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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Milo Paquin a.k.a. "Wolfheart Spirit's" Email of January 08, 2010 ~ Mark William Mitchell's Email of January 09, 2010 ~ And A Wee Bit Of Photographic Pondering On The Side, Etc.:

Document 01: For Your Info.....Friday, January 8, 2010 12:21 PM
From: "Wolfheart Spirit"
Jan. 8th, 2010. Please be advised as of this date, I & My Family, know longer belong to any Abenaki Tribal Band. (Abenaki? Tribal? Band?) I find it very upsetting to see My Families personal information posted on line. (Actually this same information, aside from the Card Numbers, and the "Indian Names" can be obtained PUBLICLY through MOST Internet Search Engines and or Ancestry.com, so such alleged "personal information" posted online is ALREADY PUBLC information and in the PUBLIC DOMAIN.
The stress just (allegedly) magnifies my  health condition, So We decided to (allegedly)resign. (Isn't such "resignation" by Milo Paquin ever so convenient!)
There is no animosity or anger towards anyone!
Family members (allegedly) resigning:
Mary-Rose Crane deceased
Milo Paquin
Dana Paquin
Brian Paquin
Kevin Paquin
Thank You Milo Paquin aka Wolfheart Spirit
Anyone care to do a "search" in the upper left corner of my blog here regarding "Wolfheart Spirit" and how she conducted herself when I retrospectively addressed both Jeanne Kent and Nancy Doucet?! How "convenient" that when this "list" of Nancy Millette Doucet's made up "Abenaki Community" is revealed, in who she really represents, Milo Paquin flies the coop, afraid of the Fox and that the Sky is falling! 

Document 02:
lastest posting on blog
Saturday, January 9, 2010 2:46 PM
From: This sender is DomainKeys verified"vcnaa" vcnaa@earthlink.net
Welcome to the new year as one can only hope for a better beginning than the ending of 2009.
Band # 619 - Thought I would update yoU on this e-mail as I had never submitted an application and/or genealogy to Nancy Millette Doucet or Brian Chenevert
Be well
-----Original Message-----
From: Chief Brian Chenevert [mailto:chiefchenevert@cowasuckabenaki.org]
Sent: Friday, October 05, 2007 10:44 AM
To: mitchell@becket.org
Subject: Enrollment Status
Kwai Kwai Mr. Mark Mitchell,
Upon review of our records and our Tribal Rolls we note that you have yet to submit the appropriate application and genealogy needed to be a Citizen of the Koasek Traditional Band.
At this time we have removed you from our Tribal Rolls. At anytime in the future should you submit the appropriate Application for Citizenship along with your family genealogy we would be happy to review it.
Good luck in your future endevours.
Chief Brian Chenevert
Koasek Traditional Band Of The Abenaki Nation

Having received this email from Mark W. Mitchell on January 09, 2010, his words and email(s) do not unmove or sway my thinking/conclusions, by his proclamation/ declaration, that he allegedly NEVER SUBMITTED a Membership / Citizenship Application to this "group" led by "Co-Chiefs" Nancy Millette Doucet and Brian Chenevert. Mark Mitchell was given a Membership Card by Nancy Millette Doucet at-some-point-in-the-retrospective-past, just as "Rick" Hunt recieved a Koasek Membership Card (whether they petitioned for one or not, whether or not they submitted genealogical evidence to their connection(s) to an alleged Abenaki ancestor or Abenaki Historical Community or not). The FACT remains that 1. either Mark W. Mitchell is being untruthful in his words, in this email to my person, and or 2. Nancy Millette Doucet was being untruthful, in who actually was or is in "her alleged and re-invented Koasek/ Cowasuck group". Either way, it doesn't look good, and it smells rotten, whatever has been and is going on! Perhaps, it is both Nancy Millette and Mark Mitchell who both have been untruthful (?). I do not trust what either one of them in what either of them say or do.

Document 03: The Koasek Abenaki Nation and the White Pine Association has worked hard in the long road of recognition for our Abenaki Artists and Crafts People. Here Nancy Millette Doucet meets with Governor Jim Douglas and friends to discuss additions (Amendments) to be made to Bill S.117
Left to Right: Suzanne Young, Governors Legal Advisor; Suzy Chaffee, World Olympic Champion; Jim Douglas,Vermont Governor; Nancy Millette Doucet; Mark Mitchell, Vermont Commissioner Chairman on Native American Affairs; Rick Chaffee, World Olympic Champion.

Document 04: Mark William Mitchell - Nancy Lee (nee: Millette) Doucet - Jesse James Larocque. Date May 03, 2006 in Montpelier, Vermont at the Vermont State House.

Document 05: Nancy (nee: Millette) Doucet receiving a thankful hug from her mutual ally, April Ann (nee: St. Francis) Rushlow - Merrill on May 03, 2006. The Eagle Feather herein being passed from the possession of Nancy Millette Doucet's into the possession of April St. Francis- Merrill and this feather was allegedly obtained by Nancy Millette-Cruger-Lyons-Doucet,(according to Howard Lyons himself) when Nancy had retrospectively taken the Eagle Feathers from a Kahsto:'wah of which was made and belonged to Howard Lyons, her former husband, after their seperation/divorce. Regardless, neither Nancy (nee: Millette) Doucet nor April St. Francis-Merrill are Federally Recognized by the Sec. of Interior (B.I.A.) and both were in illegal possession of an endangered species against the Migratory Bird Act nor was or are either of them, an acknowleged/recognized Spiritual Elder of any Abenaki or Native Community, for either of them to be in possession of such sacred items, let alone legally qualified or spiritually so, to be giving such items to someone else. Why Nancy Millette Doucet and or April St. Francis-Merrill were not arrested and prosecuted at the time under the U.S. Laws as aforementioned, will have to be answered by another.
                 The photographic evidence is starring everyone in the face!
Then again, maybe the feather was from a vulture!

Document 06: Nancy Lee (nee: Millette) Cruger - Lyons - Doucet, Patricia "Patsy" (nee: Partlow) St. Francis (widow of "Chief" "Grand Chief" "High Hereditary Chief" Homer Walter St. Francis) and April Ann (nee: St. Francis) Rushlow - Merrill (Homer and Patsy's daughter). Photograph also taken on May 03, 2006 when Vermont Governor Jim Douglas signed the Legislative Bill S.117 regarding Abenaki Recognition on the steps of the Vermont State House Building in Montpelier, Vermont.

SO, looking at and reviewing these photographs and this
what does one discern about the "relationship(s)" and or "interaction(s)" between Nancy Millette Doucet and Brian Chenevert with Mark William Mitchell, and vs. versa?

According to the website, "Koasek Traditional Abenaki Band" it states that, "... A graduate of Daniel Webster College, Mark Mitchell is a former member of the Governor's Commission on Native American Affairs and former Executive Director of the Abenaki Self Help Association, Inc., where he developed and implemented programs for education, employment, economic development, youth, substance abuse and housing."
So Mark W. Mitchell was very much involved with the late "Chief" Homer St. Francis group calling itself the "St. Francis/Sokoki Abenaki Band" of Swanton, Vermont ~ and subsequently with Homer's daughter, April St. Francis-Merrill (who became the so-called "Chief" after her fathers death in 2001).

So let's get this straight ... from May 03nd, 2006 (if not before that time-frame) Mark W. Mitchell until October 05, 2007 at 10:44 a.m (when "Koasek Chief" Brian Chenevert allegedly "reviewed their records and their so-called "Tribal Rolls they noted that Mark Mitchell had yet to submit the appropriate application and genealogy needed to be a Citizen of the Koasek Traditional Band, Incorporated. At this time -of October 05, 2007- they had removed Mark Mitchell from their "Tribal Rolls") Mark W. Mitchell was a Card Holding Member/Supporter and was a part of Nancy Millette (Doucet)'s "Koasek group," of which he claimed that "he gave the Card back to Nancy Millette" (just as Todd Hebert also claimed to have done). Yet, in early March of 2008 it was discovered that VCNAA Chairman Mark W. Mitchell spoke on Feb. 28, 2008 "with one side of his tongue" stating, "that this Commission on Native American Affairs, does not support ANY other crafted or revised Amendment to Bill S.117 regarding Abenaki Recognition by the State of Vermont, OTHER THAN the Draft Bill that the VCNAA Members had worked on. Yet, at that same time, it was Mark W. Mitchell who "spoke on the other side of his tongue," helping to create and draft a seperate/different/altered version of an Amendment version to Bill S. 117, which Nancy Millette (Doucet) was speaking to Senator Vincent Illuzzi Republican representative of Essex - Orleans County, Vermont) about on her cell phone in the hallway outside the very room that Chairman Mark Mitchell (and we all) sat in on February 28, 2008! Unbeknownst to everyone on that Commission, it was VCNAA Chairman Mark Mitchell, who was in COLLUSION with April St. Francis-Merrill (St. Francis/Sokoki group/Abenaki Self Help, Inc.) and Nancy Millette (Doucet) (Koasesk Traditional Band of the Koas Abenaki Nation, Trade Name and the White Pine Association, Trade Name) concerning an Abenaki Recognition Amendment Bill version that would have been "just for April Merrill and Nancy Millette's two groups" (if my memory serves me correctly...I have the documents here somewhere ... that Luke Willard of the Nulhegan - Coosuk Band, Inc. and the "El-Nu Abenaki Tribe" joined with Nancy and April in their "cooked up" so-called "Abenaki Alliance" as well creating their so-called "Abenaki Alliance"), were attempting to gain "Instant Shake and Bake" Direct-Official-State-Recognition from the Legislature through the Commission on Native American Affairs, WITHOUT any genealogical, social or historical evidence connecting themselves nor any of their citizens/members/ followers/supporters to the legitimately documented Historical Abenaki Communities, having to be submitted to anyone. Matter of FACT, in the Vermont media, these "groups" led by Nancy Millette, April Merrill and Luke Willard, they all met at Todd Hebert's "Museum" and protested, whined, cried and threw a Temper Tantrum over having to submit ANY genealogical evidence at all to support their connection to a Historical Abenaki Community!
Did Brian Chenevert/ Howard F. Knight, Jr./ Nancy Millette-Cruger-Lyons-Doucet falsely create a "list" of "citizens/members/followers/supporters" of their Cowasuck of North America, Inc./ Koasek Traditional Band of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation, Inc. , which was "incorporated" on May 02, 2006 ... the day before Vermont's Bill S.117 "Abenaki Recognition" was due to be signed by Governor Jim Douglas?!
Either way one cuts this, draws it, lines it up or tries to work this out... the math comes out the same. Someone or all of these people were and are continuing to be dishonest, deceitful, manipulative and not telling the truth of their words and or their actions ... past-tense or present-tense.
Now these "groups" want to proclaim that they are from the Historic Abenaki Tribes in January 2010 and these Inc.'d "groups" in Vermont and N.H. subsequently are DEMANDING instant direct unquestionable Official State of Vermont and or New Hampshire "State Recognition" of their SPECIFIC Inc.'d groups.
Yet where is there SHOWN and PROVIDED the actual genealogical, historical, social history documentary evidence to back up their groups claims. If one looks at and reviews the actual genealogical evidence (as I have been doing and compiling over the years) of these self-proclaiming and self-promoting "Chief's" and or their citizens/members/Card holders, of these alleged and re-invented Abenaki "groups" here in New Hampshire and in Vermont, one will quickly see the Wolves in the Sheep's clothing!

Indian Arts and Crafts Board 25 CFR Part 309 RIN 1067-AE16 Protection of Products of Indian Art and Craftsmanship/ Agency: Indian Arts and Crafts Board (IACB) Department of Interior:

Again, since Nancy Millette - Doucet has retrospectively-speaking made mention of the Federal Indian Arts and Crafts Law. I have subsequently placed on this blog postings of recent, the very exact documentation she attached to emails she herself, sent to New Hampshire and Vermont Legistlative representatives in December 2009.

United Nations Declaration On The Rights of Indigenous Peoples October 02, 2007:

Since Nancy (Millette) Doucet made mention of this document, I concluded let everyone read it, and make their own conclusions and decide the merits of "Chief" Nancy Milette Doucet.

Nancy Millette Doucet Northcountry News Article Pages 13 and 14:

Document 01 and 02: Northcountry News Page 13 and 14. Dated October 30, 2009. Entitled "National Geographic Study In The Koas Area of Haverhill And Newbury"

The National Geography DNA scientist came to North Haverhill in March as a partnership program with the local White Pine Association to help people in the region find their roots. Many people in the region had family oral history and some had family bibles but because of the way US Census were performed in the past few could find any paperwork to prove their Native American genealogy. The White Pine Association wanted to help people who had been living in the region for generations to have another tool to help with the genealogy research so the board of directors contacted Dr. Schurr who has been working with Indigenous Groups worldwide. About 200 people took part in the study.
"It has taken a few months to get all of the results studied and ready to post online but now the National Geographic site is starting to post the findings," stated the White Pine Association. On the day of testing the scientists gave each person a packet of papers that had their own identification number on them. For those who did the testing all you will do is go to https://genographic.nationalgeographic.com/genographic/journey.html
and type in your number to see if your results are done and posted. If they are not up yet keep checking back. They are working on this as you reed this."
"We are very excited about some of the results so far," stated nancy Millette Doucet, Executive Director of the White Pine Association. "The DNA rests have proven a very rare strain of Aboriginal line in my family and other community members of this region. This is very exciting news and we look forward to working with National Geographic on this project." One of the issues making this strain rare is it is entirely absent from East Asian markers. This strain is found in North America and is found in the Algonquian, Sioux, Navajo and other Native groups. "This is very exciting and we are so glad we are able now to have another tool in preserving and honoring the important history of the Koas meadows of Haverhill and Newbury and the people here," said the Whie Pine Board members. The White Pine Association is also working on a curriculum for the local schools to present day. The WPA is projecting the project will be complete in time for November 2009 Native American Month.
For more information please visit the White Pine Association Website at http://www.whitepineassociation.org/ 
WHITE PINE ASSOCIATE FOCUSES ON ABENAKI LANGUAGE PRESERVATION Article Date: August 28, 2008. "We are very excited and grateful for this opportunity,” said Trustees of the White Pine Association. The board trustees members include: Nancy Millette (Doucet) , Peggy Fullerton, John Prescott, Colleen Chase, Dr. Ray Lussier and Mike Fenn. All members with the exception of Dr Ray Lussier where born and raised in the Haverhill / Newbury area. "The Abenaki Alliance" is made up of the Koasek (Brian Chenevert/Howard Knight Jr/ Nancy Millette Doucet Inc.) , Nulhegan (Luke Willard and Dawn Macie Inc.), Missiquoi/ Sokoki (April St. Francis-Merrill Inc.) and El Nu Abenaki (Roger Longtoe - Koasek "Sub-Band" now calling itself the El-Nu Abenaki Tribe) Nations and spans the whole state of Vermont and parts of New Hampshire. The White Pine is centered in the heart of the historical Koas Meadows of Newbury and Haverhill which was historically the home of the Mission des loups built around 1675 by Jesuit Joseph Aubrey.
Nancy Lee nee: Millette - Doucet


Document 03 and 04: Nancy Millette Doucet on December 13, 2008 (after being "thrown" out of the Brian Chenevert/ Howard F. Knight Jr. "group" calling itself the "Koasek Traditional Abenaki Band" in the Fall of 2008 ... I have the email communications from that time-frame between those persons ... including Nancy Millette Doucet's communication's to and from various persons). This Koasek Traditional band of the Koas Abenaki Nation is MERELY A D.B.A. Tradename of Nancy Millette Doucet's creation in VERMONT via the Vermont Secretary of the State Office, along with John Prescott 162 Evergreen Drive in Newbury, Vermont 05051 and Shirley Hook of 1888 Allen Bent Road in Braintree, Vermont 05669.
NOTICE that Nulhegan Band of the Coosuck Abenaki People, Inc. at P.O. Box 1251 in Derby Line, Vermont 05830 - Nancy Millette at 284 Messier Rd in Randolph, Vermont 05051 and Luke Willard at P.O. Box 1251 in Derby Line Vermont 05830 is crossed out on this document. Thats what I call C-O-L-L-U-S-I-O-N !!

Document 05: Nancy Doucet's TRADE NAME (DOING BUSINESS AS/ D.B.A.) dated January 02, 2009 at "Principle Office Address" of 2997 Dartmouth College Highway in North Haverhill, New Hampshire 03774. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 37 Haverhill, N.H. 03765.

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