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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Again, I am getting communications via email(s) constantly now from all sorts of people as of yesterday from here in the Northeast.
Jeanne Kent states, "With the many different internet groups and bulletin boards actively participating in the defamation of other people with constant harrassing postings of misinformation, or personal information, it seems only right that the law is finally catching up with those guiding phones, blogs, tweets, mail, and personal assaults. Although some judges and lawyers may still be a bit behind in these new laws, they are quickly being brought up to date with special seminars and landmark case references.
Then, "Wolfheart Sprit" jumps on the band wagon stating, "Kwai Morningstar....They really need to in force this law....I don't believe posting personal information about someone else on the www. (internet) should be legal. Public information from Town Halls (Town Clerks Offices), etc., doesn't mean it it should be posted on blogs, etc. Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Death Notices, etc. are private to the point where they should not be posted all over blogs, etc. There is a place like Ancestry.com and other research resources to obtain information for personal use. Lately this Freedom Of Speech has been forced to the limit and I do hope something is done. There are many victims whose lives are being torn apart because of this cyberbullying. Wolfheart Spirit".
So this particular docuemnt is about Vital Record Laws for both VT and NH. Vital Record Information is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC to ANYONE in the State of Vermont. I have been doing extensive genealogical research on numerous families for YEARS now within Vermont State. It is one of 13 States with Open Records.
New Hampshire Vital Record Laws are a bit different (personally I think has something to do with the Kwenitegw myself......and for those of you not sure what the heck that word means it is the Connecticut River/ Long River). In New Hampshire, Vital Records are accessed by the Public ONLY after the Birth Record is 100 years old. For Death and Marriage Records, the requirement is that the document be 50 years old and the records become PUBLIC DOMAIN DOCUMENTS. Yet, there are Newspapers, Bibles, Genealogical Societies, and yearly created Town Reports that contain most current up-to-date PUBLIC INFORMATON about birth, marriage, divorce, and death information on just about anyone.
These women want to insinuate and imply that my posting "historical records", whether it was yesterday or 10-20-30-40 or even over 100+ years ago is somehow "personal information". Jeanne Kent claims to be a professional genealogical researcher and YET she claims that by my posting Almira (Rines) Ingerson-Pollock's 1850 Birth Record, 1879 Marriage Record, and 1880 Death Record information on this blog is somehow cyberbullying, cyberstalking, and threatening someone?! Give me a break!
Immediately when I placed the 140 yr old to 159 year old N.H. Vital Record documents up on this blog (which BTW are a matter of PUBLIC RECORD and IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN here in New Hampshire) Nancy nee: Millette whose married to Mark Doucet these days) as of October 11, 2009 sent a "harrassing intimidation attempt" towards me through Jeanne Kent, which then Jeanne Kent herself forwarded to atleast three of the people, who happen follow this blog!
So, NOW Jeanne Kent (who retrospectively-speaking had allowed Carollee's Slanderous Malicious Posting'sto be forwarded onto Olidahozi from First Nations Yahoo Group moderated by Allen Largy at the time, whose mother and he were-at-the-time members of Luke Willard's Nulhegan "Group") concludes that this blog's documents and my commentary are allegedly defamatory of other people, that the documents and commentary are allegedly constant harrassment, that the postings are allegedly of misinformation, and allegedly consist of personal information?
Again, I must declare that the documents are historical and are regarding the matter of these so-called alleged self-proclaiming supposedly Abenaki People.
If the historical vital records and so forth are NOT shown and provided, then how is anyone, me, you....the readers of this blog, the State of Vermont or New Hampshire, or the BIA, or anyone else for that matter ever to know who is really Abenaki and who is just plaining beating us over the head with a b.s. stick in their hand. Are these States of Vermont and New Hampshire's public simply to accept their word that they are legitimately Abenakis or Abenaki descendants JUST BECAUSE THEY SAY THAT THEY ARE? And what IF years from now, someone comes along, does the genealogical, social, and historical research comes to the realization that the State of Vermont and or New Hampshire's Legislative Politicians granted, gave and bequeathed upon a "group of persons" who claimed to being Abenaki, the Status of Being Abenakis, and in FACTUALITY were not at all Abenaki whatsoever? Is that not GENOCIDE against the Abenaki Ancestors and the truthful descendants out there in the world?!
OF COURSE, requirying "genealogy" BEFORE State Recogntion of any one specific group or body of persons, or the very showing & providing of these persons genealogical records, etc allegedly "threatens" the very foundation of these "Groups" historical statements in the media and to the State of Vermont and New Hampshire, etc. BECAUSE it exposes and brings to obvious PUBLIC awareness, that their claims, their proclamations, their manipulations, their deceit, their assertions as to being Abenaki, being allegedly "united" with one another, and of having Abenaki ancestors has been an illusion, a distortion of a massive scale, that has been growing since the mid-1970's.
I concluded a long time ago that the State of Vermont ought to have access to the genealogical records (for review) of WHERE these people's alleged Abenaki ancestries comes from, when their ancestors actually came into or out of Vermont and or the surrounding States. Oh, wait a minute, the State's ALREADY have this information! So, then it begs to be ascertained what is INSIDE these families proclaiming they are Abenaki, and the merits of their assertions, etc. So again, the historically connective social, genealogical, and photographic records of these self-proclaiming Abenaki "Groups" needs to be shown and provided, without hesitation or protest from those claiming to being abenaki in Vermont or New Hampshire. I am not targeting any one particular person or any one particular "group"/Inc. claiming to being of Abenaki foundation. Yet retrospectively-speaking, when providing "genealogical evidence" was being proposed as a requirement to gain State Recognition, by the Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs over the previous two or three years, ALL these 'groups' leaders, "Chiefs"/Presidents of these Inc.'s such as Nancy Millette-April Merrill-Luke Willard-Howard F. Knight Jr. etc. including Jeanne Kent began to scream in protest and began whining, complaining, making excuses and the whole nine yards about why they felt it was wrong to show genealogical evidence, etc. They proclaimed in the media that, "It was contemporary Nazism, it was Paper-Geneocide, it was Eugenics all over again". They wanted their Abenaki Recognition and they wanted it specifically FOR THEM, and THEM ONLY.
As I began to ask questions and vocalize my concerns and issues on both Yahoo Groups called Abenaki News Issues and Olidahozi, there were some who tried to smear me, my integrity, and my character across the Abenaki landscape. Jeanne Kent HAD NO CONCERN ABOUT DEFAMATION OR HARRASSING POSTINGS ON OLIDAHOZI, OR THE POSTING OF PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT ME put there by others and supported by her, when it served her purpose in her supporting and protecting the agenda's of Howard Franklin Knight Jr. and his cohorts claiming to be alleged "Chiefs" such as Brian Chenevert and alleged "Co-Chief"~"Chief" Nancy Millette Lyons.
The MINUTE I began on this blog to address, and at the same time show and provide the FACTUAL DOCUMENTED GENEALOGICAL HISTORIES OF THESE PEOPLE, they scream that I am allegedly cyberbullying them, that I am allegedly stalking them, that I am allegedly harassing them, that somehow in some delusional way that I am allegedly harming them. The reality is that Truth is the Truth, is the Truth, is the Truth.
Researching tonight once again, via PUBLIC INFORMATION on the Internet (that these people themselves put on the internet) I found that Karen Mica a.k.a. Karen Jean (nee: Bordeau) Majka-Lemoine IS RELATED to Jeanne Antoinette (nee: Lalime) Lincoln-Kent through their common ancestoral brothers Pierre Payan dit St. Onge and Jean Baptiste Payan dit St. Onge, the sons of Dominque Payan and Marie Louise Laporte. So Jeanne Kent getting the response she did from Karen Mica yesterday via whatever message board that was (Karen was Nancy Millette-Doucet's Koasek genealogical researcher), and retrospectively Jeanne forwarding Carollee Reynolds postings onto Olidahozi in and around Feb. 2008, etc. SHOWS A PATTERN OF BEHAVIOR. It's called intimidation, it's called stalking, and its called harrassment TOWARDS ME PERSONALLY.
But then Jeanne Kent, Karen Mica, Nancy Doucet, and Carollee Reynolds and this woman from Maine signing as "Wolfheart Spirit" are only complaining when they think they are thinking that they are allegedly being "threatened" by this blog's contents or my commentary about the factual documents I post on here. I am not attempting to communicate with any of these people through this blog whatsoever. All I am addressing on this blog, is historical/meaning past-tense record materials by these alleged "Abenaki" groups and or the people that are or have been associated with these various Incorporations calling themselves Abenaki Nation of....or Tribes or Bands... of Vermont or New Hampshire, etc.
But when it's they that are the one's putting slanderous, hateful, malicousness, innduendo's, blantant distortions and lies about me, then they are all laughing and having a good ol' time!
In the next posting on this blog I will give an classic example of what I am talking about.

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