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Monday, October 12, 2009

Recent Emails from Nancy Doucet to Jeanne Kent to Other Folks:

1st document (3 pages): Within the recent 2 or 3 days I have been either noticing "followers" of this blog, or else these persons have decided to communicate directly with me, forwarding me emails that they have recieved since signing into this blog as members, that they began to recieve from other parties. I find these emails quite interesting and I think readers of this blog will as well find these to be profoundly enlightening. This first document is from Nancy Lee (nee: Millette) Doucet dated October 11, 2009 at 1:08PM to Jeanne Kent of Winsted, CT. Assuredly, Nancy Doucet would like me to not show the truthful documentation of her ancestors. But they are who they are, simple as that. I cannot deny their existence any more than I can my own. Clearly Nancy Doucet, appreciates FACTS and TRUTH as much as the next person, as long at its about someone else, NOT her or her ancestors. Obviously, she would like to intimidate me with the threat of further court/legal action on the part of herself, or that of those she sends to do her bidding, like she has done before. I know this because "Dr." Raymond Lussier sent me emails confirming this, and so did Paul Bunnell within this year. First of all, I have never hidden my identity from anyone since starting this blog on May 28, 2009. I have not attempted to knowingly harass, intimidate, or attack or threaten anyone I have mentioned on this blog to my own awareness. These people out there in these "groups" of alleged Abenaki, and or their "Leaders"/"Chiefs" would like to insinuate that I have. Far from it. This blog is merely going to show and provide the documentation and my interpretation of those documents and/or persons mentioned in the documentary evidence that is place on this blog. Soon, I will provide the audio transcript of the Haverhill, N.H. Court Judge, as to the decision of July 26, 2009 (which was dismissed BTW). I stand by what I say on this blog 100% percent. I ask that ANYONE with any documentary evidence that shows and provides the evidence, that contradicts to my own thinking and conclusions, to please communicate with me. My address is Douglas Buchholz P.O. 83 Lancaster, N.H. 03584 and my tele: (603)788-2718. SHOW me and PROVIDE me with the documentary evidence of where I am in error on any section of this blog as it has been or will be, and I will gladly adjust and/or remove documents and/or my commentary concerning possible errors of conclusion, etc.
Contrary to the Sue Scheff case, I am not repeatedly posting statements about anyone on public forums and internet sites which attack anyone's personal character, without having supporting documentations to support my claims and or conclusions. After May 28th, 2009 I do not communicate with anyone whom I have addressed based on their historical records in this blog. I am not the ONLY one bringing up the dynamics of the so-called and alleged Abenaki leaders within the media. Far from it. Defamation has to based on knowingly stating something false about someone with the intent to harm that person or persons. Where have I done that in this blog? I have merely been placing the alleged Abenaki of Vermont or New Hampshire groups documentary historical records, emails and photographs onto this blog merely for historical purposes and putting my thoughts and conclusions below the documents, that I think would benefit from further explanation. I understand that I am and can be biased, but then again (as I stated before) SHOW ME and PROVIDE ME the evidence where I am incorrect, and I will correct any area of this blog where I am in error. I have not hacked into anyone's computer nor have I cyberstalked anyone. If using google.com or any other internet search engine is so-called "cyberstalking" then a whole bunch of folks are in for a rude wakening by the Judiciary, because ALOT of people use google.com to check up on and verification purposes about employee's, employer's, pets, the goverenment, historical person's of the past, etc. Again, Nancy Doucet would like nothing better than to insinuate and imply that I am some nut-case obssessed, angry, and mentally out to get her. My blog isn't about Jeanne Kent or Nancy Millette-Cruger-Lyons nor anyone else "personally". They want to assume and think this blog is a personal attack, or that these documents are personal information, that is their assumption. It is merely their own historical records that I am commenting on, hoping that the Vermont and New Hampshire Legislature's and Government bodies, and also these Grant-Issuing Agencies out there begin to exercise more thought into who they are giving monies to, and who these "alleged" Abenaki groups are representing factually and honestly. This blog isn't about just one person or any one particular person, it about ALL of them, it's about me, it's about all of us that are involved in this so called Abenaki mess. You could say its a kind of update on Fred Wiseman's book An Autohistory of the Abenaki of Vermont, Inc. What Frederick Wiseman "missed" in his book I am putting here.
2nd document: Now we see, that once again Nancy Lee Doucet of the Bath and or Haverhill, N. H. area sends an email at 01:08 p.m. to Jeanne Kent, then 1:48 p.m. attempts to forward me Nancy Doucet's email to me. I do not communicate with either Nancy Doucet nor Jeanne Kent at all. I have blocked them on my email addresses. Why they do not understand that I want no communication from either of them is beyond me at this point. So, at 10:11 p.m. Jeanne Lincoln-Kent decided to send the forwarded email to Scot Payjik Frampton a.k.a. Wing, who very recently apparently has begun to "follow" my blog's progress, for whatever reason(s) in her attempt to have the forwarded email from Nancy, forwarded to me from someone else who she assumed I communicate with, simply because they "follow" this blog. I got Nancy Doucet's email which was forwarded by Jeanne Kent from atleast 3 different people today! Regardless, the email and its content are meaningless threats and insinuations in their and or her attempts to shut me down and shut me up. Again, and let me make this perfectly clear to the insane and paranoid out there: ALL DOCUMENTATION ON THIS BLOG IS PUBLICLY SOURCED DOCUMENTARY INFORMATION. Therefore and subsequently such documentary evidence is NOT personal information contrary to anyone's assumptions. Vital Records in Vermont are OPEN RECORDS. They are accessible to the PUBLIC. In New Hampshire Town Reports, Newspaper articles, and any Birth Records after 100 years, and any Death, Marriage, or Divorce Record after 50 years held by the State Vital Records Agency is OPEN to Public Accessibility/ i.e. in the Public Domain. That means ANYONE can obtain the records within Vermont, and or New Hampshire after any given time period.
3rd document: At 12:09 a.m. on October 11, 2009 Mr. Scot Payjik Frampton (of 74 Maple Street in Orleans, Vermont) sent me an email sent by Jeanne Morningstar Kent of Winsted, Connecticut dated 5:50 p.m. on October 10, 2009. It reads, quote (in part), "I am not a band leader, a chief, a sagamos, and I am not enrolled anywhere." What does that have to do with a hill of beans? Jeanne Kent was associated with Howard F. Knight Jr. briefly, she was "enrolled" into a Cowass, Inc. group of which she was interactive with as their genealogical researcher, etc. and when the sh** hit the fan concerning Paul Wilson Pouliot vs. Jacqueline "Firewoman" Emerton, as an "elected" Elder in this group, Jeanne Kent herself admits and supports with documentation that she left this group after a long period of time of being a member of that very group! It also appears based on the documentation that she put out there herself, that she was at-the-same-time, carrying membership status into another group calling itself the Metis Nation of Quebec within the Province of Quebec, Canada.
Angry? No. Out to "destroy" people? No. Again, I am merely attempting to show and address what is documentarily here. If folks have information of which is documented, then by all means help me correct any error(s) on this blog. No one has to read my commentary, no one has to come here to see anything on this blog. There's no hooks set in anyone's backside to bring up this blog. Hit the DELETE button or go somewhere else if you don't agree with what is said here by me, or by others, etc.

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