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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Here's another comment from Abenaki Pride - Setting The Record Straight.....


Now my response to you Mr. C. Johnson (whoever you are), is that I doubt very much the Vermont or New Hampshire Government and or Legislature's would agree with your conclusion(s). Neither would any legitimate cohesive, continuous, historical Native Communities in this United States either.
Cows are cows, Jersey or not. Cows don't need Abenaki State Recognition as being Native Abenaki (that I know of) either.
Oh, and one very important point I would like to address of which you apparently assume about me Mr. Johnson..... I am not seeking to prove whether one person or another is "Indian" or "Native". All I have said, is that people claiming to being Abenaki, ought to show and provide the genealogical and historical social history, as to their merits of their claims of being Abenaki, to the State of Vermont and or New Hampshire, so that the wannabe's can get sifted out of and from the mess thats been created here in Vermont and New Hampshire, what with everyone wanting to be Abenaki/ Indian wearing leathers and feathers and everyone reinventing themselves into being Abenaki Artists etc.
I would rather see the Vermont Legislature and the Governor of Vermont/N.H. gain clear and convincing....legitimate genealogical and historical social validating documentary evidence from the people and or "groups" claiming to being Abenakis from and of Vermont, rather than to be assaulted continuously year after year by a bunch of people decked out in leathers, feathers and a bunch of cow shit in their hands to show for it, demanding that the State of Vermont officially recognize their "incorporated" groups that were created since the mid- 1970's, or even since the year 2005 when in all likely they weren't Abenaki from and of Vermont or anywhere else to begin with!
I would rather see Official Abenaki Recognition go to legitimately documented & genealogically sourced "Abenaki" descendants, rather than to a bunch of idiots who claim to be "Abenaki" who have simply been starring down at their "privates" for far too long, rechecking to see if they are real or not; but when in factuality genealogically, these "groups" and their "leaders" are not Abenaki at all, nor are they willing to show the evidence genealogically that their claims, their proclamations, and their incoporated "groups" are legitimately "Abenaki".
I have never demanded anyone prove they were Indian or Native. If they have said or say they are Abenaki, then they very well ought to show and provide (without hesitation or protest) the definitive genealogical and or ancestors social evidence "from their ancestors" and not just from their own mouths or that of their living relatives!.

And if that is too difficult for people (such as your Grand Nephew or yourself Mr. C. Johnson) to understand "my position on this blog", then perhaps like Mr. C. Johnson here, maybe folks need to get better educated then to get their education from a Jersey Cow! Or looking "down south", at their privates all the time to make sure they are a man! Just my two cents worth regarding the comment submitted on Abenaki Pride Setting The Record Straight.

I have to laugh some more.......

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