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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yet more Olidahozi "Forwarded" Emails. Do they ever GET IT?

Yet ANOTHER forwarded email of more b.s. from this Yahoo Group Olidahozi. Whoever is sending these, please cease and desist sending any further posting from Olidahozi. The people on this Yahoo Group are not people I associate with. I asked Lynn Menard-Mathieson today by telephone whether or not she was sending these to me via attachment under an "anonymous sender" and she said she doesn't know what I am talking about. She did inform me that Jeanne Kent has been perplexed by someone (we have no idea who on this end) having forwarded these Olidahozi postings on to me. I have blocked Jeanne Kent's email communications to me via email.

How about the State of Vermont and the State of New Hampshire Attorney General's Office's bring forth a Class Action lawsuit against all of these Incorporated Card-issuing "groups", and judicially prosecute these groups so called "leaders"/representatives and members for false impersonation of the legitimately genealogically proven Abenaki People?! IF these leaders and their "followers" cannot and will not produce the clear and convincing genealogical and or historically social evidence as to their the honest real-deal descendants of the Coos or Missisquoi Abenaki People (without hesitation and or protest by them) then they ought to be Criminally Prosecuted for perpetuating GENOCIDE against the REAL ABENAKI PEOPLE.
Now, that to me sounds like a good idea indeed. Show and provide the genealogical evidence or not and = go to jail. Nancy Millette-Doucet proclaimed that my research allegedly puts folks at risk for "Identity Theft", while down there in Haverhill, N.H.'s Court in front of that Judge. There were folks who emailed me before that Hearing, from the Koasek group who validated they knew she was not-who-she-appeared-to-be, genealogically or otherwise ~ and yet not one of them felt the need to come to that Court Hearing with integrity and stand beside me. Well, to my thinking she's done a mighty fine job of trying to appropriate for herself an ethnic identity that clearly has been proven not to belong to her! Thats genocide. Then again, one does not have to be Indian or Abenaki to sit on a Inc. Board of Directors and then claim to be leading a Tribe or Band and calling one's self a "Chief". For $50.00 I can incorporate too with the State, gather up my stuffed animals (I have them in case I get woke up by the real Abenaki Indians after they scalp the cucumbers in the fridge, and then take me to their Abenaki Village in Jefferson, New Hampshire!). Then I can have a pow-wow in my apartment (which I'll call the Salmon-Pea-Wiggle Lodge), declare I'd had an "election" of people who before I'd handed them out their laminated official looking Membership Cards.... say they elected me Co-Chief, Chief, Chief-For-Life in the media. If that don't work, then I will just make more Incorporations or encourage other folks to do it, and then they can make me a Grand Chief for life! Oh my, won't my 9th and 11th Great Indian Grandmother's be proud of me?! Oh, and I best not forget to cozzy up to the State's politicians too, 'cause year after year I can get a Weekend Recognition of the Inc.'d Abenaki Tribe of the Fish Nation their very own Proclamation Certificate from the Executive Council of the Governor's Office too. There's Grants to be had, $$money$$ to be made for simply claiming to being Abenaki Indian in Vermont and New Hampshire didn't you know! And if I as Co-Chief-or Chief or Grand Chief Fish Boy dislike you or you ask questions that I don't want to hear, or answer....well then I can just revoke your Card and have my appointed Tribal Judge cut it in two and say you ain't Abenaki and you can't be in our Abenaki Club anymore. Oh and don't forget to leave your Card, leathers and feathers at the door on your way out.
Isn't that how its done these days.....no historical foundation but a whole lot of contemporary b.s.? Isn't that what one of Homer St. Francis' grandson's on Myspace.com some time ago said somewhere, "If you can't blind them with brilliance, baffle them with bullsh**"
I did not gain this awareness out-of-isolation. So sue me for concluding what I have on this blog!

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