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Monday, October 12, 2009

Stab, Cut, Choke, Hit, Smear, Malign, Lie, Distort, Anything to shut me down and shut me up:

1st document: Nancy Doucet v. Douglas Lloyd Buchholz wherein she was claiming that I was "stalking" and "harassing" her person. This Court matter was reviewed by the Haverhill, Grafton County, New Hampshire Judge presiding and the matter was dismissed. But not until after Nancy Doucet attempted to argue with the Judge. To make matters even more interesting, after informing Mr. Paul Wilson Pouliot and Denise Mehigan of the matter, they showed up. So did Nancy Millette-Doucet's ex-husband's wife! To say the least, all Nancy Doucet brought with her, was alot of paper in a 3-ring binder, a representative of the Birch House Domestic Violence Shelter of Bethlehem, N.H. and her new husband Mark Doucet with her. Rhonda Besaw-True alleged wrote lettters against me, as did Richard "Dick" Boisvert. I telephoned him once (1 time) after being given his telephone number by one of his associates, to simply inquire about Nancy's alleged Jefferson, N.H. Abenaki Village. Secondly, it was Rhonda Besaw-True who provided me photocopies of much of the documentation which led to my doubting the merits of Nancy's claims of her ancestry, and of her "media comments" about those ancestors, in the newspapers, etc.
2nd document: Email communication from Mark Doucet (son of Lucien R. Doucet and his wife Pauline F. McCarthy), husband No. #5 of Nancy Lee Millette. Mark Doucet, decided that the day after the court hearing wherein his newly married wife tried to judicially fry my bacon because of this blog's content in part or in whole, felt that it was in his interest to email me the very next evening. Obviously there must not have been ANY VALIDITY to their claims in court, that she was afraid of my person, or that I was allegedly stalking or harrassing her, if he felt secure enough to email me so soon after the Haverhill, N.H. Court Hearing the previous afternoon. THINK ABOUT IT.

P.S. As for Mr. Mark Doucet's suggestion of "writing a book/novel or publication". Obviously that is EXACTLY what I am doing with this blog. But a book published and on the shelves of Vermont Bookstores might be a good idea after all, with my documentary evidence in it. The Book could be entitled, "The Re-Invention Of The Vermont Abenaki, Inc.'d" Yes, I do like this suggestion VERY much indeed. Might not make much profit but thats not the purpose of this blog to harass or personally attack anyone, merely to present my thinking on the documentation that I am putting on here and the historical events I and other person's have been involved in.
3rd document: After posting a little bit of documentary information and photograhs regarding Jeanne Lincoln - Kent OR Jeanne Kent (as she likes to be addressed nowadays) here on this blog on September 16th, 2009 she decided that she would make commentary both on her blog called Morningstar Studio's and on her created/moderated/censored Yahoo Group called Olidahozi. These documents were forwarded to me by various people who review one or the other sites. Jeanne Kent, after I had been forwarded and posted her membership records to two different "groups" etc., claimed that these were "personal records" and yet she herself placed these documents onto Algonquin Gathering on http://www.myfamily.com/ of which both she and I are able to log into. The site was created for and is from Lynn Menard-Mathieson of Griswold, CT. Therefore these documents posted by Jeanne (Lalime) Lincoln-Kent no longer are "personal" or "private". I was quite amazed that the mere mentioning of the dates when Jeanne Kent went into the "group" called Cowass, Inc. led by Paul Wilson Pouliot after December 1992, and when she left, etc. would cause such disturbance. IF what my endeavor with this blog, and everything in it is considered "insanity", "disgusting", etc. then it doesn't take a 3rd Grade Math level to conclude that these "groups" of "incorporations" (Inc.) in VT, NH, etc are insane, because the documentary evidence place on this blog is black and white verbatim from these "groups" proclaiming to being Abenaki "Tribes" and/ or "Bands". IF Jeanne Kent concludes that she has become one of my targets, clearly she is paranoid and perhaps much more than that in her elderly years. She not my target at all, but merely a participant in the whole scheme of dynamics that have been going historically within these various "groups" of which I am documentarily sharing information about to the Vermont Public, etc. IF she assumes I have a "sickness", then I guess it would have to be considered that I am now highly allergic to the "wannabe Abenakis of the Northeast, who have refused to show and provide the evidence of the merits to their claims, assertions and positions within the Northeast. on both a genealogical level, and concerning their social historical cohesiveness, continuity, so on as an Abenaki Community, as an Abenaki People, etc". Jeanne Kent claims to have been "elected" an Elder by what, an Incorporation?! IF she feels that the "group" led by Paul Wilson Pouliot after December 1992 is so disgustingly disrespectful, and devious, and mismanaged, then why did she join that Inc. in the first place and why did she apply for an Cowass, Inc. "Artist Certificate in the first place from Paul Pouliot, if it was merely no more than a decorative piece of paper worth nothing?!

At 9:32am on Sept 17, 2009 Wolfheart Spirit from Maine claims that I have nothing better to do with my life but to slander and make accusations about other people and that Jeanne Lincoln-Kent is another one of my victims. Check out their friends lists on facebook.com, youtube.com, and myspace.com and you will see these people are all inter-associated with one another these days. They would like nothing better than for all of these documents and all of their words & actions to simply not be shown and provided to the Vermont Public etc. They would rather I simply shut down, shut up, and not show any documentation at all about these alleged "Abenaki groups" which are merely Incorporations. Well that is NOT going to happen.
4th document: This is a continuation of the 3rd document. Following the timeline of these emails, one can see that these four women are jumping up and down belly-aching over the simple showing of three dates in time wherein Jeanne Lincoln-Kent joined Paul Pouliot's group, etc. Jeanne Kent assumed that I got the dates from Paul Wilson Pouliot, in her paranoid thinking about him, AFTER 7 years since she left that group/Inc. Obviously Jeanne Lincoln-Kent did not realize how I got the information having assumed Paul W. Pouliot was giving me information on her. Actually as I first informed Paul Pouliot's wife/Financial Officer of their Cowass, Inc. Denise Pouliot, I got the dates from Lynn Menard during a conversation when we happened to be talking about Jenane's commentary against this blog on another blog Abenaki Pride: Setting the Record Straight. I happened to write the dates down on a stick-em note. Lynn also made mention one day that her date of birth was the same day as Jeanne Kent's so I wrote that down too. My research and documenting information, was not malicous or an attempt to "attack" anyone. Merely I want to know where the REAL Abenaki are, because these people claiming to being the Real Deal Abenaki from and of Vermont and New Hampshire I have found seem to be pretenders, genealogical fraud's/imposters/illusions/ and distortionistic in their words and actions.

Karen Mica/ Karen Majka or whatever her name is, descends via her grandmother Rose LeMay, allegedly from Roch Manintoubeouich / Manitouabeouichit and his wife Outchibabhanoukoneau/ Outchibahabanoukouehou's (both born ca. 1600-1606) via thier grandson Jean Baptiste Prevost born May 16 1662. Tonight's fascinating research has revealed that these two, Karen Mica and Raymond LeMay both communicated on a Metis Yahoo Group in 2004-2005 (I'll post that document later). Again, people were assuming Roch was Abenaki because of the 8 in the name, and because they were at Sillery, and allegedly at St. Francis, Quebec, Canada.
What Karen Mica states in her posting on Olidahozi is interesting to say the least. It seems to imply that the Abenaki People of Vermont NEVER existed in the first place. They were an illusion, a figment of someone's imagination. Yet, for all these previous 30 to 40 years previous these "groups" including the so =-called Koasek group that she was a member of via Nancy Millette-Cruger-Lyons-Doucet as Nancy's Secretary and Genealogist, claimed to be Vermont Abenakis of the Cowasuck. More will be brought forward on Karen Mica, including her documented statement that to be real Abenakis one needs to follow the Hopi Teachings, etc.
5th document: Continuation of the 4th document and message posting by Karen Mica (Majka). So....what is she or they that she claims to represent in this posting mean when they say, "that (WE) are (THAT) part of the original Acadian/Abenaki tribe, who migrated to Vermont settling briefly in Koasek, and who retained that name as an oral and a historical "memory", and then dispersing into other area's, while remaining always connected to our relatives wherever they were during various times in our long long history." hmmm SO WHAT HAPPENED TO THE NATIVE PEOPLE OF COOS, if these alleged Acadian/Abenaki from way-up-north came down and stayed only briefly but then took the name of Koasek for themselves and then scattered? Perhaps she is saying the REAL COOS PEOPLE went to Odanak, Quebec, Canada and points westwardly, etc and that since they took the name Koasek, that they now are the only people left in Vermont to lay claim to being Koasek/Coos Abenaki? IF they were so connected to their Koasek Abenaki relatives wherever they were during various times, then showing and providing that evidence documentarily ought not to be a matter of hesitation or protest from these people, nor from Karen Mica herself?! The historical, social histories of ALL of these families, or atleast most of them, their genealogical historical records ought to SHOW continuousness, cohesiveness, and social connectivity then. Claiming to being Abenaki, with a 1600's Huron ancestral connection is being a FRAUD to my thinking and conclusion. Please correct me ANYONE if I am incorrect in this conclusion, with documentary evidence. Karen Mica then goes on to inform Jeanne Lincoln-Kent that she (Karen) was once a target of one of these main nut jobs. Who me? Is that who Karen Mica is speaking of? Well, I wasn't the one who was carrying around a Koasek, Inc. Membership Card from someone who wasn't Abenaki, wasn't Indian at all, and was saying she was Kaosek/Cowasuck, having created a 501(c)3 non-profit Inc. and then proclaiming to the State of Vermont etc that she was the "leader" of a legitimate Abenaki Cowasuck Tribe/Band! Secondly, I wasn't rubbing elbows with Howard Franklin Knight Jr. either. Nor Brian Chenevert, who within a VERY short period of time became a President/Chief of Howard's Inc. alleged "Abenaki" Tribe. I wasn't the one who proclaimed that to be a real Abenaki, that one had to follow the Hopi Way either. Whose the lunatic here? I have supporting validating truthful documentation on this blog for what I say on this blog.

Next, in the list of responder's on Olidahozi or Morning Star Studio is Carollee Reynolds. Yeah, she works on the Psychiatric Ward alright. Actually she is employed as a "sitter" for people are about to die". I can show and provide the slanderous-malicious-hateful crap this woman has spewed onto Olidahozi Yahoo Group, First Nation Yahoo Group, etc., in her "attacks" (and yes, she was a Inc. Membership card holding member of Nancy Millette-Lyons-Doucet's "Koasek" Group) against my person repeatedly in her attempts to shut me up about the Abenaki reality out there, and I will as time goes along working on this blog post more of her communications. Who cares IF I have or had hospitalizations, had an criminal history (no criminal convictions), or allegedly slobber at the mouth like some chicken killin' hound dog as these people allege I am? The merits of this blog stand on the documents, black and white, clear and truthfully revealing, for what they are. Nothing more, nothing less, aside from my commentary. I know I am biased after all these years of dealing with, interacting with, and associating my person with these various people claiming to being Abenaki. I know I have a certain perspective on historical events, and the people involved in these events. Carollee Reynolds is a descendant of Marie Kakesik8k8e Mite8ameg8k8e aki. Mitcominqui born ca. 1632 and who married April 16 1657 to Pierre Couc dit LaFleur who was born ca. 1624 in France) desperate to be "Indian". Carollee Reynolds, daughter of Leonard Anthony Reynolds and Arlene Ethel Chamberlain, first ran around in Swanton, Vermont, and then because April St. Francis-Merrill wouldn't "give Carollee a St. Francis/Skokoki, Inc. Membership Card", then Carollee decided she'd "Band-Shop" her way around from Luke Willard and that Nulhegan Group that spun off in 1997 (?) from the Clan of the Hawk Group, when she finally landed in the lap of Nancy Lee Millette-Doucet's group of alleged Koasek's, Inc! Now she's back in April's lap, holding onto a so-called St. Francis/Skokoki Abenaki Membership Card. All it is a card to an Incorporation, to my thinking. Not one of them folks in Swanton could or did SHOW and PROVIDE any clear and convincing evidence to the State of Vermont or to the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs "Office of Federal Acknowlegment", that they were and are indeed Abenaki Descendants, let alone "Indians" or "Native Americans". Here's a link: http://www.newagefraud.org/smf/index.php?topic=820.10;wap2 READ THIS.
So what do their Membership Cards mean? NOTHING. I'll be SHOWING and PROVIDING these documented communications because the senders and recievers were and are a part of this whole Vermont Abenaki business as well. She also would like for me the shut down and shut up, nor show the evidence of her words and actions that she herself has done towards my person and towards others. April St. Francis - Merrill did not ostracize me as Carollee alleges in her posting, I ostracized myself from all of these people after May 28, 2009, having asked them (April and Carollee) both to "sit down and talk this out", try to get some "common understanding of whats happened" at that time; but no they were too high, with their womanly noses stuck up in the air and I was too beneath them, for even having the audacity or boldness to question their Abenaki Royal Highnesses! Then Jeanne Lincoln-Kent responds with, "He doesn't understand that it is his behavior, not his blood lines, that has kept him from being a part of the Native American community".

Well, as I get back into the attempted chronological side of working on this blog, a lot of these people's emails, documents, and photographs will be placed on this blog so that historical events will hopefully be better understood, and shed some light on WHY these particular people and or persons, even today, try to say what they do, towards me and towards others. The blog takes time, and alot of documentation is still to be gained, gathered, collected, and reviewed.

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