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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Paranoid Muck-Racking Continues:

At about 7:35 a.m. this morning I began to get swamped with "forwarded" emails from various folks regarding once again Olidahozi that is "owned/moderated" by Jeanne Lincoln-Kent.
1rst (2 pages) & 2nd document: Yes, it does appear that information from Olidahozi "seems to be leaking out" and beoing forwarded to me. I decided I would place it on my blog because "it was 26 minutes from the time these were posted on Olidahozi's Yahoo Group owned, moderated, and censored by Jeanne Kent herself.....so, these documents I'll consider being historical records of these alleged Abenaki of Vermont etc. It is interesting that NOW Jeanne Kent states to the members of her Yahoo Group "Olidahozi" that no information other than news items should be allowed to be forwarded without the permission of the author" and yet, she allowed all kinds of crap to be forwarded onto/into Olidahozi......

At (whatever time this was posted this morning) Jeanne Lincoln-Kent states, "I understand that people have been providing information to other people who in turn wrote (or write?) letters to individuals and their employers to discredit them. REALLY? Writing letters to individuals and to their employers to discredit them? Such harassing use of communications Jeanne Kent's website Olidahozi will not be tolerated she goes on to say. But she will let Carollee Reynolds post her crap on Olidahozi repeatedly. Its ok to post on her site, just not forward that crap anywhere else I guess (you do the math). What she means by saying that people on Olidahozi ought to be able to make statements with some feeling that their statements will not be transmitted to other sites without their permission, is that it's ok to maliciously talk about, comment on, and smear others, as long as its done "quietly" and behind the victims backside. She moderates Olidahozi Yahoo Group, ONLY when it benefits her agenda and purpose. What "contract" does anyone sign when they join Olidahozi? I know I didn't pick up a pen or pencil and put my signature anywhere when I had joined Olidahozi back in whatever time it was I'd joined.
This particular document is from Carollee Reynolds regarding Lynn Menard-Mathieson. Again, Carollee Reynolds becomes a "mouth-piece" assuming that her ex-friend Lynn alleged lost her Elder and Band Counsel status (no actually that is NOT the truth, nor reality of the matter). She began inquirying about the financial foundation of the Cowass, Inc. and the Abenaki Nation of Vermont, Inc. of Paul Wilson Pouliot and his companion Denise, and Lynn recieved nothing but hesitation and protest from the both of them. She was accused of attempting to create a "new group" down in Connecticut and make money at Pow-wow's. Paul and Denise Pouliot, according to various persons, were trying to "get her out of the way". The minute questions were asked about finances, they had to "cook the books" and "cook Lynn Menard-Mathieson" as well. Lynn Menard-Mathieson was NOT removed or dehorned by anyone. She was told she was going to voted out, and removed from the Group so she waited, and waited. And waited some more.....

finally she sent a certified letter up to Paul & Denise Pouliot submitting her resignation from everything to do with the group. I can assure everyone including Jeanne Kent that Lynn Menard-Mathieson has NOT forwarded me anything off of Olidahozi but I will tell her that I am getting information from that site of hers on Yahoo Groups from various persons, who I honestly do not think are members of her Yahoo Group, but perhaps these other people, they are getting these communications from, may be on her site. I find it interesting that anyone would think that I am interested in anything to do with Olidahozi in the first place. Not after being kicked off that Yahoo Group by her in late February or early March of 2008. Anyway, it's nice to know that Carollee Reynolds doesn't trust Lynn Menard-Mathieson "as far as she could through her (Lynn)". I wouldn't think Lynn Menard-Mathieson trusts Carollee after Carollee online posted that "Lynn was a tee-totalling drunk" etc. Again, what does being on "Disability" have to do with the price of tea in China? Lynn Menard-Mathison I can honestly say is not out to cause trouble for anyone, except for the people that stab her in the back. Interesting slanderous muck-racking with this document. Fine representation of the Swanton, Vermont alleged Abenaki here for sure! Leaves a bit to be desired I must admit..........

I don't see young people jumping off bridges, slashing their wrists, or swallowing a bunch of pills trying to committ suicide because of this blog called Reinvention of the Vermont Abenaki. When and IF that ever does happen, sadly said it is still that persons own conduct and responsiblity. I am NOT threatening anyone on this blog whatsoever. Jeanne Kent might like to insinuate that I am allegedly harming people, that I am allegedly cyber-bullying people that are mentioned in the historical documents and commentary, but that is hers and whosever assumption. It's more of the same: whining, bitching, and complaining because someone like me or the State of Vermont has questioned their connections to the Abenaki People. Facts are facts and the truth is just that!

3rd document: This morning's 10/13/2009 email from the State of Vermont Archives & Records Administration.

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