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Monday, October 19, 2009

May 09, 2008 Email from Howard F. Knight to Jeanne Kent:

Again, Jeanne Antoinette (nee: Lalime) Lincoln - Kent of Winsted, Connecticut SHOWS that she ~and~Daniel B. Osgood Sr. were communicating with Howard F. Knight Jr. regarding Paul Wilson Pouliot and in regards to what Jeanne Kent herself posted on her blog Morningstar Studio.
So there was a "Smear Campaign" going on by Jeanne Kent & Co. which included most definitely Howard F. Knight Jr. against anyone trying to discuss or "bring to the table" their concerns regarding Vermont State Recognition issues.
On Page 04 of this posting, Jeanne Lincoln-Kent )Jeanne Antoinette Lalime (in her very likely idiotic paranoia and slander against others) states that, "As owner of a Native American message board (Olidahozi), I was forwarded "documents" by one of their members, who was using an asssumed persona.
Actually she was accusing my sister, Jeannette who resides out in Washington State of being a member of Paul Wilson Pouliot's "western groups" (which my sister doesn't not know about at all). Secondly, Jeanne Kent removed my sister off of Olidahozi, then sometime in April 2008 and again quite recently without warrant or reason for doing so. The alleged "doctored" papers used as "evidence" was signed by a Notary Public and secondly, the State Secretary of Vermont did recieve from Howard F. Knight Jr. an Amended Incorporation Paper entitled Nonprofit Biennial Report Form dated May 31, 2007 N-10074 name of Entity "Abenaki Nation of Vermont, Inc., The Native American & Abenaki Affairs Principle Office Address 573 East main Street Newport, Vermont 05885. Registered agent's Name: Ret'd Chief Howard F. Knight Jr. Name of each Officer: Howard F. Knight Jr. (President) - Coos Turtle Clan, Lucie Caron (Vice President), Karen Mica (Secretary), John Davis (Treasurer).
Board of Directors: 1. Howard F. Knight, 2. Virginia Tortosen, 3. Jim Haskins, 4. Matthew R. Knight (adopted Grandson to Howard F. Knight Jr.). Following this was Burton Decarr's signed Letter Affidavit in which his Guardian MUST HAVE BEEN PRESENT, who was none other than April St. Francis-Merrill of Swanton, Franklin County, herself to be witness to the signing of that document, because Mr. Burton Decarr himself could not sign ANY legal document lawfully without his appointed State Guardian present at the time to witness that signing of such document! I'll post this 3 Page document in the next posting here on this blog for all to review. I would almost think that it was Howard Franklin Knight Jr.'s handwriting on Burton Decarr's letter! Think about it. Do a handwriting comparison......

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