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Monday, October 12, 2009

More Genealogical Information Regarding Almira, Flora Ingerson and Nancy Millette Doucet:

1st document: I think I posted this to the blog previously, but I think a reminder of what Nancy Millette (now Nancy Doucet of Bath, N.H. area has retrospectively stated to Rhonda L. Besaw - True and in the media needs to be put here so that people can see that she, herself put her Great Great Grandmother Almira Rines-Ingerson-Pollock and Almira's daughter Flora Eunice Ingerson-Hunt into a certain 'light' that most certainly looks to have been impossible, considering the physical documentary evidence shown recently on this blog. On July 27, 1999 at 11:26 AM Nancy Lee Cruger (her married name at the time) sent an email to her "cousin" Rhonda nee: Besaw claiming that, quote, "Great Grandmother Hunt (Flora) was born on the River bank in the "Littleton area". Now we both know that Littleton area could be anywhere and I believe the River bank was the Ammonoosuc. Flora's full name was Flora Una Anna Ingerson. Her motherwas Elmira Rine and it is believed that name RINE is a short version of Rinville of Odanak. Elmira was from the Indian Village in Jefferson. It is where the Archaeologists are digging now. They are close to the village of what is called the Contact Era. Elmira was a medicine woman who taught her daughter the medicines. Flora taught her eldest granddaughters, one being Aunt Lill who has been a great source of information on teh medicines but it makes her so sad she can't remember more that she cries when I ask questions so I try to limit my picking her brain sessions. Anyway, Henry Hunt, Flora's husband was also a mixed blood from what I have found. He is directly related to the RAMO family who is directly related to Homer St. Francis's family. This I got from an anthro."
So, NOW that people who have read my previous postings on here this week regarding Almira (Rines) Ingerson-Pollock, am I incorrect in my conclusions? IF so, then please SHOW and PROVIDE me the evidence documentarily of where my conclusions are incorrect. P.S. Nancy is not related to the "native descendant" Ramo dit Raymond family lineage either. Homer St. Francis had no Ramo dit Raymond ancestors or descendants that I have been able to find. Again, correct me with documentary evidence of where and how I am incorrect in my conclusions to ANYTHING I have stated or place here on this blog ANYONE.
2nd document: Mabel Emma (nee: Dyke) Hunt's Obituary from the Littleton, N.H. Courier newspaper. She died August 25, 1976 in Littleton, N.H. and had married to Reginald Ray Hunt on October 14, 1922 in North Haverhill, Grafton County, New Hampshire. He was the son of Henry Otis Hunt and Flora Eunice INgerson. They had 8 children that I know of.
3rd document: Reginald Ray Hunt's Death Record Information from the Littleton, N.H. Town Report. of May 02, 1964. Below Reginald Ray Hunt's Death in the Town Report of 1964, is another Town Report of the year 1984 weherein on the date of January 28, 1984 Melvin "Slim" Ray Hunt, son of Reginald Ray Hunt and his wife Mabel Emma Dyke died at the age of 56 years.
4th document: Richard "Rick" Ray Hunt Birth record information from the 1955 Littleton, N.H. Town Report. Richard or Rick Hunt as he is called today, was born February 11, 1955 to Melvin "Slim" Ray Hunt and Dolores Marie Biledeau. She later remarried to Robert P. Cardinal of Littleton, Grafton County, New Hampshire.
5th document: John Millette Death Obituary from the Littleton, N.H. Courier newspaper. He was the son of John Thomas Millette and Catherine (nee: Dean).
His brother was Malcolm Dewey Millette who married to Beverly Clara Hunt, daughter of Reginald Ray Hunt and Mabel Emma (nee: Dyke). Malcolm Dewey Millette and Beverlyn Clara (nee: Hunt) are the parents of Nancy Lee Millette.
6th document: Nancy Lee Millette's Birth information from the Haverhill, N.H. Town Report of 1953. Nancy Lee Millette was born January 26, 1953 in Haverhill, N.H. to Malcolm Dewey Millette and Beverlyn Clara Hunt. These are all PUBLIC RECORDS, obtainable by anyone.

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