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Monday, October 12, 2009

John Pollock's Obituary and Flora Eunice Ingerson's Obituary, etc.:

1st document: This first document is wherein one of the Ingerson settlers in Jefferson, Coos County, New Hampshire was ethnically identified as being an "Irishman".
2nd document: John Pollock Death Record of May 27, 1922 in Bethlehem, Grafton County, New Hampshire. (husband of Almira (nee: Rines) Ingerson-Pollock).
3rd document: John Pollock's Obituary of June 01, 1922 from the Littleton, N.H. Courier newspaper.
4th document: Flora Eunice Ingerson's Official Death Certificate. This was previously posted but I am entering it again here. Nancy Lee nee: Millette - Doucet's "cousin" Rhonda nee: Besaw - True retrospectively had email-sent this document to me in an attachment on June 25, 2008. I did NOT obtain ANY Vital Record Certificate through attempting to decieve or impersonate anyone.
5th document: Flora Eunice nee: Ingerson - Hunt's Obituary in the Littleton, N.H. Courier newspaper.

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