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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yet Another Forwarded Email: Interesting Indeed:

1st document: Another "forwarded email" regarding Jeanne Kent's OPINION about this blog and about my person. Yes, indeed it is really sad that people are so free to say whatever they wish about others with no consideratioin for responsibility for what is being said. OK, Jeanne Kent ought to go look in the mirror and repeat to herself what she wrote, because she is just as much a party of what she herself condemns! I find it all very interesting that she can assume that this blog paints a distorted view of who and what they are, when in FACT the documents support my conclusions.
Being "Indian" or "not being as much Indian" is not of my concern. What is my concern is whether or not these organizations (501c3 non-profits) and the people that are historically and contemporarily members of such, are legitimately descendants of the REAL legitimate Abenaki People. I am NOT as Jeanne Kent alleges destroying people's lives~but I am addressing documentarily people's lie's, distortions, manipulations, and muck-racking b.s. thats gone on historically-speaking, and apparently still continues presently by these people. Of course, they say the same thing about me, that I am allegedly angry, that I am negative, that I am a twisted mind, that I am this or that. Anything to NOT provide the evidence of their assertions or claims, nor proivde the genealogical evidence of their being Abenaki People that connected to and lived upon the land we now call Vermont historically speaking. When a person begins to doubt, when a person begins to openly ask for answers to these qusestions, these people become hostile, on the defensive, and defamatory towards those asking for the proof/answers.
Obviously, Jeanne Lincoln-Kent said it correctly, "Yet it goes on" but she fails to acknowlege that it is she that is continuing to muck-racking. She DID get an email from Nancy Millette-Doucet on October 11, 2009 at 1:08 PM (see October 12, 2009 "Recent Emails from Nancy Doucet to Jeanne Kent to Other Folks on this blog) which Jeanne Kent herself forwarded to multiple people, in an attempt to communicate this attempted intimidation tactic to me. Right after I posted documents about Almira (Rines) Ingerson-Pollock, etc. It was clearly an attempt to stop the TRUTH from coming out, that contradicts the media made statements made by Nancy Millette-Doucet herself historically speaking. It only points to one conclusion. There's more to the historical record on that, but again, the factual documentations have to be shown first, on this blog.
Jeanne Kent states, "There is currently a blog which RANTS about everyone and everything in Abenaki Country"........."and worst of all, opinions and suppositions."
GOD FORBID someone HAS an OPINION or a SUPPOSITION about factual RECORDED DOCUMENTS! But and yet, it is AOK for Jeanne Antoinette (nee: Lelime) Lincoln-Kent HAS put HER opinions and suppositions onto the Yahoo Groups and her blog Morningstar Studio PAINTING a often distorted picture of who and what I am! Go figure.
My blog of course seems to focus on the worst of everything and everyone without ever noting the good people have done. Well once again, MY purpose for this blog is to address the LACK of GENEALOCAL EVIDENCE of the parties that claim to be Abenaki, when in fact all they are, are Presidents and Board of Directors of Non-Profit, State-Created Incorporations!
IF anything on my blog is a lie, then show and provide the physical documentary evidence that contradicts my conclusions or that of the documents that have been posted on this blog. My contact information has been listed on this blog for anyone to communicate with me if they need to.
Jeanne Lincoln-Kent NEEDED that Cowass, Inc. "Artist Certificate" in order to supposedly legally sell her artwork at these New England Pow-wow's. Her AWARDED Art Degrees from these two unnamed Universities wouldn't "cut the mustard". That's to my thinking anyway. Do the math......
Jeanne Kent goes on to say, "I have been doing art since I could hold a pencil." Well my my my, ain't that just a profound statement from her! Most kindergartner's can hold a pencil....and draw too. Guess when they are 63-64 years old, they all can say the same thing!
Page 2 of Document 1: Jeanne Kent states, " What is puzzling is why people fee the need to do this. I for one am not a chief, on a council, proclaiming to be a medicine person, or looking for government money." Well that might be true NOW, but Jeanne Kent has association with Howard Franklin Knight Jr, Ralph Swett, April St. Francis-Merrill, Nancy Millette-Lyons-Doucet, Brian Chenevert, Carollee Reynolds, Rhonda Besaw-True, and Paul Wilson Pouliot historically-speaking and contemporarily on social web sites.
Jeanne Lincoln-Kent herself actually drove up to Montpelier, Vermont Legislative Hearing(s) to "testify" in front of the Vermont Politicians, AND she was there in Montpelier at the signing of Bill S.117 Abenaki Recognition in the State of Vermont on in early May of 2006. My blog is NOT a reflection of per se anger or vengeance. I simply am SHOWING and PROVIDING the documentation regarding to these "groups" in Vermont and New Hampshire that are CLAIMING to being the REAL deal Abenaki OF Vermont and New Hampshire. I do not know the end goal of this blog. It's a work-in-progress. We'll all see where the end goal of all this goes.
I can't tear down what hasn't been built. All of these "groups" attempts at obtaining State Recognition specifically for their "groups" hasn't worked because they REFUSED to show and provide the clear and convincing genealogical evidence nor the historical social connections between persons, families and their groups. The documents that have been and will be placed on this blog Reinvention Of The Vermont Abenaki, will prove what I've been saying and will be saying.
Yeah, I know they would love for me to go elsewhere, rather than work on this blog's content. If I were taking of flowers to make the cities beautiful, community gardens, visits to shut-in's, fund raisers for various charities, delivery of meals on wheels, visit to Senior Centers, etc, etc. Yes, those are wonderful idea's BUT that would negate and prevent me from SHOWING and PROVIDING the documentation, etc. of these "groups" of alleged Vermont Abenakis historical records. Their genealogical records ought to be shown and provided to, to show how absurd it really is that they are claiming that they are Indian, let alone Abenakis.
2nd document: This is another "forwarded email" from this Yahoo Group Olidahozi that I recieved this afternoon. I find it quite interesting that Carollee Reynolds apologizes to the members of Olidahozi, but not directly to Lynn Menard-Mathieson directly, nor to me for all the slanderous crap she's put out there against both Lynn Menard and most especially about my person. I wouldn't accept her apologies for all the crap she's spewed about my person anyway. I gave her that chance in late May 2009. Jeanne Kent, declares that HER SITE Olidahozi is meant to be used to voice opinions, or state facts. I don't know what anyone would call what Carollee posted onto Olidahozi, but to my thinking and conclusions, it was malicious, hatelful, and disgusting to post what she's posted about Lynn Menard-Mathieson and myself retrospectively-speaking.
I also got a telephone call from my aunt out in Washington State, reminding me that she was removed from Olidahozi back in April 2008 when Jeanne Kent decided that allegedly I was allegedly on Olidahozi under my sister's Yahoo Group accout. Obviously seemingly "paranoia" is epidemically in Abenaki La-La Land down there in Winsted, Connecticut and up to Vermont. Here nor there really.
What's this "We have said this before...."? So, the truth comes home. Jeanne Lincoln-Kent uses the plural, therefore one can ONLY conclude that she is allied with Nancy Millette-Doucet, and these rest of these people to AVOID AT ALL COST, to their own integrity, any and all conversation or dialoge about the genealogical records of these "groups" and person's CLAIMING to being the legitimate Abenaki.
Daniel Osgood is allied with this so-called "Indepent Coos Clans United" created and promoted by Howard Franklin Knight Jr. (a.k.a. I.C.C.U.) Actually that ought to be INCORPORATED as in 501(c)3 alleged Clans of the alleged Coos United! Independent? HAH! They ran to the State of Vermont to exist as an incoporated entity, the whole lot of them, including Howard F. Knight Jr.! Vermont never heard of these self-proclaiming alleged Abenaki Cowasuck/Coosak/Koasek people BEFORE their 501(c)3 were created, and the SECOND or MINUTE one begins to question them specifically about their genealogical connections to the REAL Abenaki People, and one begins to SHOW and PROVIDE their genealogical ancestral records, they scream and holler that "the records" are "personal", that they are "private" etc. Well, news flash for them.....actually the records are a matter of PUBLIC RECORD. They don't want the TRUTH to come out, because it will show all the lie's, manipluations, distortions, and all the negative crap they all have been involved in. Enough said on that note. I came here looking for my ancestral relatives. I've found them. I came here looking for the REAL Abenaki. They are in Odanak and Wolinak, they are the one's that can and do have no hesitations whatsoever and without protest the ability to show and provide the clear and convincing evidence documentarily that they are Abenaki People/descendants of the Abenaki People.
But the people that are associated with all these 501(c)3'd groups cannot and will not show and provide their genealogical and social histories to the State of Vermont. Why? Thats what I am trying to answer with this blog's content. Any help from anyone else would be muchly appreciated. I know I don't have all the answers or all the right conclusions. So, instead of trying to shut me down and shut me up, why not HELP me get the evidence to support these groups claims?! But no they haven't been doing that, they been running their mouths and slandering and harassing my person repeatedly, in their attempts to imply this, that, and the other about me. Here nor there, I got documents to put up on this blog FACTS that I think the Vermont and New Hampshire PUBLIC, Politicans,Attorney General's Office, and Governor's and Grant-Issuer's NEED to LOOK AT and REVIEW ASAP.
My "opinions and suppositions" are merely based on what the factual documents and emails show and provide. Aside from my commentary, look at and study the documents. Do the math, do the homework, add it all up at the end of all this and come to one's own conclsuions about whether or not these "groups" and or "these people" are really Abenaki descendants from and of Vermont. If they aren't really who they say they are, then who are they, and what just exactly are they attempting to do. For now, the research to find out is progressing. These "groups" and these particular people's reactions to this blog is quite fascinating indeed.

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