical information all mapped out in my own Family Tree Maker Program of 42,000+ people. So, from what I can "see" thus far, Jeanne Kent's Native Ancestral connections are 'way-way-way back-in-time', so far back that they are a fraction of her total ancestry altogether. Indeed, Jeanne (Lalime) Lincoln-Kent descends from Euphrosine Madeleine Nicolet and her 2nd husband Elie Dussault. NOT Euphrosine's 1st husband Jean LeBlanc who died September 11, 1662 by being killed by the Iroquois.
If that qualifies a person to "become" an Abenaki, well I guess a whole lot of folks have been and will be saying they are "Abenaki" won't they?!
The 4th document dated June 26, 2002 by Paul W. Pouliot to Yannick Mercier. I am not sure of the in's and out's of this whole feud with Jacqueline "Jackie" or "Firewoman" Adelle (nee: Williamson) Emerton but according to the documenation I got on hand, she was appointed or declared a leader/clan mother of a branch of the Abenaki, the Pennacooks, a matriarchal society. What this ""matriarchal society" term means is that the Native heritage and descent of a person ALWAYS came down through the MOTHER. Not the father's side of the family within Abenaki Society. Jacqueline Emerton was a past "Band Matriarch" and member of the Elders Council of the Cowasuck Band of the Pennacook-Abenaki People, whose "President" of this Incorporation they like to refer to as a "Band" or "Tribe" is none other than Paul Wilson Pouliot. Paul Pouliot's mother was Mildred Elizabeth Wilson born on 03 Feb 1920 in Shrewsbury, Worcester County, Massachusetts. Her parents were John Wilson (son of John Wilson born in Ireland and Jane Hartness born in Ireland) and Elizabeth Wilson (born Oct 27 1896 in Roselea, Ireland...dau. of Robert Wilson and Anne Harrington....both were born in Ireland). So, if the Abenaki and Pennacook were Matrilineal oriented and that the Native heritage, and the Native bloodline for inclusion and Clan recognition is "through the mother's" well then that means Paul Wilson Pouliot isn't from the Hawk Clan of the Abenaki People's?! Now his father was Leo Paul Pouliot who was born in Worcester, MA and his parents were Joseph Napolean Pouliot born 26 Feb 1896 in St. Cecile de Whatton, Quebec, Canda (he relocated to Shrewsbury, MA and died 29 Nov 1957) and he married in Sherbrooke, Quebec 05 September 1916 to Rose Aime or Anne Beatrice Bourque or Bourke who was born in Sherbrooke, Quebec on 15 Mar 1897 and died in 1962 in Shrewsbury, MA.
Now according to Paul Wilson Pouliot, he was concluding his ancestry was "Laurentian Iroquois", not Abenaki, and not Pennacook Indian. So MAYBE this is why he had such a issue with Jacqueline 'Jackie" "Firewoman" Adelle Emerton as a Clan Matriarch of HIS "Incorporation" aka Cowass, Inc. etc. It was perhaps merely that she was of the mind to say that Abenakis were Matrilineal, and if that were the reality and truth, then Paul W. Pouliot was "threatened" by her, by the mere FACTS genealogically that his mother was 100% percent Irish. Not Abenaki, Not Cowasuck, Not Pennacook. Maybe way way way back on his father's ancestors' there might have been some Native connections genealogically-speaking, but the Pouliot's themselves came from France and most of his ancestors were French descendants. These "groups" of Incorporated self-proclaiming self-described "Abenaki" would just love to have "the one drop of blood rule" I am sure.
The 5th document dated October 28, 2002 from Jeanne Lincoln-Kent to Mr. Claude Aubin is where she requests in writting to be removed from that Metis group in the Province of Quebec, Canada, Now, go back to the Membership Instructions on the 1st document that Paul Wilson Pouliot signed on July 08, 1992. Doesn't it say on there "that to have duel membership in two different groups of Indigenous Native People's was a BIG No-No?! So what was Jeanne Lincoln-Kent doing HOLDING, POSSESSING, and USING (2) TWO different Membership Cards to (2) two different alleged Indigenous Groups?! If your minds are doing the math, then it's time to go back to 3rd Grade and re-educate yourselves. 1+1 does not = 1.
Next. I will post a little bit of a some "stuff" wherein Paul & Linda Pouliot, Jacqueline "Firewoman" Emerton and Jeanne Kent, a few others, and even a slight mention of me under the name of Mkwamagwigit/ Mskwmagw back on July 30, 2002 was mentioned. This will all make sense in the end of this, I assure you readers of this blog of that. (Remember, I am alleged some slobberin' foaming-at-the-mouth ol' hound dog trying to kill Keni Red's and other high n' mighty Chickens over here in the Northeast Kingdom and the North Country, blood all over the place, and then I am going to make a mad dash ruch back to my home country of Washington State leaving such a bloody mess.....). Laugh with me, howl with me, run for the hills, because it is their own social, genealogical, and historical records regardless of my commentary as to such. Do the math, do your homework. Most importantly, do as I have done. Ask questions, begin to doubt their words and actions vocally, and begin to demand answers. This really pisses them off. I think Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire deserve some legitimate answers via legitimate documenations regarding a whole lot of folks claiming to being allegedly "Abenaki" Chiefs/ Representatives of alleged Abenaki "Bands" and or "Tribes".

May 14, 2002 into June 26, 2002 Documents and Happenings:

The first document is the digitally "amended" marriage document of Nancy (nee: Millette_) Cruger's marriage to Howard Lyons on May 14, 2002 out in San Juan Bautista, San Beniot County, California. This document I obtained "as a matter of PUBLIC RECORD from Windsor County, Vermont Court Records.
The next article was from a local newspaper, and Nancy Millette-Cruger-Lyons (now under the alleged surname of Doucet as of Sept. 27, 2009) and she was living with her (then) new husband Howard Lyons in Bethlehem, N.H.
Oh, yes, this 3rd article is a bit of a read for sure. Sagakwa does NOT mean to rejoice in the Iroquois language. Nancy Cruger-Lyons at the time got the word from someone else, who designed and produced the "Sagakwa" Pow-wow T-shirts for Twin Mountain, N.H., when he found the word in Gordon Day's English to Abenaki Language Dictionary!
I just had to laugh some more when I read, "The cultural weeked is an annual tribute to Mrs. (Nancy) Lyons' great-great grandmother Elmira Rine(s) Ingerson and her (Nancy') great-grandmother Flora Una Anna Ingerson, and all of their children and their children's children. Both woman lived in the ancient Abenaki Village that has been dated 8,000 years old and was located in what is now known as Jefferson, (N.H.). The recent archaeological digs being done in Jefferson," said Mrs. Lyons, "have provided strong evidence that the old stories my grandmother told of the Abenaki village are real history." As you readers will soon review and see for yourselves, the so-called oral history that Nancy Lyons then spoke to for this newspaper article and subsequent others, could not and cannot hold up to factual documented genealogical records held by the State of New Hampshire, regarding Almira (nee: Rines) Ingerson, nor that of Flora Eunice (nee: Ingerson) Hunt.
The 4th document of this post is wherein Nancy Doucet herself (formerly)Millette-Cruger-Lyons AGAIN obtained yet ANOTHER so-called N.H. Govenor's "Proclamation" signed by none other than Gov. Jeanne Shaheen herself, declaring that July 6-7 Weekend is Native American Cultural Weekend. I conclude that this was yet another promotion of these Incorporations claiming to be Abenaki "bands" and or "tribes" and at the same time Nancy Lyons own self-promotion of herself through the usage of political access within the State of New Hampshire.
The 5th documented newspaper article is about this alleged "Abenaki Village" that allegedly Nancy Millette-Cruger-Lyons-Doucet's grandmother (who was Mabel Emma nee: Dyke - Hunt, wife of Reginald Ray Hunt) talked about to Nancy herself. Clearly in this article Dr. Dick Boisvert stated that the materials and items (artifacts) were all "left behind by the area's earliest peoples who paused here on their nomadic rounds some 10,000 or more years ago." hmmmmm. Interesting that genealogically speaking, some of Nancy's ancestors came into Jefferson, N.H. ca. early 1800's and NOT 10,000 years ago! Geesh, IF there were, was, or is an "Abenaki Village" that was inhabited in ca. 1850 or ca. 1875 to ca. 1881, you would think, and rightly so, there would be contemporary social, historical, and genealogical evidence of there being such a village of Abenakis living there in Jefferson, N.H. But there is NOTHING. Absoulutely nothing to even indicate that what Nancy Doucet (that's her married surname nowadays) was, or is, even true. Her published statements continue to puzzle me. It ought to puzzle a lot of people.

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