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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A little jump ahead chronologically to show Some February 2008 Examples:

1st document (2 pages):
I will let these email documents "speak for themselves". Yet I think I need to comment on these first two pages of the 1st document. First of all, Carol Lee Reynolds a.k.a. Carollee was attempting to "isolate" my person from being taken seriously anywhere, esspecially where Nancy Millette was concerned. Why? Because, since Carollee's daughter was a member of Nancy's Koasek Group (that was created/ Incorporated and promoted by Howard Franklin Knight Jr. & Co. right around 2005 with the help of Karen Mica (actually thats Majka-Lemoine) and Brian Chenevert, etc.) Carollee Reynolds was "protecting" Nancy Millette through vilifying me with her slanderous and malicous defamatory online comments as to my person, integrity, and character
by any means possible. I did not know about these defamatory postings on these Yahoo Group message boards, because by this time, both Olidohozi and Abenaki News Issue's moderators decided to terminate my access and ability to read or post on these two particular Yahoo Groups. This particular one was forwarded to me by Deborah Ferguson from up in northern Vermont at the time of Febuary 26, 2008. This particular document seems to be an "open" and prepared for mass destribution wherein persons were written after "Dear...." and then Brian Chenevert suggests to Carollee Reynolds that she ought to forward this slanderous crap she wrote up about me, to none other than Mark Mitchell, who at the time was the Chairman of the VCNAA. GO figure. Do the math......
2nd document (7 pages):
On February 24, 2008 many people were wondering just what Bill S. 117 regarding Abenaki Recognition in Vermont really meant. The Bill did not specify just who was considered Abenaki and who wouldn't be. I was forwarded an email in which was an attachment, that was a Amendment to Bill S. 117. In simple words....Power, Ego, and Control walked in the door of Abenaki Recognition. I was madder than hell over the matter because constantly I was getting informed of Nancy Millette Lyons news articles regarding the Koasek, Inc. and about her alleged her full blooded Koasek Indian Great Grandmother's mother Almira having taught Flora how to do medicines etc. ~and all the while I knew Nancy was merely promoting her ancestors as being Abenakis, when in fact I was seriously having my doubts about that! Rhonda Besaw-True had her doubts as well, and shared many media articles and so on with me. Then I heard April St. Francis-Merrill was being shut out of her own "Tribal Office" by the I.R.S. etc. so I contacted the Swanton Twon Clerk and they sent me the document that showed the I.R.S. had placed a lien against back taxes that had been unpaid. Folks were saying she was being investigated by the I.R.S. for tax fraud. Then there was this "alliance" between Nancy Millette and April Merrill. I smelled a rotten something-or-other going on and I began to sound the alarm.
The only reason these two or four groups did not accept the VT Commission on Native American Affairs Draft Amendment Proposal is simply because They wanted the Power, They wanted to Control the Commission itself, and most importantly to point out, was that the Proposal by the VCNAA made it clear, that genealogy would have to be shown and provided to the Commission BEFORE State Recognition would be given to ANY group. That ALL groups petitioning for State Recogntion would have to go through the SAME PROCESS as everybody else. Koasek's leader representative Nancy Millette and Missisquoi's (St. Francis-Skokoki)'s leader representative April St. Francis-Merrill as well as Luke Willard representing the Nulhegan Group (that spun out of the Clan of the Hawk led by Ralph Skinner Swett)... all of them vocalized in the media and to their various allies in the political scheme of things, that they didn't want the VCNAA drafted Amendment to Bill S.117 as proposed to even be considered. Why? The answer to that is because of the requirement that these groups genealogical foundations be shown and provided to the VCNAA.
On page four of this 7 page document wherein on firstnation (at) yahoogroups Carollee Reynolds felt it in her best interest to take her distorted unfactual version of what she assumed about me, and placed it on the Yahoo Group called FirstNation. Clearly, if one looks at the documents posted on this blog in the beginning, one will see that I recieved a St. Francis-Skokoki Membership Card in September of 1993. I relocated to Vermont in April 1994, and I attended the Swanton/Highgate, Vermont Abenaki Pow-wow that May and was the firekeeper for that event! So the merits or foundation for Carollee's statement in this document that I came to Vermont and was not saying I was Native American is an outright lie on her part. The whole business just makes me sick reading it again. I am NOT the one whose negative, malicious or hateful but boy, they sure tried, continue to try & make me out to allegedly be some monster that, if you get too close, I bite slobber all over and kill your chickens, and other foul things. (I have to laugh at their assumptions about who I am, who I am allied with, etc in their stupidity and paranoia's).
Well I have more research to do today. I don't need to make these alleged Abenaki "look bad" by putting their historical records on this blog, they did all that historically all by themselves by their own words and actions towards each other, what with all their b.s. back stabbing nonsense, their multiple Incorporating tactics, etc. I am merely showing the documents and genealogical records to PROVE why I am the way I am today. Again, this isn't ABOUT Jeanne Kent, it isn't about Nancy Millette, or April Merrill or any one particular person or persons. Its about ALL OF US. It's a blog about the alleged Abenaki who seemingly Reinvented themselves. I am not trying to destroy the Abenaki People, I am trying to find them. 'Cause these "Groups" ain't the Abenaki People. These groups/incorporations may claim to be Abenakis, they may proclaim and insist that they are the Abenakis. I conclude that the evidence that I have in my possession NEEDS to be shown and provided to the PUBLIC of Vermont, etc. It's to show and provide the evidence of how these people and these groups of alleged Abenakis have reinvented themselves. The evolution and shape-shifting by these people continues........again, the documents speak for themselves, and so do that ancestors of these people.

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