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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October 12, 2009 Your Horoscope on Christopher Columbus Day:

On Columbus Day Monday October 12th, 2009 I found this in the local newspaper, which I thought was kind of profound considering. Jeanne Lincoln-Kent was saying "go plant some flowers in some city", in essence suggesting that I ought to go do something more constructive than address the alleged Abenaki mess out there in Vermont and elsewhere (like here in New Hampshire too since this is where Nancy Millette-Cruger-Lyons-Doucet got her Gov.'s Proclamations repeatedly etc etc).
I won't be willing to stop what the purpose of this blog is nor will I stop for anything or anyone until it is accomplished. I know I am right in my conclusions because I have the genealogical records, these "groups" newsletters, etc etc all the way back to the early 1990's to the present. Jeanne Lincoln-Kent and Nancy Millette-Doucet would like for me to play a different game. But this isn't a game to me or for me. This is serious. I did not want to have to resort to creating and building a blog about all this mess they themselves created but they left me no choice. I asked April St. Francis-Merrill and Carollee Reynolds both on that particular Sunday in May 2009 during that Pow-wow event up there in Swanton, Vermont "offereing for them to sit down and let's talk, get some understanding between us all", but no, they had their arrogant better than thou noses stuck up in the air, and their mouths just'a flappin' away claiming that "it would be a waste of their time to talk to the likes of me". I was saying they didn't exist. Well, I didn't say it first. The Bureau of Indian Affairs said it flat out and loudly. That's when I began to wonder if that were really the conclusion and why & how the B.I.A. came to this conclusion after 38 years.
So I like this Horoscope. I usually don't look at such things in the newspaper but this particular Columbus Day, this one caught my attention.

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